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Chapter 168 - Demon Master Mojito

Chapter 168


Clouds shifted quickly upon the Clouds Island and blocked the sun.


A ferocious soul stretched out from vastness to grab the Clouds Island.


Every warrior on the Clouds Island who had formed spirit perception power could feel the pressure from that horrible soul.


Mo Duanhun jumped out and turned into a flame of green light and then into a tornado, hitting the sky.


At the quarry of the Gu Family, Shura Blood Guard mounted the Cyan Blood Bats one after another.


Xia Xinyan and He Qingman were surprised as they looked up to the sky at the dense demon cloud.


“It’s Demon Master Mojito under Demon King Bo Xun!”


Xia Xinyan blinked and through the Incarnation Martial Spirit, she detected who was it.


“Mojito!” He Qingman yelled in astonishment, “Mojito is merely a demon master; how dare he tear the space barrier and enter our space? The demon master would be severely injured after the breakthrough, finding it hard to fight. Is he crazy?”


“Who knows what he is thinking about!” Xia Xinyan shook her head, “Qingman, it’s a rather dangerous journey, be careful. We should leave on our Wind Thunder Lion if the situation turns for the worst. Mojito is at God Realm. Even if he is badly crippled, he could take us easily.”


He Qingman nodded at once, “Yes, the Gu Family is crazy to work with the Demon dwellers.”


“They are. The Yang family hates whoever involves themselves with the demon area. The Gu Family will face a ferocious revenge from the Yang Family after this. Well, I hope Lord Mo will be fine and not to be taken down by Mojito.” Xia Xinyan shook her head and sighed.


“Get ready to leave anytime.” He Qingman urged Xia Xinyan, “Get on the Wind Thunder Lion and be prepared to leave the Clouds Island. The Gu family is doing something really major. Maybe they will kill everybody; we must be on alert.”


“Okay.” Xia Xinyan nodded and mounted the Wind Thunder Lion.


After mounting the Wind Thunder Lion, He Qingman patted its neck and the lion flew up to leave the Clouds Island.


“Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom!”


Great thunders came from the dense demon clouds above Clouds Island, shaking the earth.


Soon the clouds gathered and covered every corner of the Clouds Island.


The Wind Thunder Lion reached the sky and was just about to leave the Clouds Island, until it was blocked by the dense barrier.


Xia Xinyan screamed in fear, “The demon flame had blocked the island.”


Bunches of demon clouds covered the Clouds Island like a black bowl.


No one could go in or get out of the Clouds Island anymore.


The Clouds Islands was sealed!


“We are finished.” He Qingman smiled hopelessly, “It’s so out of expectation that the demon master came and sealed the island. Although Lord Mo is at Sky Realm, if even he was trapped by Mojito; then we can’t escape this time.”


“Now that we can’t leave, we should help the Shura Blood Guards kill the Gu Family.” Xia Xinyan frowned, “No matter what the result is, we won’t let the Gu Family have an easy time.”


“Sure!” He Qingman’s eyes flashed with a callous light while her slim leg kicked the Wind Thunder Lion, urging it to decline quickly to the quarry.


The Profound Qi was boiling between Shi Yan’s legs while he was shuttling swiftly in the woods.


He saw what happened on the Clouds Island clearly. Since the demon dweller sealed the island, he had to get the Soul Gathering Pearl as soon as possible or else he will be killed together with the Yang Family members.


Only by obtaining the Soul Gathering Pearl could he control the demon dweller and change the situation!


Half an hour later.


Shi Yan dashed into the valley soaked in sweat. Regardless of the seal in the valley, he moved forward.


“Break the seal!” As his consciousness dived into the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan sent a message to the Ice Cold Flame.




Oval light loops showed up upon the valley and struck toward Shi Yan in silver sparkles.


At the same time, gray ripples rippled away.


The ripples moved and seemed to influence Shi Yan’s profound Qi; he couldn’t control it for a moment.


Shi Yan was in danger. He was stopped suddenly by the two sorts of seals.


“Coming!” The Ice Cold Flame responded.


Freezing air gushed out from the Blood Vein Ring with the sound of “hiss hiss”.


The earth, trees, stones were suddenly covered by white frost.


The cold air moved while the space was frozen. The surroundings changed quickly, and then the veil outside the valley was revealed.


