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Chapter 57 - In My Hands!

Chapter 57


(TL’s note: “fragment picture” from previous chapters is now corrected to “fragment map.”)


In the stone tower.


Zuo Xu, and Shi Jian looked serious, their eyes glistened in the light, as they stared intensely at Zuo Shi, who was pressing one hand on the turtle shell.


As the head of the Zuo family, Zuo Xu actually felt excited, his fingers kept clenching together, and the corner of his lips occasionally twitched.


Zuo Shi was the future hope for the Zuo family. Whether The Zuo family could rise to power in the future, and whether they could hold their status in the business league, was directly connected to how strong Zuo Shi became!


If Zuo Shi were to become strong, the Zuo family would keep their powerful influence. If she was weak, the Zuo family might decline.


There were countless families whose rise and falls were tied to an important figure. A family had to have a powerful central figure in order to keep their remarkable position.


The reason why Beiming Shang put Yin Kui and Jiu Shan close to Beiming Ce’s side, was to prevent any mishaps that may happen to Beiming Ce before he became powerful. Their main objective was the future prosperity of the family.


Shi Yan looked indifferent, and at this moment, he was secretly observing Zuo Xu’s reaction.


Through the slight change in Zuo Xu’s expression, he realized that Zuo Xu really did see Zuo Shi as the most important treasure of the Zuo family. He also realized just how much importance a future strong figure holds to these elders!



A strange green symbol flew out of the turtle shell, and disappeared into Zuo Shi’s body.


Zuo Shi’s eyes were now closed, and there was a thin layer of green light covering her delicate face.


Tiny little spots of light jumped across Zuo Shi’s face, like lively fireflies, passing their thoughts to Zuo Shi.


Zuo Xu’s expression changed, and nearly exclaimed out loud. He instinctively wanted to step forward and protect Zuo Shi, afraid that she might be in danger.




Shi Yan stepped forward suddenly and held back Zuo Xu, and spoke lightly, “It’s okay, Grandpa Zuo, you shouldn’t be too tense.”


Zuo Xu stared for a second, then looked at Shi Yan in surprise, “Are you sure it’s okay?”


“Yes, nothing will happen to her!” Shi Yan nodded with certainty, “The little strange lights in the turtle shell should be a type of memory communication. If I guessed correctly, it could be the way to cultivate the Basalt Scriptures, so you don’t need to worry, this is just a memory transfer.”


When Shi Yan obtained [Rampage] from the Blood Vein Ring, the scenery was quite similar.


At that time, there was also many memory lights flowing out of the Blood Vein Ring, drilling into his mind, forming the memory imprint in his head.


After having that experience, and looking at Zuo Shi now, his heart settled down.


“Brat, don’t speak nonsense, this is very serious!” Shi Jian shouted with a straight face.


Shi Jian was also unsure, he was scared that Shi Yan’s careless plans might cause harm to Zuo Shi. If that happens, the Shi family and the Zuo family could turn against each other!


Ever since the Zuo family was connected to Chi Xiao because of Zuo Shi, they secretly began to have what it takes to compete with the Beiming family. To the Shi family, having such a strong ally could only be to their benefit, no matter if it’s against the Beiming family, or the Mo family.


Shi Jian doesn’t want to become enemies with the Zuo family.


“It’s okay, Little Shi will definitely be fine, you can relax.” Shi Yan said, and comforted Zuo Xu, “Congratulations Grandpa Zuo, this time Zuo Shi will surely gain a great benefit, you can get ready to giggle.”


“You brat.” After hearing his words, Zuo Xu actually loosened up, and he laughed, “If it really turns out to be like what you said, I’ll owe you a big favor little brat.”


“Grandpa, you really do owe him a big favor.”


Zuo Shi suddenly opened her eyes, and smiled, joyfully she said, “Those strange lights are the cultivation info of the [Basalt Scriptures]. Now in my mind, I’ve obtained the complete cultivation method of the [Basalt Scriptures].”


“What level of Martial Skill?” Zuo Xu impatiently asked, he was so excited he could jump.


Shaking her head, Zuo Shi said, “I don’t know. All I got was the cultivation method of the [Basalt Scriptures], and it didn’t say which level of Martial Skill it is.”


“The writing’s on the turtle shell are very ancient! This should be a Martial Skill cultivated by prehistoric warriors. At that same time, their skills were not as meticulously ranked as ours are.” Shi Yan smiled, and casually explained, “But the Martial Skills of that time are much more mysterious than the ones we have now. This time Xiao Shi really got lucky.”




Zuo Xu laughed, delightfully patted Shi Yan’s shoulder, and said, “You little brat, I can’t help but like you! The Shi family has such a clever boy as you. Why worry about rising to power in the future?”


