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Chapter 249 - Transformation of the sea of consciousness

Chapter 249

Sound Beast Mountain.


In the Sound Beast Heaven, scorching flames gathered and created many heated fireballs that were violently flowing into a big mountain cave.


At the cave entrance, it was full of peculiar cold yin energies which were constantly condensing and refining. Once Heaven Flame poured in, these peculiar yin energies would be incinerated. From that burning, the sound “boom boom”, as well as the fainted yin aura, came up together.


Near the Sound Beast Mountain, thunder and lightning were striking fiercely and violently. Lightning like Spiritual Snakes plunged down from the sky, hitting the mountain.


Shi Yan stood not far from the cave entrance, he was using Heaven Flame’s power to destroy the shelter inside of the cave.


Sound Beasts, which were flying out, promptly flew back into the Sound Beasts Mountain as soon as they saw Shi Yan. No beasts dared venture out afterward.


Shi Yan had not only the power to absorb their Yin Qi but also the power to use Heaven Flame to burn them, which absolutely scared them out of their wit.


Even high-level Sound Beasts also recognized the energy of their nemesis Shi Yan. They did not dare to get closer to him and were afraid of being burnt to death. Shi Yan’s special gravitation technique could destroy all the Yin Qi that they had arduously refined.



Shi Yan’s existence was the nemesis of Demonic Sound Clan as well as the Sound Beasts.


Many flows of  Heaven Flames advanced outwards into the cave. Shi Yan could realize that even though the shelter at the cave entrance was like billions of durable filaments that twisted tightly together, it was still partly destroyed by the projected Heaven Flame in such a short time.


However, before the shelter was completely broken apart, there was a lot of power surging into the cave to regenerate itself. The damaged areas would be regenerated before the shelter could totally be destroyed.


He also tried to break other cave but the results were all the same.


Caves in the Sound Beast Mountain were like beehives. They seemed to have a special connection. Once the shelter of one cave was intruded, the power of the other caves would swarm quickly, uniting to defend the attack.


Heaven Flame could burn everything, including different kinds of shelters and formations. Theoretically, Heaven Flame could have imploded the shelters, opening up the entrance to the caves.


However, even though he had already tried many different alternatives, Shi Yan realized that the shelters’ solidity was totally beyond his imagination.


Once he fully used Heaven Flame’s power, thunder and lightning would strike down from the sky. Therefore, he reluctantly had to spare some of his energies to shield himself from it. As the result, he could not concentrate all of his powers to destroy the shelter.




After breathing lightly, gradually retrieving the emitted burning fire, and fondling the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan sent out his sense to the ten-thousand-year Earth Flame, “Power, Can I not thrust out more burning fire power?”


“Possible, but you may not be able to withstand it. One more thing, I am at the point of critical transformation, it is not a suitable time to project the power constantly. Maybe with a little more time, it will be possible. Wait until I can really refine more essential forces, maybe then, will I be able to help you more.” The information coming from the Earth Flame was a little chaotic and interrupted. It was telling Shi Yan its current disposition.




A lightning violently struck down. Shi Yan moved in a blink, immediately stopped connecting with Earth Flame. He hesitated for a while before trying to use the Black Formula again.


Yin Swirls at the three meridians on his chest were being affected by the Yin Pearls. As the result, they started to slowly revolve.


Numerous caves nearby dispersed out plenty of Yin Qi from the inside, which rapidly gathered into the whirlwind on top of Shi Yan’s head. Yin Qi then turned to the yin power in his body, which was completely refined by three Yin Swirls.

Meanwhile, the power of the shelter in this cave weakened a little after he had used the Black Formula.


Yin Swirls revolved while Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness rose up in strong waves. The five devils in the sea of consciousness were also under way. Five flows of emotions gradually changed his feelings, pulling along negative energies from meridians throughout his whole body.


Shi Yan entered the first stage breakthrough of rampage in the blink of an eye.


