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Chapter 228 - Turn the Tide

Chapter 228


In the rubbled palace, most of the warriors from the Yang family, had already went ahead into the meteor formation.


Now, the only ones who still stayed outside, were Yang Mu, Yang Ke, Li Fenger, and Shi Yan.


However, on Cao Zhilan and Pan Zhe’s side, there were almost a hundred warriors. Of which Pan Zhe, Cao Zhilan, Xie Kui, Qu Yanqing, and Gu Linglong were all elite figures on the Leaderboard. These five people, were enough to win against Shi Yan’s group.


With Shi Yan Inadvertently getting surrounded by the wave-like powers that Cao Zhilan released, Yang Mu also got in the mess by trying to save him. Afterwards, Yang Ke and Li Fenger both knew that their chances were slim, but they stopped, turned around, and stood with Yang Mu.


In the field, Shi Yan finally performed the second sky of Rampage in such a serious crisis. Making the rolling negative energies in his meridians merge with the blood in his body.


At that moment, the power in Shi Yan’s body doubled again!


Being at the peak of the Disaster realm, the power on his body kept increasing. Under the refining of the surging negative powers they instantly formed into frightening evil impacts, and actually pushed away the omnipresent powers that Cao Zhilan quietly casted this way.


And Shi Yan himself, started stepping towards Cao Zhilan.


The evil powers of hate, fear, desperation, bloodthirst, and violence, gushed out of Shi Yan’s body, this flow of evil power rushed up into the sky like a whirlwind. As Shi Yan walked, the waves of evil power kept forming, and actually transformed into three magnificent mountain-like demonic shadows.


Three demonic shadows were formed with different negative powers. They had Shi Yan’s soul imprint on them, and carried surging negative emotions.


The demonic phantoms were foggy, and floated above Shi Yan’s head. Their faces were blurred, but gave an extremely terrifying feeling to others.


Shi Yan’s eyes were bright red, he coldly glared at Cao Zhilan, murderous thoughts came into his mind. Those three giant demonic phantoms suddenly flew out simultaneously, their big demon claws were like overcasting dark clouds, pressing towards Cao Zhilan.


The faces of everyone in the field, suddenly changed.


Shi Yan’s power instantly soared, and formed three giant demonic phantoms on top of his head. The three demonic phantoms seemed like they were illusions, but brought extremely fierce and frightening energy fluctuations. Anyone could see that once they get hit by a demonic phantom, it wouldn’t be weaker than a full-power hit from Shi Yan.


“Little Yan! You really are something!” On the side Yang Mu laughed out loud, he held a big sword in one hand, and swung it at the sky.


The giant sword in his hand seemed light as a feather to him. It swung a beautiful arc in the sky. A cluster of bright silver light suddenly shot out, and forced back the approaching Pan Zhe with one blow.


Suddenly, from inside the meteor formation, Yang Xue, Karma, and Jaing Hu Quan appeared, these Yang family warriors that went ahead into the meteor formation, saw that Yang Mu and the others were at such a delay, and finally realized that Yang Mu had probably encountered danger. They actually came back and appeared again.


With the help from Yang Xue and the other Yang family warriors, they temporarily resolved the attacks towards Yang Mu and the two others, unburdening them.


“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”


Three giant demonic phantoms, under the murderous thoughts from Shi Yan’s mind, crazily pounced towards Cao Zhilan. The three demonic phantoms were formed purely with the negative powers in the meridians. They weren’t afraid of physical attacks, no godly weapon could kill these phantoms.


Under the attacks of these three demonic phantoms, Cao Zhilan’s expression also became more serious. While being encircled by three giant phantoms, Cao Zhilan’s delicate hand waved slightly, and different energy fluctuations that were different from Profound Qi flew out of his palm. Those strange power fluctuations rippled like water.


Energy fluctuations formed into a strange barrier that was difficult to see by the naked eye, this barrier actually had extraordinary defense power. Under the bombarding of the three demonic phantoms, that strange barrier kept twisting, but never broke.


More traces of sweat appeared on Cao Zhilan’s supple cheek. It seemed that also she could defend against the attack of the three demonic shadows with the profoundness of her martial skill, she still had to use up quite a lot of power.


“The Seal of Life and Death!” Shi Yan roared.


The patterns from both hands suddenly glowed in bright light. With seven seals per hand, the seals merged in pairs and suddenly blowed towards Cao Zhilan.


“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!”


Seven deep and fierce bursts came from the barrier formed by Cao Zhilan. The extraordinary barrier that was difficult to see by the naked eye, turned into firefly-like lights that shattered into the sky, and spread everywhere.


Cao Zhilan’s pretty face changed slightly, she exclaimed: “Star Shift!”


The lights that spread throughout the sky suddenly gathered quickly, and formed into a smooth flat mirror in front of Cao Zhilan.


