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Chapter 238 - Demonic Sound Clan

Chapter 238


In the darkness where nothing could be seen, Shi Yan gradually woke up.


Opening his eyes, he instinctively used his soul consciousness to observe around. However, when his soul consciousness was activated, there appeared a tremendous pain in the sea of consciousness. This pain broke out so strongly in his sea of consciousness that he almost fainted again.


His face slightly changed, he tried to control the pain, hastily held his breath, and withdrew his soul consciousness.


When the soul consciousness was withdrawn, the pain was gone.


His eyes brightened, however, he still could not see anything around.


Groping in the darkness, he realized that icy cold rocks surrounded him. Those rocks were very hard, solid and rough; he did not know what kind of rocks they were. The soul consciousness seemed to be prevented by it. If he used the soul consciousness again, he would immediately feel a splitting headache.


His eyes concentrated again but he still could not see anything. He stood up to warm up a little bit. When he tried to urge the power in his body, he realized that his profound Qi had been confined. He could not activate his power no matter how hard he tried.


The profound Qi and the sea of consciousness were both confined and restricted. Alike any other normal warriors, it was as if their lives were tied up so that they could not use any power.


However, for Shi Yan, although his profound Qi and the sea of consciousness were confined, he still had other powers to use. These powers had gone through a lot of training for a long time, the negative powers from inside of his meridians. If he urged those powers, he could still fight back.


Only despite the fact he did not know how to get out of this place.


The soul consciousness could not be used, even the spirits were restricted. It was hard for him to connect with the blood vein ring, or receive the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame’s senses.


The stone cave was pitch black. Shi Yan sat still, silently waiting.


He was sure that the one who had captured him and did not want to kill him would definitely appear sooner or later. He did not know this place, so he had to be careful in not urging the negative power to destroy the stone cave. Instead, he waited in silence.


“Where did Lady Yi Cu Bi capture him? This place of ours had not receive any human beings for a very long time. We don’t know where that guy came from.”


“Uh, mankind rarely appears in our place. This time, commander Yi Cu Bi went out and brought that guy back, but she only confines him, not kills him right away. We do not know what she wants.


“Whatever, bring that guy to Lady Yi Cu Bi.”


Shi Yan could hear clearly two gloomy male voices outside of the rocky prison cell.


Not long after that, there was suddenly a creaking sound in the airtight stone cell. As soon as dim lights from outside sneaked in, two sickly miasmal guys appeared in the middle of the ray of light.


Under the dim lights, Shi Yan focused and realized that their faces were pale and their bodies were very skinny. A slightly negative icy Qi spread out from them. Their bodies seemed not to have a temperature. Devilish, indeed!


“Stand up, follow us outside. Our Lady wants to see you”, One of the two guys coldly said.


Shi Yan lifted his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. He did as being told.


“You should obey us, I am not afraid to teach you some rules.” The guy coldly glanced at Shi Yan, then went ahead to lead. “Follow us”


Shi Yan said nothing, quickly went out of the rocky cave, silently observing around.


He was in a big and long corridor. The two walls aside it were both rocky. There were many drawings of animal beasts on the walls, some rocks luminesced glowingly.


Those luminescent rocks were not really bright, a little bit dim. With that dim of a light, Shi Yan could not figure out what kind of animal beasts were drawn on the wall.


The two guys with cold miasmatic bodies were quite good-looking. While they were leading, they often turned their head back and glanced at Shi Yan alertly.


As the sea of consciousness was confined, Shi Yan hardly used the soul consciousness. Therefore he did not know what the two guys’ abilities were. However, from the miasmatic movements in their bodies, their level was not really high. If Shi Yan’s strength was recovered, he was confident he could easily kill these two guys.


But, in this situation where he did not know what was going on, Shi Yan did not presume to do anything.


The lady who could avoid his soul consciousness and capture him, had a clear but cold voice. She could easily confine him which meant she had absolutely reached to a very high stage.

Such a master existence, he knew that if he arbitrarily fought, he would have gotten a consequence of catastrophic proportions.


Obediently following the two guys through a long corridor, Shi Yan entered a huge royal hall.


The royal hall was round with big rocky columns being situated inside of the room. There were many miasmatic guys and girls standing, waiting for something or someone.


Their vitality was miasmatic with a skinny body shape, their skin was pale. They seemed to be rarely under the sun.


In the royal hall, an old man breathing steadily with a a goatee on his face and  ashy-gray pupils in his eyes was sitting alone in the center of the hall. Other guys and girls beside him were all standing. They were surely his servants and guards.


Next to him was an outstanding lady in a royal dress. Her eyelashes were picturesque and extremely beautiful.


At this time, her deep crystal clear eyes were looking at Shi Yan from far. She said, clearly and coldly, “Father, this is the human being that I have captured.”


