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Chapter 231 - Breakthrough

Chapter 231


The Meteor Array.


In another account of the old array technique.


Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Yang Ke, Li Feng’er and other warriors of the Yang family, were all standing in the old array technique formation. This formation was quite similar to the one of Shi Yan, the only small difference was of the energy crystal around the array technique.


At this time, the energy crystal kept releasing a dazzling light.


The Yang Family’s warriors then entered into the old array technique, following the time when the light was released and disappeared continuously.


Yang Mu’s group followed Jian Hu Quan’s method, each person of the Yang family used exactly this method to move forward when entering into the old array technique, hence, they were not affected by the special outer space meteorite.


According to Jian Hu Quan, this way led to the exit of the Meteor Array.


Thus, Jian Hu Quan had reminded every one of the Yang family to not hesitate in standing in the middle of the old array technique, or else they would have had been pushed out by the old array technique.


Quickly, all the warriors of the Yang family went through into the old array technique and disappeared from the Meteor Array. Each person, like when Shi Yan had just entered, could not have seen each other’s back as it was not possible to see anything inside the Meteor Array. Upon entering the old array technique, everyone would be teleported in a blink, so no one was aware of one another’s situation.


However, thanks to Jian Hu Quan’s encouragement, they did not hesitate and entered the old Array technique right away. This was the reason why Shi Yan’s warriors lost trace of Yang Mu’s warriors in the Meteor Array.


Outside of the Meteor Array,


Cao Zhi Lan had beautiful, tender long legs with strange light flaring up in her eyes. The Star Martial Spirit was controlled by her spirit, which then started to analyze the transformation of the Meteor Array. The Star Martial Spirit then realized the miraculous movement of the Meteor Array.


All the people of Pan Zhe stood outside the Meteor Array. Not a single person dared enter.


Cao Zhi Lan who had been using the Star Martial Spirit for a while, suddenly burst into laughter, slowly stood up, and then said, “With the Meteor Array, you can either go to the left or to the right. As long as you do not make a wrong move, the meteorites cannot attack you. Well, if you choose go on the left, move seven steps to the left, then five steps to the right, and vice versa. You can move to the right seven steps, then to the left five steps, and then you can get out of the Meteor Array.”


“So, should we go to the left or to the right?”


Gu Ling Long knitted his brows and irritatingly said, “Inside the Meteor Array, there are two sure ways out, which may possibly lead to two different areas.Our target is the Yang family, so we should first figure out the direction of the Yang family, and only then will we be able to pursue them.”


Cao Zhi Lan calmly asked, “How can we know the path that the Yang family had taken?”


Xie Kui’s face darkened with a murderous look in his eyes, “Yang Mu is easy to deal with. If he isn’t already dead, he will surely find a way for revenge. If we fight with the Yang family, we cannot let them have a single chance of survival, we simply cannot let anyone live! When Shi Yan and I had fought, I recognized that he had vigorous Flame power. I had just used my Star Martial Spirit recently and discovered that there was a very strong movement of Flame power on the right.”


Cao Zhi Lan faintly smiled, “Maybe Shi Yan is on the way out on the right. Yang Mu will not be separated from Shi Yan. If Shi Yan is there, the Yang family will be there too.”


“Good, we’ll follow the way on the right then.” Pan Zhe nodded, and spoke to warriors of the Penglai Divine land who stood behind him, “Remember carefully of Miss Cao’s words, once entering the Meteor Array, they were to first move to the right seven steps, then to left five steps, not daring to make a mistake.”


“Ok, I’ll lead” Cao Zhi Lan calmly entered first.



In the middle of the immense and oppressively hot desert.


A figure with their arms and legs up, like a dead squirrel, slowly breathing and exhaustively tired. Many different powers started to recover inside of his body and the negative emotions inside of the meridian silently scattered out.


The desert temperature was scorching, but there was no sun. The sky was vivid red, like the color of fresh blood


Looking around carefully, there were uneven dunes out there. There was no signs of life, no greenery, and no sound whatsoever.


A flaming power stream flew out from the ring, flying around flexibly in the heated desert. It seemed to signal something.


“This place makes me uncomfortable” A flow of cold flames from the Blood Vein Ring circulated around. “This strange atmosphere has scorching powers, the air blast seems to belong to the sun, but there is no sun, I do not know what is going on…”


“This is somewhere in the area of the Chasm Battlefield. Ugh. Strange indeed. The earth flame seems to like this place very much so. After coming here, he seems to be happy” Shi Yan replied.


He was kicked out by the old array technique, and fell down in this vast desert. He did not have any other old array technique.


