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Chapter 253 - White Ghost Formation’s Hidden Murderous Intent

As the results of taking the Mysterious Heaven Pill and cultivating, Ye Qingyu’s powers grew extremely fast.


After three days, he had gone up by two levels of the Spirit Spring Stage, and reached the 32th level of Spirit Spring Stage.


Moreover, due to the pill refinement, Ye Qingyu quickly adapted to his new abilities, and could have skillfully used it without any difficulties.


In the afternoon of the third day.


Ye Qingyu had finished his short cultivation this time and was on his way back to the Hundred Herb Hall.


If he could have succeeded in selling the Pill Formula and getting fifty Jin’s of Origin Crystal, then it would have been the best outcome.


However, if the opposite party didn’t bid, based on the ceaseless Mysterious Heaven Pill refinement as well as the increase of the Cultivation Base, this would also be a rapid cultivation path.


No matter what it was, he would definitely have an answer today.


Although this matter was not big or small, it still had a little impact on Ye Qingyu’s next plan.


At lunchtime, Ye Qingyu instructed Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling’er and others on cultivating.


Jin Ling’er had already been at the peak of the third ordinary martial level and was progressing really quickly. Li Ying and Li Qi also entered the first ordinary martial level. Only Bai Yuanxing, who was the oldest among those, due to his born nature, was still on the fourth ordinary martial level, and didn’t have any improvements.


At this moment, Ye Qingyu temporarily didn’t have any good solutions.


Although the Mysterious Heaven Pill was able to increase a Martial Arts Master’s cultivation, it couldn’t have changed someone’s nature, except if they were like Ye Congyun who had the drop of the supreme powerhouse’s essence blood. But this also couldn’t guarantee a one hundred percent success. Bai Yuanxing’s cultivation base was so much lower than Ye Congyun’s.


Fortunately, Bai Yuanxing had calmly realized all of this. He didn’t feel discouraged but diligently worked on his cultivations.


After finishing his meal, Ye Qingyu left the White Horse Tower and flew straight to the Hundred Herb Hall.


There weren’t many people on the streets as usual.


At the first look, this place might appear to have been desolated.


However, Ye Qingyu didn’t have room for this.


Lu Zhaoge’s injury had recovered.


This meant everything was going to be settled really quickly.


Ye Qingyu didn’t know the reason why but he suddenly felt that something was wrong since he came here.


The surroundings were the same.


Ye Qingyu couldn’t discover anything strange but he somehow felt frightened.


There was as if something terrifying was about to happen.


“Can it possibly be ‘the rising emotion’?”


Ye Qingyu was a little bit startled.


When the Yuan Energy Martial Arts Cultivation reached the peak, some innate outstanding powerhouses would have a vague feeling about future in their subconscious minds. This was called ‘the rising emotion’. The great omen responded to one’s destiny. The Yuan Energy Martial Arts cultivation therefore would reverse one’s destiny. This was an unknown relation between a cultivator and the martial arts.


Ye Qingyu could clearly sense the extremely intimidating and unknown fear inside of him.


From the moment he stepped out of the White Horse Tower, this unknown feeling became clearer and clearer. His inner yuan became more intense. The burning energy overflowing in his body right now had appeared hard to oppress.


“Is Song Xiaojun possibly in danger?”


Ye Qingyu thought to himself.


He recalled the story of the Stupid Dog Little Nine finding Song Xiaojun. If something was wrong, he would have informed me beforehand.


Ye Qingyu shook his head.


Maybe right now, his mind was occupied by too many things that it led to delusion.


At this moment, he was not far away from the Hundred Herb Hall.


Ye Qingyu turned to a deserted small alley and prepared to put on the white clothes to disguise his identity.


However, as soon as he had stepped into this small alley, a problem immediately occurred.


All the loudly noisy sounds vanished in a blink of an eye.


There was a strange wave appearing in the air. After that, the small alley completely disappeared. The small alley, which was originally about one hundred meters long, immediately changed into a long street. The surroundings were deadly quiet. All the noises suddenly disappeared from this world just in a second.


“Rune formation!”


Ye Qingyu’s heart jumped crazily and he immediately became alert.


There was someone going after him.


He could figure out right away what the fear he had experienced a moment ago was.


Meanwhile, at the same time, while Ye Qingyu didn’t pay any attention, a dark red sharp knife appeared silently behind him, stabbed through Ye Qingyu’s body right into his chest.


A no-face white shadow of a ghost turned up behind Ye Qingyu.


That dark-red, which was like a sharp knife overflowing with poisonous blood, was grasped in his hand.


“Jie jie jie jie….”


An owl-like hoarse voice came out from the face of the no-face white figure, which had been oddly distorted.


This voice, which was like the sound sent out from a broken drum, was extremely gloomy.


“Youyan the Greatest Ye is only this much.”


The no-face white shadow laughed cruelly. The dark-red sharp knife in his hand was swayed side by side and pulled forward.


