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Chapter 213 - The Ancient Gate of Heaven

Chapter 213




The Ice Cold Flame sent an urgent message, “Be careful. Leave right now! This guy’s soul has no emotions, but only relentless murder. It will ruin everything, every soul! It is not a common demonic beast!”


Shi Yan was stunned.


Without hesitation, he triggered all his energy and moved his Profound Qi into his legs, initiating Lightning.


A flash of lightning crossed the valley.


It landed one hundred meters beyond the Demon Ghost.


“Howl, howl, howl!”


The Demon Ghost bellowed crazily, while its vicious green eyes were gazing at Shi Yan, it was bounded by the twelve chains, standing twenty meters away in front of Shi Yan.


Thunder came from the two Divine Mountains, the twelve chains connecting them were being stretched.


It was merely a Level Six demon beast, but the power was earth shaking!


Slowly breathing, Shi Yan looked calm. As he grinned to the Demon Ghost, “Well you are malicious enough!”


He hadn’t thought that he will be restrained by the Demon Ghost as soon as he approached it. If the Ice Cold Flame hadn’t come to his rescue, he could have been killed by the Demon Ghost.


Failed again.


“This demon beast is very special.” From the Blood Vein Ring came the Ice Cold Flame’s message, meanwhile, the Ice Cold Flame’s aura got weaker and weaker. And the Blood Vein Ring restrained the Ice Cold Flame more.


“Hmm, it is said that it’s interbred by the Dark Area Ghost and the Demon Area demon dragon.”


Shi Yan told the story about the demon dragon to the Ice Cold Flame, “According to my grandpa, this demon beast shouldn’t have existed. Because the Dark Area and the Demon Area are not connected. This Demon Ghost originated magically.”


“Bred by the Dark Area Ghost and the Demon Area Dragon?” The Ice Cold Flame was surprised, “Are you sure?”


“He did say so.”


The Ice Cold Flame went silent.


After a long long time, the Ice Cold Flame messaged again,“You’ve got in trouble!”


Shi Yan’s expression changed, as he asked,“What does it mean?”


He knew although the Ice Cold Flame was not human being, it knew better than most experts about this world.


This guy was there for who knows how many years, possessing many ancient experts’ memories. It knew many secrets of the Grace Mainland, and also in the Dark Area and the Demon Area.


It must have found something since it said so!


“The Demon Ghost’s appearance means someone dangerous broke the path between the Dark Area and the Demon Area. Once the path was broken, the space shield would be unstable, and there will be a lot of cracks on the space of the Grace Mainland.”


“Which means?”


“Means the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers will ally to strike this world again!”


Shi Yan was astounded.


“The Dark Area and the Demon Area have been long jealous of the wealth here, which is quite rare in their worlds. Once the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers obtain what they want on the Grace Mainland, they will expand quickly, then your world will be in deep trouble.”


“The break of the path between the Dark Area and the Demon Area is a sign, indicating their cooperation. They are going to enter the Grace Mainland and start slaughter!”


“What?” Shi Yan was shocked.


“How old is the Demon Ghost?”


“Said to be hundreds of years.”


“Recently, are there any Demon Dwellers coming to this world from the connection point of the space?”




“That’s a disaster!”


The Ice Cold Flame was helpless,“The path between the Dark Area and the Demon Area takes about five hundred years to make crack in the space. The Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers need to invest tremendously during these five hundred years, to stabilize the path between the Dark Area and the Demon Area, then influence the space joints in the Grace Mainland. Once some Demon Dwellers appeared from the pace joints, and if there are even high rank Demon Dwellers, then it means they come prepared.”


“What’s next then?”


“The Dark Area and our world don’t have space joints. The Dark Area and the Gate of Heaven of our world are single-directed. We can only enter the Dark Area through the Gate of Heaven, but the Dark Dwellers can not enter the Grace Mainland through the Gate of Heaven. It means, it’s hard for the Dark Dwellers to enter our world. However, once the path between the Dark Area and the Demon Area is connected, the Dark Dwellers can enter our world through the space joints.”


“And then?”


“Then someday you will find a lot of high rank Demon Dwellers and Dark Dwellers popping up here. At that time, all the warriors in the Endless Sea will be the prey of the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers. Maybe in a short time, this place will be slaughtered and you won’t find a single human being any more.”


“Why didn’t the Demon Dwellers enter this world through the Gate of Heaven?”


“God Realm Demon Dwellers can’t really pass the Gate of Heaven. There is the rule. If Demon Realm Demon Dwellers could easily enter the Gate of Heaven, it would become a wasteland long ago. The Second and Third Demon Area was sealed because there were True God Demon Dwellers who abandoned the rule of the Gate of Heaven!”


Shi Yan was totally shocked by what he had heard.


