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Chapter 252 - Selling Pills

From far away, Ye Qingyu saw a young man in black clothes who was anxiously pacing back and forth. He looked like a patient who came to the Hundred Herb Hall to get diagnosed and was impatiently waiting for his doctor.


Ye Qingyu came a little closer. He then realized that Shopkeeper Sui, who was like a tail following the young man in black, was smiling and explaining something.


Shopkeeper Sui was always busy.


Before, Ye Qingyu hadn’t got a chance to directly greet Shopkeeper Sui. So, he wanted to go and wait for him in the lobby.


Shopkeeper Sui’s eyes suddenly lit up like he had just saw his family. He advanced with big strides, his voice was somewhat shaking. He said, “You . . finally come. . . Are you the Grandmaster who sold the medicine pills on that day?”




Ye Qingyu obviously had never considered himself as a Grandmaster.


However, the sale deal on the medicine pills …I indeed have made a sale deal.


Shopkeeper Sui’s expression was suspicious, which also made Ye Qingyu doubt everything. Is there possibly someone who looks exactly like me, wearing white clothes and covering his whole face with a white hat, has come here to sell the Mysterious Heaven Pill after I have made a deal on Mysterious Heaven Pill?


“Mysterious … Mysterious Heaven Pill, it is you, who made the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s sale deal, right?”


Shopkeeper Sui was too excited that he almost burst out crying.


His expression was really like that of a little boy anxiously waiting for the girl in his dream to give out her answer.


It was also because he didn’t get to see Ye Qingyu’s face. He could have only based it on the image of a man covered completely in white. But he was not so certain either.


At this moment, he was extremely careful.


He mustn’t make any unexpected mistakes in front of Lin Qingyi as well.


“Mysterious Heaven Pill?” Ye Qingyu nodded his head, “It is me who made the deal.”


“You actually come!” Shopkeeper Sui was put in such a great joy that he was on the verge of crying.


Lin Qingyi couldn’t wait for him to say anything more, he interrupted him and said, “Is it really you? Are you the Mysterious Heaven Pill maker? How many do you have left? How can you make it? I. . .”


Ye Qingyu looked at Shopkeeper Sui with suspicion.


“Young master Lin, this. . . Grandmaster, this is not a place to talk. Please come upstairs with me. We will talk in details.” Shopkeeper Sui looked at a bunch of people going back and forth in the lobby of the first floor. It was really hard to keep secrets among these people. He was genuinely scared of the news about the Mysterious Heaven Pill getting out. He also didn’t want to be rude, tried not to lose his temper, and lowered his voice as he made an offer.


“Oh, right, right, let’s go upstairs to talk, let’s go upstairs…” Lin Qingyi immediately responded.


For the past few days, he had lost his control several times, which was greater than the total number of the times he had lost his temper in the past decades.


Ye Qingyu nodded his head.


He could have vaguely figured out something.


. . .


After stopping for few minutes.


“What? Can you really make it?”


Lin Qingyi jumped out for joy. He excitedly rubbed his hands, looked at Ye Qingyu, extremely eagerly, “Too good, Grandmaster, I ….could I ask you something? This pill formula, how can you make it by yourself? Is there anyone else who knows about this?”


In the secret room.


Ye Qingyu calmly sat on a chair next to the fireplace.


The baggy white clothes and hat entirely covered his body. The light of the fire was flickering. His body was like a pile of still snow, emitting a light icy-cold air, which gave people a hard time to figure out what he was thinking inside.


After going upstairs, the conversation started.


Even though Ye Qingyu didn’t expose his appearance, he also didn’t intend to hide the fact that he was the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s maker.


Such a mysterious appearance like this naturally made Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui unable to verify his identity.


After hearing Lin Qingyi’s question, Ye Qingyu’s voice was like the sound of the metal collision, transmitted through his hat, “Other people don’t know about this.”


“Haiz…” Lin Qingyi sighed in relief. Right now, he was in an extremely excited state. He slightly bit his lips, didn’t give a thought about the taboo of the Pill Master’s working style, and attempted to ask, “That. . . have you ever thought of selling this pill’s formula?”


His words hadn’t finished yet.


An exceedingly icy-cold energy shot out from beneath the snowy white clothes and hat.


Everyone in the secret room couldn’t help but shiver in fear.


Asking about the contents of a pill was the most taboo thing to a Pill Master.


Lin Qingyi startled. He immediately knew that he had irritated the Pill Master, so he hurriedly explained, “Grandmaster, please don’t mistake my words. I don’t intend to steal it. I swear in the prestigious name of the Hundred Herb Hall, I absolutely don’t dare to have any improper ambitions, I just …”


He didn’t wait for Lin Qingyi to finish his sentence. A word went out from beneath the snowy white hat and clothes—




This word was like a fire, which immediately casted away the coldness in the secret room.


Lin Qingyi’s heart was jumping around crazily, “Really?”


The white hat and clothes were entirely still like a spirit.


“I am sorry for doubting you, Grandmaster.” Lin Qingyi was slightly dumbstruck. He understood right away that this mystic Pill Master had a frigid personality. But his words were like gold. Once he said that he would sell, he would sure sell it. That was good enough. He took a deep breath then said, “I don’t know what price you would offer. However, please don’t worry, Grandmaster. As long as it is in a reasonable range, I, the Hundred Herb Hall, can all afford it.”


“Fifty Jins (0.5kg) of Origin Crystal.”


Five fingers stretched out from the baggy sleeves.