Negative energies in his whole body hovered around without dispersing. The gravitation of the whirlwind on top of his head, which had been created by the Black Formula, suddenly increased tremendously when Shi Yan entered the rampage status.


From numerous caves of the Sound Beast Mountain, Sound Beasts constantly sent out frightening howls and growls. They seemed to sense that something was horribly wrong. After the shelters started to be insecure, Sound Beasts frighteningly shrieked, ear-splitting sounds echoed all over the mountain.


“Waa waa”, “creak creak”, “howl howl”


Waves of sounds like a monstrous tide abruptly resounded from a group of the mountain caves. Those waves of sound became chaotic noises causing the anomaly of the Sound Beast Mountain.


Suddenly, lightning hovering above the Sound Beast Mountain like a gigantic dragon struck down from the sky.


At the same time, a few special howls of Sound Beasts created a terrifying attack to the soul; an invisible impulsive eye of the soul went into Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness instantaneously.


The five devils in the sea of consciousness became abnormally hasty. As their souls were being attacked by those Sound Beasts, the five devils gathered all negative energies inside of Shi Yan to form their counter attack.




A big long lightning abruptly struck down behind Shi Yan. Lightning energy alike a filament, a part of which invaded his sea of consciousness.


The pain crawled throughout his whole body in an instant.


A while later, after the pain had spread out, Yin Swirls also stopped moving, the whirl on top of his head then vanished.


The sea of consciousness was really painful, the five devils flew around showing their fangs and claws, and scattered all kinds of negative feelings. It seemed to obliterate Shi Yan’s consciousness, making him go insane.


Shi Yan clenched his teeth, quickly stopped moving the rampage. As he saw lightning striking down consecutively from the sky, he had to rapidly retreat, running down crossing the Sound Beast Mountain just in one breath.


The sea of consciousness rose up in big waves, and the five devils inside were the leaders. Being invaded by lightning and struck by the soul attack of Sound Beasts, the five devils became uncontrollable. Shi Yan’s spiritual consciousness gradually lost the control over the five devils, and nearly fell into the permanent insanity.


When having cultivated this devil spell, Shi Yan had known that he always had to take control over the five devils. If not, once the five devils got out from the control of his soul, he would become a crazy murderous devil, it was very hard to wake up from it.


If it happened, the five devils in the sea of consciousness would replace his soul, his consciousness would disappear little by little.


The five devils and the Star Martial Soul together absorbed a lot of negative energies, emitted plenty of negative powers which pushed him into the insane state. Actually, after being attacked by the negative energies, his consciousness would be able to recover gradually as soon as his meridians refined those energies.


Once the five devils controlled his spirit and replaced his soul, he would possibly end up in everlasting perdition, he would never ever awake again.


While repressing the sea of consciousness’s anomalous condition, Shi Yan ran down in a single breath to the foot of the Sound Beast Mountain. He then saw that Ka Ba, Di Shan, and Yu Rou were already there.


“Only a little bit more. I can feel that if you use a bit more powerful energy, and more of the refined Heaven Flame, you will be able to break through that shelter.” Di Shan closed his eye, then suddenly opened them. “Only a little more, why did you retreat?”


“I was counter-attacked. If I had not withdrawn, I would not have ever had a chance to attack the shelter again.” Shi Yan slightly clenched his teeth, breathing heavily. His eyes lit up a fierce light. He seemed not to be scared of the pressure from the five top-class warriors, and said in a low tone, “You should have a solution, if not, once I am struck dead by the counter attack, I cannot help you whatsoever at all. I can assure that if you give me a little more time, I can definitely break that shelter.”


Yi Tian Mo’s face slightly changed and said, “His soul is strange, the frequency of its vibration is extremely furious. Inside his sea of consciousness, it seems as if it is going to explode soon…?”


“The sea, the sea of consciousness.” Di Shan and Yu Rou could not help but scream, looking at Yi Tian Mo astonishingly.


