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Chapter 62 - Unrecognized

Chapter 62


“Well, Zuo Shi is superior to you. You will definitely lose in the Martial Competition. You are doomed.” Shi Yan glanced at Ling Yue Yue indifferently, without getting angry.


“I’m doomed?” Ling Yue Yue was furious as she sneered, “Who do you think you are? Are you a prophet?”


Shi Yan shook his head and didn’t talk to her again, showing no care for her.


With a rigid face, Mo Zhan stood up from the table and strode toward Shi Yan. As he approached him, he yelled with his head high, “Kid, who are you? I haven’t seen you, you are from the Shi Family too? You want to be ruined before the Martial Competition?”


Shi Yan turned serious as he lowered his voice and asked Han Zhong, “Can I kill him?”


Han Zhong was totally frightened as he quivered suddenly, and asked in haste, “Brother Yan, what are you trying to do?”


Though he had been with Shi Yan for a long time, they had just sought out ‘entertainment’ together. He only knew that Shi Yan recent got Profound Qi and reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm.


Yet he hadn’t seen him fight with others, so he had absolutely no idea how Shi Yan would react to the provocation.


The fact that Shi Yan wanted to kill for such a trivial dispute totally frightened Han Zhong.


He had never thought that this young master, who was the best at ‘entertaining’, would be so brutal in front of his enemies!


Shi Yan glanced at the man, suggesting that he was going to take action.


“Nooo!” Han Zhong hurried to stop him with a face full of terror. He thought to himself, “Though you are at the Nascent Realm, your opponent is an expert too! If you fight bluntly, I can’t help you either. But if you get hurt and can’t attend the Martial Competition, the family head will kill me.”




“Definitely no!” Seeing Shi Yan not persuaded, Han Zhong quickly explained, “They are the hopes of the Mo Family and the Ling Family. If they were killed, the two families will sacrifice everything to get revenge! It will be tough as hell then. So cool down.”


“Then, can I cripple him?”


Han Zhong froze, rolled his eyes and smiled bitterly, “Brother Yan, please! If you really want to, then you can vent your frustrations in the Martial Competition. Who knows, you might also win back a mine for the Shi Family. But for now, please don’t be impulsive.”




Shi Yan didn’t talk anymore, instead he stared at Mo Zhan in front of him, and shouted loudly, “What do you want?”


“Kid, who are you?” After he approached, Mo Zhan didn’t fight, instead he gazed at Shi Yan coldly, “You made my fiancé unhappy! Don’t blame me for my rudeness if you don’t tell me who you are!”


Seeing Mo Zhan there, Ling Yue Yue sat down at the table, looking in this direction with cold eyes and felt surprised.


Her hearing was superior to others, hence even though Shi Yan and Han Zhong lowered their voices, she was still able to hear the words “kill” and “cripple”.


Who on earth is that arrogant guy?


Ling Yue Yue was bewildered. Since she didn’t know who Shi Yan was, she decided to be cautious. As the Martial Competition was around the corner, she guessed that he was some expert invited by the Shi Family, so she couldn’t do anything now.


“Young masters, please don’t fight in my Spring Pavilion. I beg you, ok?”


Just then, the stout Manager Long of the Spring Pavilion bowed, as he came up to the third floor. Behind him, several pretty young girls were holding the dishes and wine ordered by Han Zhong.


“You will know who I am in the Martial Competition.” Shi Yan didn’t bother to respond to him, but waved at those shy girls and said, “Come here! Display my dishes. I want to have a good meal!”


The girls were frightened. They didn’t dare walk up but pleadingly stared at Manager Long.


After Manager Long made an eye contact to them, the girls hurried to serve the dishes on the table and dashed away immediately like frightened birds.


Shi Yan looked indifferent as he opened a jar of wine by himself, filled his wine cup, and drank it up at once. He began to eat, not paying any attention to Mo Zhan who was still standing beside him.


“Young Master Mo, it’s not the first time you’ve been to the Spring Pavilion. I am always good to you. Please, don’t make a fuss, okay?” Manager Long bowed as he persuaded Mo Zhan with a miserable face.


“Well, Manager Long. For you, I won’t fight today.” Mo Zhan grunted and sneered at Shi Yan, who was eating happily, “Kid, be prepared in the Competition!”


“Okay, I can’t wait.” Without raising his head, Shi Yan kept drinking, and filled another cup for Han Zhong, “Come on, Old Han, let’s drink.”


Mo Zhan stared at Shi Yan angrily and then left for his own table.


