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Chapter 268 - The Great Destruction

Chapter 268

Many flows of silver lights blindingly flashed out from the white crystal chunk in the center of the stone. Those silver lights pierced through the seal forces outside of the stone and darted towards Shi Yan, Di Shan, and Yu Rou like a shower of arrows.


Di Shan and Yu Rou were extremely terrified.


Without thinking too much, the two leaders of the Wings Race instantly stretched out their black and white wings. Black and white waves rippled out from their wings one by one, fused with the faint blue lights of the Blue Star Crystal.


After all the silver lights hit the cover of blue light, numerous dazzling colorful beams of light instantly radiated all of a sudden. The colorful lights scattered everywhere. Wherever they had zoomed over, the Sound Beasts ceased frighteningly and the cave’s wall exploded.


An earth-shaking explosion resounded inside of the cave. The ten-thousand-meter tall mountain couldn’t help but violently shake. Abnormal vibrations appeared on the ground; the massive mountain was shaking as if it was about to collapse.


The Demonic Sound Clan’s and the Wings Race’s people who were standing outside of the Sound Beast Mountain showed their horrified faces while looking at the mighty mountain.


Beneath the sky where the mountain dominated the skyline, a violent explosive sound reverberated together with countless of giant rocks scattering and flashing lights.


“Boom boom boom”


The ear-piercing crash kept coming up, the enormous mountain seemed as if it was about to gradually collapsed. The mountain flanks were shaking as hundred-meter-long blocks of rock were rolling down to the mountain foot. People of the two tribes were scared out of their wits.


Some of the people who were slow got hit by the giant rocks. They were crushed into a mashing pulp of flesh on the spot.


Inside of the mountain, Duo Long, Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng were wearing solemn faces. They wanted to move forward to thoroughly understand; but, at the same time, they were scared of the destructive power of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. They did not dare to act recklessly, except passively waiting there.


However, as time had passed, the upheaval of the Sound Beast Mountain didn’t stop. It even became more brutal.


In the sky, the dense interlocking thunder net was slowly contracting.


The mountain collapsed and numerous giant rocks were rolling down. Strange streams of lights in the gray clouds flashed up and disappeared. The whole world encountered a great change while the Sound Beast Mountain was crashing.


It was as if the sky was falling down.


Clouds of dense ashes fully covered the earth and sky. The entire abandoned gloomy dark land was like it was being completely swallowed by the bright lights.


From a very far distance, many seismic upheavals consecutively happened. The ground turned to be an irritating ocean that was roaring and surging violently nonstop.


People of the two tribes at the foot of the Sound Beast Mountain felt that the apocalypse was coming. Warriors with high cultivation were floating in the air looking far ahead as they could see layers of gray clouds adjoining the ground already.


With the severe tremor, at the place where the ground had been wrecked, appeared a bottomless abyss, in which the destructive aura emitted constantly.


Space crumbled.


As some of the high-class warriors with a little knowledge promptly knew what was about to happen, their faces exposed a disappointing look while looking up to the Sound Beast Mountain, which was sealed with thunders now.


“Blue Star Crystal!” Inside of the mountain, the face in the crystal chunk appeared with fine eyebrows and sharp eyes; its pupils beamed out a devilish silver light. That face opened its mouth and uttered a frigid human voice, “Even the Blue Star Crystal cannot resist for long.”


“Swoosh swoosh swoosh”


More and more of the silver lights radiated from the white crystal chunk striking on the blue aureole that was projected by the Blue Star Crystal.


The blue halo was twisting as its power was draining faster as they were being hit by the silver lights.


Although the Blue Star Crystal in Di Shan’s hand was still emitting dazzling aureole, its power was being quickly consumed. The Blue Star Crystal had shrunk one-fifth in such a short of time and continued shrinking rapidly.


Di Shan’s eyes expressed coldness and cruelty. While he kept looking ahead, a smirk appeared on his face, he suddenly said, “Shi Yan, you said you could help me. Now it’s time.”


Shi Yan got stunned with embarrassment, “What?”


Di Shan’s face got more furious. He stared at Shi Yan and shouted, “So did you just want to fool me?”


Yu Rou looked very worried. While urging more power from her wings to pour into the blue halo, she looked towards Shi Yan anxiously, “Time is very tight now. If you really can oppress that Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, bring it on. As you see, even though it is still under the control of the seal forces, it is already that dangerous. If it can totally be free, no one can stop it. Don’t waste any more time, do it now.”


“It’s too far. I am not sure if it works or not.” Shi Yan miserably smiled, “I thought I could have touched it, but with this far distance, I have no way …”


“Don’t waste time.” Di Shan shouted with an annoyed face. “The Blue Star Crystal’s power is getting drained every single second. Once it dries out, Yu Rou’s and my souls cannot prevent its Soul Devouring Flame. We cannot do anything except in running. If it’s impossible to deal with it right now, we will die here together!”


“I know.” Shi Yan nodded, his face seemed to be more serious.


“Little rascal, you’ve not even reached the Sky Realm and you still dare to confront me? Such a dream!” The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame inside the white crystal chunk burst into wicked laughter. “Not even mentioning you, even the Spirit Realm third sky warriors are still unable to prevent my soul destructive burning fires. In this space, there is no True God Realm warrior. No one can resist my soul destructive power. Don’t waste your energy.”


