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Chapter 251 - Arrogant Bluster

Chapter 251

Deep in a forest.


Shi Yan’s big hand laid on the stunningly round and firm breasts of the matriarch of the White Wings Clan. After the terrible hair-raising scream, he waited for the rage of the hurricane and thunderstorm to come.


Unexpectedly, the brutal attack of Yu Rou did not rise up yet.


Shi Yan not only implemented the petrification process but also used the Dark Shield. At the same time, he quietly circulated profound Qi, accumulated all the forces into his body to prevent himself from a murderous strike which could kill him dreadfully.


However, after ten seconds of anxiously waiting for the violent repercussion attack that was supposed to happen after he had fondled her white, silky breasts, it, finally, did not come as expected.


Shi Yan got bewildered, looked at the matriarch of the White Wings Clan. He realized with a surprise that her skin had turned red, her eyes were dreamily infatuated, her breath was rushed. She stood still weirdly. Even her retracted snow-white wings trembled slightly before stretching out again.


He felt a warm and elastic feeling where his hand was placing. On top of the beautiful bosom perked a grape sized bead. It was gradually getting bigger. Oh…




Tremendous lust was like a volcano exploded. The calmness in Shi Yan’s eyes which had been just recovered became a burning flame all in sudden. The lusty flame in his body rose up nonstop.


In just a moment, Shi Yan lost his mind again. He was totally dominated by lust.


His other hand also stretched out and placed upon the round bottom of the noble lady, and rubbed it unceremoniously for a cool while. Suddenly, Shi Yan embraced her tighter and bit her pink red lips.


Fragrance struck to his nose. A mesmerizing feeling shook him as if there was an electronic current running inside of him. It was extremely pleasurable.


Shi Yan was nibbling on the beautiful cherry blossom lips of the White Wing Clan’s matriarch. His two hands were not free, instead, they constantly caressed her body, freely disgracing this hebetated lady satisfactorily.




Yu Rou gasped, hardly breathed when being compelled to kiss Shi Yan. She could not stand but moan.


The matriarch of the White Wings Clan had never been violated by any man before. After letting out a moan, her mind that was immersing in a deep valley recovered rapidly.


Her beautiful dreamy eyes flashed up a cold threatening light. Right after that, a tremendous flow of power from her delicate body exploded gushingly out.




It was as if Shi Yan was being compacted by a mountain. His body was like a kite with its broken string blew far away by the wind.


He spat out a mouthful of blood while his body was still in the air. The Dark Shield in his body was broken, his skin and flesh were torn. After falling down, his whole body’s energy was agitated and extremely messy.


“You dare! You dare…”


The face of the White Wings Clan’s matriarch was cold and grim. The murderous look in her eyes was like a real sharp sword shooting outwards.


Shi Yan’s entire body did not have any energy anymore. All kinds of forces were stirring up and about. He wanted to move but he could not use even a single beam of power; he could only stare at the dazzling sunbeam advancing without being able to do anything.


His body got seriously injured just in a blink. The Five Devils in the sea of consciousness, on the contrary, were more restful; they no longer dared to revolt at this particularly critical moment.


“I can help the Wings Race get out of here!” Shi Yan said through his clenched teeth, “If I am dead, you will have to stay here forever.”


The beautiful eyes of the White Wings Clan’s matriarch flared up a strange white light. Her gruff feeling started to cool down little by little.


“Swoosh swoosh swoosh”


White lights which were advancing towards Shi Yan abruptly diverted; they zoomed over the two sides of Shi Yan’s ears, and intensively shot into the ground.


Shi Yan let out a sigh silently, wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth. He said without fear, “You are so mesmerizing. Don’t blame me, any man in front of you will not be able to control himself. Hmm, it is unbelievable that you have never been experienced in any relations between a man and a woman. Actually, I have earned a good bargain.”


In this situation, Shi Yan did not even try to be pitiable; instead, he also dared to say perverse words. Such a formidable lust indeed.


Sharp backfire from Yu Rou struck out Shi Yan in a blink of an eye. Strange lights from her eyes shot out uncontrollably. If it wasn’t for Shi Yan’s timely scream, even if he could avoid it for one time, he would not be able to avoid it for the second time. Although his body was intensively firm, he would not have been able to bear it.


“You deserve to die.” Yu Rou breathed hastily, her eyes sparked a cold light, her body was full of sharp, murderous look. She gritted her teeth fiercely while glaring at Shi Yan. She was so angry that her delicate body shivered slightly.


Shi Yan slowly sat up. His skin and flesh were torn up, fresh blood ran freely all over his body. However,  confronting Yu Rou’s furious glare, he bloomed a bright smile, “Haha, death is worth it! You are too mesmerizing. Even if I have to die to kiss you, I would still be happy to do it. Haha!”


Yu Rou’s snow-white wings slightly wavered, her graceful body moved forward to Shi Yan. A white sword which was condensed and refined by profound Qi emerged on her palm. She put it to Shi Yan’s throat, looking at him with cold and dreary eyes. She said with an icy voice, “You are really not scared of being dead?”


“Yes,” Shi Yan burst into laughing and calmly nodded. “Of course, I am scared of being dead. But I know you will not kill me. Haha. I am the first man who ever kissed you, aren’t I?”


