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Chapter 237 - Gigantic stone Castle

Chapter 237


Shi Yan stood not far from the Sun Refined Spirits. He could feel the dashing Sun Flame of the Sun Refined pouring into his heart.


In his heart, there was the Star Martial Spirit and the star god of The Three Gods Sect.


At first, the Star Martial Spirit could only absorb the star power, not the sunlight. However, when facing the Sun Refined Spirits this time, the sun power went into his body and the Star Martial Spirit quickly developed its effects, also absorbing the sun power.


What was the reason?


Shi Yan knew it was not as simple as the Ice Cold Flame had said. It was not because the sun was also a star itself so it could simply absorb the sun power that way.


If this was true, the Three Gods Sect would not separate the Sun Martial Spirit and the Star Martial Spirit. The Sun Martial Spirit and the Star Martial Spirit should definitely have its differences; for they could not be identical.


But if not, how could the Star Martial Spirit absorb the sun power?


Shi Yan knitted his brows, with a lot of thoughts flaring up in his head. He finally seemed to understand something.


Strange power from his meridians started to spread out.


A lightning zoomed over him, Shi Yan suddenly understood.


At this moment, his heart was absorbing a lot of that strange power. It could activate the Immortal Martial Spirit and the Mysterious Martial Spirit, should it also make a good change for the Star Martial Spirit in transforming it to this miraculous level?


It should be so.


Shi Yan nodded his head affirmatively.




The Earth Flame in the Sun Refined Spirit was absorbing the extremely hot power of the Sun Flame. A number of the Sun flames were like many different fire serpents disappearing into the burning fire of the Earth Flame. It then became a part of the Earth Flame’s power, that made the burning fire of the Earth Flame transform marvelously.


From ten meters away, Shi Yan was still motionless, but the Star Martial Spirit in his body was also absorbing the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirits, contesting the power from the Sun Refined Spirits with the Earth Flame.


Being absorbed by the two powers, a dazzling hot sunlight started relenting gradually.


The hot meteorite was disappearing little by little.


The entire oppressively hot desert, with the decreasing power in the Sun Refined Spirits, became cooler.

“Do you feel it is getting cooler?”


“Yeah, the temperature in the desert seems to be decreasing”


“Uh, it’s getting very comfortable now. Looks like there is something happening here. I don’t know if this can help us find the way out?”

“Who knows. I really don’t want to stay in this devilish place any longer. God, where is the end of the road if we keep on walking like this?”


“Don’t talk rubbish. We came to the Chasm Battlefield to kill the Yan family. We have not seen any of the Yang family yet, even if we find a way out, do you not feel any shame in returning without completing your mission?”


The warriors had come from different forces in the Kyara Sea, they then gathered in the same place discussing their options.


Cao Zhi Lan sat alone, frowned tightly. Her enchanting eyes then lit up.


Silently using the Star Martial Spirit, Cao Zhi Lan started to observe every little thing around them to understand the strange change.


After a while, Cao Zhi Lan suddenly stood up and said said, “We can go over there to inspect. I recognized that there wasn’t either violent burning fire or any powers that could destroy our souls. Now is a suitable time to go, there should not be any danger”.


“I’ll go!” Pan Zhe quickly stood up.


One hour later.


Four people, Cao Zhi Lan, Qu Yan Qing, Gu Ling Long, and Pan Zhe returned again and stopped meters away from the Sun Refined Spirits. They watched the Sun Refined Spirits with extremely strange faces.


“Where is Shi Yan?” Gu Ling Long heatedly said, “That stupid guy disappeared again. How can we find him?”


Cao Zhi Lan kept silent, looking at the Sun Refined Spirits with a strange face, she felt really confused.


This is the Sun Refined Spirits?


Clearly it is just an ordinary Meteorite from outer space!


The Sun Refined Spirits from the Sun Core now had the burning fire power from the sun, how was it that it became like this?


Who could have absorbed all the sun power in the Sun Refined Spirits in such a short time?


Was it Shi Yan?


That was a big question mark in Cao Zhi Lan’s head, who was, staring at the Sun Refined Spirits which had now become a normal meteorite. She did not say anything for a while.


For the first time, she was concerned about Shi Yan. She felt that there were so many secrets about Shi Yan that she could not understand.


Her Star Martial Spirit could easily see through people’s minds, knowing and sensing all kinds of strange martial souls that could give way to her opponents’ potential tricks.


Today, she could not see through Shi Yan and that made her anxious and worried. She was not used to let anyone slip out of her sense control. She extremely hated this feeling of incompetence.


