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Chapter 68 - A Thorough Defeat

Chapter 68


“This pretty girl is amazing!”


“Yeah! She won without any effort even though she is at the same realm as him.”


“Too nasty! That guy could have died several times if he didn’t possess the Petrification Martial Spirit.”


“Hmm… the competition among the five big families is really awesome! It is worth my long travel here.”




The arena was filled with boisterous discussions. The onlookers were all surprised at Mo Yanyu’s ability.


With a cold expression on her face, Mo Yanyu stood in the center of the field proudly, staring at the Shi family members with her frosty eyes, like a snow lotus on a snowy mountain.


Those observing warriors also gazed at her hot body with sparkling eyes. They were surprised by her brutality but still couldn’t stop complimenting her.


On the Shi family side, everybody had a rigid face.


Shi Tie was trembling with anger, but could do nothing except stare at Mo Tuo in hatred.


This was the Martial Competition. The loser couldn’t say anything about a public defeat. He could only win back his prestige in another battle.


“Family Head, Young Master Tian Luo is not heavily injured, but he won’t be able to train his Martial Arts for three years.” One minister of the Shi Family came up from behind, and said to Shi Jian and Shi Tie.


Shi Jian and Shi Tie suddenly quivered at his message, with grief crossing their eyes.


“Grandpa, that woman is strange! Her strength surged half way through. That’s too weird!” Shi Yan remarked in a low voice.


“I know.” Shi Jian took a deep breath and turned to Shi Tian Ke and Shi Tian Yun with hesitation.


He had apparently noticed that as well.


At the halfway point of the battle, Mo Yanyu’s face suddenly turned pale, and it was at that moment, the Profound Qi in Mo Yanyu’s body became much more dense and circulated much faster, which was abnormal.


“Yu back! Mo Qi, up!” Just then, Mo Tuo demanded, “we are not going to change the wager, and invite a battle with the Shi family again!”


Another youth about 6 feet tall replaced Mo Yanyu at the center of the arena, and said proudly, “Mo Qi of the Mo family. Nascent Realm, Second Sky. Please enlighten me!”


“Big brother!” Shi Tie yelled, and looked at Shi Tian Ke who stood behind him with worried eyes, “What should we do now?”


“Fight!” Shi Jian grit his teeth, thought for a while, and announced, “Tian Yun, up!”


All Shi family members were shocked at this and turned pale, as they looked at Shi Jian in confusion.


Shi Tian Yun was the most talented among the third generation of Shi family, and was at the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm. Thus everybody believed he would fight last.


Now that Shi Jian had sent him up so early, who would fight in the following battles?


Mo Zhan was of the third generation of the Mo family, but he was not on the stage yet. No matter if Shi Tian Yun won or lost this battle, he would lose the chance to fight against Mo Zhan.


Who will be sent to fight against Mo Zhan later?


If they couldn’t find anyone to compete with Mo Zhan, everybody would think there were no promising descendents in the third generation of the Shi family, which was a bigger shame than losing the competition!


“Big brother!” Shi Tie cried, “Mo Zhan hasn’t been sent!”


“It must be Tian Yun! There is something strange going on so we have to send Tian Yun who is one Sky higher than him.” Shi Jian stated with a frosty face, “Shut up! Tian Yun! Go!”


“Yes!” Tian Yun replied firmly and directly stepped onto the arena, “Shi Tian Yun from the Shi family. Nascent Realm, Third Sky. Please enlighten me!”


“Shi Tian Yun! Isn’t he the strongest in the third generation of the Shi family?”


“Exactly, why did he appear so early when Mo Zhan is still not on stage?”


“The Shi family is scared now. They have no choice but to send Shi Tian Yun up to fight. Now it’s getting interesting. One is at the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm and the other is at the Second Sky. One Sky different. I guess the Mo family won’t accept this fight. They will definitely change their warrior.”


“Well, the Mo family won’t buy it.”




The onlookers were all discussing among each other in astonishment.


Many from the Beiming and Ling families were looking on with doubt in their eyes, staring at the Shi family with weird expressions.


Even some faces from the Zuo family were filled with surprise, not knowing what Shi Jian was thinking.


Only Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi knew what was going on. They stealthily looked over to Shi Yan.


“Beiluo City! One mine! And the commercial street in the south of Beiluo City!” Shi Jian took a deep breath and pulled out all the documents from his bag and handed them to the director.


“Mo Qi from the Mo family, Second Sky of the Nascent Realm; Shi Tian Yun from the Shi Family, Third Sky of the Nascent Realm. Is it right?” As the wagers put on the table, the director frowned at Shi Jian and Mo Tuo.


Mo Tuo was a little confused, as he glanced over at Shi Tian Yun, not knowing why it was him who was sent.


After hesitating, Mo Tuo had a small talk with an old man, a mussy-haired one who was standing beside him and nodded softly.


Seeing him nodding, Mo Tuo seemed to be relaxed, as he nodded at the coach, “No problem, our warriors of the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm can easily beat those of Third Sky of the Nascent Realm from the Shi family. We are in!”