His whole body was injured, he did not have anymore energy to explore this mysterious place. He then laid on the ground without moving, silently recovering. “Um, we cannot see the sun in this place, but there is still the intense power of the sun, very strange indeed.”


The ice cold flame was musing for a while before it suddenly said, “This place is very suitable for your Refining Technique, you can rely on the mysterious power here, use the Earth flame to keep practicing the Refining Technique, this will help your body become stronger.”


“Recover first then we will see.” Shi Yan did not refuse and smiled miserably while looking up to the sky. He stopped talking to the ice cold flame, and focused on slowly recovering.


After taking the Refining pills, the power spread out and combined with his profound Qi. Without using too much energy, his profound Qi was getting stronger by the minute and the consumed Qi was replenished quickly.


Refining pills were a marvelous drug which restored profound Qi. Refining pills were treasured in the Endless Sea, only powerful warriors could take them whereas normal warriors did not have enough ability to be able to consume the Refining pills.

The therapeutic power of the ten Refining pills was enough for the profound Qi of a warrior at the Earth Realm to restore quickly. For Shi Yan, who had only the Disaster Realm peak, the effect of these ten refining pills was more than enough.


The profound Qi was silently concentrating, Shi Yan relaxed his mind, and started to realize the strange things that was happening inside of his body.

The injured body, was recovering rapidly under the effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit. Bones, which had been destroyed by the meteorites, were strengthened every minute; broken blood vessels were healed in a very short time.


A normal person would have needed a few days to recover, but he only needed a few minutes.


Inside his meridian channel, a flow of air quickly circulated and filtered the energy, which had been refined by the Mysterious Martial Spirit. So that it could be absorbed directly.


However, negative thoughts appeared, and silently disturbed Shi Yan’s mind, pulling him down to the deep dark abyss.


This time, about ten warriors had died inside of the castle.


As a result of the death of the ten Earth Realm warriors, their energy was now being transferred into him. Negative feelings created from refining this energy was enough for him to lose his mind and go insane.


After slowly sensing for awhile, he realized that it was not easy to stay strong-minded. Shi Yan contemplated for a moment and decided to hide behind the dunes.


Places that he went, others could also find out.  If Cao Zhi Lan’s warriors came while he was refining the energy and got crazy, it simply would not be safe.


After spending some time recovering, his body was restored a little bit. He then released the Finger Gun. His ten fingers were then like ten sabers arising out of the sand, making way for him to get into the dune.


The Earth Flame flew around outside, It seemed to sense Shi Yan’s intentions and stopped careening before his body disappeared behind the dune. Shi Yan, once again, immersed himself in the Blood Vein Ring.

Holding his breath, Shi Yan went ten meters inside the dune until his whole body was covered with sand and could not move any further, he then stopped.


Not long after that, the refining meridian channels reached to the key point of time. He finally could not resist the persistent negative thoughts and started losing his mind.


Deep down, ten meters inside the dune, Shi Yan was struggling with all the sand enveloping him, the pressure of the sand on him made it impossible to utter a single word.


The sand became a natural chain that temporarily binded him.


Shi Yan then lost his mind and wriggled about mindlessly. He could not think of using the Finger Gun to claw his way out…he only kept struggling inside of the dune, squirming about mindlessly.


A long time had passed.


Shi Yan’s struggle weakened and he stopped yelling. All strange energy silently flew out from his meridian channels, spreading to every corner in his body.


Shi Yan gradually lost his perception and did not realize that his body had transformed. He unwittingly had let strange energy run inside of his body, pervading his arteries and bones.


Time had slowly passed.


Shi Yan suddenly woke up after a long time. He immediately realized that his exhausted body started to gain its full power back.


No matter if it was the profound Qi or his own body, both fully recovered to the max, and it couldn’t be better.

“Oh?” The light of profound Qi on his belly kept condensing and shrinking. Although there was no one conducting it, the light of profound Qi was refining quickly.


Following the light of profound Qi, every corner of his body was acting like sponges, drawing on the profound Qi energy which was flowing out from the light.


Shi Yan’s consciousness ran around his whole body inside out, his mind was suddenly omniscient.


Right after that, an exciting smile appeared on his face. He then started to relax his spirit and depended on the transformation to move the energy from the light of profound Qi to his body.


Harnessing the power from that energy, his arteries became sparklingly transparent, like a miraculous delicate jade.


His arteries were changing and gradually expanding whenever profound Qi flew in.


Expanding arteries helped profound Qi move faster inside of his body. Which meant that his capacity for profound Qi was much higher. His body movement was also even quicker.


The allobiosis of arteries was the best visual sign to see when a Disaster Realm had broken through to the Earth Realm.


Chapter 231

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