Pan Zhe and Qu Yan Qing also knew a little about the Sun Refined Spirits legend. They got bewildered while looking at the Sun Refined Spirits which had now turned out to be a normal stone. They did not know what to say momentarily.


A long time after that.


“I think Shi Yan has left. Uh, what we have to do now is identify his direction”.


“Over there, there seems to be some power movements over there!” Ceasing a little, Cao Zhi Lan suddenly exclaimed “Oh”, her face looked strange.


“How is it?”, Pan Zhe asked.


“Do you realize that the desert now is not the same as when we just arrived here? You guys can use your powers now, is it not prevented anymore? My Star Martial Spirit can finally affect this area as usual. Uh, over there, over there should the array technique exist and be sheltered. I think we can now get out of this place”, Cao Zhi Lan calmly said.


“Is this true?”, Gu Ling Long shouted excitingly.


The desert was getting cooler and cooler, the strange power covering the desert had totally disappeared.


“That’s true. All the changes were because of this meteorite”. Qu Yan Qing looked at the Sun Refined Spirits which had become an ordinary meteorite. “Indeed, because of this Sun Refined Spirits’ transformation, everything in the desert has changed”.


“I already knew that!” Cao Zhi Lan’s gentle body was in shock, her eyes shined, terrifyingly screaming, “The whole desert is a tremendous matrix! The Sun Refined Spirits is the power generator of the whole array technique which is also the mouth of the formation. When the entire power inside the mouth of the formation disappears, the mighty array technique is immediately disabled and shows its true color.”


“My god, is there such a big array technique like that?” Gu Ling Long shouted, covering her mouth.


“Yes!” Cao Zhi Lan nodded her head, mused upon something, and said, “Maybe it’s not necessary to continue to stay here. I can feel that that direction is where the warp portal has left. Uh, we can pass it. I think Shi Yan also followed in that direction.”


A moment later,


Cao Zhi Lan and the others discovered an old array technique in the desert. This array technique was very similar to the one which they had used to enter the desert.


Without much hesitation, the warriors all stood up. When the pink light flared up, they also disappeared from this desert without a trace.


The forest was boundless, the world and spiritual energy were extremely dense. Inside the forest, the fragrance of flowers and fresh air struck their faces and made the warriors feel refreshed and comfortable.


Above the ancient tree root, Shi Yan was hiding in the thick, dense layers of the leaves. From one hundred meters up from the ground, Shi Yan was looking down.


After having followed the old array technique to come here, at first Shi Yan had thought he had already returned to the Kyara Sea, come back to an island which had sultry spiritual energy. However, after holding his head up to the sky, he knew he was wrong, he was still in the Chasm Battlefield.


The blue sky was cloudless. There were white masses of clouds but no sun, no moon, nor any stars. It was not possible to see if there were any star powers going into the Star Martial Spirit.


A world without the sun, the moon, and the stars was obviously not the Kyara Sea. This place was still inside of the Chasm Battlefield, only the environment had changed.


Although this place was located in the Chasm Battlefield, the world and spiritual energy were extremely heavy. It seemed to be different from the description of Yang Mu’s warriors.


According to the description of Yang Mu’s warriors, the world and spiritual energy should have been very diluted. It had not been a suitable place for warriors to practice, this place had been the ancient battlefield, there had been only ancient mummies or explorers. No warrior was able to live here.


Though far off in the distance, he discovered that there was a forest which was full of vitality.


From afar, there seemed to be a mighty castle. The whole castle was constructed with gigantic stones, the colored flag was flaunting on top of the castle. Some people inside of the castle could be ambiguously seen.


The gigantic stone castle’s location was more than ten miles away from Shi Yan. The whole castle was protected by a mysterious power which made it impossible for Shi Yan to use the god consciousness to peep inside of it.


Looking further, it was still an endless forest. His ears could even hear the terrifying roars of some animals.


This place was not much different from any other places on the outside. There were spiritual energy, wild animals, and also warriors, but no sun, no moon, nor any stars could be seen.


Observing from one hundred meters high up, Shi Yan kept silent for a while and then decided to go to the gigantic stone castle to see if it was true that there were warriors living there or not.




Like a big bird, Shi Yan plunged down, steadily landing.

In a moment, a flow of negative power like billions of rope twisted around his body. After landing, he realized he was confined and impossibly moved.


“Damn Pagan Tribe!”


A clear but cold whisper came to his ears from behind.


Shi Yan wanted to turn his head backwards to look at the source of the whisper but realized that he could not turn his neck. Then he smelled a fragrance of orchids, the scent sneaked into his mind, making him dizzy then unconsicous.



Chapter 237

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