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Chapter 70 - The Focus of Attention

Chapter 70


“Let the battle begin!”


The referee’s announcement officially started the much anticipated battle.


Mo Zhan was wearing a cold and arrogant smile.


In an instant, streams of electricity came out of his body, materializing into electric snakes.


Those electric snakes intertwined around Mo Zhan’s whole body, which made him look dazzling.


Mo Zhan, a warrior of the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm, stood in the battle arena with pride, while electric snakes were circling all over his body. His Lightning Martial Spirit was apparently way more powerful than Mo Yanyu’s and Mo Qi’s.


As his face gradually turned pale, those electric snakes kept twisting around his body, looking hideous and seemingly wanting to eat people.


“The Petrification Martial Spirit of the Shi Family is said to be the king of close range battle in the Merchant Union. Hehe, I will give you a chance. Come near me and fight!” Mo Zhan stood still and burst into laughter with arrogance and pride filling his face, not caring about Shi Yan a bit.


“That guy is way too arrogant!”


“Well, he is in the position to be arrogant. The Lightning Martial Spirit of his is way stronger than that Mo Qi’s. The result is quite clear now!”


“Exactly, the Shi Family will have a nasty failure for sure.”




Around the battle arena, the warriors standing on the high green stone building were all shaking their heads as no one anticipated that Shi Yan could beat Mo Zhan.


Even on the Shi family’s side everybody was in bad mood, sighing with disappointment.




With his usual indifference, Shi Yan strode towards Mo Zhan at a leisurely pace, as though he thought nothing of him.


While walking, his body petrified gradually and his skin grew gray.


Before he came into the battle arena, Shi Yan had wiped a certain powder all over his body.


That powder did nothing but changed the color of his Martial Spirit so that it looked gray even though his Petrification Martial Spirit had already reached the second stage.


Shi Jian did this as he wanted to avoid anyone thinking they were cheating. After all, it was a known fact that a Nascent Realm warrior couldn’t reach the second stage of the Petrification Martial Spirit.


“Kid, you were really something in the Spring Pavilion! I hope you can be as sharp as you were then!” Mo Zhan smiled coldly with his pale face, as he stood still and waited for Shi Yan to approach.


“Sharp or not, you will know soon enough.” Shi Yan shook his head with a smile. As he replied, he was within three metres of Mo Zhan.




Suddenly, Mo Zhan yelled in a low voice and the electric snakes coiling around his body came to life.


Those electric snakes flew out and dashed towards Shi Yan in a second.


“Damn!” Shi Tie cried in fear, “There they go!”


“Dodge!” Shi Yang couldn’t help but cry out.


“Hiss hiss hiss!”


The electric snakes were as thick as thumbs and separated at once as if they were alive, entangling Shi Yan from all directions, not leaving any gaps.


Ignoring the cries of the Shi family, the electric snakes wrapped Shi Yan up tightly in an instant.


“Bad!” Shi Tie’s eyes were full of fear, as he sighed with pain, “How stupid is this kid! He didn’t even dodge, even when he knows how Tian Yun lost! Now he is repeating the same tragedy! It’s done!”


“Not surprising!”


“Yeah, this guy studies ancient language. Stupid!”


“There is no suspense. I guess he won’t even have the slightest chance to fight back.”


Around the battle arena, those warriors were all feeling sorry for Shi Yan, as they shook their heads in sorrow, seeming to know the result.


It turned out just as everybody assumed!


Mo Zhan seized this opportunity and rushed up to Shi Yan. With a [Verdant Crescent Slash] in his left hand and a [Green Light Ball] in his right hand, he struck his opponent who was entangled tightly by electric snakes.


“Boom boom boom boom! Boom boom boom boom!”


The [Verdant Crescent Slashes] and [Green Light Balls] were shooting like a hail, and covered Shi Yan in an instant.


Under Mo Zhan’s intense attacks, nobody could clearly see Shi Yan who was buried under the lightning, and they simply guessed he would lose for sure.


One after another electric slashes flashed with green light, and the audience saw the arena clearly again.


Shi Yan was still standing there and hadn’t moved. He was not hurt in the slightest and smoke was coming from his coat.




“What happened?”


“It can’t be true?”


As the green light dissipated and the warriors saw Shi Yan clearly, they couldn’t help but rub their eyes, surprised by Shi Yan who was still standing in the arena like a mountain.


Beiming Shang also raised his head from his teacup and looked at Shi Yan in astonishment. He frowned and mumbled, “Weird.”


Mo Tuo’s expression changed, but he still kept calm and just grunted once.


Shi Jian’s body quivered once and a bright light crossed his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he pressed one of his hands to the stone stool and became excited.


“Big brother!”


“Family Head!”


Shi Tie and the Shi family warriors looked to Shi Jian at the same time, with joy and confusion on their faces.


“Keep on!” Shi Jian yelled, as his mouth trembled a bit.


Though still feeling confused after what they heard, Shi Tie and those ministers of the Shi family got a little expectation of Shi Yan.


In the arena.


Shi Yan was still entangled by the electric snakes, but apart from a little numbness after using his Petrification ability, he felt nothing else, as he still maintained an indifferent expression on his face.


Wisps of thin smoke gushed out from his arms which soon covered the electricity from those snakes, thus no one could see the change in his arms.


While he was being struck heavily, his negative energy had mingled with his Profound Qi and gushed out from his arms, turning into five small swirls which floated around him.


These swirls created by the [Gravitational Field] combined these two types of energy, which slowly floated behind Mo Zhan.


The swirls were invisible to anyone. Apart from Shi Yan, in this huge battle field, only a Human Realm warrior like Beiming Shang could sense it.


