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Chapter 50 - A Cut

Chapter 50

In the Gravity Room.


Shi Yan was leaning against a gravity pillar while feeling pain all over his body.


His naked body was so strong that the lines of his muscles could be clearly seen. They looked like they were moulded from metal and looked full of explosiveness.


While being provided with abundant food, Shi Yan spent another month intensely training his body. During this time he had not only gotten stronger, but he had also become taller.


Abruptly, the door was pushed open.


Shi Jian, Han Feng and Yang Hai showed up at the door.


Shi Jian’s torch-like eyes glanced at Shi Yan from afar before nodding, “It seems you haven’t been idle.”


“Of course.” Shi Yan answered whilst exhausted, and didn’t change his position, “I guess I have refined my body enough. I need to choose a Martial Skill to train with.”


“Well, you are not the one to decide that.” Shi Jian swaggered up to him and said with a rigid face, “Give me one of your hands.”


Shi Yan stretched out his left hand in response and focused. Immediately, his left arm petrified into a dark brown colour.


Under scrutiny, wisps of shining dark light could be seen on the surface of his arm, forming what looked like a thin transparent layer covering his arms.




Shi Jian exclaimed with excitement and observed happily, “Ha! You really are something! There turns out to be dark light! You trained really hard! So great! Great!”


Yang Hai was delighted as he walked up as well, “Step-father, is this state equivalent to the Human Level? Years ago when Qing reached the Third Sky of Human Level, her skin also sent out dark light after Petrification. Is this the same thing?”


“Yes.” Shi Jian nodded calmly with a little muscular spasm in the corner of his mouth, “The kid is really promising! He improved so much in a mere half a month. This is amazing!”


Although Shi Jian didn’t want to make Shi Yan overly prideful, he couldn’t help but praise him with a surprised face, “Kid, how on earth did you manage that?”


“I trained how you told me to. I kept at it, and this is the result.” Shi Yan shrugged indifferently.


“How long do you train for each day?” Even Han Feng, who was rarely talkative, couldn’t help but ask.


“About fifteen hours.”


“Fifteen hours?!”


Han Feng and Shi Jian cried out at the same time. They looked at each other and found astonishment in each other’s eyes.


“It’s impossible! You bastard! You must be fooling us!” Shi Jian yelled and said firmly, “Your body needs at least eighteen hours to be fully recovered before the next intensive slam training. And you need time for meals. It’s more than enough for you to train for five hours a day! Where did fifteen hours come from?”


Han Feng was skeptical as well, as he shook his head softly.


“Little bastard, tell us the truth. Don’t be naughty in front of your big grandpa.” Yang Hai grunted and reproached.


“Who says I need eighteen hours to recover?” Shi Yan said light-heartedly, “I just need four hours.”


“That’s impossible!”


Shi Jian and Han Feng yelled in surprise at the same time.


“Your body won’t recover so soon after such intensive training! I have managed the Shi Family for so many years and have never seen anyone who could recover in such short time! Shi Yang was the most talented kid I’ve seen and even he needed about fifteen hours to recover when he did slam training at the Human Level!” Shi Jian shook his head and grunted, “You mean to say that you recover four times faster than him? Do you even think that is possible?”


“Nothing is impossible.” Shi Yan smiled and stood up immediately. He walked to the corner of the room and took out a dagger from the bag on the ground. “Big Grandpa, something has confused me for a long time. Now that my father is here, I want to ask for your permission to do a test.”


“What test?” Shi Jian frowned.


“Uncle Han, I want to cut your arm.”


“Bastard!” Shi Jian shouted, “Kid, what are you talking about!”


“Just a slight cut.” Shi Yan kept calm, “And for an accurate comparison, I will also cut my father’s and my own arms as well.”


“Family head, Maybe Young Master Yan had some plan. Why not have a try.”


“What the hell do you want to do?” Shi Jian was confused.


