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Chapter 244 - Five Devils Condensation Refining

Chapter 244


In a big stone room with a dim light.


Shi Yan held his breath, stopped activating his senses. His eyes sparked a subtle electric light, which looked splendidly bright in the dark stone room.

His fingers gently fondled the blood vein ring, his spirit immersed with blood vein ring, the world inside gradually appeared within his mind.

Relaxing the mind, the blood vein ring seemed endless, quiet, empty, and immense.


In this strange space, there were three special areas, one was so cold that it could freeze one’s marrow, one was extremely hot and dazzling, while the other was unpredictably extraordinary.


The Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, the giant Fire Crystal Sword were divided into three areas, tied up inside of the ring’s anomalous space by the blood vein ring. The Ice Cold Flame was surrounded by a dubious gray haze, which could not release any ice powers.


Shi Yan’s spirit called for him, though the Ice Cold Flame had no strange reaction.


Opposite to the extremely hot dazzling light, the miraculous soul appeared clearer. After having the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirits, the Earth Flame was transforming rapidly, it’s soul gradually formed and had a self-controlled consciousness.


His spirit concentrated on the other area, his consciousness went through obstacles, Shi Yan realized that the Earth Flame’s area was full of burning fire, flooded with light and terrifying heat. If his body and soul had not been trained by the Sun power and if the sun power had not formed in his consciousness, his observing sense could have been burnt into ashes already.


Many bright points of the burning fire, in the middle of the sea of fire, emitted powerful heat, like it needed to burn everything up.


“You… you come here…” Suddenly, a weak consciousness from that flame was slowly sent into Shi Yan’s spirit.


In the dark stone room, Shi Yan’s eyes projected electric light, his body slightly shivered.


The earth flame sent out complete consciousness for the first time.


It meant that its form will be shaped for real in a short time. It also meant it would be like the Ice Cold Flame, and could actually talk to him conveniently.


“You, finally you can send out clear consciousness. That’s good. No need to rush, continue cultivating. You and I can have a real conservation soon.” Shi Yan had a smile at the corners of his mouth, and gently fondled the blood vein ring, sending out his consciousness.


“I… I will be quick, quickly transform into it…” The Earth Flame’s voice, like a baby practicing to speak, was not fluent, but Shi Yan could still understand it.


“Good, I am waiting for that day”Shi Yan’s spirit observed inside of the blood vein ring, the Earth Flame’s soul in the middle of the burning fire in the air moved swiftly. Each thin stream of burning fire refined and created a mysterious magnetic field.


Each burning fire fiber, like a human’s brain nerve, became a life source of the Earth Flame.


After receiving Shi Yan’s consciousness, the life of the Earth Flame which was twisting fast refined even faster through some miraculous ways.


Each thread of the fire living soul was like a lively animal that danced inside of the magnetic field, emitting fire power that made people’s souls trembled.

Slowly retrieving consciousness, Shi Yan’s mood was very good.


Although he could not connect with the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame’s transformation made him very happy. With the fast transformation speed of the Earth Flame, it would have a complete life form in no time, turning into the Heaven Flame like the Ice Cold Flame.


After completing this step, the Earth Flame was then considered the true Heaven Flame. Absorbing the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirits had apparently helped its transformation.


Inside the dark stone room, Shi Yan sat cross-legged, breathing regularly, he was in a deep thought.


After a while, he sent his spirit into the blood vein ring again, observing the gigantic sword’s hilt in the blood vein ring.


The gigantic sword like a brilliant fire crystal, many evil eyes closed tightly on the sword, the sword hilt had lost all its previous splendid power since it entered the blood vein ring, it did not emit any special powers, the previous attacking power that had easily destroyed the others souls, also disappeared completely.


The gigantic sword hovered in the blood vein ring, it seemed to turn into a normal big sword, Shi Yan’s spirit observed for a while but still could not find anything special.


His consciousness could not be connected easily. He wanted to take the gigantic sword’s handle out of the blood vein ring to closely observe it, but he realized that he could not do so.


Although he had worn the blood vein ring on his finger, until now he still did not have a profound understanding about this ring, he could not naturally command the blood vein ring.


He realized that until now, he was always in a passive mode with the blood vein ring, passively led by the blood vein ring.


He did not like this feeling, but could do nothing.


A light ray from a corner of the blood vein ring shined up, the light was not dazzling, not as flashy as the Earth Flame’s light.


Shi Yan had wanted to retrieve his spirit out of the blood vein ring, but quickly realized that the light ray, plus he could sense the power of the control style’s shelter.