“Mo Zhan, you are so weak!” Under the gaze of the audience, Shi Yan broadened his mouth, as he laughed and smirked, “You can’t even hurt me when I stood there and didn’t fight back. How did the Mo family become one of the five big families in the Merchant Union with skills like yours?”


“Kid, you are seeking death!” Mo Zhan’s face changed suddenly and became even paler. He dashed over with a stern face toward Shi Yan, and just as Mo Qi kicked Shi Tian Yun, he began to kick Shi Yan like crazy.


“Boom boom boom! Bang bang bang!”


Mo Zhan’s hard attacks dropped upon Shi Yan, while the arena was filled with green light and strong Profound Qi began to spill everywhere.


“Still weak. Mo Zhan, are you a girl?”


Under Mo Zhan’s attacks, Shi Yan was unmovable like a mountain and couldn’t stop shaking his head, ridiculing him with crueler and crueler words, “If you don’t have a thing down there I can help you satisfy your wife on your wedding day, in case that you make a fool of yourself!”


That was too wicked!


Ling Yue Yue from the Ling family suddenly stood up and cursed in a flirtatious tone, “Shi Yan, you will die a miserable death!”


“I want you to die!”


Mo Zhan howled and triggered all his potential at once. He jumped towards Shi Yan and started sending out another rain of punches.




However, Shi Yan simply stretched one leg and kicked Mo Zhan in the chest. That kick, by his sole free leg, sent Mo Zhan five meters away.


“Boring.” Shi Yan grunted in disappointment as he got rid of the electric snakes.


Those electric snakes, which were crawling all over him, broke away inch by inch!


The shattered electric sparks dispersed all around the arena


“Be careful!”


“Damn it!”


The warriors nearest to the arena shouted and hurried to operate their Profound Qi to defend against those electric sparks.


“Good boy!” Zuo Xu patted the arm of his chair and praised, “I like this guy!”


Zuo Shi’s bright eyes were shining with an odd light as she nodded at Shi Yan and smiled, “Well, this guy is really mean.”


“Big brother!”


“Family Head! Wh… what is going on here?”


On the other side, Shi Tie and the Shi family ministers all looked to Shi Jian in surprise.


“It’s fine. It’s just that the Mo family is too weak.” Shi Jian responded briefly, following Shi Yan’s directions. Suddenly the feeling in the air had become fresh.


Mo Tuo stood up with a green face. He stared at Mo Zhan and his breathing became heavier and heavier.


“Those eyes, I have seen them somewhere…” On the side of the Beiming Family, Di Yalan showed a little suspicion on her face, and she murmured after a long deliberation.


But at that time, no one paid attention to her murmurs. Instead, everybody was setting their eyes upon Shi Yan and following his movements.


After getting rid of the electric snakes, Shi Yan started strolling towards Mo Zhan. Mo Zhan lifted himself up from the ground and rushed towards Shi Yan in a rage.


At that moment!


Mo Zhan’s body began to twist strangely as willow flowers fluttered in the air. Something invisible had entangled him tightly. The harder he struggled, the stranger the way he swayed. At last, he floated up into the air…


There seemed to be an invisible wicked hand behind him that had grabbed his neck and lifted him up.


“What happened?”


“I don’t know! What’s wrong with Mo Zhan? Is he out of his mind?”


“Who knows what’s going on? Why is Mo Zhan floating in the air? Is he at the Sky Realm?”


“Do you even think it’s possible?”




The arena burst into clamor at once.


Shi Yan came near Mo Zhan with an indifferent face and slowly stretched out his hand. His fingers stabbed into Mo Zhan’s knee like five sharp spears.


“Crack! Crack!”


The clear sounds of bones breaking came from Mo Zhan’s knees.


“Crack! Crack!”


Another two similar noises came from his shoulders.




Mo Zhan was totally freaking out in front of Shi Yan. He couldn’t help but fall on his knees.


Not a single bone in his joints were connected. Pathetically kneeling in front of Shi Yan in front of such a huge crowd made him roar insanely, “Shi Yan, I am gonna kill you! KILL YOU!”


“Oh? Really?” Shi Yan looked cool, as he grabbed Mo Zhan’s neck and lifted him high up in the air again.


Mo Zhan tried his electric skill on Shi Yan but it had no effect.


In front of hundreds of eyes, Mo Zhan was lifted up by Shi Yan single handedly; it was a deliberate insult!


Shi Yan intended to show Mo Zhan’s expression to everybody, for he circled the arena, so that every warrior present could see the grief and fear on Mo Zhan’s face.


After one circle, Shi Yan turned his eyes towards Shi Jian and sent the message: to kill or not?


The arena quietened down suddenly and all the warriors gazed at Shi Yan.


Tens of meters away, Shi Jian got Shi Yan’s message and was quite delighted.


Under Shi Yan’s gaze, Shi Jian nodded softly with a rigid face.


“We give up!” Mo Tuo was shocked and he cried miserably after he saw Shi Jian’s cold eyes, “We lose! We lose!”


“Stop!” The referee at the roundtable announced immediately.




Another clear sound came from Mo Zhan’s neck, and his head flapped down in an odd way.


All the warriors were horrified. They looked at Shi Yan, who had just shattered Mo Zhan’s neck, in quiet astonishment.


It was extremely silent in the arena.


Under everybody’s gaze, Shi Yan tossed away Mo Zhan’s body indifferently.




Mo Zhan’s dead body landed three meters in front of Mo Tuo, with his head strangely twisted.


Sneering at the Mo family, Shi Yan returned to the Shi family tower and without any care and took his seat.


Chapter 70

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