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Chapter 232 - Killable

Chapter 232


“Miss Cao, your Star Martial Spirit is always miraculous, can you sense the location of Shi Yan and the entire Yang family here?” Inside of the dune, after Pan Zhe had tried the negative jade and released the confined spirit, he dolefully asked Cao ZhiLan finally, with great hope, for this lady’s mercy.


Cao ZhiLan frowned, closed her eyes and silently sensed, she then gently opened her eyes in a sudden and shook her head, “I can only feel special energy fluctuations in a specific area. I think the Yang family has been out of the area at this time, so I cannot sense their direction”.


“If so, are we to get lost here?” Pan Zhe shook his head, bursting out laughing. “This shitty place does not even have a way back. Would we get stuck here forever?”


“I don’t want to be here either” A look of disdain came upon Cao ZhiLan’s face. “Although we do not know how this game will end, after all, we can still search around, and maybe find out some unusual things. The one who created this place did not leave any traces. Hm, I will need some time.”


“To be in the same place with Miss Cao is my honor” Pan Zhe eagerly said with a bright look in his eyes.


Cao ZhiLan did not reply, a strange look flashed in her elegant eyes, scanning around for unusual traces.


“Ge ge [1], what should we do now?” He QingMan and Xie Kui were both standing on a dune.


There were another five Earth Realm warriors of the Evil Wonderland around them. These five warriors were considered lucky to be able to escort them in this place.


Five warriors silently surrounded He QingMan and Xia Kui, preventing the warriors of the other groups from hearing what they were saying.


Xia Kui’s face was contemplative with a cold look in his eyes.  He strongly said, “You asked me, now whom shall I ask?”


“Ge ge, you were not like this before.” He QingMan was a bit upset. Her beautiful face looked like as if she wanted to cry. “I remembered you used to love me a lot before. Why do you treat me like this now? Why?”


Xia Kui’s gaze was intensely fierce. “You really do not know as to why I am like this?”


“Not at all!” He QingMan was scared of Xia Kui’s angry stare. She seemed to be startled, timorously stepped back, yet still tried to show her stoutness and said,


“When we arrived at the Sky Sea area, you kept refusing to come here. Since then, I’ve been able to know your innermost feelings. You are not completely sided with the Evil Wonderland with all your heart. But, I still did not think that there could have been this much of a difference between us! Was the fight between you and Yan Xue just a mere game?”

Xia Kui suddenly shouted as he said the last sentence.


He QingMan’s mild body shivered.

“Brother, you could recognize it?”


“Huh!” Xia Kui laughed coldly. “Not only did I realize that! You did not even use the Martial Spirit, just exactly how much energy did you use? You think Cao ZhiLan, Qu Yan Qing, Pan Zhe are all stupid? They just didn’t want to be nosy. If news of this was to spread out, your honor and the Evil Wonderland’s honor would be destroyed! I do not want people saying that we, the Evil Wonderland, still have relations with the Yan family!”


“Ge ge, the relationship between Yang… Yang Xue and I has always been good, thus I could not kill him” He QingMan shook her head, her eyes were red.


“This is war! You are not allowed to let your personal feelings disturb you!” Xia Kui’s face was angry and wicked. “You did not use all of your energy in the last shot to defeat Shi Yan and Yang Xue. You might have been close, but this Shi Yan, how come was it that you still could not defeat him? I really doubt whether I should have brought you along with us or not after all. If it was the wrong decision or not, we shall know soon, in the end.”

He QingMan clenched her teeth, not letting herself be denied, “I cannot let what had happened go and pretend that I didn’t see anything. But if it happens again, don’t blame me for being heartless”.


Xia Kui coldly said, “Remember, the Evil Wonderland’s involvement in this war. From now on, each single person of the Yang family is now our mortal enemies. This will never change. You and I are both outstanding warriors of the Evil Wonderland, everything we are doing now is for ourselves, are you clear?”


He QingMan bowed her head said nothing.


“You should think it over for yourself. I’ve said all that I should have said and I hope you will not disappoint me the next time. If it happens again, we will be no longer Ge Ge and Mei Mei [2], and I will be the first one who chastises you!” Xia Kui left with a very cold face. He considered the future of the Evil Wonderland to be his own future, catching and killing the Yan family was his utmost compulsory oath.


Anyway, with the importance of the Evil Wonderland in the Kyara Sea area. Once the Yang family recovered its life-sustaining elements, the first ones they killed would be the Evil Wonderland.



A red stream of the Earth Flame drew a beautiful curve in the front. The flame blazoned everywhere, the fire curve moved faster and faster.


Behind the red fire curve was a huge figure, which looked like a death spirit and was as fast as a lightning. He followed the curve and kept a distance of ten meters from it the whole time.


The Earth Flame was flying quickly in the air, uncontrollable fire energy then spreaded out. Shi Yan also felt the unbearable scorching energy.

The ten-meter distance was the maximum limit that Shi Yan could bear.