Shi Jian’s eyes brightened, he glanced over at Zuo Shi. Thinking of something, his face brightened up into a smile.


“Crack crack crack!”


Once Zuo Shi removed her hand from the turtle shell, it cracked open, separating into pieces of turtle armor.


These turtle armor pieces turned very thin, and shone with a strange green light. One of the pieces showed the shape of a dragon head, and another piece had the shape of a dragon tail. They looked like a pair of shoulder armor, and were very strange.


In the middle of the armor, there were three walnut-sized medicinal pills, shining with green light. These pills had a silly Dragon Turtle shape, with a dragon’s head and turtle’s body, as if it was alive.


A refreshing medicinal aroma spread from the three pills. The scent was very strong. Just by breathing in a little bit, everyone suddenly felt alert.


“These three are the Dragon Turtle Pill, especially made to go with the cultivation of the [Basalt Scriptures]. This set of armor is the Dragon Turtle Armor, supposedly it has very strong defense abilities.” Zuo Shi reached to pick up the three Dragon Turtle Pills and pocketed all of them, and said, “When cultivating the [Basalt Scriptures], I will need the Dragon Turtle Pills. Three of these are just enough to help me cultivate this skill.”


Zuo Xu’s expression brightened even more, and he clapped and laughed in excitement.


It was Shi Jian who actually felt slightly low spirited. He saw Zuo Shi taking all of the Dragon Turtle Pills, pressing his lips into a line, he finally couldn’t help but murmur, “Shi Yan helped too…”


“He can have the Dragon Turtle Armor.” Zuo Shi lightly kicked the set of armor on the ground, adorably she furrowed her brows, and chuckled, “I don’t want to wear this heavy-ass Turtle Shell! Take it as you please.”


Shi Jian jolted, and impatiently stared at Shi Yan, urging him to take the Dragon Turtle Armor.


“Is it okay to do that? Everything is a full set.” Zuo Xu clenched his teeth, looking reluctant. Although he liked Shi Yan, he still didn’t want to give away the Dragon Turtle Armor.


Shi Yan stood still and shook his head, “I don’t want it, the Shi family’s Martial Spirit specializes in defense, I don’t need to suffer with this heavy set of Turtle Armor.”


“You!” Shi Jian was upset, he stomped and shouted, “Ungrateful!”


“You don’t want it, but can’t you give it to someone else? Stupid!” Shi Jian cursed in his mind.


“Boy! I like you!” Zuo Xu laughed, and wiggled his eyebrows at Shi Jian, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to give it up, but Shi Yan himself rejected the offer. Now you can’t blame me for this.” He said, and immediately picked up the pieces of turtle shell, his smile becoming even wider.


“Grandpa, if you were to wear this Dragon Turtle Armor I bet you would look like a big old turtle, do you want to try it on?” Zuo Shi chuckled.


“Yes, the girl is right, Brother Zuo, why not try it on?” Shi Jian said with great pleasure, and secretly felt delighted.


“Disrespectful! You brat, what kind of nonsense are you talking about?” Zuo Xu’s face turned dark, he glared at Zuo Shi, “If you keep bullshitting like that, next time I’m not going to pick you up from Cloud Mountain, and you can die from boredom at Chi Xiao’s place!”


“I won’t do it again.” Zuo Shi stuck out her tongue, and chickened out.


“Cough cough, Brother, alright then, we should get going.” Zuo Xu smilingly looked at Shi Jian, and said, “Don’t worry, people from our family are going to keep watch by the Dark Forest. If there’s any news on Karu, I’ll send people to tell you. Same thing with you guys, communicate with us once something comes up.”


“Of course, sigh, I can’t believe a figure as little as Master Karu can steal the treasure map of Mu Xun. Now Misty Pavilion has another piece, whoever is able to get both pieces of the map would be able to open the ‘Gate of Heaven’ with no difficulty, it’s really unfortunate…” Shi Jian’s expression was full of lament.


“Master Karu?”


Shi Yan furrowed his brows and whispered, he thought for a second, then asked, “That Karu guy, was he a Level 5 Mortality alchemist?”


“Hmm, you know about Master Karu?” Zuo Xu was curious.


“Is he important?” Shi Yan didn’t answer the question, and asked in response.


“He’s not important. However, the treasure map indicating the ‘Gate of Heaven’ that’s on him, is extremely important!” Zuo Xu said.


“I killed him a long time ago, and that treasure map, hmm, just happens to be in my hands.”




Zuo Xu, Shi Jian, and Zuo Shi all opened their eyes wide, simultaneously they exclaimed out loud.


Chapter 57

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