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Chapter 199 - Rampage

Chapter 199


Through the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan felt an extremely powerful life force from the bottom of the mine.


From his understanding of life force, he can be sure that the powerful life force came from a black scaled demon dweller, who was at least at the Third Sky of the Nirvana realm.


The black scaled demon dweller who was in the Second Sky of the Nirvana realm was definitely a frightening existence in the Black Rock Island.


Although Lin Nan has the same Nirvana realm cultivation, through the battle with the demon dwellers, Shi Yan was absolutely sure that in the same realm, a black scale demon dweller was absolutely more powerful than a human warrior.


In other words, Lin Nan certainly wasn’t that demon dweller’s opponent.


The higher the realm that a demon dweller had, the greater the risk was when passing through the unstable points in space. Maybe when this demon dweller came to the Endless Sea, he was injured and just recovered recently.


Maybe, Gu Ya’s injury angered this guy and when he was angry, his life force became too strong, thus allowing Shi Yan to feel it through the Soul Gathering Pearl.


At this moment, this demon dweller was moving up quickly from the bottom of the mine towards Shi Yan.


Soon, that demon dweller will appear here and even if Lin Nan arrived here, she probably wasn’t that demon dweller’s opponent.


Shi Yan understood his own strength; even when he used the Second Sky of Rampage and doubled his strength, he only can deal with a warrior at the Earth realm at most. That demon dweller was in the Second Sky of the Nirvana realm and his body was also extremely powerful; if he fights with this demon dweller, he doesn’t have any chance of survival.


Therefore, his first thought is to leave quickly.


“What happened?!”


He Qingman exclaimed. She didn’t know what happened, but from Shi Yan expression, she knew that something terrible must have happened.


“Leave here first!”


Shi Yan face became sullen as he returned to the back and rushed quickly towards the exit.


When he entered, Shi Yan remembered every detail of this cave and he was already clear about this maze-like cave because he had already formed a map in his mind.


Shi Yan only answered once and immediately left, making He Qingman more surprised.


“Miss He, what should we do ?”


The warriors from the Evil Wonderland looked at He Qingman at a loss about what to do.


He Qingman frowned. After hesitating for a while, she shouted “Withdraw! You guys have also seen that guy’s strange methods. He knows the situation better than anyone else. If he wants to leave, then he must have his own reasons.”


Bardy and the others nodded their heads.


He Qingman took the lead. After swaying for a bit, she turned into green light that rushed toward Shi Yan’s direction.


Shi Yan quickly flew across the tunnel. With the profound qi in his body flowing into his legs, a sound came from the black hard rocks every time he landed. Some of the rocks were even broken apart. Looks like he needs to find a martial skill that increases his speed.


While Shi Yan was moving, he secretly thought.


As far as he knew, there were many martial skill that increased speed. Once learned, it can greatly enhance the speed, and can also make the body’s movements unpredictable during the battle.


When he was at the Shi family in the Tianyun city, he found several kinds of martial skills for body cultivation in the Martial Spirit Palace of the Shi family. However, those martial skill’s level were far too low, so he didn’t used them.


And also, there was usually no special occasion or battle that would make him in need to use this kind of martial skill.


However, today through the Soul Gathering Pearl, when he sensed there was a demon dweller with the cultivation of the Second Sky of the Nirvana realm rushing towards him with lightning speed, he felt for the first time that his speed was too slow.


At a crucial time, speed can be a life-saver.


“Chi Chi!”


In front of the tunnel, the sound of movement in the air suddenly came.


Shi Yan Stopped and looked up towards the front.


A plump figured stood there at the tunnel exit, with a long shadow following it. This figure’s speed was too fast, causing an illusion of a long shadow that appeared very strange.




Lin Nan suddenly stopped, showing a surprised look at Shi Yan, and then frowned: “What happened? Where are He Qingman and the others ?”


After he saw that the one who was coming was Lin Nan, Shi Yan relaxed: “They are in the back. We need to get out from here as soon as possible.”


“Get out from here?” Lin Nan was stunned, “I still haven’t seen the demon dwellers! Our objective here is to clean up the demon dwellers located on the island and before we accomplish the mission, how can we leave?”


“If you guys want to complete the mission, then it is your problem; I don’t want to get involved!” Shi Yan was too lazy to explain anymore, so he passed Lin Nan and quickly rushed out.


He already felt that the speed of the demon dweller who has the cultivation at the Second Sky of the Nirvana realm was gradually accelerating, and soon, that demon dweller will arrive at his location.


Time was being wasted,, and in order to save his life, Shi Yan didn’t want to waste any more time.


Explaining would only waste a minute of time, but in this moment, every minute was extremely valuable. Maybe if he had explained, he would have already ruined himself.


“So what happened?” Lin Nan exclaimed, “I received He Qingman’s message. She said that you guys have encountered the demon dwellers.”