If he shortened the distance between himself and the Earth Flame. The fire energy would have made it difficult for him to breath. The profound Qi in his body absorbed the Earth Flame, actively releasing energy to defend himself from the scorching heat. This would have consumed a lot of his profound Qi, which exhausted his body quickly.


Therefore, ten meters was the most suitable distance for him to make a breakthrough to the next Earth Realm stage. Shi Yan felt that the energy in his body had a shocking transformation. This change was not simply an increase in energy quantity, it was also an increase in his knowledge, about the energy, about the profound Qi, everything jumped to a new, higher echelon.


He could now control the profound Qi swimmingly. Each stream of the profound Qi inside seemed to sense his mind. With an idea that he came up in his mind, the profound Qi flew out from every corner of his body, transforming accordingly to his ideas and became any tangible form that he had wanted it to be.


The profound Qi stopped struggling and easily became controllable.


All kinds of birds, trees, nunchakus, weapons that he had wanted, he only needed to imagine it, then used his mind to control it. The profound Qi would then immediately transform into the desired form miraculously. The bird formed by the profound Qi could fly deliberately in the sky, plants and trees could be very lively, weapons could then be extremely strong. The Earth Realm stage was a process of knowing clearly the energy inside of one’s body. At first, the profound Qi was only one of the many energies inside his body, now the profound Qi became an expansion of his body, a part of his body, the core of his energy, also of the spirits that he relied on.


“Is it still far?” Shi Yan concentrated his mind. His body quickly slid. He slightly stopped, took out some Refine pills and swallowed them all. He slowed down the speed, sliding and waiting for the pills to be effective on his body.


In the Chasm Battlefield, Refine pills were the simplest and most effective way to restore profound Qi. Anyhow, the spiritual atmosphere here was extremely diluted, it should have take ten times longer than the other areas in order to recover the profound Qi. As soon as the Earth Flame realized that Shi Yan’s speed was decreasing, it also slowed down comparably, sending signals of happiness and eagerness.


“Is it very fast?”  Shi Yan, carefully experienced, stopped to release his spiritual consciousness and searched around.


His spiritual consciousness was like spreading waves. It was blocked by this strange space, not as comfortable as on the outside. The speed of his spiritual consciousness was many times slower, the area it affected was also smaller.


“Oh? There is some life traces!”  Suddenly, the trace vaguely appeared. From the feeling transferred by the spiritual consciousness as well as the movement of the life trace, this trace surely belonged to the Earth level stage warriors. Shi Yan’s spirit was convulsive. His instincts told him that it was Yang Mu’s warriors, although it might not be Yang Mu, maybe only some of his lowly soldiers. Either way, he would still glean some information about this location and of how to get out.


In here, he followed the Earth Flame, he didn’t know how long he had been moving forward. He had many doubts about this place and was lonely for so long. He actually wanted to talk to someone.


Shi Yan ordered the earth flame to get back. The earth flame twisted involuntarily and slowly got into the Blood Vein Ring. The earth flame was the flame of the sun, extremely powerful, but it had not evolved yet. There were still many other powers that could dominate it, if not, the Ice Cold Flames would not have been imprisoned many times.


There were many strange precious objects in this world. It was impossible for the Heaven flame to flee. For example, he could take advantage of the Soul Gathering Pearl to make the soul of the Demon Master separate from it’s body. There were also some miraculous precious artifacts which could make the Heaven flame surrender. Therefore, the Earth Flame was safe to stay inside of the Blood Vein Ring.


After the Earth Flame got inside the Blood Vein ring, Shi Yan withdrew the spiritual consciousness that he had released. Then following the direction of the guidance sense, he kept on moving ahead to the target.


After half an hour later, Shi Yan being behind one dune, suddenly moved to another one. Behind that dune, he extruded his head with squinted eyes. He looked at some people who were far away that were moving closer towards him.


From behind the dune, Shi Yan could see people coming, but the distance was great, and he could only extrude his head so far that it was difficult to see things clearly. However, Shi Yan was not hasty, and kept on waiting.


Finally, he detected a beautiful person wearing a red armor among many people. Although he could not clearly see her appearance, but Shi Yan could still recognize that prominent fierce body with that kind of clothing. It could only be He QingMan.


After recognizing He QingMan, Shi Yan looked at the others behind her. He then recognized Xie Kui according to his old memories.


Looking a bit more, once again, using his exploring consciousness, he could identify Cao ZhiLan, Pan Zhe, Gu LingLong, Qu Yan Qing. They were the talented warriors. They did not accompany Xie Kui’s group.


The spiritual consciousness were like those of the Heaven eyes, gradually realizing the strength of those groups. Shi Yan slowly retracted his head back. He then used the Finger Gun to bury himself underneath the sand. Slowly breathing, he started to hide all the energy of within his body.


There were a total of eleven Earth Realm warriors including Xie Kui and He QingMan. There were no third stage Earth Realm warriors with them.


“I can kill them all!” He thought.



Chapter 232

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