“Now, the battle begins!”


Shi Tian Yun immediately petrified his body, while Mo Qi yelled once and lightning intertwined his arms.


“Mo Qi, prove yourself as soon as possible. Don’t let others look down upon you.” Mo Tuo reminded him indifferently.


Hearing that, Mo Qi quickly understood what to do.


In an instant, like Mo Yanyu, Mo Qi’s face turned as pale as a zombie, which was extremely horrifying.


It was exactly the same.


In Mo Qi’s body, the flow of his Profound Qi accelerated many times! A certain energy that didn’t belong to him seemed to be triggered and invaded his entire body. His aura suddenly overwhelmed Shi Tian Yun who was one Sky higher than him!


“There it goes!” Shi Tie yelled in anger, “They must have played a certain trick! This is not the type of power that could belong to a warrior of the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm!”


Shi Jian looked depressed as he nodded, “Did you notice that? Mo Tuo had a talk with the old man behind him before he permitted the battle. Mo Yanyu and Mo Qi’s weird change must have something to do with that old man!”


“I won’t let him go peacefully!” Shi Tie greeted his teeth.





Shi Tian Yun kicked off the ground with one foot and the solid metal stone made a thunderous sound as if it had been cracked.


Shi Tian Yun shot towards Mo Qi like a sharp sword at his fastest speed, intending to cripple Mo Qi as soon as possible.


Mo Qi smiled coldly without fear, as he directly met Shi Tian Yun, emitted flashes of lightning which flew towards him rapidly!


As he released the lightning flashes, green balls of light burst out from the center of Mo Qi’s palm. They began to strike Shi Tian Yun heavily.


“Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!”


One after another, green light balls struck Shi Tian Yun and slowed his attacks.


Just then, the Profound Qi in Mo Qi’s body surged again! He appeared in front of Shi Tian Yun suddenly from behind the green balls.


The lightning flashes magically formed an electric net in the sky, and wrapped up Shi Tian Yun in an instant.


“How is that possible?! The energy in that kid equals that of a Human Realm warrior!” Shi Tie screamed in fear.


Shi Tian Yun was tightly entangled by the electric net. He struggled to get escape it but failed.


At this time, Mo Qi’s green light balls kept striking Shi Tian Yun one by one and drove him back.


Mo Qi dashed near Shi Tian Yun and kept striking him with his arms and legs.


Shi Tian Yun was bleeding severely from the corner of his mouth, but he couldn’t fight back because of the electric net that bound him tightly.


What a thorough defeat!


Everybody was stricken dumb in amazement as they stared at Mo Qi, who was merely at the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm, while he was striking Shi Tian Yun who could not fight back.


“Woa! What the hell is that?”


“Who knows? Why is that kid so powerful? It’s weird, too weird!”


“Is he really at the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm? Or are the Nascent Realm warriors of the big families one level higher than us?”


“Confusing! Too confusing!”




All the warriors nearby were dumbstruck and couldn’t figure out what happened.


“Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!”


After receiving the endless strikes, Shi Tian Yun was bleeding severely and his eyes gradually began to dim.


Shi Jian stood up at once and demanded, “We lose!”


The director from the Beiming Family, who was standing next to the round table, immediately looked over to Beiming Shang after Shi Jian yelled.


Beiming Shang seemed to not have noticed the scene on the battle arena, as he was still drinking his tea quietly.


Seeing his attitude, the director understood what he meant. He lowered his head to check the documents, ignoring Shi Jian’s announcement.


“Bang bang bang!”


Mo Qi continued to kick Shi Tian Yun, as the latter had fallen onto the ground long ago.


“We admit defeat!” Shi Jian stared at Beiming Shang and roared.


Beiming Shang finally seemed to notice it, as he raised his head and then peered at the director casually.


“Battle stops! The Mo family wins!” the director called out listlessly.


Mo Qi finally stopped his attacks and took a few steps back. Smirking, he laughed, “Haha! Shi family descendents are all losers! He is too weak for a Nascent Realm, Third Sky warrior! It was a total waste of my time. Humph!”


Then he swaggered back to his family and received a bunch of compliments.


Han Feng rushed onto the arena silently like a ghost and carried Shi Tian Yun back, who was drowning in his own blood, and asked those family ministers to check on him.


Those ministers were in a muddle, as they firstly put a handful of pills into Shi Tian Yun’s mouth, with serious faces.


Not bothering to stare at Mo Tuo, Shi Tie quickly pressed his hands on Shi Tian Yun’s chest and transmitted his Profound Qi into Tian Yun to heal him.


The battle field turned silent at once.


Those onlookers noticed this strange occurrence. They stopped gossiping, but looked at the two families in confusion.


“Keep the wager, and Zhan, you go up!” Mo Tuo announced at a low voice again, with a cold smile climbing up his mouth.


“Mo Zhan from the Mo family. Nascent Realm, Third Sky. Please enlighten me!”


Mo Zhan’s robust body stood in the center of the arena, and he sneered, “I’m quite curious, does your Shi family still have people to fight me? Do you dare?”


Chapter 68

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