“You still dare to say…” Yu Rou was suddenly convulsive. She was so agitated that she burst into laughter. “You really think I won’t dare to kill you? Even if I didn’t kill you now, wait and see after you break the shelter. Because of what you have done today, I will not only kill you but also make you die miserably. By that time, you will know that falling into my hands will be worse than Duo Long’s.”


“I believe it.” Shi Yan nodded his head and said deliberately. “I know that your cultivation stage is higher than Duo Long’s. If you really want to kill me, I absolutely cannot die easily.”


Yu Rou’s beautiful eyes were dazed in a short time. The more she looked at the boastful guy in front of her, the angrier she got. The little detestable rascal was really lusty and did not care about life or death while disgracing her. He freely did disgraceful things to her flawless, virgin body. She regretted not being able to cut Shi Yan into thousands of pieces, but she knew this was not the time to kill him.


For the Wings Race to get the hell out of this damn place, she definitely had to be patient.


“You are really mesmerizing…” Shi Yan softly mumbled. He slowly moved his neck out of the attacking area of the dazzling light sword in Yu Rou’s hand while observing carefully her expression. After being safe from that dangerous sword, he stood up quickly.


Yu Rou’s arm, with the sword on her hand, stretched straight out while looking at him with a frigid smile. She withdrew the sword slowly after a little bit hesitation.

After releasing a sigh of relief in silent, Shi Yan’s eyes flared up. He suddenly moved one step forward, held the white, jade-like hand of this charming noble lady determinedly, and said, “As things have already happened, will you then be my girl?”


“You!” The matriarch of White Wings Clan suddenly waved her arms strongly and glared at him furiously. “You crazy little rascal. You want me to be your girl?! I have never met any insanely dreamy man like you. What do you have? What can you give me? Based on what reasons do you dream to have me? Only because that you’ve kissed me?”


Yu Rou sickly smiled, her eyes were very cold. She constantly calmed herself down and pulled herself together because she could not kill him now.


“Your cultivation should be at the First Sky of the Spirit Realm.” Shi Yan smiled leisurely, and said, “This is really a terrifying realm. I only have the Earth Realm cultivation. The gap between you and me is the Nirvana Realm and Sky Realm. It should take hundreds of years for an ordinary man to go through these two realms. Most people cannot reach these two levels in their entire life.”


Yu Rou got dazed, looked at Shi Yan astonishingly, then said, “You are not stupid. You clearly know the difference between us two, yet still dare to say rubbish. Based on what?”


“I can surely reach the Spirit Ream in fifty years maximum.” Shi Yan shouted. “I will surpass you in sixty years at most.”


“Haha! Haha” Yu Rou burst into laughter till she cried after hearing what he’d said. She pointed to Shi Yan with a mocking face. “Fifty years to reach the Spirit Realm, sixty years to surpass me! Haha, that is so funny. I have never seen any dreamy, arrogant man like you. Nowadays, are all the guys in the outside world  short-sighted like you?”


“No, that’s not it.” Shi Yan shook his head. “Ordinary men in front of you do not even dare to come close to you, not to mention daring to disgrace you regardless of being alive or dead.”


Yu Rou’s mocking face loosened. “Very good, you are more daring than the others indeed. But this doesn’t mean anything.”


“I think an ordinary Earth Realm warrior would totally explode to dead with one of your uncontrollable backfires. It is actually also hard for a Nirvana Realm warrior to still be alive. However, look, I am still standing in front of you.”


Yu Rou’s beautiful eyes brightened.

As she got stunned by Shi Yan’s weird behavior, she had not noticed this. When Shi Yan reminded her of this fact, she realized the fact that Shi Yan was still alive was a miraculous magic itself.


She trusted her strength completely. She knew how tremendous the power of her ruthless strike was.


Exactly as what Shi Yan had said, not to mention an Earth Realm warrior, even a Nirvana Realm warrior would be certainly dead under her strike.


But, Shi Yan was still standing in front of her and boasting.


“You really are competent.” Yu Rou had to admit. “But your crazy aspirations do not match with your current capabilities. If you had the Spirit Realm now, I would have considered your proposal. Hmm!”


Shi Yan had a little headache.


He knew that in this place, neither the Demonic Sound Clan nor the Wings Race had any good intentions for him. He did not believe in the previous promises that Di Shan and Yu Rou had made. He knew that after he had broken the shelters, death surely awaited him.


He had dared to disgrace and disturb Yu Rou was because he hoped this would remain as a special feeling in Yu Rou’s heart. If Yu Rou had a little crush on him, his chances of survival would be a bit better. After having realized this experience with the beautiful lady who had never tasted such sexual affections, he was more confident in carrying on his plan.


However, when having started his plan for real, he had realized that it was much too difficult. Regardless of how much he tried to convince her, she was still unchanged.


“How difficult it is…” “Oh, you, your body…” Yu Rou suddenly covered her mouth, shouted in surprise. Her beautiful eyes lit up a strange light as if she was witnessing a magical thing.


As Shi Yan bowed his head down to see, he realized the Immortal Martial Spirit was starting its efficiency. The wound’s healing speed was fantastically remarkable.


“Immortal God King! You are the descendant of the three God Kings’s from the Ancient time.” The matriarch of White Wings Clan was stunned for a while before screaming astonishingly. Her eyes flickered, her beautiful face was totally frightened, and her graceful body slightly trembled.

Chapter 251

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