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Chapter 161 - I will be waiting for you! Always!

Chapter 161


Dark clouds were gathering in the sky. Strong winds started to blow at the sea. It was an overcast, as if a rainstorm was arriving.


The sea was no longer calm; powerful waves started to surge on the sea.


In the waves, a medium sized boat was sailing with great difficulty.


On the deck, Linda’s hair was dancing in the wind. While appearing serious, she kept reminding Jett and the others to be careful and ordering the warriors on the boat to brace themselves up. A shipwreck was more than they could bear.


The wind was gaining power, building up even larger and more powerful waves in the sea.


The boat was swaying dangerously, and even Linda was a little bit worried. She kept her breath cautiously, not daring to relax for even a second.


Shi Yan was standing in the stern of the boat, frowning. His face was as serious as Linda’s.


This storm came all of a sudden, without a single sign. It was all sunny the moment before, and the next, dark clouds were gathering. It was rather weird.


The calm-faced Shi Yan suddenly recalled that when he was riding the Cyan Blood Bat with Xiao Hanyi, a rainstorm suddenly started just like now. Back then, the clouds were pressing down overhead, and a giant bony hand of Demon King Bo Xun appeared from the clouds. The hand grabbed Shura King Xiao Hanyi and took him to somewhere in the The Fourth Demon Area.


Thinking about Xiao Hanyi, Shi Yan’s mind was weighed down and he started to feel a little bit unpleasant.


And now this storm also happened abruptly, making Shi Yan suspicious.


At this moment, the boat was very close to Clouds Island. It would reach the island in a day.


And at this crucial moment, the sea changed all of a sudden. No wonder Shi Yan could not relax and felt extremely doubtful.


Standing on the stern, Shi Yan concentrated his spirit on his eyes and looked towards all directions.


There seemed to be nothing wrong on the sea. Everything he saw with his spirit power looked normal.


Shi Yan was unwilling to give up, so he stretched his spirit as far as possible, all the way to Clouds Island.


After some time, just when he was feeling too exhausted, he vaguely sensed an icy and evil qi from the direction of Clouds Island. That qi was not concentrated and it seemed to be dissipating between the heaven and earth, disappearing gradually…


Shi Yan was surprised. He concentrated his spirit in the direction of the Island to feel out it carefully.


This icy and evil qi was spreading across Clouds Island as if a mass of air was curling up on the Island. This qi felt somewhat similar to the qi coming from Demon King Mara’s Skeletal Avatar, only this qi was weaker.


Did this mean that a demon from the The Fourth Demon Area was on Clouds Island?


Shi Yan’s heart sank and his face turned white.


He had a foreboding that something was happening on the Clouds Island and that there was now something abnormal.


Just as he was going to concentrate his spirit to feel it more carefully, the icy evil qi dispersed in the wind.


By now, he had used much of his spirit, causing him to be struck by exhaustion. Thus, he had to relax a little bit and contemplate the issue.


At this moment, the rainstorm that was about occur stopped out of expectation, and allowed the dark sky to clear up. Soon, everything became normal again.


The sunset glow reappeared on the horizon. Looking at the beautiful glow, Shi Yan was even more serious.


At this moment, Gu lie and his son Gu Jiange were talking with the demons at Dead Man’s Pool.


“What’s going on? The rainstorm stopped? That’s really weird.”


“True. This is rather rare. The storm was about to come at any moment and then it stopped.”


“There must be something wrong. Normally when the dark clouds were gathering like this, rain would be pouring down. But now there is no rain! It’s strange. I don’t understand.”


Jett, Nano and the others were talking about the strange weather, frowning and feeling surprised at this abnormal phenomenon.


Linda silently let out a breath of relief. She jerked her head and ordered: “Everyone can relax a little bit now.”


“Right, Linda.” Jett smiled while leaning against the deck drowsily. He looked into the direction of Clouds Island through squinted eyes. “The journey is about to end. When we have given the things to the Gu Family, we can head back. Are you going back with us, Linda?”


Hearing this, many people on the boat were a little shocked. Then, as if remembering something, they all looked towards Linda and Shi Yan.


Over at the corner, Carmon and Hodger also looked at Linda with enmity.


Linda’s beautiful eyes shined, and she let out a sigh silently while looking at Shi Yan’s back. She forced a faint smile and said: “Of course I’ll go back with you. I’m a member of the Three Gods Sect. Of course I’ll go back there after our mission is accomplished. That’s my home; where else can I go?”


