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Chapter 64 - The Medicine King, Mu Xun

Chapter 64


In the Martial Competition field.


Dozens of warriors of various Realms were competing vigorously in different areas. Streams of bizarre light exploded on the field one after another, as if magical snakes were shuttling above the competition field.


The participants were performing all sorts of rare Martial Skills, and some even startled those people from the five big families.


In the high building of the Shi family.


Standing next to Shi Jian, Shi Yan’s eyes were glistening, as he cast his eyes upon those fighting warriors one by one.


As the head of the family, Shi Jian was standing beside him and explaining for him.


As long as Shi Yan showed some interest in one competition area, Shi Jian would soon elaborate on the strength of the two parties, their Martial Skill levels, their competing strategies, and also teaching him the best way to win the fight.


In the stone building, Shi Tie was also illustrating the situation on the competition field, explaining the various Martial Skills, their advantages and disadvantages, the opponent’s weaknesses, and how to beat them.


As the leaders of the Shi family, Shi Jian and Shi Tie rarely talked on a normal day, but today they almost never stopped talking.


Shi Yang and Shi Tianxiao were also standing in a corner, while Shi Yang was pointing the warriors in the competition field to Shi Tianxiao, the latter nodding and asking accordingly.


Some ministers who came back from other cities, and those experts from their family branches, were all observing the stone building quietly. As they saw Shi Jian explaining to Shi Yan whole-heartedly, they were very confused.


“Old Feng, who is that kid? Why does family head treat him so specially?” Standing beside Han Feng, Ku Long observed them for a long while, and finally couldn’t help but ask him about Shi Yan.


Ku Long was one of the ministers of the Shi family who was at the First Sky of the Nirvana Realm. Since he was garrisoned in another city, he didn’t know much about the latest news on Shi Yan. Seeing Shi Jian lay so much stress on Shi Yan, he was quite confused.


“That is Young Master Yan.” Han Feng looked indifferent, as he glanced at Ku Long and said, “The one who used to be always absent from home and busy studying those historic relics. Yeah, Yang Hai and Miss Qing’s son.”


“That’s impossible!”


Ku Long was totally shocked, as he asked in surprise, “That Young Master never trained in Martial Arts, did he? As far as I know, he was more attracted to those odd things and never set his eyes upon Martial Arts. Why would the family head pay attention to him?”


“Young Master Yan is no longer the person he used to be.”


Han Feng narrowed his eyes, and said casually, “You’d better try your best if Young Master Yan asks you to do something. It would in your best interests.” Though Han Feng knew a lot, he talked little. He wouldn’t have said anything if Ku Long wasn’t his good friend.


Ku Long knew Han Feng’s personality. He was surprised at Han Feng’s speech, and after a long silence, he nodded softly.


He was still confused, but realizing that Shi Yan was favored by the family head, he decided to try and get close to Shi Yan.


Apart from Ku Long, many other ministers and Shi branch families were also secretly discussing about Shi Yan, as they were all confused why the family head paid so much attention to that unknown boy.


Soon Shi Yan was known to all. This boy, who hadn’t been treated specially for seventeen years, was now at the center of the Shi family.


“Grandpa, did Xiao Yan become a warrior for real? And has he reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm?” Seeing Shi Jian favor Shi Yan so much, Shi Tianke, who was standing next to Shi Tie, finally asked.


Shi Tie took a glimpse at them, and nodded, “It is great, Shi Yan is amazing. He has reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm now. He may participate in the martial Competition this year.”


Shi Tie had been focusing on his three grandsons recently, so he didn’t pay much attention to Shi Yan. He merely knew that Shi Yan had gained the family Martial Spirit and reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm.


However, he didn’t know that Shi Yan had also gained the Immortal Martial Spirit, so he still considered that Shi Jian was putting way too much energy into him.


But he didn’t place any further thought into it. After all, Shi Yan was his brother’s direct grandson, and Shi Tianxiao was useless. Now that Shi Yan reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm, he thought it was reasonable for Shi Jian to be over excited. He was not aware that Shi Yan possessed twin Martial Spirits, and that his Petrification Martial Spirit had advanced to the second stage.


