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Chapter 243 - Give me a reason

Chapter 243

Many people of the Gray Wings Clan quickly appeared where Shi Yan and Yi Cui Bi had just left. After arriving, a group of them looked everywhere, and seemed to search for something.


One of them took out a deep blue-green crystal orb, and extracted a drop of blood onto that ball.


The crystal orb emitted green lights, each stream of the soul energy of Han Long from the ashes dispersed in the air, gathered, and went into the orb.


The face of the guy from Gray Wings Clan suddenly changed, frighteningly and said, “Han Long is dead.”


All the people of Gray Wings Clan roared crazily together, quickly scattering to search for the murderer.


Behind the Sound Beast Mountain, inside the Gray Wings Clan’s area.


There were many strange wooden houses on many of ancient trees’ roots. In each of the houses, there were people of the Gray Wings Clan cultivating.


Behind an ancient tree’s root, there was a valley with the wind howling through it.


Inside of that valley, an old man of the Gray Wings Clan with a thoughtful face and an appearance nearly the same as of that of Han Long’s looked at a hot figure sitting in the middle of the wind, His cold gloomy eyes flared up a lustful look.


The figure had a very sexy body which released strong wind energy, wearing a red fire armor.  She was sitting in the middle of the ravine, a lot of the surrounding wind energy quickly gathered and became a restorative medicine for the Martial Soul inside of her body, which made her look joyful and glowing.


“Miss He, you have cultivated well, the wind energy of the Heaven Wind Valley is very strong, normally only I can cultivate it. Now I give it to you.” The old man of the Gray Wings Clan had torch-lighting eyes, looked at that beautiful body for a while and mumbled, “You are my gift from Heaven, the Wing Martial Soul in your body is the best thing for my wind energy cultivation. Waiting until you have gathered enough wind energy, I will then take it so that my realm will improve one more level, exceeding the other two guys…”

Inside the valley, the wind energy was wrapping He Qing Man’s body. Her beautiful eyes slowly opened, glanced at the old man over there, then closed right away, her face looked dreary.


“Tinkling tinkling”


A strange sound suddenly resounded from the chest of the Gray Wings Clan’s old man. He winced and hauled a deep blue-green crystal orb from his chest, and endurably said, “What happened?”


“Young master, young master is dead.” The crystal ball emitted a hasty anxious voice.


“What?” The old master’s face suddenly changed with green veins appearing, he looked very furious. He irritatingly shouted, “Say it again?”


“Young master has died. His soul has scattered, please spare my life, Master. We did not know why it happened.” The voice from the crystal orb was restless and worried.


The Gray Wings Clan’s Master could not bear it anymore and help up his head to the sky, deliriously shouting. Wailing wind and furious energy gathered, then went into the crystal orb.


In a sudden, the crystal ball projected dazzling green rays, the green light was refining constantly and became an image.

In that green image, Shi Yan’s frigid face was being sketched out vaguely by green filaments, the more energy that poured in, the clearer that Shi Yan’s appearance was.


“Humankind!” The Gray Wings Clan’s Master loudly shouted, sharp wind then spreaded out strongly, the surrounding ancient trees’ roots were totally pulled up, wood chips were then scattered everywhere through the air.


He Qing Man felt strange movements of that master, and could not help opening her eyes, quickly seeing Shi Yan’s face in the valley sketched out by the green lights.


Her eyes flared up an astonishing look. She almost shouted terrifyingly, quickly closed her eyes, and pretended that she had seen nothing.


“He Qing Man, do you know this humankind?”

The Gray Wings Clan’s master breathed heavily, his fierce face turned towards He Qing Man and shouted.


Opening her eyes again, He Qing Man stared carefully at Shi Yan’s illusory image appearing in a green light screen for awhile, then calmly said, “He is the target that we entered the abyss battlefield to chase. But I don’t know where he is. My people arriving here with me all separated and scattered, not knowing of one another’s location.”


“I will make him feel that being dead is better than alive. The Fray Wings Clan’s master inhaled deeply like an irritated beast, and roared terribly.”


“You can still be alive now!” He Qing Man miserably smiled inside, slightly shook her head, and started to worry for Shi Yan’s life.




A beautiful figure bringing a person inside the thick forest zoomed quickly, straight towards the Giant Ancient Stone City.


“Cui Bi!” Suddenly, there was a strong shout from inside of the Giant Ancient Stone City.


“Father!” Di Cui Bi screamed astonishingly, slowed down her speed, and headed towards the master’s direction. “Do you feel the strange things coming from the Sound Beast Mountain?”


Yi Tian Mo nodded his head, his ashy gray eyes flared up a strange light. “Cui Bi, did you capture any beasts?”


“He killed three demon children.” Yi Cui Bi coolly said.


“What?” Yi Tian Mo’s face changed, then quickly turned back to normal, looked at Yi Cui Bi for a while and asked, “Finally, what happened?”


“He has heaven flame on his body, plus, he also killed the son of the Gray Wings Clan’s master” Yi Cui Bi  said, while she anxiously smiled.