A sharp knife, which was digging up every single piece of organs, was immediately pulled out. The beautiful picture, in which the enemy growled in agony due to the inner organs being torn and blood splashing, was what this white ghostly shadow wanted to see right now.


But ——




A tranquil sound was sent out from behind the no-face white shadow.


Even though Ye Qingyu was stabbed intensely from behind, there was not even a drop of blood flowing out from his body.




A small sound came up. The stabbed body suddenly changed into a white shadow, which was like a group of white fogs forming into a body.


Ye Qingyu’s true body disappeared.




The no-face white ghostly shadow was in panic.


His body stood still for a while then charged forward to widen the distance.


But at the same time——-


“Ha ha , ha ha ha ha !”


An icy-cold sarcasm, which sounded heartless and brutal, came up.


An unimaginable murderous intent was like an entity overflowing and stabbing into the flesh.


Once again, four streaks of ash-gray ripples appeared from four different directions. An icy cold sarcasm filled the surrounding air. In the next second, four streaks of ash-gray ripples started to vibrate. A faint foggy shadow, which was as fast as lighting, stomped on time and space, chasing and killing.


Inside the no-face white shadow’s mind was full of the intentions of hunting and killing.


An icy-cold murderous energy filled up the air.


Another icy-cold swift and fierce force immediately entirely covered the white shadow.


In a split of a second, countless severe knife traces showed up on the white shadow. Skin was chopped off and the flesh was lacerated. The white cold fog was like the maggot of the tarsal bone. The frequency of the times the knife cut became thicker and thicker, going deeper into these wounds.


“This is….. what is this fighting technique?”


The white shadow was unconvincingly yelling.


“Slaughtering technique!”


A calm voice resounded.


The lost Ye Qingyu’s shadow reappeared in front of the white shadow.


His white clothes were like jade, his blue hair hung down like a waterfall.


Where on earth is the wound on his body?


The white shadow didn’t have time to react. Two pieces of cauldrons, which were shining like snowflakes and extremely beautiful like an elf on earth, roared out from Ye Qingyu’s hands. They were like lightning which slashed the white shadow crazily.


Blood was splashing everywhere.


The white shadow staggered. A white light flared up then disappeared on the spot.


On the next blink of an eye, he showed up on the opposite side twenty meters away.


“Fine, fine, I didn’t expect Youyan the Greatest Ye could have such a capable slaughtering technique…” That white shadow sent a frigid and mean sneer. His face, which had no defined features, twisted like he was being covered by tons and tons of dough. Even though he didn’t show any expressions, his fierce and extremely cruel voice resounded coldly, “Is this an army slaughtering skill? Are you perhaps a Sect successor?”


“Who are you? Why do you come to kill me?”


Ye Qingyu didn’t answer. His eyes were as sharp as a sword. He asked in return,

“Jie jie, are you having any problems with your brain? Don’t you know how many people in the Youyan Army want to kill you? Making a fuss means you have to pay a big price. You really think that the Youyan Army would have spared your dog’s life, jie jie jie jie…”


The white shadow mockingly sneered.


He bent his body, pulled out the icy-cold snowflake out from his stomach, laughed painfully then said, “When fighting face to face, Sect can’t beat an army. They are sly and cunning. Sect doesn’t know how strong the army would be. Even though the Snow Country’s destiny can’t be as long as the Sect’s, offending the Sect would mean you must die without a doubt. You can escape this time. But there won’t be a next time, jie jie jie jie… Just consider as you are having luck this time. However, I’ll come back to kill you again. I have to make you see your internal organs being ripped out, your family being killed in front of your eyes. Only then will I feel satisfied…”


“Do you think you would have a chance to escape?” Ye Qingyu scornfully laughed.


The no-face white ghostly shadow sounded fiercely, “If I want to go, with your cultivation, there is no way you can stop me… you can only block my White Ghost Formation.”


This was where he felt the most confident about.


Therefore, he didn’t run away after getting attacked.


To an assassin, this was a huge taboo.


He really couldn’t digest this attitude. As an assassin who would have normally killed an opponent like slaughtering chicken, today, on the contrary, he was the one who got hit. He wanted to leave behind his marks for the next assassin generation.


“Really? I am afraid you are a little bit overconfident.”


Ye Qingyu knew that it would have been useless to ask. He wouldn’t be merciful.


His body suddenly turned into a group of faint and hazy fogs in a human shape.




The white shadow distinctly felt the danger.


Until this moment did he discover that there had been a group of white and cold fogs hovering around him.




When Ye Qingyu’s figure had disappeared, from far away, a group of motionless deadly white cold fogs suddenly emerged and instantly changed into Ye Qingyu’s true body.


An abnormal transformation occurred, which unpredictably was partly visible.


Kaka… kaka…. kaka…kaka…!


The sky was filled with icy-cold snowflakes.


The snowflake had the same size as a palm, shining brightly like an elf.


They were the most beautiful ghostly ace God skills, which could have captivated the other people. However, when they stood up to fight, they would tear the void and air, and created countless waves. These beautiful snowflakes at that point turned into the scariest and the most fatal murderous weapons.


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