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Chapter 203 - Arrival

Chapter 203


The quarry where the Black Scale Tribe demon dwellers hid at was straight up blown to the ground by one Sky Bomb. Even the earth began to deeply sink in.


Shi Yan sat on the body of the double headed dragon. He was stunned as he was shocked by the frightening exploding power of the Sky Bomb.


One Sky Bomb destroyed an entire mountain. Such power was truly unheard of.


At this moment, he got a deeper understanding of the Yang family’s background.


“Alright, let’s go.” Yang Mu looked below for a moment, clapped his hands, and said leisurely: “Unless there is a strong Sky realm demon dweller, no one can escape from the Sky Bomb.”


Shi Yan stroked the Soul Gathering Pearl, and then spread out his mind power to probe around. Indeed, he could no longer sense a single trace of soul fluctuation.


All the Black Scale Tribe demons in the quarry should’ve been crushed by this one blow. No more traces of life came from the quarry.


While nodding, Shi Yan smiled: “This is quite a big movement.”


“Haha, that’s how the Sky Bomb is. Forging one Sky Bomb requires more than seventy precious materials. Many of these materials also come from the Demon Area and only us, the Yang family, can obtain those precious materials because we often wage war in the demon area. Even if we told the forging method of the Sky Bomb to other families, they won’t be able to gather all of the materials to make it.” Yang Mu said proudly.


“We’re returning to Immortal Island now?” Shi Yan pondered for a moment, and then asked: “Last time, I heard a Shura Blood Guard say that a Gate of Heaven from the Immortal Island region was at the peak of battling. How is the situation now?”


“Still fighting, but the aggressiveness of the attacks from the demon dwellers has lessened. They probably also cannot afford the losses.” Yang Mu’s expression suddenly darkened, “This time, the actions of the demon dwellers were indeed very strange. They risked their lives to come through the nodes in space, and to spread throughout every corner of the Kyara Sea. I wonder what their true intentions are.”


“How is Xia Xinyan?” Shi Yan hesitated for a moment, and then asked.


Yang Mu’s eyes flickered for a second, then he smiled wryly and said: “The reason why I came to find you, is also because of her. The master of the Xia family brought Xia Xinyan to Immortal Island, asking our Yang family to take responsibility. Aii, this thing is really hard to deal with. Back in the day, this situation happened to someone from the Xia family. It’s almost unsolvable; no methods can be found at all. But uncle Mo said you have a way. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Great Grandpa seems to value you quite a lot. Since I was doing business around this area, I got his message telling me to escort you back to Immortal Island as soon as possible.”


Pausing for a moment, Yang Mu looked at Shi Yan with a strange expression, “Do you really have a way to solve Xia Xinyan’s problem?”


“Yes.” Shi Yan nodded.


Yang Mu’s eyes brightened, “Haha, if it’s really like that, then there should be no problem. What you don’t know is that that girl Xia Xinyan, is the treasure of the Xia family. She got into that kind of situation to save you causing all of the Xia family members to become furious; they came straight to the Immortal Island to cause trouble, forcing Great Grandpa to give an explanation.”


“Don’t worry, I’m sure I can awake her.”


“Alright.” Yang Mu didn’t continue asking for details. He rode the double headed dragon and made it speed up.


The double headed dragon was like an arrow that escaped its bow, shooting through the clouds above the Black Stone Island and moving into the distance.


On the Black Stone Island.


Xie Kui, He Qingman, and the rest stood above the mountain. From the distance, they looked at the quarry that was now blown to the ground; their expressions were inexplicably shocked.


“The Sky Bomb!” Xie Kui took in a deep breath, “Yang Mu used a single Sky Bomb and straight up destroyed that entire mountain! This is the end of this mission. Under the frightening power of the Sky Bomb, even a Nirvana realm demon dweller wouldn’t be able to survive. Yang Mu is sure willing to sacrifice a lot; he even brought out the Sky Bomb.”


He Qingman’s face was sullen as she sighed and said: “Our losses are so big this time…”


“Yang Mu, Shi Yan…” Xie Kui’s expression was dark and cold. He murmured under his breath: “I’ll remember you two.”


He Qingman glimpsed at Xie Kui, and felt even more worried inside. She knew Xie Kui’s personality. She knew that Xie Kui was the favored child of the Evil Wonderland, and that he was unusually malicious. Once he starts hating someone, he would never let it go easily.


“We should leave too.” Shen Yidan put up a mournful face, and stopped looking towards the sky. She blamed herself: “If we knew earlier that Shi Yan’s background was this big, then we would’ve definitely valued his words more. We wouldn’t have had such great losses. Aii…”


“Let’s go.” Xie Kui snorted coldly; his eyes were cold.


“When did you arrive at Black Stone Island?” On the double headed dragon, Shi Yan asked casually.


The appearances of Yang Mu and Xie Kui were both very sudden. There was no warning or sign; they just all suddenly appeared. This made Shi Yan very confused.


“I came earlier than Xie Kui did.” Yang Mu smilingly explained, “After I arrived above Black Stone Island, I didn’t know which was you at first. Then when I noticed you and Shi Yubai dueling, I finally knew you from their conversations. At that time I was going to get involved immediately, but I also wanted to see your capabilities. Thus, I just hid in the clouds and watched.”


“You only came over after Xie Kui?”


“Mmm hmm, when Xie Kui arrived at Black Stone Island, he didn’t appear immediately. Instead, he used his martial spirit to hide underground. After you and Shi Yubai dueled for a while, he finally sneaked towards you from underground. When I noticed his tracks, I already started to secretly prepare to intervene at any time…”


Yang Mu smilingly explained for a while, and then laughed: “But boy you are quite amazing! That Shi Yubai is a whole realm higher than you, but he couldn’t kill you with all of his strength. Up above, I was originally going to intervene immediately, but seeing that you were safe and sound, but out of curiosity I just continued watching. I wanted to see how long you could hold up for. If it weren’t for Xie Kui who couldn’t help but intervene, I might have waited for even longer until that Shi Yubai attacked you once more, to see if you could’ve still held up.”