The fingers were filled with an icy energy, which was like a snowman with undefined features.


“What? Fifty Jins of Origin Crystal! You are seriously insane.” An apprentice shouted out loud in shock, “You are technically ripping us off. Do you know what Fifty Jins of Origin Crystal means? You are basically making things difficult for us. Why don’t you go snatch it yourself.”


His words hadn’t finished yet.




Lin Qingyi directly slapped on his face and coldly yelled, “Get out!”


That apprentice was frightened, covering his face, “Teacher, I . .”


“Get out, I don’t want to speak twice.” Lin Qingyi’s momentum was incomparably intimidating. This was truly a so-called speaking style of a Pill Skill’s genius. He scanned his eyes over the other two apprentices, waved his hand and said, “You two also leave. Don’t disturb the Grandmaster.”


These three didn’t dare to be rude, hurriedly bowed then walked out.


“Please don’t mind them, Grandmaster. These three apprentices are not quite sensible.” Lin Qingyi kowtowed toward Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu didn’t say anything.


“Fifty Jins of Origin Crystal is an extremely expensive price. Even though we are the Hundred Herb Hall, we can’t afford this price. This thing …could you lower it a little bit?” Lin Qingyi attempted to make a bargain.


Ye Qingyu suddenly stood up.


After connecting through a series of events, Ye Qingyu was now able to determine the value of Mysterious Heaven Pill. It way surpassed his imaginations.


He rapidly upgraded its ability and decided to sell out.


The effects of an Origin Crystal were far better than those of the Mysterious Heaven Pill.


The true value of the Mysterious Heaven Pill laid on its replicability. If it was in an ordinary person’s hand, it would have been worthless. However, if it fell into a hand of an influence or a country, its effect would have been very significant. It was a strategic Medicine Pill.


Despite the fact that it was sold to another person, it wouldn’t work for any idiot.


Not to mention, the pill formula had been carved in his head, he could personally make another one. Therefore, he wouldn’t have any losses.


The white clothes floated. He lifted his arm up to fix his hat. He assertively said, “I am a Pill Master, I know the value of the Mysterious Heaven Pill. Fifty Jins of Origin Crystal, even one Jin cannot be lacked.. If you can’t afford it right away, you can deposit the first ten Jins of the Origin Crystal. Other people’s time can be postponed. My time is limited. I don’t want to waste my time bargaining.”


As he stopped right there, he turned his head to Shopkeeper Sui and said, “Have you both ever bought a Mysterious Heaven Pill?”


Shopkeeper Sui distinctly said, “No, we haven’t …however, if our Hundred Herb Hall is willing to purchase it at the original price, we could immediately pay.”


“This is the best.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head, his voice was strange, which was like the sound of a metal collision, and he said, “Just take your time to discuss the money for the pill formula. Also, find the person-in-charge. I will come back again after three days.”


After he finished his words, he directly pushed the door, and walked out of the secret room. Within three steps, his shadow had completely vanished in the blink of an eye.


Really quickly!


Lin Qingyi’s eyes almost popped out.


This mystic guy’s ability is indeed powerful.


“Young master Lin, what are we going to do now?” Shopkeeper Sui hastily asked.


Lin Qingyi lowered his head to think then said, “This guy is willing to sell the pill formula. This is the best. I guess his financial situation is very tight. Therefore, he’s decided to do this, or else, with just this single pill formula, it is enough to make him the most wanted Pill Master in the entire Snow Country …anyhow, fifty Jins of Origin Crystal is …” He terrifyingly continued, “Let’s wait until Teacher returns then we will discuss this matter again.”


. . .


. . .


After three days, everything was still in smooth water.


Meanwhile, the You Yan city was little more chaotic than before.


Many people were paying attention to Lu Zhaoge’s injury. However, the Pass Lord residence didn’t leak out any news. Lu Zhaoge hadn’t shown up yet. There were more and more serious rumors that Lu Zhaoge was incurable, which appeared out of nowhere and had started to spread in the Youyan Pass.


On the contrary, many major sects had been captured.


A rumor circulated that a newbie in a training hub had been arrested in a prison located in a vanguard camp that day.


The young leader of the Dragon Tiger Sect, Tiger Saint Zhao Shanhe personally went to the vanguard camp to apologize to get his people out. Though he got rejected right away. He basically didn’t see the commander of the vanguard camp, You Yan’s butcher Liu Suifeng. The Deer Cauldron sect, who had come one day later, had also been driven away by the big guard of the vanguard camp. . .


The vanguard camp hadn’t shown off their powers so far.


A killing monster movement had been exploded without any reasons on the street. It was forced to stop these days. For the past two days, the Youyan Pass hadn’t discovered a single trace of the Demon Tribe…it seemed like the Demon Tribe’s hidden spies were completely dead and gone.


Inside of the iron cage above the Beheading Demon platform in the city, they had killed a Demonic Wolf leader two days ago.


Meanwhile, Ye Qingyu had been in a secluded cultivation for the last three days.


Making pills, taking pills, cultivating and upgrading. . .


Then back to making pills.


He kept repeating that cycle.


The process of making the Mysterious Heaven Pill was like a disciplined cultivation. As time passed by, Ye Qingyu became more and more proficient in using the Cloud top cauldron as well as the Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron. His sense was getting more and more adept. His speed of refining the Mysterious Heaven Pill was also getting faster and faster.


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Jin (Chinese weight measurement unit) : about 0.5 kg

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