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Chapter 88 - Strange Scene

Chapter 88



Eight days later, outside the Yin Valley.


“We won’t enter the Yin Valley today. Everybody have a good rest. We will enter the Valley tomorrow morning.” Zhua Qi stopped at the entrance of the Yin Valley and said with a gloomy expression, “The Nine-headed Sky Snake will notice us once we enter the Yin Valley; a fierce battle is unavoidable.”




Chi Xiao took out the map again, and waved at Zhua Qi and Xia Xin Yan, “Let’s take this last night to study it again. It’s best if we could find out the accurate position of the Gate of Heaven.”


Zhua Qi and Xia Xin Yan walked up frowning, and looked down at the map.


As usual, Shi Yan found a quiet place far away from those three people, sat down, and began to train with the [Black Formula].


Every night during the past eight days, Chi Xiao would ask the group to stop and have a good rest, in order to provide Zuo Shi plenty of time to train with the [Basalt Scriptures].


Shi Yan wasn’t idle either. As soon as the group stopped, he would find a quiet place and train with the [Black Formula], under the protection of Han Feng and Ku Long.


After eight days’ practice, he had accumulated lots of Yin Qi in the three meridians in his chest. He operated the Yin Qi every day according to his will and divided it into several wisps to spin around the meridians.


As the Yin Qi accumulated, it spun faster and faster, and was about to form into real Yin Swirls.


After taking a deep breath and holding it, Shi Yan began to concentrate on controlling the Yin Qi.


Wisps of Yin Qi began to intertwine at the three meridians in his chest, and under his control, was quickly forming into circles.


Every time he reached this state, he would reach out to sense the Yin Qi in his surroundings; it was as if the Yin Qi was gathering around him under some magical force.


After eight days’ training in the [Black Formula], Shi Yan started getting hang of controlling the Yin Qi. At the same time, after several days’ of revolution in the front of his chest, the Yin Qi in his body seemed to have changed slightly.


The Yin Qi had become denser since they arrived at the entrance of the Yin Valley. However, Shi Yan found it quite comfortable thanks to the eight days’ of training.


Moreover, the nearer he approached the Yin Valley, the easier he was able to train the [Black Formula]. It was even rather refreshing to breathe the Yin Qi.


Han Feng and Ku Long didn’t exactly knew what Martial Skill Shi Yan was training in, but they were still protecting him diligently.


Time flew by.


All of a sudden, Zuo Shi, who was guarded by Wu Yun Lian and Chu Ping, jumped up joyfully with an odd light sparkling around her body. She shouted, “Ha! It’s the Third Sky of the Human Realm!”


Chi Xiao, who was focusing on the treasure map, rushed over in ecstasy, and as he grabbed Zuo Shi’s hand and began to test her, his old face showing satisfaction, “You little girl, you are…”


From the joyful reaction of Zuo Shi’s Profound Qi, Chi Xiao could tell that she had reached the Third Sky of the Human Realm.


Zuo Shi hadn’t fully understood the [Basalt Scriptures] after eight days’ of training, but she turned out to have reached the Third Sky of the Human Realm. For such talent there were not enough words for Chi Xiao to say anything.


The only word he could come up with was: Genius.


During their journey from the Cloud Mountain to Tianyun City, apart from fooling around, Zuo Shi hadn’t trained hard for even a single day. It was out of his expectation that she entered that level so fast.


“Mr. Chi Xiao, you’ve got a really great student!” Surprise also crossed Xia Xin Yan’s eyes, as she too was shocked by Zuo Shi’s talent.


“Hehe, this girl is really talented, though she is too lazy.” Chi Xiao was delightful as he patted Zuo Shi’s shoulder, “Work harder! Digest the [Basalt Scriptures] as soon as possible! You little girl, you could have reached a much higher realm had you focused on practice!”


Then he walked to Xia Xin Yan and Zhua Qi’s side, and said with a smile, “Leave that girl alone. Let’s study the map.”



Another two hours passed.


As Shi Yan was sitting there silently, suddenly his body shook heavily and then kept quivering slightly.


More and more Yin Qi concentrated and combined in front of his chest as it spun faster and faster.


Looking inside, he found the Profound Qi around his three meridians becoming stronger and spinning faster.


The Profound Qi that he had absorbed rushed into the three meridians and then was refined and resolved into more gray strings.