“Do you have any other solutions?” Shi Yan did not bother with the mocking words of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and communicated with the Blood Vein Ring.


“My living form has just formed, so I am still far less than that dangerous thing. Its soul is extremely powerful, its forces are also very terrifying. My burning fires can only prevent the Heaven and Earth yin aura surrounding it, but can’t destroy its life seal…” The thousand Earth Flame sent out its first reluctant message.


“The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame is one of the Heaven Flames, whose rank is much higher than mine. Among the nine Heaven Flames, it is ranked the third while I am ranked at eight. Its living form and life have been evolved more perfectly than mine. In addition, my forces have been recently drained too much. Even if I were not sealed by this ring, I could only protect myself when confronting it. I am not its match for sure, now it’s even worse …” The Ice Cold Flame sent out a dilemmatic message after a little hesitation. “Among the nine Heaven Flames, it is the most difficult to cope with. I’ve never heard of anyone that could ever have conquered it. Its forces keep increasing. It does not seem like it has been tempered by anyone. I am not a match for it …”


The answers of the Thousand Earth Flame and the Ice Cold Flame stiffened Si Yan’s face. Now, he knew the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was even stronger than the Ice Cold Flame. He was afraid that he could not rely on the Thousand Earth Flame and the Ice Cold Flame this time. He could only count on himself.


“Try to use the ring to deal with it. Except for that, I don’t know what else you can do to be able to handle it.” The Ice Cold Flame sent out another message. “But, it is too far now while you cannot totally control this ring. If you throw the ring out recklessly, I don’t know what will happen …”


“That’s the only way!” Shi Yan’s pupils shrunk while he reminded them, “You two should be careful. I don’t know how dangerous it is after all. I hope this solution wouldn’t harm you two.”


After talking, Shi Yan took the Blood Vein Ring from his finger. After hesitating for a while, he threw it over to the crystal chunk onto the stone platform.


Live or die! Wait and see!


Shi Yan sent his spiritual sense to the Blood Vein Ring in silence.


The red light abruptly emitted from the Blood Vein Ring. As soon as the Blood Vein Ring had gotten away from Shi Yan, it turned into a beam of sparkling lights, striking straight into the stone platform.




As the Blood Vein Ring struck on the shield around the platform, it got prevented by the Heaven Light, and could not get through the shield to come to the stone platform.


Shi Yan’s face changed dramatically.


“Cling Cling”


The Blood Vein Ring fell down on the ground. Violent blood-color lights released outwards, the delicate pattern on the Blood Vein Ring’s surface started to move. A flow of solemn ancient aura slowly rose up.


“That … is that your solution?” Di Shan’s face turned into seriousness and furiousness. He looked at Shi Yan, shaking his head disappointedly. “We should leave.”


Yu Rou’s beautiful eyes darkened. She bowed her head and let out a sigh, then said disappointedly, “God really wants us to perish …”


“Leave here?” Di Shan revealed a mocking smirk. “To where? The space outside has started to break into pieces. In one day at most, this abandoned land will no longer exist. After leaving here, we will be crushed into ashes by those forces that are tearing the sky apart right now. Without the True God Realm capacity, our bodies could not withstand those forces. We will definitely die no matter what. Even in this abandoned land, God does not even spare us of a way to live …”


The two leaders of the Wings Race were extremely hopeless at this moment. They’ve even had completely lost their fighting will.


However, they did not notice that after Shi Yan had thrown the ring out, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame inside of the white crystal chunk had lost its mocking intimidation. The handsome face gradually exposed an insecure look.


The devilish silver pupils stared at the Blood Vein Ring without blinking. It seemed to sense that something was unusual.


“It has some changes. There are some changes inside of it. Very strange. We have hope, we have hope!” A feeble sense of the Ice Cold Flame was sent out from the Blood Vein Ring. The Ice Cold Flame inside of the Blood Vein Ring seemed to be extremely frightened. It had seemed to figure out a major earth-shaking change.


“My God, it is … it is building a new shelter inside of the platform based on the shape of the stone. It is …”


“What?” Shi Yan got stunned. A blinding stream of lights shot out from his eyes.


A condensed blood aureole like fresh blood slowly spread out from the Blood Vein Ring. The Blood Vein Ring quietly dropped on the outside of the stone. The pattern on the Blood Vein Ring’s surface gradually transformed, forming a mysterious formation …


Gradually, that formation turned into a Bagua figure [1]. A flow of red lights flashed up in the middle of the formation then disappeared.


Right after that, the hilt of the mysterious giant blazing red sword hidden deep inside the Blood Vein Ring flew out all of a sudden.


The mysterious giant sword dragged the hundred-meter blood halo along, traumatically shot out destructive aura, then slashed down the shelter of the huge stone block.




The giant sword could have easily torn off the shelter, which was refined by the Heaven Light, just like it was made from thin paper. The shelter immediately shattered into pieces.



[1] Bagua: describes eight trigrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken,” respectively representing yin or yang

Chapter 268

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