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Chapter 209 - Forming the Sea of Consciousness

Chapter 209




In the mountains of the Yang family.


Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan were sitting cross-legged face to face. Between them, the Soul Gathering Pearl was sending out Martial Spirit. Pure power of the soul flew along their arms, necks,to their brains.


In Soul Gathering Pearl, the water-like power of the soul was reducing.


Time flied. Suddenly, half of a year had passed.


Shi Yan held his breath, as his forehead started shining.


Strong soul fluctuations came from his brain, and then slowly started spreading through the entire stone chamber.


It’s the crucial moment.


According to Ice Cold Flame’s saying, he had been absorbing the power of the Soul Gathering Pearl for half a year. With the injecting power of the soul, he felt himself full of spirit power. His spiritual sensitivity could even cover a radius of hundred miles.


While injecting Soul power, his spirit power grew several times, not reducing in speed until today.


His spirit power increased by an extreme amount. Shi Yan never stopped focusing on condensing his spirit power. He combined a thousand strings of spirit power into one. In his brain, the spirit power was likes hundreds of thousands of thin strings. Under the control of his mind, these hundreds of thousands of spirit strings combined by one thousand.


On this day, the spirit power in his mind had coalesced into several hundreds of strings after re-organizing.


Under his control, several hundred strings of spirit power were injected into the soul stigma. Those strong spirit power went into a sudden contraction.


Shi Yan clearly saw the sudden changes of the spirit power in his brain.


The spirit power was flashing. Inside it, were his life experiences.


Drowning his mind into one part of his spirit power, secretly scrutinizing, just like watching a movie, he could find the scene of his past.


The past seemed to be replayed.


Those spirit power deeply imprinted in his life experience, and seemed to be a microcosm of his life.


In this process, his soul seemed to have sublimated, indulging in the spirit power.


At one moment.


Lightning jumped out from the spirit power. The spirit power gradually became unclear.


A strange energy fluctuation began to overflow from it. A mysterious change was happening quietly.


Shi Yan suddenly felt like he owned countless eyes! He seemed to have more souls!


Wonderful feelings came into the heart. Before he realized it, the spirit power suddenly combined together.


In his brain, wisps of Profound Qi power gradually formed a Sea of Consciousness!


The Sea of Consciousness!


In his brain, wisps of Soul consciousness combined, and then became a Sea of Consciousness about one square meter in size.

He could see the little Sea of Consciousness and strong fluctuations in his mind. Among the Sea of Consciousness, his memories had deeply imprinted.


Between the changes of mind, he could see every experience of his past life!


As long as he wanted to see it, the Sea of Consciousness would become a screen, showing his past clearly.


In the Sea of Consciousness, it has all his life as if was his soul sublimation!


Gradually, his brain is no longer continued shining. Everything seemed to return to normal.


Unknowingly, the Soul Gathering Pearl had stopped blinking and lost the soul power.


The clear soul power formed by thousands of souls had went out after their absorption.


Suddenly, Shi Yan opened his eyes.


When his mind blinked, the Sea of Consciousness formed a strange wave. The soul spirit quickly spread in all directions.


Wherever the Soul consciousness passed, the mountains, the grass, demon beasts, palaces, a lot of Yang warriors, all kinds of scenes, occurred in Sea of Consciousness.


The small Sea of Consciousness divided into numerous images. Each image corresponded to a outside world scene.


Shi Yan was stunned with a strange expression on his face.


Such a moment of the soul release and the Sea of Consciousness gave him a very wonderful understanding.


The soul that he released was like intangible cameras or satellites that recorded all the scenes. Everything was revealed on it like on a screen.


With a weird smile, Shi Yan was sitting on the stone bed with his eyes shining.


After the formation of his Sea of Consciousness, the martial practice had a magical effect, going against his expectation.


He knew that the Nirvana Realm warriors could sense the surroundings. However, he felt that their feeling did not have such clarity.


However, now he also had the Sea of Consciousness and Soul consciousness. He was in a inexplicably happy mood.


He believed that his present ability could make him god in the world where he was born.


He stood still in his place, but he could still see everything miles away.