More and more gray strings gathered in the swirls inside the meridians, making the swirls spin faster and faster…


Not knowing how much time had passed, a gloomy air was suddenly forced out from the swirls, which shocked Shi Yan.


More and more Yin Qi gathered from all directions and gushed into his pores heading for the centers of the three swirls, while they were spinning faster and faster.


Looking inside, Shi Yan was shocked to find that the three swirls had formed a shadow and that shadow was emitting a strong attraction force.


He had succeeded!


The strong attraction force meant that a Yin Swirl had officially formed!


Thus, the power of the Yin Swirl to devour Yin Qi was triggered!


All of a sudden, the Yin Qi inside the Yin Field seemed to find an exit and flooded towards Shi Yan.


Ten meters above Shi Yan’s head, three odd swirls, as big as a human head, gradually appeared.


Those swirls were similar to the Yin Swirls inside Shi Yan, and were apparently influenced by the Yin Swirls in his chest. They spun in line with his Yin Swirls and were attracting more Yin Qi to his location.


Huge amounts of Yin Qi gushed into the three head-sized swirls above him which were expanding quickly!


In merely ten minutes, those swirls had swollen to the size of a wash basin, and kept devouring Yin Qi from all directions.


Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi, and Xia Xin Yan all stopped their discussion about the map and stood up, shocked by what they saw.


The three swirls were still expanding!


One hour later, the three swirls were like a tornado, extremely frightening.


The swirls kept spinning crazily as they tried to devour all the Yin Qi in the Yin Valley!


With a rigid face, Shi Yan sat there without moving, continuously operating the swirls inside him, seemingly not knowing about the phenomenon above his head.


He could clearly feel that the three swirls in his chest had accelerated several times; even his mind found it hard to catch up with the spinning!


Han Feng and Ku Long were taken aback as they watched this strange scene without any idea as to what was occurring.


The dense gray Yin Qi had hovered in the Yin Field for thousands of years, isolating it from the sky, blocking both sunlight and moonlight.


However today, the Yin Qi between the sky and the Yin Field all went crazy as it endlessly gushed into the swirls above Shi Yan.


Not knowing when, the three swirls above his head had turned as huge as three mountains, filled with odd light. They looked like three huge mouths, ready to swallow all the Yin Qin between heaven and earth.


“This, this is…” One huge man beside Xia Xin Yan cried suddenly, remembering something.


“What?” Xia Xin Yan’s eyes sparkled, and she turned to watch that huge man.


Under Xia Xin Yan’s gaze, that huge man hesitated, and then walked away quietly.


Zhua Qi and Chi Xiao’s expression changed as they watched the strange scene with incredible eyes. Noticing that the huge man had some new findings, they walked towards them.


Xia Xin Yan frowned, walked away with the huge man and let him explain, keeping a distance from Zhua Qi and Chi Xiao.


“You sure?” Xia Xin Yan’s voice was filled with uncertainty.


That huge man kept nodding his head, showing lots of anxiety, then he looked at Shi Yan in fear, “I’m very sure, it must be…”


Xia Xin Yan’s face turned pale. She nodded and shouted to Chi Xiao and Zhua Qi, “Get ready for the fight! The Nine-headed Sky Snake will come out soon. It needs Yin Qi to train with, so it will chase us at all expense! We don’t need to enter the Yin Valley now.”


“Miss Xia, our Young Master…What the hell happened to him?” Ku Long was rather anxious.


“Ask him when he wakes up.” Xia Xin Yan frowned with bright light in her eyes, “But don’t worry. That strange phenomenon will not affect him. On the contrary, it is an opportunity. He will suck the Yin Qi in the Yin Field clean if not disturbed.”




Chi Xiao, Zhua Qi, Wu Yun Lian and Zuo Shi all screamed in astonishment, with unbelievable faces.


“Yeah, this Martial Skill is this powerful. I don’t know how he gained it.” Xia Xin Yan’s expression was complex, “The Nine-headed Sky Snake will come soon, as it won’t allow anyone to devour the Yin Qi. Maybe we don’t even need to wait till tomorrow to fight it!”


“Howl! Howl! Howl!”


From the Yin Valley, crazy hollows came with extraordinary rage.


“Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!”


Massive booms suddenly came from within the Yin Valley.


Everybody shook with the earth, and they could feel that a huge monster was approaching them quickly.


“There it is!” Zhua Qi screamed.


Chapter 88

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