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Chapter 263 - Watch me!

Chapter 263

A flash of Heavenly light struck down, turning the giant and aggressive Sound Beasts instantly into ashes. It had even cut off a huge block of stone from the Sound Beast Mountain’s peak.


That was the Heaven’s solemn.


Deep inside the sky where the thunders were exploding, the Heavenly light flashed up dazzlingly.


This Heaven’s solemn strike shocked every single person of the Wings Race’s warriors, scared all the Sound Beasts on the Sound Beast Mountain.


Di Shan, Yu Rou, Yi Tian Mo, and even Shi Yan all had extremely serious countenances. They looked up to the major changes happening in the sky and instantly did not know what else to say.


“That is the Punishment Force. Every ten thousand years, whenever the two tribes had warriors entering the True God Realm, this Heavenly light from the sky would strike and burn the warriors into ashes, that nothing remained; their souls and spirits both perished.” Yu Rou looked up to the sky with resentful eyes, “This bloody Heavenly light has confined the two tribes for tens thousand of years.”


Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo contemplated, their faces were somber.


Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows looking at the sky above the Sound Beast Mountain with a distressed feeling. He could feel the severely horrendous power there, which likely destroyed both Heaven and Earth. He even did not dare to send out his soul consciousness to observe around.


He felt that once he released his soul consciousness, it would be struck into ashes before it could reach that deep place in the sky.


Inside of that place existed the destructive powers that could vanish the warriors at the True God Realm. As only being at the Earth Realm, if he had riskily gone for a confrontation, death was undoubtedly the only consequence for him.


“Are you confident?” Di Shan contemplated for a while. His two eyes squinted, creating a straight line. There seemed to be a spike of electricity that flashed up inside of them.


“No matter what, you have to break the shelter at the entrance of Sound Beast Mountain. Otherwise, even if we don’t attack you when this space is destroyed, you are still unable to escape from this catastrophe.”


“No worries, if I were not sure, I could not have had been calm like this.” Shi Yan revealed a faint smile, nodded to Yu Rou, “Bring me to the entrance of one cave on the Sound Beast Mountain. Then you guys watch me.”


“Are you sure?”




The matriarch of the White Wings Clan nodded. Her snow-white hands grabbed Shi Yan and instantly flew up to the sky. A white light emerged as Yu Rou’s figure appeared right at the foot of Sound Beast Mountain.


“Thud thud thud”


Explosive thunder sounds reverberated from the gloomy sky. Each flash of the lightning from the nine tiers of the sky, which was as big as a dragon flying and twisting, struck straight at Yu Rou.


Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo were already floating in the air. As they saw lightning striking down, their faces dramatically changed, they immediately prepared to deal with it.




Thunder and lightning struck down at the flank of the mountain. Rocks were smashed into pieces.  When the lightning struck some of the Sound Beasts, who had not prepared yet, instantly got incinerated.


Yu Rou reacted rapidly. As soon as that lightning released, she had already teleported to another cave, then quickly let Shi Yan down.


“Boom boom boom”


Up there, the thunderclap exploded massively as lightning flashed up tearing off the sky. More and more lightning appeared as if they had to burn everything on earth.


“Yu Rou, those flashes of lightning were aiming for you. You should leave.”


Yi Tian Mo lifted his head looking up, quietly observing for a while. He suddenly shouted, “You have not reached the True God Realm, so there is no Heavenly light striking down at you yet. However, don’t underestimate its power. You should not come close to Shi Yan because even if you could have avoided it, he would not.” Being reminded by Yi Tian Mo, Yu Rou finally understood. She did not dare to stay with Shi Yan; instead, she teleported back outside the mountain.


Soon after that, her delicate and heart-touching body appeared beside Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo.


The thunder and thunderbolt seemed to have instincts. While she was leaving, they kept chasing after her, turning into an electric dragon storming towards her.



When the three people, Di Shan, Yi Tian Mo, and Yu Rou saw that the electric dragon was terrifyingly dashing forward, they were all ready to confront it.


Colorful lights which came from the void were congealed and refined; transpicuous flows of light emerged from their hands, collided with the twisting electric dragon, and broke it into pieces. It turned out to be tiny streaks of lightning retreating deep into the sky.


“The shelter over there has been aiming at our two tribes indeed.”


Di Shan squinted, raised his head looking up to the sky, then said with a low voice, “As long as we approach closer to the Sound Beast Mountain, the shelter outside will be immediately activated, and constantly attack us without letting us off. On the contrary, Shi Yan is still unharmed.”


Yu Rou and Yi Tian Mo sent out their consciousness to observe. They realized that Shi Yan had not been attacked by lightning. In the area that he was standing, there weren’t any changes, the lightning which had previously been aimed at Yu Rou also disappeared without leaving any trace.


“As he is human, he seems not to be struck by the lightning …”


Yi Tian Mo nodded and said, “But, it seems that those Sound Beasts are also afraid of the lightning’s attack. Our two tribes are not the only target, so are those Sound Beasts.”


“Hmm, don’t know why those Sound Beasts have suddenly become that strange.”


Di Shan nodded, guessing, “There surely occurred a major change inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. Otherwise, the Sound Beasts should not have had such strange behaviors. Those Sound Beasts that have been struck to death by the Heavenly light had already reached the seventh level, the strongest ones of all the Sound Beasts. They were unexpectedly attacked by the shelter. It is very anomalous indeed…”


“Don’t mess with them. Wait until Shi Yan breaks the shelter, we will then enter the Sound Beast Mountain and see why the Sound Beasts have behaved that strange.” Yu Rou said with a smile.


Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo slowly nodded. Their eyes were full of hope, looking towards Shi Yan’s direction.


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… … … .. …


On the flank of the mountain, Shi Yan held his breath, calmed his consciousness with a serious face. He slowly gathered forces and released his spirit to make contact with the Earth Flame inside of the Blood Vein Ring.


“Right now, I need your powers to break this damn shelter.”


“Okay, I have finished my evolution. My forces now are much stronger than before. I can definitely break that shelter. Ah, if it’s not because my soul is still feeble as it has just formed, only do I need to go out of this ring, I can already burn that shelter quickly.”


“Your soul is not stable now, plus there are many warriors of the Demonic Sound Clan who have a profound understanding about the souls. As soon as you go out of the Blood Vein Ring, they will attack your soul. They are only afraid of your burning fire powers. But now, your soul has not fused with the burning fire; it’s not sure whether you will be able to withstand their soul attack. You should not be reckless. Before your soul and the burning fire could fuse together, don’t get out of the Blood Vein Ring.”


“Got it.”


After discussing with the Earth flame, Shi Yan slowly stretched out his hands towards the cave entrance.




Small flames flickered from his fingertips as if there was a spiritual snake curling up out on his palms. Because of this, scorching burning fire hovered around his hands with the extreme heat.


The host soul inside the sea of consciousness quietly moved. Flows of soul consciousness, one by one, scattered from the sea of consciousness, observing small transformations of burning fire on his hands.


The Blood Vein Ring was dazzling with red light as each of the fire snakes crawled out of the ring.


As soon as fire snakes had got out, Shi Yan sent his soul consciousness into them. When the fire snakes wrapped around the backs of his hands and his palms, profound Qi massively rolled out and assembled with these fire snakes.


The solid cave’s shelter was burned up by the scorching fire from his hands. Mists of gray smoke came up one by one, dense yin Qi also spread out inaudibly.


Many of the Sound Beasts retracted their heads staying inside of the cave and frighteningly watched the Heavenly Flame flared up from Shi Yan’s hands. They didn’t dare to come any closer.


Time had been passing by. Both of Shi Yan’s hands were wiggling with the shelter for a long while.


The powerful burning fire of the ten-thousand-year Earth Flame in the Blood Vein Ring emitted constantly, converging with his soul consciousness. His profound Qi turned to the raging Heavenly Flame, which could have wiped out everything. It was now wildly incinerating that shelter.


The invisible shelter, which was being burned by the powerful burning fire, seemed to be broken little by little.


Around the stone cave, other forces appeared to support and enhance the shelter’s strength; however, they could not resist the Heavenly Flame’s burning power. The shelter, which Shi Yan’s hands were placed on, was getting weaker. The defending forces hidden inside were being consumed bit by bit, about to be completely broken.


Ka Ba, Duo Long, and Ya Meng also arrived at the Sound Beast Mountain, standing together with the other three people including Di Shan, Yu Rou, and Yi Tian Mo. They all stared at Shi Yan attentively without a second of negligence.


Wings Race’s pagans and Ka Ba, Ya Meng, the youth of the Demonic Sound Clan were all gathering at this place. With just a quick glance, the pagans of the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan were flooding towards the Sound Beast Mountain from all directions.


After realizing that the two pagan tribes were bringing all of their members here, many of the Sound Beasts scattering outside went back into the Sound Beast Mountain in fear. They didn’t dare to confront these two tribes.


Numerous Sound Beasts hopelessly hid inside of the Sound Beast Mountain after seeing their leaders being struck into ashes by a flow of the Heavenly light from the sky.


Hiding inside of the cave, the Sound Beasts were extremely nervous. They had wanted to go out but were scared of being ambushed by the people of the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan. They were indeed in a dilemma.


Anyone of these two pagan tribes could have somehow figured out that inside of the Sound Beasts Mountain that there was a major occurrence which could have frightened the Sound Beasts that much. Otherwise, those Sound Beasts would not have been so terrified that they had to hurriedly go out of the caves.


Knowing clearly that things were changing abnormally inside of the Sound Beast Mountain, those pagans still hoped that Shi Yan could have broken the shelter soon.


After their six leaders had explained to them, these pagans understood that the perdition was coming. If they could not have gotten out of this land, they would have completely disappeared from the world’s history.


Everybody was frightened.


“Cao jie, do you think we can go back to the Kyara Sea?” Inside the rattan cage, Gu Ling Long’s eyes brightened with a hopeful look.


“I don’t know. Let’s see what he can do.” Cao Zhi Lan miserably smiled, pointing to Shi Yan, and said, “If I can return to the Kyara Sea and recover my forces, I will definitely torture him to death.”


Gu Ling Long clenched her teeth with full of resentment, “Without our family’s support, none of us is strong enough to be his opponent.”


Cao Zhi Lan slightly whined and groaned, “Yang Qing Emperor is such a genius. He has found that rascal from nowhere. That rascal is such a monster. Even if the Yang family perishes, unless that guy is dead, they still can rebel again. Hmm …”


After Pan Zhe, Qu Yang Qin, and Gu Ling Long listened to Cao Zhi Lan, the look on their faces all changed into those of fear.


Obviously, they all admitted what Cao Zhi Lan had said was true. All of them had to accept Shi Yan’s intimidating strength.


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Chapter 263

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