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Chapter 250 - What is there to be scared of?

Chapter 250

In the thick forest, Yu Rou, with her soft and flexible body like the lightning in the air, gently flapped her snow-white wings, flashed up then vanished.


“Little rascal…”  As Yu Rou bowed her head to glance at Shi Yan with a strange look, she shook her head reluctantly and accelerated.


While being dragged along by Yu Rou, Shi Yan’s breath was heavy, his pupils were bloodshot with full of blood veins like a bloodthirsty beast with a murderous look, which could scare others out of their wit.


Yu Rou was the matriarch of White Wings Clan. Although her soul cultivation could not be considered high and profound, her knowledge of special forces was much more profound compared to that of the Demonic Sound Clan’s leaders.


She quietly released a stream of profound Qi to explore the nerves and vessels inside of Shi Yan’s body. Her pupils suddenly trembled, her eyes lit up a splendid light.


“Impossible…” Yu Rou was really frightened, mumbling something. She again released many streams of profound Qi, gathered all of her spirits together to understand the strange condition of Shi Yan’s body.


Each stream of profound Qi went searching, which was as if thin filaments moved in and out of Shi Yan’s veins. They carefully explored his nerves, veins, bones, and intricate systems inside of Shi Yan’s body. Then, they responded in detail to Yu Rou. As the result, she could somehow see through everything in Shi Yan’s body.


Not long after that, the eyes of the matriarch of the White Wings Clan flashed on and off again. She looked at Shi Yan in a daze.


“Little rascal, are you really a human warrior?” Yu Rou suddenly asked with a serious face after contemplating for a while. Her voice was like the lightning which penetrated Shi Yan’s head violently and made his ambiguous consciousness become lucid.


In his sea of consciousness, the five devils were still stirring up. As plenty of negative emotions spread out from the inside of the five devils’ bodies and rolled into the sea of consciousness,  Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness transformed silently and affected his mind slowly.


When his mind became a bit more lucid, Shi Yan raised his head, looking at the heart-touching beautiful lady of the White Wings Clan. Because of the mesmerizing fragrance from her body, he could not help but react, his breathing became heavier.


“Why do you ask me about this?” Shi Yan constantly inhaled many times to control his feelings, frowned and asked in a low tone.


“Humankind’s body cannot be that sturdy; your nerves and veins are firm and large. It seems that you have cultivated for a very long time. There are no impurities inside of your body. Each cell within your body is very lively, contains a terrifying implosion. You do not even need to use any profound Qi. The power from your body is not that less of a normal Disaster Realm warrior. Are you really a human being?” Yu Rou’s face was really strange. She paused for a while and then continued, “As far as I know, to my knowledge, even the mighty bodies of demon tribe’s warriors at the same level could not compare with yours. At the same Earth Realm level, the bodies of the Wings Race’s outstanding warriors are still not as good as yours. What did you do to attain it after all? With your sturdy body, the Earth Realm, together with the sea of consciousness, this soul accomplishment is indeed extraordinary. How did you…”


Yu Rou was terrified. While exploring Shi Yan’s body, she found out his special soul and his mysterious sturdy body accidently. Once this peculiarly talented man grew up, it was impossible to imagine the possible levels that he would be able to reach.


She started to feel regretful in promising to spare his life after this newfound knowledge.


“Suffering such tough cultivations, and weaving in and out through life and death can make you become like this.” Shi Yan repressed messing feelings in his sea of consciousness, slightly clenched his teeth, breathed heavily and urged, “Do not waste more of the others’ time. Quickly bring me to the giant stone ancient city over there. I am afraid that I cannot withstand it any longer.”


“Damn you little rascal, what a low-class guy.”


Yu Rou burst out laughing, shaking her head, and reluctantly said, “Forget it, wait until we solve the counter attack problem, then I will interrogate you.”


Upon her words, Yu Rou promptly urged the power from her body, bringing Shi Yan to the Giant Ancient Stone City of the Demonic Sound Clan.


However, at this time, a strong flow of soul vibrations dispelled out from Shi Yan’s body. This flow was extremely fierce; it spread out all over his body in a blink and attacked Yu Rou unexpectedly


The five emotions of despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment turned into a flow of vibrating souls, covering the matriarch of the White Wings Clan in a very short time.


The Five Devils in the Sea of Mind was a strange martial technique from the Blood Vein Ring. It was created by the combination of the negative emotions that dispersed outwards from Shi Yan’s meridians and his Spiritual Seal in the sea of consciousness. It had not only a part of his consciousness but also the tremendous soul power. While Shi Yan was talking to Yu Rou, a crazy idea of killing Yu Rou sprang to his mind uncontrollably.


This idea came up in the sea of consciousness that led to the action of the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind. The Five Devils in the sea of consciousness had already been restless. They now suddenly became disordered, considered Yu Rou as a target, and attacked Yu Rou.


“Soul attack…” Yu Rou calmly smiled, and slightly shook her head. “To our Wings Race, the soul attack is the stupidest move that one could make.”


The five emotions of despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment turned into a subtle beam of souls twisting towards Yu Rou quickly, wanted to affect Yu Rou’s mind, and put her under the control of these emotions to become a puppet of the Five Devils.