“Oh…” Jett was peering at Shi Yan and laughed, “That’ll be the best. I was thinking that I would not see Linda again in the future! We like working for you, Linda. If we were to work for someone else, we would probably be used as a cannon fodder when danger arrives. Those men are not as kind as you, Linda.”


“That’s right, we want to work for you, Linda.”


Other crew members on the boat agreed too. They all felt relieved and lucky when they heard that Linda would go back with them.


Some heads of Three Gods Sect would use their subordinates as a shield when they feel that they are in danger, disregarding the lives of the subordinates.


Many friends of Jett’s and Nano’s died like this on missions, due to following the wrong leader.


Jett had been in Three Gods Sect for a long period of time and knew what those little heads were like. If Linda did not go back with them this time, they would lose their leader and would be assigned to other heads’ teams. Then they would be in real danger. Most likely, they would die on mission just like their friends.


Jett was watching both Shi Yan and Linda secretly.


He found sadness and helplessness on Linda’s face, but he did not dare to say anything more. He winked at Nano and others, suggesting everyone to drop this issue so that Linda would not feel embarrassed or sad.


Linda was standing in front of Jett and the others, looking sad and lonely.


After a while, she gently took a breath and slowly walked to Shi Yan, who was standing in the stern. She stood beside him and the two looked at the red sea under the sunset glow. Their shadows were on the deck, stretching till they overlapped.


Linda lowered her head and found that her shadow was overlapping with that of Shi Yan’s. She sighed in her heart and thought: if only they could be together as their shadows were now, how happy she would be! However, reality was…


Shi Yan was frowning, still thinking about the icy and evil qi that he sensed earlier. He was suspecting that something must have happened on Clouds Island and began wondering about whether to continue this journey or not.


That qi was very dispersed, but if it came together, it would be horribly powerful.


No matter what kind of creature this qi came from, Shi Yan was sure that he was unable to deal with it right now. If they went to Clouds Island and encountered this creature, he was afraid that he would be no match to it.


Thinking this, Shi Yan began to hesitate.


“Shi Yan…”




Putting aside those ideas, Shi Yan drew a deep breath to calm himself and looked at Linda beside him.


Linda’s face was blushing in the sunset glow, as tender as a flower. Her eyes were bright with affection. Now, she looked stunning.


“Linda, you look increasingly charming.” Shi Yan said honestly while staring at Linda.


Over the past few days with his nourishment, Linda was indeed glowing with beauty. When in love, a women would feel happy both mentally and physically, and would naturally be more charming.


“We are about to arrive at Clouds Island, Shi Yan…” Linda sighed.


Shi Yan was a little bit surprised, and frowned. He said after a while, “Good times are always transient…”


“We can be together, Shi Yan. No matter who you are, as long as you are willing to be with me, I, I’m willing to follow you…” Linda wanted to say something more, but stopped.


“I’m going to Kyara Sea.” Shi Yan waved his head, “I have my ambition and you have your family, Linda. If you want, you can come with me and I will return to Hengluo Sea eventually. However, if I am fighting against the Dongfang Family and the Gu Family, it would be…


Shi Yan knew himself well. He was not that kind of person that could endure loneliness and followed rules. He would get his revenge from Dongfang Family and Gu Family someday, sooner or later. And he would make himself known across the Endless Sea.


Linda’s family was in Hengluo Sea and was affiliated to Three Gods Sect. If the Three Gods Sect knew that Linda had followed him to Kyara Sea, they would punish Linda’s family.


And that was something Linda was unwilling to see.


There was no benefit for Linda to follow him when he was not strong enough to change the reality. Therefore, he did not dared to make any promises.


Linda suddenly went silent.


After quite a long time, Linda said slowly with her head down, “My family lives on Snow Dragon Island in Hengluo Sea. If you come back to Hengluo Sea and happen to pass by Snow Dragon Island, please remember to see me in the Jora Family.”


Shi Yan sighed silently and nodded, “You can rest assured; I will come to see you. Someday when I’m powerful enough, I will go to Snow Dragon Island. Then I will no longer be afraid of the Three Gods Sect and I will be able to protect you and your family from any harm.”


Tears were welling up in Linda’s eyes, but she gritted her teeth to stop the tears from coming down. She stared at Shi Yan and said, “Remember your promise, Shi Yan! I will be waiting for you! Always!”



Chapter 161

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