Being shocked, Shi Yan suddenly remembered after entering the Earth Realm, that he did not break the protection wall of the blood vein ring.


Inside the blood vein ring, there was a peculiar memory soul, his martial technique rampage and his life and death seal both came from the blood vein ring. Every time the energy in his body increased to a specific level, the blood vein ring could receive a special martial technique, from which he could benefit a lot.


Thinking for a while, while retrieving the spirit from the blood vein ring, in the stone room, Shi Yan quietly hauled out the refine pill, after swallowing it, Shi Yan started to restore his profound Qi.


After regulating for a long time, until he felt his energy peaked, it suddenly released powers.


The profound Qi rolled like a flood breaking dykes, aggressively poured into the blood vein ring, and became powerful light beam. With its highest speed it went straight to the hard protection wall in the blood vein ring.




A special sound from the blood vein ring resounded, the protection of the wall which used to be very strong now suddenly shattered into pieces.


A wave of memory like a tide with different document symbols dispersed out from behind the wall in sudden, and jumped into Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness, and became a memory engraving on his brain, hardly vanishing.


A bunch of anomalous symbols in his head became the heaven spells, which was the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind that could gather negative energy.


The sea of consciousness churned up. These anomalous symbols slowly flew up there, which abnormally changed it.


At the same time, Shi Yan’s body also trembled, negative energy from acupoints of his whole body started to be uncontrollable, spreading out strongly, gathering in the sea of consciousness.


Each flow of the god consciousness gathered in the sea of consciousness became a crazy wave, strange symbols from the blood vein ring started to absorb the power of the god consciousness in the sea of consciousness, engraved on Shi Yan’s soul consciousness.


Gradually, document symbols turned to be five tiny transparent figures whose appearances were exactly identical to Shi Yan’s. Each of those dwarves immersed in the sea of consciousness, absorbing the power in the sea of consciousness. Gradually, there was Shi Yan’s life energy inside of the transparent dwarves, like they were given some sort of life seal, so that life was instilled in them.


Inside the dark stone room, Shi Yan’s eyes sparkled like stars in the sky, different uncontrollable negative energies spreaded out, then flew towards the sea of consciousness very fast, each flow went into those of the five transparent dwarves.


Despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment were five different emotional energies, once they poured into the sea of consciousness, they immediately dispersed. The five emotions divided into five flows, like different long fibers that went into each different transparent dwarf.


Shi Yan sat still, passively suffering everything.


Despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment poured into these five transparent dwarves, their appearances gradually transformed.


Skin of the transparent dwarf with despair became dark blue, his shoulders started to be covered with pangolin’ scales, he grew two extra arms from underneath of his two original arms.


The transparent dwarf gathering fear grew a peculiar sharp horn, his two eyes became a strange silver white…


Eyes of the transparent dwarf with bloodshed became blazing red, with a furious face, a long thin fang grew out from the two corners of his mouth…


The transparent dwarf absorbing greed closed his two legs, a tail grew behind him at his waist.

Eyes of the transparent dwarf gathering resentment became deep blue, cold, and cool. Black strings wrapped his entire body, his nails were like sharp knives.


Uncontrollable different emotions flooded into the sea of consciousness, poured into the five dwarves. After that, the five dwarves slowly transformed, becoming more and more devilish, the devilish energy covered all of their bodies, which made the others’ souls very scared.


Shi Yan did not know what had happened or was happening, he passively accepted everything.


Gradually, he realized that the five dwarves in the sea of consciousness instilled with his life energies became more and more different from him, and nearly identical with the phantom which he had created using the refined negative energies.


Shi Yan was frightened.


Devil of Despair, Devil of fear, Devil of bloodshed, Devil of greed, and the Devil of resentment.


The five dwarves’ appearances became more and more ferocious. From each flow of his bobbing consciousness in the sea of consciousness, ancient document symbols appeared again, and went into five dwarves’ bodies, flared up and then disappeared right away. Like it was identifying these five dwarves.


The devils were created by refined negative energies.


Shi Yan’s body was shaken, a stream of light appeared in his head, for a moment, different profound meanings related to the spell of the Five Devils in the Sea of Consciousness started to respond from the five dwarves’ bodies, which again poured into Shi Yan’s head, becoming a part of his memory.

Chapter 244

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  1. WTF is this “control style”??

    Devil of bloodshed doesn’t seem to fit. Bloodshed is an action, while the others are devils of emotion. I suggest rage, or something that communicates a desire to kill.. unless bloodshed is an accurate translation.

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    I would modify this paragraph to:

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