Shi Yan smiled wryly, “I probably wouldn’t be able to continue holding up.”


“It’s hard to say.” Yang Mu revealed a thoughtful smile, “You think I wouldn’t know that there are still unused powers inside your body? I’ve long heard that inside your body, there is still the Star Martial Spirit of the Three Gods Sect. Although you can’t use that Star Martial Spirit against your enemy, but in crucial moments, it would still have no problem taking a fatal blow for you.”


The Star Martial Spirit?


Shi Yan dazed. If Yang Mu hadn’t mention it, he almost forgot that inside his body, there still existed the Star Martial Spirit.


He quietly sensed for a moment. He realized that the Star Martial Spirit still continued to endlessly absorb star power, and had never stopped.


At his heart, there were spots of glittering starlight; they seemed to already have absorbed quite a lot of star power. The strength of that star power seemed to be just as vigorous as his Profound Qi at the moment.


Unfortunately, this extra power was still difficult for him to use.


“Dude, you are really something different. Our Yang family has fought with the Three Gods Sect for hundreds of years, but you were able to obtain the Star Martial Spirit. Hehe, if the Sun God of the Three Gods Sect knew that the Star Martial Spirit of the last Star God, fell upon you, I wonder what he would be thinking.” Yang Mu exclaimed.


“Oh right, you said Great Grandpa prepared a demon beast for me. What exactly is that demon beast?” Shi Yan was more curious about this thing.


“Hehe, I’m not telling you.” Yang Mu purposely hid the information.


“What level is it?”


“You’ll know when you see it.”


“Is it as strong as your level 6 double-headed dragon?”


“Stronger than mine! However, you have to be able to tame it.” Yang Mu was bothered too much, and revealed some information in frustration, “That thing isn’t from our dimension. It comes from the Demon Area; it’s a strange hybrid that has the ability to continuously evolve!”


Shi Yan’s eyes brightened.


“Don’t get happy too soon! I don’t think you can tame it.” Yang Mu’s expression was strange. He shook his head and said: “I don’t know what Great Grandpa is thinking! How can he leave that thing for you to tame? You’re only in the Disaster realm! Maybe with just one encounter, you will be killed by that thing.”


“Big brother, we’re already returning to the Immortal Island and I’m still not familiar with the important figures in the Yang family. Uh, shouldn’t you introduce them to me a little?”


“Alright, I’ll roughly explain it to you and tell you about the people you definitely have to know…”


In the Yang family, there were four generations of people in total at the moment. Yang Qingdi was the head of the family as the first generation.


Below Yang Qingdi, there were three sons, separately known as Yang Feng, Yang Xiao, and Yang Lao. This was the second generation of the Yang family.


Among them, Yang Xiao was the father of Yang Hai. Nominally, he was also the grandfather of Shi Yan. Fifty years ago, he died in battle in the Fourth Demon Area.


Yang Feng and Yang Lao each had two sons. They were Yang Zhuo, Yang Niao, Yang Xiu, and Yang Qi; this was the third generation of the Yang family.


Under Yang Zhuo, there was Yang Mu and Yang Zhou. Yang Niao had one daughter, Yang Xue. Yang Xiu had one son, Yang Ke. Finally, Yang Qi had one daughter Yang Meng.


The five people, Yang Mu, Yang Zhou, Yang Xue, Yang Ke, and Yang Meng, were the fourth generation of the Yang family.


Of course, in the direct descendents of the Yang family, there wasn’t only these people. However, the rest of them, because they didn’t have the Yang family’s Immortal Martial Spirit inside their bodies, they weren’t included into this category.



The first generation, Yang Qingdi, was in the Spirit realm. Below him, the second generation’s Yang Feng and Yang Lao were both in the Sky realm. Even below that, the third generation’s Yang Zhuo, Yang Niao, Yang Xiu, and Yang Qi were almost all in the Nirvana realm. Then lastly, the fourth generation’s Yang Mu, Yang Zhou, Yang Xue, Yang Ke, and Yang Meng, were mostly in the Earth and Disaster realms.


In the four generations of the Yang family, between each of the generations, they seemed to only be one realm apart; it was very strange.


This also made Shi Yan very surprised. He couldn’t help but ask further. However, before he could ask, he got his answer from Yang Mu: “Before the Earth realm, there are the Elementary, Nascent, Human, and Disaster realms. These realms belong to normal warrior families, and can be a very long cultivation process. However, to our Yang family, these four realms are not hard to pass. The precious resources controlled by our Yang family can make the breakthrough of these four realms speed up by multiple times. As long as you have a determined will and outstanding talent, under the the catalyzing of our family’s precious treasures, you can quickly reach the third sky of Disaster realm in a matter of ten years.”


“However, starting from when you breakthrough to the Earth realm from the Disaster realm, if you want to keep reaching higher, you can no longer just rely on pills and elixirs. At that time, the breakthrough of realms will slow down. Just breaking through a small realm, might need more than ten years of time. That is why in our generation, most can quickly step into the Earth realm. But breakthroughs from that time on, will become slower and slower…”


“Is that so…” Shi Yan quietly nodded; he seemed to be enlightened by the information.


The two sat on top of the double headed dragon and chatted the whole way. They went towards the Immortal Island at great speed.


After more than ten days, under the directions of Yang Mu, Shi Yan, who was sitting on top of the double headed dragon, finally saw the legendary Immortal Island.


Chapter 203

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