Mo Yanyu was paying attention in this direction for quite some time. Her bright eyes wandered over Shi Yan curiously. After Mo Zhan came back, she withdrew her gaze and looked to the Green Moon Lake, forgetting the episode entirely.


“Deng! Deng! Deng!”


Just then, heavy footsteps sounded from the stairs, which was followed by Beiming Ce’s voice, “Xiao Die, Yalan, the courses in the Spring Pavilion are famous in Tianyun City. You two should have a good taste this time. Well, the Flame Wine is strong, but it’s really different. You can’t afford to miss it!”


Then Beiming Ce showed up, closely followed by Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan.


“Well, it seems I must have a try at the Flame Wine. Hehe, I can just drink a little.” Mu Yu Die was in a white dress, which made her look extraordinarily fresh. She came up slowly to the third floor.


Di Yalan was behind her, looking a little gloomy, seemingly lost in her worries.


Shi Yan, who was drinking, showed a panicked expression on his face as he heard that voice, but quickly went back to normal. Without taking a look at them, he kept drinking with Han Zhong with his head lowered.


Han Zhong was astonished as he saw Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan, for he was a little worried Shi Yan would make trouble again.


“Oh, customers here?” Beiming Ce glanced over the two tables, and continued indifferently, “And all acquaintances.”


The four people including Ling Shao Feng and Mo Zhan became perturbed, as they saw Beiming Ce. They barely smiled and nodded to Beiming Ce as a greeting.


Ling Shao Feng and Mo Zhan also glanced over Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan secretly after they nodded at Beiming Ce, and showed a surprised face at the same time.


Han Zhong stood up, and nodded at Beiming Ce as well with a smile, “You are not occupied today, Young Master Ce? Hehe, I heard that you rarely stepped out of your home recently?”


“Well, two beauties came and brightened my home, I found it hard to leave.” Beiming Ce smiled slightly, took a look at Shi Yan who was still drinking, and turned to Mu Yu Die, “Let’s take a seat first.”




“Young Master Ce, this way please!” Manager Long dashed up suddenly with a fat face full of smiles, as he chose a seat for Beiming Ce and shouted downstairs, “Old Guo, Young Master Ce is here today! Prepare the best dishes and wine! Be careful!”


“Haha! Needless to say!” Loud laughing sounds came from downstairs.


Smiles went up from Beiming Ce’s mouth, as apparently, he was satisfied with Manager Long’s attitude. He said softly, “Well, good enough Manager Long. Mind your own business now, I can take care of myself.”


“Great! Well I will cook one or two dishes for you personally. But I haven’t cooked for a long time, so please forgive me if it doesn’t taste good.” Manager Long laughed.


“I’m too lucky.” Beiming Ce laughed as well, “I’m so flattered to have dishes made by you! No matter how it tastes, I will eat it up gratefully.”


“I’m too flattered. So I will go downstairs now?” Manager Long bowed and asked.




Manager Long then bowed to leave.



“I’ve finished.” Mo Yanyu stood up suddenly.


Ling Shao Feng and Mo Zhan looked at each other and stood up as well, so did Ling Yue Yue. The three followed Mo Yanyu and went toward the stairs.


Before he left, Mo Zhan greeted Beiming Ce, “Brother Ce, take your time. I’m afraid we have to leave first.”


“Yeah, take care.” Beiming Ce turned to him casually and continued to chat with Mu Yu Die.


Immediately, the four people from the Mo Family and the Ling Family disappeared from the third floor.


While drinking, Shi Yan was also listening to Beiming Ce and Mu Yu Die chatting, and got a little annoyed. So he yelled at Han Zhong, “Old Han, I’m done. You?”


“Long ago.” Han Zhong knew he was unhappy, so he stood up immediately, and said to Beiming Ce, “Young Master Ce, we got to go.”


“Okay.” Beiming Ce responded indifferently without raising his head, and continued to talk with Mu Yu Die.


“Let’s leave.” Han Zhong pulled Shi Yan, then they walked toward the stairs.


Before he went down stairs, Shi Yan paused at the corner, glanced over at Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan coldly, and then disappeared.


Beiming Ce didn’t feel that glance as he sat with his back to Shi Yan. Neither did Mu Yu Die, for she was talking with Beiming Ce.


Only Di Yalan raised her head randomly, and happened to see Shi Yan’s glance. Out of it, she saw some familiar coldness, and scorn.


Di Yalan was surprised and dumbstruck.


After a very long time, she shook her head softly and sighed to herself: Why am I so stupid? How could that guy be him? Except the eyes, they resemble by nothing! They were two different people! What am I thinking about? What’s wrong with me?


Chapter 62

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