Wings Race’s knowledge and sense of soul were of far less than of Demonic Sound Clan’s. Di Shan and Yu Rou had not known that Shi Yan already had the sea of consciousness. Therefore, after hearing what Yi Tian Mo had just said, they were immediately frightened.


“Ah, little rascal, we did not know you have the sea of consciousness.”  Ka Ba and Ya Meng had not carefully observed Shi Yan’s brain area, now with Yi Tian Mo’s reminder, both of them released their soul power to explore, promptly realizing that Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness was at the Nirvana Realm.


“This little rascal, is he only at the Earth Realm?” Yu Rou rubbed her forehead, bewilderedly saying.


“That’s right. I also don’t know how he could have possessed the sea of consciousness, but it is really the sea of consciousness. Currently, inside of it, there are five kinds of strange souls with different attributes; moreover, they are conflicting with one another. It is starting to affect his sea of consciousness. It can even implode his sea of consciousness.”  Yi Tian Mo said with a low tone. “He cannot die.”


Di Shan’s face changed, and coldly said, “Little rascal, what should we do to help you not to be counter-attacked.”


“Females.” Shi Yan’s eyes gradually turned red, breathed heavily and said, “I need females to cooperate, as soon as possible, give me the three human females that Ya Meng had captured and confined. These three ladies can help me avoid the counter attack, once I recover, I can definitely break the shelter in a few days.


“Only females?” Di Shan bewildered. “That simple?”


Shi Yan nodded his head.


Yu Rou’s face turned red with watery eyes, slightly smiled, and said, “I don’t know what kind of wicked technique this little rascal has cultivated. Hehe. You are also a lustful little guy. Hmm, if it is about females, then it’s easy. Ya Meng, let’s go to your place, ask your son Ya Ji to bring him three human females. Do you have any problem with that?”


“No, not at all.” Ya Meng bewildered, glancing at Shi Yan wickedly.


“Take him.” Di Shan nodded with Yu Rou and flapped his black wings, his figure gradually disappeared.


“Little rascal, if you can break that shelter, don’t even mention of three human girls, even girls of Demonic Sound Clan or Wings Race, if you desire them, I can give them all to you and you can do whatever you wish.” Yu Rou smiled slightly.

“We do not lack beautiful extraordinary girls, amorous girls of Demonic Sound Clan, you can enjoy them to the fullest extent that you are capable of.”


Yu Rou teleported bringing Shi Yan along, on and off in the sky, and came close to the giant stone ancient city.


Shi Yan’s eyes had turned totally red, his breath was getting heavier, he could smell the orchid fragrance from Yu Rou’s small hand which was grabbing him. He could not help but imagine wickedly.


In the middle of the air, Shi Yan raised up his head, looking at the beautiful lady with snow-white skin, nobly charming, his eyes gradually became enchanted.


Hello guys, hope you all enjoy this chapter. Do you think six leaders of these two tribes will sacrifice anything to help Shi Yan to break the shelter? Is it that important to them? Please stay with us to find out more together.

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Chapter 249

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  1. Thanks for the chapter the quality is getting much better. Keep on the hard word and you will soon see the results x)

  2. Thanks for the chap,

    Here is my few cents of input:

    Controll style – formation technique? (Keeping in in sync with 95% of other wuxia novels)

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      1. In Martial God Asura, ISSTH, condor heroes and a lot of other similar novels these are called formations that are divided into sub categories: restriction, concealing, binding, slaughtering etc. Spells are more of word for western magic and is more of an active type – casting with words for example. Formations are generally used in a passive way for area restrictions which are born naturally or from arranging objects to mislead the senses of the observer.

        1. That’s a very clear explanation. Thanks for sharing it. It’s very helpful. I have edited it in this chapter and other previous ones. I know i still have a lot, a lot of things to improve as I have very few experiences. Trying my best.

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