“Tianyun, you should fight against Mo Zhan this year. Last time Tianke lost to him, so your fight will be crucial this time! Or they would assume that we don’t have any talented descendents among the third generation!” Shi Tie said to Shi Tianyun who was standing beside him.


“Yes, I will beat Mo Zhan for sure.” Shi Tianyun said with certainty.


Shi Tianyun was only nineteen years old, but he had reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm. He was just like a newborn calf who wasn’t afraid of a tiger.


Before Shi Yan was noticed, he was the pride of the Shi family, and Shi Jian would guide him in person now and then. But ever since Shi Yan came back, Shi Jian seldom visited him.


Shi Yan spent seventeen years discovering ancient languages, and seldom stayed at home. He didn’t train in Martial Arts, so there was no conflict between him and other people, thus Shi Tianyun never cared about him.


However, Shi Yan stood out now, and Shi Jian’s attitude had shifted too much, which made Shi Tianyun a little uncomfortable.


Yet, the Shi family had the formidable outside opponents, such as the Mo family and the Ling family, so the Shi family members, including Shi Jian and Shi Tie, stuck together and got along well. The second generation also allied to defend against the Mo family. Shi Tianyun and Shi Tianxiao often played around.


Thus, although Shi Tianyun was a little uncomfortable, he didn’t show a strong reaction. But he had made up his mind to have a perfect performance in the competition, and secure his position as the hope of the Shi family.


“Eh?” Shi Jian suddenly cried, as he was talking to Shi Yan, and his eyes brightened and quickly looked over to someone. Something had suddenly occurred beside the competition field.


“Who came?” Shi Yan frowned, walked up and looked in the direction of Shi Jian.


A troop of seven people were walking in slowly from outside the God Stone Square. The man in lead looked around fifty, with a hawk nose, gloomy face, delicate cap, and a silver gown, on the left shoulder of which was embroided five types of herbs.


“Level-5 Soul Alchemist!” Shi Yan identified him only by a quick glimpse.


Just like Martial Skills, alchemists were divided into five levels: Mortality, Mystery, Soul, Royalty, and Divinity.


Karu, who was killed by Shi Yan in the Dark Forest, was a mere Mortality Level alchemist, but was treasured by the Mo family. Now that a Soul level alchemist had appeared, he must be an influential one!


“This is Karu’s teacher, the Medicine King, Mu Xun.” Shi Jian glanced over Shi Yan, “He is not only an alchemist of the Soul level, he is also a warrior of the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm, and the Medicine Valley is a special institution too. Though it doesn’t get involved in fights between various parties, it is closely connected to them.”


The fact that Karu was killed by Shi Yan was known to only a few people. And now that Shi Yan had faked his appearance, fewer people knew his real identity. Shi Jian didn’t worry that Mu Xun would recognize Shi Yan, so he sneered and gloated, “Well, I guess Mu Xun came to look for his stolen fragmented map, and Karu entered the Dark Forest with people from the Mo family. Mu Xun will definitely ask Mo Tuo about that. Haha! This should be an interesting show!”


“The Medicine King, Mu Xun!”


The warriors in the competition field soon recognized this foreign visitor, as they cried out in surprise, and cleared the way for him.


Many other warriors squeezed their way forward and shouted crazily, “Medicine King, I collected lots of herbs, please refine me a pill! Please!”


As soon as the flock heard that, the competition field boiled with excitement. More and more people shouted, asking for Mu Xun’s help.


People’s attention were drawn to Mu Xun at once, and no one set their eyes on the competition field anymore.


On the buildings of the Beiming family, the Zuo family, the Ling family, and the Mo family, many couldn’t sit still anymore. Lots of experts rushed down the buildings with their master’s’ permission and ran to Mu Xun to invite him to watch the competition in their building.


Without Shi Jian’s permission, Shi Tie also rushed down.


Suddenly, the Medicine King Mu Xun was crowded by the core members from the five big families, whose faces were full of smiles, hoping Mu Xun would go with them.


“Mu Xun will go to the Mo family. Hehe. But nothing good will happen.” Shi Jian gloated.


Just as expected.


Ignoring Mo Chaoge, who was coming up to invite him, Mu Xun soon walked toward the Mo family building silently, with a rigid face.


Mo Chaoge didn’t dare be angry, and followed him smiling and bowing.


Chapter 64

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