At the moment the mirror surface formed, the three giant demonic phantoms just happened to force themselves this way, their claws fiercely grabbing towards Cao Zhilan.


Magically, the three giant demonic phantoms, suddenly disappeared without a trace when they fell into the mirror surface.


Just right in front of Cao Zhilan, those three demonic phantoms, seemed as if they vanished in thin air, not leaving a single trace.


A surprised light flashed across Shi Yan’s bright red eyes.


His mind shifted, and with the help of his senses, he realized that those three giant demonic phantoms actually appeared outside the palace, three li away from here.


Cao Zhilan used a profound martial spirit that actually managed to transport the demonic phantoms formed by negative powers, and easily resolved his fatal blow.


“You sure have some methods. Only in the Disaster realm, you can actually force me to use such a defensive martial skill. Hmm, you have enough to take pride in.” Cao Zhilan gave a light sigh, and shook her head. With some sympathy she said: “I originally wanted to catch you alive, but since you had such an eye-catching performance, it seems that I’ll have to kill you first, then slowly try to figure out the secrets on you.”


After those words came out, suddenly there were strange lights glimmering in Cao Zhilan’s deep beautiful eyes. Those strange lights circulated in a special pattern in her eyes, light the stars up in the sky, moving in their mysterious tracks according to the laws of the universe.


At the same time, flows of different types of powers quickly surged in Cao Zhilan’s delicate body. Inside her body, five different lights the colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and green quietly appeared. These five different-colored lights became more and more obvious, each holy light seemed to be a power entirely different from Profound Qi.


“Five-Colored Holy Light!”


Yang Mu’s expression was extremely stern, he suddenly roared: “Shi Yan, you can’t fight the enemy head-on, retreat immediately!”


Shi Yan’s bright red eyes stared coldly at Cao Zhilan. At this most breathtaking moment, he suddenly closed his eyes!


The faces of Yang Xue, Yang Ke, and Li Fenger suddenly changed. Together they all yelled out, trying to convince Shi Yan to dodge.


The Five-Colored Holy Light, was a Sacred level martial spirit from the Cao family. It is said that the cultivation of the skill was extremely difficult. First you have to cultivate five martial spirits that each form different powers, and then try to master all of those five martial skills, thus owning five different types of powers in one’s body. Only then could they start cultivating the Five-Colored Holy Light.


Because the Five-Colored Holy Light was so hard to cultivate, even in the Cao family, there were rarely anyone that could successfully cultivate it. Reportedly the power of the skill was extremely astonishing.


Once Yang Mu and the rest saw the five different-colored lights coming from inside Cao Zhilan’s body, they immediately recognized this legendary martial skill. They hurriedly tried to advise Shi Yan to dodge.


However, at this crucial moment, Shi Yan actually close his eyes!


After Yang family warriors like Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Li Fenger shouted in shock, their expressions appeared to be extremely anxious. They wanted to go help Shi Yan, but they were stopped by the opponents in front of them, and had no time to spare.


“I know those three giant demonic phantoms are quickly flying this way, but, I think you won’t be able to wait until their help comes.” the Five-Colored Holy Light came out, and a flow of extremely dangerous power presence came from her body. That Five-Colored Holy Light suddenly gathered in front of her voluminous breasts.


Five types of holy light, quickly formed into one broad beam holy light that was wide as a sky-reaching pillar. Devastating energy fluctuations came from inside that holy light, and suddenly shot out.


Its target was pointed straight at Shi Yan!


“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”


The wide Five-Colored Holy Light shot out of thin air, its speed was faster than the naked eye could catch.


Shi Yan stood firmly in his place.




The Five-Colored God Light shoot through his body, its force was like a laser beam. It shattered one of the skyscraping pillars behind him, and continued to shoot forward, crumbling another palace on its way.


“Little Yan!” Yang Mu screamed, his expression was grievous.


“Hmm?” There were bits of mysterious light gleaming in Cao Zhilan’s beautiful eyes, her pretty face was a little surprised. She said faintly: “Another illusion. You’ve escaped this time, but are you going to have such great luck next time?”


In the stone fragments that flew all over the sky, another Shi Yan’s shadow slowly appeared. Using the Electric Shift and the Phantom Shift, and with the magical mental state of the second sky of Rampage, Shi Yan was able to predict the attack speed and direction of the holy light ahead of time, thus dodging the fatal blow of the Five-Colored Holy Light.


“This time, I won’t dodge.”


His bright red eyes calmly looked at Cao Zhilan. Shi Yan’s tone was flat, without a single trace of emotion.


Wisps of scorching flame power quietly seeped out of the Blood Vein Ring. The flame power swept through his meridians, wisps of flames came of out the nostrils and eye corners of Shi Yan, the condition of his body was extremely strange.


At the crucial moment, the then thousand year-old Core Fire had reached out in aid once again, injecting the fire power that can burn all beings into his body!


Chapter 228

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