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Chapter 98 - Fattened Up

Chapter 98


In the [Gravitational Field], Mu Hui was shivering, and the flesh on his body was slowly falling off.


At this point, his Soul Martial Spirit was completely useless, he couldn’t even let out a roar anymore.


And at this moment, Shi Yan entered into the [Gravitational Field], his fingers were like a spear, stabbing straight towards Mu Hui’s neck.




Blood sprayed out of Mu Hui’s neck like a fountain. His spine broke and he died tragically in the Field.


All the Profound Qi in Mu Hui’s body flowed into the seven hundred and twenty meridians in Shi Yan’s body.


Mu Hui was at the Third Sky of the Human Realm, but his Profound Qi was much richer than other warriors of the same realm.


The time it took Shi Yan to absorb all the power in his body was also a few dozen seconds more than with other people.


Soon, Mu Hui turned into a dry corpse and fell to the ground lifelessly.


Shi Yan’s expression was calm, he closed his eyes to feel the Profound Qi that came from Mu Hui’s body. Feeling the changes in his meridians, he slowly sat down on the ground.


There was a swelling pain coming from his meridians. The continuous intake of Profound Qi from many warriors made his meridians sting slightly. The different negative energies kept pounding in his body, agitating his soul.


However, this time the backlash in his body was not that fierce and crazy and he didn’t know why.


As he calmed down and removed himself from the effects of [Rampage], Shi Yan realized his whole body was sore. But the overflowing negative energies did not overpower his mentality, nor made him fall into a state of slaughter and chaos.


Closing his eyes and calming himself down, he felt the purification of negative energies in his meridians. Shi Yan quietly tried to find the source.


A change in his soul!


After quite a while, Shi Yan’s mind flickered and there was an answer in his mind.


During the fight with Mu Hui, his Soul Martial Spirit occasionally unleashed strange effects and repeatedly tried to pull Shi Yan’s soul into an abyss of darkness, to become a captive under the power of his mind.


Whenever that happened, the negative energies in Shi Yan’s body would suddenly burst out.


Those negative energies rushed to the depth of his soul like lightning and forcibly dragged his consciousness out of the dark abyss, letting him escape the shackles of Mu Hui’s Soul Martial Spirit instantly.


Because of Mu Hui’s Soul Martial Spirit, the negative energies broke out again and again, using the dark, evil, negative powers to attack Mu Hui’s Soul Martial Spirit. During the clash, the negative energies that should have crumbled Shi Yan’s soul were mostly used up fighting against Mu Hui’s soul attacks.


The violent negative energies should have caused Shi Yan to fall into a state beyond redemption. Yet because of the existence of Mu Hui’s Soul Martial Spirit, those negative energies became an aid to defeat Mu Hui’s soul attacks.


That means, the Soul Martial Spirit used by Mu Hui counteracted the negative energies that could have destroyed Shi Yan’s mind and helped him recover himself.


These string of thoughts rapidly flashed through Shi Yan’s mind, and he was correctly able to determine that the reason he didn’t face the tremendous backlash from the negative energies was due to it acting as a constraint against Mu Hui’s attacks from his Soul Martial Spirit.


Deep in his heart, there were hints of violent and murderous thoughts growing, but these thoughts were no longer that intense. Using his strong will, Shi Yan didn’t fall into a state of frantic killing.


Thinking through these things, he relaxedly sat on the ground and silently started to circulate his Profound Qi.


After some time, the stinging in the meridians of his body suddenly started becoming intense!


Under the tearing pain, wisps of pure strange power slowly flowed out of his meridians, forming streams of warm currents in his body.


After transforming the Profound Qi of the many Human Realm warriors, the extraordinary power that resulted was quite impressive. Most of the power spread throughout Shi Yan’s whole body and disappeared into his flesh, bones, meridians, and organs. Only a minority of the extraordinary power gathered in the Profound Qi in his dantain, making his Profound Qi much stronger and purer.


Shi Yan’s heart was calm, he didn’t first go and explore the change in his Profound Qi, but instead he sank his mind into the flesh, bones and meridians of his body.


He could clearly feel that the wisps of mysterious power formed into what was like a magical nutrient. And in a way he couldn’t understand, it was slowly nourishing his whole body…


During this process, Shi Yan felt like he was bathing in a hot spring. Every pore on his body relaxed and were all taking in that miraculous nutrient. His body was slowly silently changing…


Those mysterious powers moved around in his meridians, disappearing into his flesh and bones, taking root in his organs, and resting in his skull…


He digested the information deeply.


It was not the Petrification Martial Spirit!


Shi Yan’s mind was crystal clear, he immediately realized the mysterious power that was nourishing his body was definitely not the Petrification Martial Spirit.


It was the Immortal Martial Spirit!


A realization popped into his mind and Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes. He quickly looked at his right arm.


The right arm that was slashed by the [Dark Spirit Knife] had a deep wound. But now, the flesh in the wound was slowly wiggling and healing at a visible speed!


The flesh and the meridians seemed as if they had a life of their own!