“You will know.” Shi Yan walked to Han Feng in an easy manner, “Uncle Han, please don’t operate your Profound Qi, even if it bleeds, ok?”


“Got it.”


“So I will do it now?”




Shi Yan walked up and made a cut on Han Feng’s left arm. Crimson blood gushed out at once.


“Father, it’s your turn.” Shi Yan walked toward Yang Hai.


“Little bastard! What are you going to do? Your father is not a warrior! Be gentle!”


“Ok. I know it.” Shi Yan stepped up and made a cut as fast as lightning on Yang Hai’s arm.


Seeing his bleeding arm, Yan Hai screamed and yelled, “Little bastard! You are so cruel! I wasn’t ready!”


Under Han Feng and Shi Jian’s gaze, Shi Yan then casually cut on his own arm and watched as it started to bleed.


“Bastard, what do you want to show us? What do you mean by this? I can’t see anything!” Yang Hai clamored.


“Wait, wait for a moment.” Shi Yan was quite serious now and his expression became more rigid.


Han Feng and Shi Jian were full of suspicion as they couldn’t figure out what was going on and moved their eyes over to Shi Yan.


Shi Yan smiled but didn’t give them an explanation. He covered his bleeding arm with his jacket, not letting them see it.


Ten minutes later.




Han Feng noticed something strange first as he gazed at Yang Hai’s arm in astonishment, “Family head, look!”


Shi Jian was focusing on Shi Yan, and upon hearing Han Feng, turned to Yang Hai.


He also noticed the strange thing, “Hai, why did the blood on your arm freeze and turn into a blood cocoon?”


“Ahh!” Yang Hai cried out as soon as he noticed the cocoon, “I don’t know!”


“But my arm is still bleeding…” Han Feng stretched out his arm and showed it to Yang Hai.


“What’s up?” Yang Hai asked in surprise, “You trained with Martial Skills for so many years and your body quality is higher than mine. You should have stopped bleeding earlier than me! What happened!”


“Look at my arm.”


Shi Yan smiled and unbuttoned his jacket to show them his arm, and wiped the frozen blood away.


The cut on his arm turned to be as thin as a needle and the flesh on the both sides seemed to be moving toward each other and recovering quickly.


Shi Jian and Han Feng were aghast and quivered.


“Bastard, wha..what on earth is going on?” Shi Jian asked after a long astonishment.


“This is a type of Martial Spirit! My father possesses it as well. But he doesn’t train in Martial Arts and hasn’t been severely hurt before, so he never noticed it.” Shi Yan spilled out this secret calmly.


Shi Jian kept silent with his eyes shining brightly and hands clenching. After a long while he burst into wild laughter, “Haha! Martial Spirit! Self-recovery Martial Spirit!”


“I call it the Immortal Martial Spirit.” Shi Yan explained, “I assume that this Martial Spirit could recover lost limbs and heal internal organs at its highest stage. Which means, one would be immortal.”


Han Feng and Shi Jian were stunned, but after some careful thought, they both realized the power of this Martial Spirit. They couldn’t suppress their excitement anymore as their breathing became faster.


“Bastard, so you possess twin Martial Spirits now?” Yang Hai wasn’t able to contain his joy either as he realized this and couldn’t help but cry out.


“Of course it’s twin Martial Spirits! Absolutely!” Shi Jian laughed wildly. He patted Yang Hai’s back so hard that the latter fell to the ground. “Hai, I can’t believe you possess a Martial Spirit as well! Haha! I’ve never thought of that! I should have cut your body when you were still a kid! Haha!”


“Now do all of you believe I can recover in four hours?” Shi Yan smiled.


“Definitely! Completely! Haha!” Shi Jian couldn’t be happier. Ignoring Yang Hai who was still sitting on the ground, he declared, “Kid, come with me! Let’s go to the Martial Spirit Palace! All the secret Martial Skills are kept there. You can choose any you want!”




Chapter 50

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