“Still very bad…”  Yu Rou stood motionless while the five kinds of emotions went into her head. She whistled slightly all in sudden.


Melodious whistle hovered around the forest; it was like a sharp sword that cut through the soul filaments, wiped out the souls which were emitted by the Five Devils completely.


Quickly, the soul attack that was projected by the Five Devils was thoroughly obliterated by the whistle without leaving any traces.


As soon as Shi Yan’s eyes was a little more lucid, he shouted, “Let go of me!”


“Why?”  Ru You sickly smiled, “Now, aren’t you in a hurry to find girls anymore?”


“Let me go, let me stabilize first. Because you’ve already cut those souls, I could escape from the soul counter attack of the sea of consciousness successfully. Give me a little more time, I can recover soon.”


“As you wish.” Yu Rou slightly smiled then let go of him.


Shi Yan’s body rolled in the air, his face changed tragically. He urged his profound Qi quickly; his eyes scanned around looking for any branches that he could land on.


The matriarch of the White Wings Clan was hundreds of meters above in the sky. She let go of Shi Yan as he wished, without worrying whether if he would die from his fall or not.


“You dared to implement the soul attack upon me, you are brave…” Yu Rou hovered in the air flapping her snow-white wings. A cold light flashed on and off from her eyes.


“Crackle crackle! Rustle rustle!”


After constantly breaking more than ten branches which were as big as a muscular man’s arm, Shi Yan’s painful body stabilized little by little. In the midst of the ancient tree’s leaves, he raised his head, looking at the mesmerizingly beautiful lady in the sky, shouted with anger, “Did you really want me to fall down to my death?”




Her snow-white wings swayed, her mesmerizing straight legs shot a few kicks before descending slowly. She laughed and said, “Aren’t you alright?”


A strange, hard-to-see light projected from her flapping wings.


“Crackle crackle”


The branch on which Shi Yan was lying down broke again. He continued to fall down after struggling to stabilize himself from the first fall.  His entire body was shaken in extreme pain.


“Oh, why did you fall again?”  Yu Rou gently landed with an encouraging smile. “It’s not bad, you fell down from up high above and did not die. Little rascal, your body is really sturdy. Not bad, not bad. I like men with vigorous bodies.”


“So, do you want to give it a try? I am good at everything. I  can guarantee that you will be satisfied at the ultimate.” Shi Yan said as he gnashed his teeth and gums.


Yu Rou’s watery eyes flashed up a cold light. She said calmly, “I myself want to see as well, if you could do so, do you dare to come closer?”


As being the matriarch of the White Wings Clan her strength and rigidity would not be dominated by her beauty. Until now, there was no one who dared to tease and play with her like this. She became angry, but a strange feeling of excitement also appeared at the same time.

“What’s not to dare?” Shi Yan asked with a cold face. He stood up, rubbed his ass, warmed up a little bit then approached straight to Yu Rou.


Yu Rou’s snow-white wings on her back retracted quietly. At this moment, the matriarch of the White Wings Clan was a little nervous. Her eyes lit up a strange light, calmly stared at Shi Yan who was coming step by step. Her body projected solemnity and power, which could have been only found from the top-class warriors. Her body had tremendous power which was enough to backlash and kill Shi Yan. The power slowly dispersed and covered her whole body.


Before, when she exposed her solemnity and impetuosity, male warriors had to be well-behaved and felt ashamed in front of her. They did not even dare to look at her, let alone express their lusts to her.


Even lustful Duo Long had to be well-behaved. He never dared to expose his lust to her directly.


She also assumed that Shi Yan was not an exception.


When he was approaching step by step, Shi Yan’s face was innocent as if he did not know what was about to happen. He kept walking underneath her violent waves of power without any hesitation.


While Yu Rou still remained leisurely, anxiety lit up in her eyes suddenly. She coldly looked at the big, strong man coming towards her, and felt startled weirdly.


But at this moment, a satiric smile appeared at the corners of Shi Yan’s mouth. He stopped ten meters away from Yu Rou, looked at her attentively, and said, “Are you scared?”


“Am I scared?”  Yu Rou felt disgraced, coldly laughed, puffed out her big breasts, and said, “I am standing here. If you really dare, come and touch me.”


A big flow of vibrating power like a whirlwind emerged behind her. The violent and brutal power kept emitting terrifying energy.


This was what she was scared of, Shi Yan!


“I don’t even know what I should be scared of.”


Shi Yan burst into maniacal laughter and urged the Electric Shift to advance towards the matriarch of the White Wings Clan in just a blink. His big hands stretched out and placed themselves on those big firm breasts of hers without any fear of death.


After groping and rubbing her breasts strongly for a good while, he shouted before really enjoying this wonderful feeling, “If you kill me, your tribe will never be able to leave this place. Only I can help you and your tribe get out of here.”


He clearly knew that the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. They would not regret anything to leave this place. Therefore, regardless of how angry the matriarch of the White Wings Clan really was, he believed once he mentioned about this, she would be always vigilant.


While his hands pressed and massaged her breasts deliberately, he shouted all in sudden without daring to enjoy more of the feelings that were aroused from fondling her big, voluptuous breasts.



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Chapter 250

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