That was not all!


The Sea of Consciousness changed again, and then suddenly attacked the crystal wall.


In the air, the aura of the world formed into white mist. Obviously it was under attack by some invisible force. In the faint white mist, there was a vacuum from which a bunch of power suddenly shot out.




This wave of Soul consciousness impact fell on top of that crystal wall, and the crystal wall conveyed a sound of clash.


A glint of happiness flashed across Shi Yan’s eyes.


As expected.


Since the Soul consciousness had formed, he could now directly attack the enemy’s soul.


Soul consciousness was different from spirit power. Although it was invisible, it can still operate strong soul attacks.


It could be soft as hair and hard as a steel needle. It had direct destructive power to the soul!


Shi Yan sat on the stone bed with smiles, using the power of Soul consciousness and Sea of Consciousness to gain insight into the changes again and again.


“Congratulations, you formed the Sea of Consciousness.” The Ice Cold Flame sent the message from the ring, “However, you seem to have used all the power of the soul of Soul Gathering Pearl. What about the share you promised me?”


Shi Yan smiled bitterly, “I am sorry. When I was in practice, I forgot about this. The power of souls ran out while I wasn’t conscious of the fact. Hum! You said, I do not have to use much power of the soul, but why did I end up using all of it?”


Ice Cold Flame thought for a moment, “You have great potential. But you used more soul power than I imagined; you absorbed 60 percent of the soul power. Now, your sea of consciousness has expanded greatly. You do not only have the Sea of Consciousness, but also have a strong Soul consciousness because you absorbed 60 percent. And, your girl’s level is higher than you. Her mind is quite strange and since she absorbed 40 percent, I lost a lot. ”


“Well, you said my blood can make the Soul Gathering Pearl absorb souls again?” Shi Yan also felt a little embarrassed, “Once the Soul Gathering Pearl is restored, I will continue to gather more soul power. Next time, I will share some power of the soul to you. Is that ok?”


Ice Cold Flame was also helpless, “All right, that’s it. I hope you remember our agreement. That’s all.”


Shi Yan nodded and agreed immediately.


“Your woman, she’s going to wake up …” The Ice Cold Flame said.


Shi Yan felt happy and immediately stopped the communication with the Ice Cold Flame, and then looked at Xia Xinyan.


Her eyebrows slightly wrinkled as her long eyelashes slightly shook and her lips gently parted; she seemed to be waking up from the dream.


Shi Yan looked focused, even a little nervous.


Gradually, the soul of Xia Xinyan fluctuated, and then restored smoothly, causing her delicate face to become ruddy.


Even at this moment, she was still elegant with a sternly inviolable elegance.


Shi Yan was looking at this beauty with soft eyes and a smiling mouth.


After a long time, Xia Xinyan gently opened her eyes. Her bright eyes shone like the star, deep like the sea, while quietly staring at Shi Yan.


“It’s nice to see you again.” Her mouth curled an elegant curvature as she said softly with a smile.


“Xinyan, you are fine.” Shi Yan took a deep breath. His face was rippling gentle smiles as he jumped down from the stone bed, reached out his hand, and then said, “Now walk. Carefully make sure that there is nothing wrong. Tell me if you feel something is wrong.”


Xia Xinyan smiled, shook her head gently, but still obediently put her hand out to Shi Yan, letting him pull her down from the stone bed.


The perfect body walked a few steps in the stone room gracefully. With a smile on her beautiful face, she softly said, “I’m okay. I have also advanced into the Second Sky of Earth Realm.”


Shi Yan stunned at first, then immediately greeted, “Congratulations.”


Xia Xinyan nodded, “Our bet still works. Before you beat me, hehe, be quiet.” Then she withdrew her hand held by Shi Yan. She raised her eyebrows slightly, and then provoked him, “You have to work hard! If not, I will not promise you anything.”


“Don’t worry. I won’t keep you waiting.” Shi Yan grinned with a confident face, “I will become better than you soon!”


“Bragging.” Xia Xinyan smiled, “Don’t brag. Prove it as soon as possible.”


“I will.”


Chapter 209

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