The old man stroke his beard, slightly nodded his head. His two ashy-gray eyes neglectfully looked at Shi Yan.


Shi Yan stood still, but clearly recognized that a flow of miasmatic air seeped into his pores, silently moved in his body, seemingly explored everything inside.


“Human, where are you from?”, after careful observing, the old man moderately asked with a voice which was unexpectedly pleasant to hear.


“Who are you guys?” Shi Yan asked without replying, “Inside this Chasm Battlefield, there were no warriors even in the legends. This place was the battlefield of warriors in ancient times. The world and spiritual air are extremely diluted. Why do you stay here? Who are you actually? Is this place the Chasm Battlefield?”


“Such Insolence!” The beautiful girl frowned and coldly said, “You only need to answer my father’s question, do not sputter any rubbish!”


The flow of a sharp spiritual soul like a sword stabbed Shi Yan’s head.


Control Style in Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness suddenly activated like there were billions of worms nibbling him from the inside, which caused him a splitting headache that make him almost screamed out.

Slightly clenching his teeth, Shi Yan’s face was fierce without groaning, glaring at the girl.


“It’s ok, Yi Cu Bi.” The old man waved his hand signaling Yi Cu Bi to stop destroying Shi Yan’s sea of consciousness. He looked at Shi Yan curiously, and said, “You are not bad. Being hit by the Devouring Thousand Souls of Demonic Sound Clan, you did not groan a word. If I am not wrong, your level is only at the earth realm.”


“Ah? Father, it can’t be.” The beautiful girl Yi Cu Bi could not stand but scream aloud. “He’s clearly formed the sea of consciousness. Only warriors of Nirvana realm can do it. How come an earth realm warrior can also do it?


“You are right. My level is only at the earth ream.” Shi Yan slowly nodded his head, “I came here from the outside world. I don’t belong to the Chasm Battlefield. Because of some unknown reasons have I arrived here. Previously, I was in an extremely hot desert. After that, I’ve come here though a warp portal.


“Are you really at the earth realm?” Her beautiful clear eyes astonished, she looked at Shi Yan curiously. “You should have had an enlightenment. If not, at the earth realm, you cannot train the sea of consciousness. Hmm, not bad, you are not just an ordinary warrior.”


The old man stared at Shi Yan nodding his head slowly. He was silent for a while and said, “You said you are from the outside world. So, have you heard about Demonic Sound Clan?”


Shi Yan shook his head.


The old man’s face looked gloomy, his eyes showed loneliness. He said, “We left a long time ago, so long that mankind does not even remember the Demonic Sound Clan. Ah, such a regret, we cannot leave this place. I really want to know how mankind has turned out.”


“Father, isn’t our life in here very good? Why do you still want to go to the outside world?” Yi Cu Bi confusingly asked.


“You don’t understand.” The old man sighed, he did not say anything else.


Shi Yan got surprised. After being hit in the sea of consciousness by Yi Cu Bi, he was much more moderate. Although he still had some doubts, he did not dare to ask more.


“I have some questions and I hope you answer them honestly. If your answers please me, I can let you go wherever you want. But, if your answers do not satisfy me, then your life is in danger. I will make you disappear completely.”. The old man bowed his head, suddenly raised his head again, and seriously said to Shi Yan.


At the same time, a flow of strange movement suddenly came from the old man.


The Control Style in Shi Yan’s body was deactivated in a blink. The sea of consciousness was recovered, his profound Qi started to move again.


As the soul consciousness was released, Shi Yan silently watched the old man in front of him and his daughter Yi Cu Bi.


The soul consciousness coming close to the old man seemed to be prevented by an invisible power. On the other hand, when it came close to Yi Cu Bi, it did not get blocked too much.


Sky Realm!


After the soul consciousness moved around Yi Cu Bi one round,  Shi Yan’s face was frightened. He nearly screamed out. This girl was still very young yet she’s already reached the sky realm.


If she was at the sky realm, so what about the old man?


“Don’t think too much, you absolutely cannot escape from here.”


The old man’s face was nonchalant, he calmly said, “First, tell me how you came here? Before entering the desert, where did you go? Plus, can you come back through the old route? If you can actually go back through the same route, , I will not trouble you. Instead, I can give you more than that.”


“I can’t find the way back. Sorry. Although I also want to leave,  there is no way back indeed.” Shi Yan shook his head reluctantly.


The old man raised his eyebrows and seemed to consider something.


But at this moment, another guy suddenly came in a hurry. After kowtowing, he respectfully said, “Master, we have just discovered other human warriors, but there were almost one hundred people this time!”


Shi Yan’s pupil shrank, he knew for sure that it was Cao Zhi Lan and her fellow warriors.


Chapter 238

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