The skinny body of Yi Tian Mo slightly shivered. His terrified look was hard to cover up. He helplessly looked at Shi Yan with a shocked face. “Heaven flame, heaven flame, can’t believe it is heaven man…”


After a moment, Yi Tian Mo mumbled, suddenly dragged a strange half-smile out of his lips. “Si Yan, I can’t believe you have Heaven flame. That’s very good!”


“Father” Yi Cui Bi shouted loudly. “Don’t kill him, he saved my life. Without him, I could have been killed by the Demon child.”


Yi Cui Bi understood her father. Not long before, Yi Tian Mo did not say anything or smiled, but once he showed that strange smiley face, it meant that he wanted to kill.


“No need mentioning that he saved your life, even if he had saved mine, he still must die.” Yi Tian smiled while shaking his head, his ashy gray eyes stared at Shi Yan. “His existence put the whole Demonic Sound Clan into deadly danger. We have been deported here, where we only have the icy treasure to defend ourselves. Once he reaches the level where he is not afraid of our soul attack anymore, he is the true danger for the whole Demonic Sound Clan.”


“You cannot kill me.” Shi Yan strongly shouted in sudden.


“What?” Yi Tian Mo’s face still had a strange cheerful look, his eyes were colder. “Tell me, what reason do you have so that I cannot kill you. I know you are smart, you will not again mention that you have saved me daughter.”


“I can help you deal with the Sound beasts.”


“This reason is not enough. Your existence is more dangerous than the Sound Beasts.”


“The Sound Beast Mountain has changed. Many sound beasts will run out of the Sound Beast Mountain, including the Demon children. They can destroy the Demonic Sound Clan.” Shi Yan frowned and said.


“We only need to hide inside the castle, the sound beasts can hardly do anything. After a while, they will return to Sound Beast Mountain. You cannot convince me.” Yi Tian Mo continued to shake his head, the cheerful face did not change.

“The control style on the sound beast mountain has weakened. There will be a major change. This time, the sound beasts on the Sound Beast Mountain will be more aggressive than the previous times.”


Yi Cui Bi could not help but scream, “Father, let’s wait for a while, let see if the sound beasts’ can tolerate a second round with him. If he is still alive, we still have solutions to deal with the sound beasts.”


“This reason is still not enough.” Yi Tian Mo continued shaking his head, the cheerful face was still there, though the murderous intention wasn’t gone yet.


“I can help you deal with the other leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. I have heard that there are another two leaders like you. Think again, if you control me and keep me alive, you will have unimaginable support to oppress the other two leaders.” Shi Yan suddenly became lucid.


When Yi Tian Mo started to move, he quickly uttered.


The cheerful look on Yi Tian Mo’s face disappeared.


His eyes flared up many strange lights, his face was deep in thought, considering the pros and cons.


Not long after, Yi Tian Mo nodded his head, and said, “I provisionally shall not kill you, but you cannot let any other people see the heaven flame at any cost.”


“Understood” Shi Yan hastily nodded his head.




Not far from there, some figures flying over, breaking the speed barrier in the air, many people of the Demonic Sound Clan from the castle were running out.


“Cui Bi, you bring him back first, I’ll go to the Sound Beast Mountain.”Yi Tian Mo frowned, instructing her.


Yi Cui Bi nodded her head, grabbed Shi Yan, and quickly went towards the ancient castle. On the way, Shi Yan quietly observed everywhere, and realized that there were many high-level warriors of the Demonic Sound Clan who were advancing towards Sound Beast Mountain.


Among them, there were two flows of soul energy that were too powerful which terrified Shi Yan. These flows of soul energy flashed up then disappeared from Shi Yan’s sense in a blink.


“Two leaders, Ka Ba and Ya Meng are also going.” Yi Cui Bi explained to Shi Yan. “They are like my father, leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, very dangerous, they are also very shaken by the strange change of the Sound Beast Mountain.”


“Are they running towards the Sound Beast Mountain? Are they not afraid of being attacked by the Sound Beasts?” asked Shi Yan, a bit surprised.


“Ka Ba and Ya Meng are at a very high-level cultivation, except the high-level Demon Child, nearly no sound beasts can hurt them. If they want to run, even the Demon children cannot catch them.”

Yi Cui Bi replied.




In the giant stone ancient city.


Inside an imposing structural building, Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, Pan Zhe and other warriors were confined in a secret room. Ya Meng’s guard regularly came and took a single warrior.


Not long afterwards, a mournful voice could be heard from a room anear.


At this moment, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe who were the new outstanding talents of the Endless Sea had gloomy faces, losing their previous proud look.


“Cao Zhi Lan, your Spiritual Martial Soul cannot deactivate the soul control style?”

A warrior of the Penglai Divine Land asked Cao Zhi Lan with a hopeless face.


Cao Zhi Lan sat cross-legged, slightly shook her head, and reluctantly said, “This diverse clan has soul knowledge that is much more developed than us. If there is any change in my Star Martial Spirit, any diverse guy here can immediately sense and respond to it. Not even mentioning that my soul has been confined, even if it was not, I would not dare to use it.”


“So, we just wait to die?” The warrior mumbled.


“Currently, I do not have any solutions. But Shi Yan has not been captured, he might have solutions. Anyway, there are special powers inside of his body, maybe he can survive here?”


“Him?”  Pan Zhi, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing all surprisingly screamed out with astonished faces.

Chapter 243

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