“Just ask He Qingman yourself, she will be here in a moment.” Shi Yan replied and kept running towards the exit.


Lin Nan wanted to ask more, but she found that Shi Yan had already disappeared.


“What a strange guy. I don’t know what he came to the Black Rock Island for; even though he said that he want to train himself, after seeing the powerful demon dwellers, he actually rans away instead.”


Lin Nan frowned and muttered, being full of doubts.


“Fushhh fushh shhh !”


Figures suddenly came out from the tunnel, one after another. In a slightly narrow cave, Shen Yi Dan, Peng Pei, Shi Yu Bai were bringing another ten warriors and was about to enter the tunnel.


Shi Yan suddenly appeared.




Shen Yi Dan exclaimed, and then looked strangely at Shi Yan as he said : “Why did you come back?”


“Yeah, didn’t you said that you guys encountered the demon dwellers? What are you running from?” Peng pei smiled, and then said : “Don’t say that you are scared of the demon dwellers and frightened by them? Hahaha, then why did you come here in the first place? Didn’t you say that you want to train yourself?”


Shi Yan was too lazy to mind them and passed them.




Shi Yu Bai blocked Shi Yan way, his face full of doubt: “What did you guys encounter? Where is He Qingman? Even though you want to flee, you need to make things clear!”


“Yeah, there is nothing to be afraid of! We have already come!” Shen Yi Dan smiled with his eyes filled with disdain, “Not to mention, Sister Nan already went ahead. Sister Nan is in the Nirvana realm, with her here, those demon dwellers won’t be able to harm you. I really don’t know what you afraid of!”


These three apparently assumed that Shi Yan was a coward and that Shi Yan was scared after seeing powerful demon dwellers.


Shi Yan sneered, and then said toward Shi Yu Bai who blocked his way: “Move, I don’t care if you guys want to be heroes. Don’t block my way.”


“Before you make things clear first, don’t even think about leaving!” Shi Yu Bai eyes became cold, and then said: “You really think that your surname is Yang? Even if your surname is Yang, I still don’t care! Hmph, you are only in the Disaster realm! Even though you really came from the Yang family, certainly you aren’t an important figure. In this black rock island, there is no way you can come and go as you want!”


Shi Yan face suddenly turned cloudy.


He didn’t continue to explain and maintained his body in the First Sky of rampage; Shi Yan suddenly burst out like a bullet towards Shi Yu Bai.


“Ah, he dares to attack!”


Shi Yu Bai screamed, and then shook his head: “With the cultivation of Disaster realm, he dares to attack the warrior with the cultivation of the Second Sky of the Earth realm! I don’t know if he is too confident or already crazy.”


“He must be frightened by the demon dwellers. I already can’t tell who he is.”


The other Evil Wonderland warriors who were there exposed the expression of ridicule and sneered at Shi Yan in sarcasm.


Shi Yu Bai snorted. His body still blocked the way and didn’t move a bit. His hands drew a semicircular arc, and then dark yellow light quickly condensed, forming a layer of solid soil barrier.


Shi Yu Bai’s martial spirit can control the power of the earth and formed the earth power into “Earth wall” which is enough to withstand the impact from a normal Earth realm warrior.


After forming the “Earth wall”, Shi Yu Bai sneered, backed up two steps, and then hid into the tunnel while coldly watching Shi Yan attack.




A dull explosion sound suddenly came out from that dark yellow light wall.


Under the impact from Shi Yan, the wall suddenly twisted a bit and immediately exploded.


Shen Yi Dan, Peng Pei and the others face suddenly changed.


Shi Yan body smashed mercilessly at the defenseless Shi Yu Bai body, causing him to fly out. Before he even landed, Shi Yan already passed him and had disappeared into the dark tunnel.




Shen Yi Dan covered his mouth with his face full of horror while looking towards the direction of where Shi Yan disappeared into.


“How can it be?”


Peng Pei exclaimed, “Even I wasn’t able to break through brother Shi’s light wall! That kid, how could that kid break through it?”


“Who knows!”


Shen Yi Dan smiled wryly and his expression full of surprise: “I think we have looked down on him. Maybe this guy was really the Yang’s direct descendant, otherwise, how can he have such powerful strength? We… maybe really have been misled.”


“Impossible. How would I have never heard about this little monster from Yang family? This Shi Yan, I have really never heard of before, and he also said that his surname was Shi, so how can he be from the Yang family?” Peng Pei shouted.


At this moment, Shi Yu Bai slowly stood up and walked towards them; his eyes were full of hate.


“Let’s find Qingman first. After we get out, I will deal with him.”


Shen Yi Dan and Peng Pei looked at each other. Their expression was very strange, but they didn’t say anything. Along with Shi Yu Bai, they rushed toward the direction that Shi Yan came from.



Chapter 199

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