A milky white light covered the valley and hid the stone pillar, soul gathering flag, and the Soul Gathering Pool.


The cold air from the Ice Cold Flame froze the light cover and the latter showed cracks on its surface.


Through the light cover, Shi Yan could see through the valley and found the stone pillar, soul calling flags, and the Soul Gathering Pool.


He could also see Gu Jiange!


Gu Jiange was standing beside the Soul Gathering Pool in surprise as he looked over in Shi Yan’s direction.


The cold air from the Ice Cold Flame moved and soon took the whole valley. The valley was sealed and every sort of energy was frozen.


As a one of a kind of Sky Fire, the Ice Cold Flame was born a long time ago.


Ed: meaning that it has had plenty of time to increase its power on top of its OP potential.


It had been tamed by Nie Chen, and with his power of the Third Sky of God Realm, he had sealed the whole Munro Island. If it was freed from the Blood Vein Ring, it could even fight against the demon dweller.


It was too easy of a take for it to freeze a valley.




The milky light shell finally exploded into endless ice chips.


“Shi Yan!”


From the valley came Gu Jiange’s voice as he was smiling warmly, “Brother Shi, I didn’t know you were from the Yang family when we were at the Munro island. I have to apologize to you.”


Gu Jiange smiled and bowed towards Shi Yan, and then pretended to be surprised, “But why is brother Shi on the Clouds Island? Why are you here?”


Shi Yan frowned slightly, not willing to respond Gu Jiange, so he kept silent as he ran to the Soul Gathering Pool beside Gu Jiange.


At that time, the cold air of the Ice Cold Flame had frozen the valley, so it was the best chance for Shi Yan to get the Soul Gathering Pearl.


“Shi Yan, what are you…” Gu Jiange cried in fear.




The Dragon Slaying Sword flew out from the back of Gu Jiange’s neck and the Hornless Fire Dragon flew toward Shi Yan at once.


With fear on his face, Gu Jiange grabbed the Dragon Slaying Sword and slashed out a light beam to strike Shi Yan apart.


Ed: Like Cloud’s light slash from the Final Fantasy series. It’s the neutral special on Smash 4.



Gu Jiange was born with the Sword Spirit Martial Spirit, allowing him to communicate with the sword, which made his skills looked extremely fluent.


With the smile returning back on his face, Gu Jiange shook his head slightly, “Brother Shi, why in such a hurry?”


The Hornless Fire Dragon and the light beam chased up to Shi Yan at once.


Shi Yan looked callous and never turned his eyes towards Gu Jiange at all, but instead, headed for the Soul Gathering Pool.


Freezing air gushed out from the Blood Vein Ring and during his actions, Shi Yan’s body froze and turned into a little glacier.


The Hornless Fire Dragon and the light beam could not damage the ice at all.




Shi Yan didn’t pay attention to Gu Jiange, but instead, jumped into the Soul Gathering Pool.


Gu Jiange was shocked.


He wasn’t worried about Shi Yan fighting him, but that Shi Yan was heading to the Soul Gathering Pool!


The Soul Mirror inside the Soul Gathering Pool connected the two spaces. If it was ruined by Shi Yan and Mojito was restrained, and if they couldn’t kill Mo Duanhun then they would surely get into trouble.


The moment Shi Yan showed up, Gu Jiange had already sent a message to his father.


He had to keep Shi Yan out of the pool and wait for his father.


Gu Jiange assumed that Shi Yan would take revenge first.


However, Shi Yan came directly for the Soul Gathering Pool!


So, what Shi Yan did was totally out of Gu Jiange’s expectation.


When he was prepared to defend, he found Shi Yan had already jumped into the Soul Gathering Pool. Thus, he became very anxious since he couldn’t jump in it after Shi Yan.


“Jiange, what happened?” With a crossing lightening, Gu Lie showed up with a gloomy face in the valley. “Why call me back?”


“Shi Yan went into the Soul Gathering Pool!” Gu Jiange was anxious.


“Shi Yan?” Gu Lie was surprised and then he realized, “The guy taken by the Ice Cold Flame? He is still alive?”


“No, and he could even use the cold power of the Ice Cold Flame.”


“He could control the Ice Cold Flame!” Gu Lie’s expression changed, “I will inform Mojito at once to fight against the Ice Cold Flame!”



Chapter 168

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