He never suspected that the Demon Dwellers were so terrifying. According to the Ice Cold Flame, the Second and the Third Demon Area Demon Dwellers are more vicious. So the Gate of Heaven was destroyed to prevent them.


“Who created the Gate of Heaven?”


“Warriors of God Realms.”


“Hmm? Warriors of God Realms?”


“Yes, in the ancient times, the Demon Dwellers, the Dark Dwellers and other tribes in different worlds got along well with each other. The Gate of Heaven exists to let the tribes communicate. Since there was limited resources in every world, they needed to exchange their materials for training.”


“In the ancient times, there was an area called the Connection Sea, where there were many Gates of Heaven leading to all worlds. The Connection Sea was the center of all worlds and was on the Grace Mainland. However, from a certain time, all the tribes began to fight. Because of the Gates of Heaven, those stronger tribes could enter other worlds and slaughter the people there.”


“The battles among the tribes were fast and easy because of the Gates of Heaven. Many minor tribes became extinct.The Grace Mainland, the Demon Area and the Dark Area were merely three worlds then. After battles of thousands of years, many tribes disappeared.”


“Till one day, the experts of all tribes noticed that the existence of the Gate of Heaven was dangerous. So they set all sorts of rules to prevent battles when creating the Gate of Heaven. Some tribes lost a lot in the battles, so they had to destroy the Gate of Heaven to cut their connection with outside world.”


“In that age, many Gates of Heaven disappeared, and many tribes went out of contact from us. There were a few Gates of Heaven later, but they were all with lots of rules.”


“The Dark Area is a vicious area. Their Gate of Heaven prevents other tribes from invading. And the Demon Area is also overwhelming strong, so their Gate of Heaven stopped God Realm Demon Dwellers too. Once the Gate is broken, there will be a disaster.”


As it knew many things related to history, the Ice Cold Flame told everything it knew to Shi Yan.


After the Ice Cold Flame finished, Shi Yan realized there would be a storm in the Endless Sea.


“Shi Yan.”


Yang Lao showed up secretly with a serious face. After he came, he glanced the Demon Ghost, and deeply looked at Shi Yan, and said abruptly, “Stop it if you can’t conquer the Demon Ghost in a month. Don’t waste your time. I will take you to a safe place.”


Shi Yan’s expression changed, “What happened?”


No matter in the Kyara Sea or the Endless Sea, the Yang Family was the greatest power. And the Immortal Island was their home, along with the Divine Mountains here.


What kind of disaster it was that made the Yang Family leave the Immortal Island?


“Three days ago, the Demon King Bo Xun’s bone shadow appeared in different sea areas. He said your great grandpa was trapped under the ‘Demon Seal Formation’ in the Fourth Demon Area. Even if he has the Immortal treasure, he would still be tortured to death.” Yang Lao looked rigid.


“What? Bo Xun recovered?” Shi Yan was freaked out.


“The Demon Seal Pattern was not from Demon King Bo Xun, but another Demon King Chi Yan. Bo Xun and Chi Yan became allies.” Yang Lao looked worried.


“The Demon Dwellers are invading this world?” Shi Yan took a deep breath, and calmed himself down.


“The Demon Dwellers haven’t arrived.” Yang Lao shook his head, “but the great powers in other sea areas are sailing toward the Kyara Sea secretly now. Those survived Demon Dwellers found the heads of those great powers and made some agreements with them to exchange materials with this world, on the condition——slaughter the Yang Family!”


Chapter 213

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    1. Honestly it’s hectically annoying. In almost every single Xianxia novel, there is never a phase where the MC will stay at a sect/clan/palace and suck up the resources to become stronger… It’s been almost 2 years and he hasn’t even gone up a level! Meanwhile he gets to the disaster realm in 1 year. The author really fucked up his timing. The first 110 chapters were rather good, but after that you could see even though the author introduced the Yang Family he barely wanted to make it a pivotal point of the Novel.

      First time leaving towards the Yang Family -> Demon hand crashed and fucks them up.

      Second time about to leave towards the Yang Family -> Gets stuck in ice for 3 years.(As a make up for his speedy cultivation?)

      Third time leaving towards Yang Family involves him being away for a almost a year in a fucking volcano?(Honestly fam?)

      Finally at Yang Family and spends 7 months helping Xia family girl to heal – forms Sea of Consciousness.(still no realm increase).

      Then goes to subdue a fucking beast? Come on? Doesn’t get any of the famous pills or any of the cultivation equipment.

      And now they have to fuck off because of some invasion? Does the author only feel he can write something that is worthwhile when there is conflict and drama? Can’t he write a peaceful training arc?

      I generally would never vent in such a large way, but I’m just incredibly disappointed as I was really enjoying this novel in the first couple of arcs. :/

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