Under the watchful eyes of Shi Yan, the wound that was two centimeters deep gradually healed bit by bit, the flesh wreathed together and the cells reformed. The wound slowly closed up, forming into a scar, then finally disappeared altogether.


Ten minutes!


In a mere ten minutes, the two centimeter deep wound had been completely healed and not even a single trace was left.


The place at which his right arm was harmed was now as smooth as glass. There was not even a single line, nor a trace of blood! It was as if he was never hurt!


Shi Yan moved his arm and realized there wasn’t even a single bit of pain. His right arm had no abnormalities whatsoever and felt same as the left arm.


Shi Yan’s eyes were bright, his face was irrepressibly ecstatic.


In a span of ten minutes, such a deep wound was healed to its original state! There was no pain and no discomfort, when did his Immortal Martial Spirit become so impressive?


Shi Yan clearly remembered that his recovery speed back then was definitely not this fast!


Back then, even if his wound had been healed, he would still feel some discomfort and some pain. He would need more than half a day for a wound that size to be completely healed.


This time, it was only ten minutes!


The Immortal Martial Spirit has reached a new stage! After a short while, Shi Yan quickly and keenly grasped the key point.


The magical upgrade of the Petrification Martial Spirit reminded him, and made him realize that after consuming so much Profound Qi, those extraordinary powers activated the Immortal Martial Spirit just like how it did with the Petrification Martial Spirit. And now the Immortal Martial Spirit had entered a new stage.


No wonder all those extraordinary powers mostly flowed into his flesh, meridians, bones and organs. Turns out this time it was the nourishing his Immortal Martial Spirit.


Now everything was clear.


Shi Yan’s expression was full of joy. He seriously felt the changes in his body, then after a while he finally calmed down, and continued to sit there and circulate his Profound Qi.


The Profound Qi in his dantain had also absorbed a part of that extraordinary power. Now, under the shifting of his thoughts, the purer Profound Qi slowly flowed along all the meridians in his body.


Every time after completing a full cycle, the cluster of the most pristine Profound Qi in his dantain became more refined.


Slowly, the refined body of Profound Qi turned into what was like a bright light ball. With every circulation cycle, the size of the light ball became smaller, but the power it contained grew even more!


Shi Yan was delighted again.


The change in the Profound Qi light ball was exactly a special sign of the breakthrough from the First Sky of the Human Realm to the Second or Third Sky!


Starting from the First Sky of the Human Realm, every time you reached a new Sky, the size of the Profound Qi light ball in the dantain would become smaller. But the Profound Qi within would grow stronger in power!


This was the process of refinement.


Only when you refined over and over again, would the impurities in the Profound Qi light ball be completely cleared. And only then would the Profound Qi become more and more pure, followed by the strengthening of the power it contains.


Realizing that this was the golden opportunity to break from the First Sky to the Second Sky of the Human Realm, Shi Yan didn’t dare to hesitate. He concentrated with all of his will to circulate his Profound Qi.


He repeatedly circulated and refined his Profound Qi. The impurities in the Profound Qi lessened, making the Profound Qi become more and more pure…


In that strange space, there was no concept of time.


After who knows how long, the Profound Qi light ball shrunk from the size of a fist to the size of a walnut.


However, the concentration of the Profound Qi was thirty percent stronger than before!


Not only that, the purer Profound Qi was circulating in his body at a speed twice as fast as before!


Under his will, a wisp of Profound Qi flowed out of his fingertip. It was shining in dazzling white light, and there was a faint glistening tint in it, like some mysterious crystal.


Shi Yan had a joyous look on his face. He looked at the wisp of glistening Profound Qi, and the smile on his lips slowly widened…


Human Realm, Second Sky!


This time the warriors from the Dark World really fattened him up. Not only did his Immortal Martial Spirit enter into a new stage, he also reached a step further in his martial art realm, and straight up entered the Second Sky of the Human Realm.


“Lub-dub! Lub-dub, lub-dub!”


The Yin Pearls from the three meridians of Shen Que, Tian Que, and Yin Du suddenly started pulsing violently! The pulse rate of the Yin Pearls this time was much faster than usual! The summoning power from the heart of the stone statue also grew stronger!


Shi Yan’s mind flicked, he couldn’t help but gaze towards the place where the starlight gathered. He suddenly realized that the light from the starry sky seemed to become disordered. They wandered at that one area like fireflies, but didn’t flow into the mysterious place anymore.


There was a change!


Shi Yan’s brows furrowed. From the strange movements of the Yin Pearls in his chest and the unusual phenomenon with the stars, he could sense something bad was happening.


“Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub Dub, lub-dub!”


The pulsing of the Yin Pearls were becoming even more lively. As if they were urging him to quickly hurry to that area. There seemed to be something anxiously waiting for him.


“Boom! Boom!”


A loud thundering sound, even when it was a thousand li away, still reached here resiliently from that place.


The three meridians of Shen Que, Tian Que, and Yin Du suddenly stung in pain. He felt as if someone was attacking his meridians, his body was indescribably weird.


Without hesitation, Shi Yan took in a deep breath, sprinted, and rushed to that place with his fastest speed.


Chapter 98

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