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Chapter 154 - Kill

Chapter 154


Linda was being approached by Beard and Kong step by step, While the two dagger were in her hands,.


The five Human realm warriors behind Lin Xiaochang also came out and stood beside Linda.


Being surrounded by two Disaster realm warriors and five Human realm warriors, it was impossible for her to run away.


Ling Xiaochang was delighted. Lying lazily on the wheelchair, his slender eyes were cold and bent.


Shi Yan, who was seven meters off from Linda, smirked strangely and looked calmly at the surrounded Linda.


“You’re shameless!” Linda bit her lips. Her bright eyes were full of anger “Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you go!”


Shi Yan smiled, shrugged, and said: “Don’t blame me, I also want to live. As long as I can live on, I will forsake everything.”


“Shameless!” Linda screamed, and suddenly rushed up. Once again, the two daggers unleashed the Double snake twist martial skill; the daggers were engulfed by sword light and the light resembled ribbons.


Linda didn’t care about the attack from the both sides anymore and she rushed straight towards the front.


Kong, who was blocking her, after seeing her tenacity, suddenly smiled and moved away


Linda didn’t bothered with Kong and rushed from his side, she didn’t care for the mace attack from beard who was on her left and shot out towards Shi yan


“I will kill you first!” Linda was furious. She suddenly came out from the group and rushed forward towards Shi Yan like a bolt.


Shi Yan suddenly panicked and hurriedly ran behind Lin Xiaochang to evade it. He shouted “QuicklyStop her! Stop her!”


The sea bandits were disappointed with Shi Yan’s performance as they showed their expression of disdain.


Lin Xiaochang frowned and commanded from the wheelchair, “Seize that girl!”


Several Human realm warriors behind Lin Xiao Chang rushed up together and stood in front of Lin Xiaochang.


After seeing the audacious Linda rushing at Lin Xiao Chang, Kong and the Beard uncle did’t hesitates. They smiled, and slowly approached her.


Shi Yan was only three steps away from Lin Xiaochang. after observing Kong and that beard uncles’ expression, he pondered about something.


‘Lin Xiaochang is definitely hard to deal with.’


These two men appeared too confident. It’s already enough to prove that Lin Xiaochang’s strength was more than enough to deal with Linda. Because they knew about Lin Xiao Chang true strength, so they were able to stay so calm and didn’t bothered about Linda’s attack on Lin Xiaochang.


Shi Yan’s face was full of panic as a series of thought quickly appeared in his mind. He concentrated his spirit power and didn’t dare to relax.


“I will kill you!” Linda hated Shi Yan from the bottom of her heart. She was like a fierce tiger rushing straight towards Shi Yan, not caring about the wounds on her body or her surroundings at all.


“This girl, she is really daring!” Lin Xiaochang smiled. He glanced at Shi Yan and said, “Little brother, don’t be afraid. No matter how strong this girl is, she will still fall down.”


“No no”, Shi Yan nodded. His eyes suddenly became cold and his panicked face instantly vanished.


Lin Xiaochang has been observing Shi yan quietly and after he saw the sudden change of expression of Shi Yan, his slender eyes suddenly turned ruthless.




Suddenly, the wheelchair under Lin Xiaochang bursted open and a rain of arrows were shot towards Shi Yan.


Shi Yan looked callous and smirked.


“Dang, dang, dang, dang!”


Suddenly, a series of sound came out from Shi Yan’s body.


Under the Petrification martial spirit, the arrows couldn’t penetrate through Shi Yan’s body; it only ripped the clothes from his body and then fell down.


“I knew there was something wrong with you!” Lin Xiaochang laughed and the wheelchair suddenly regressed quickly. “The one who had the courage to came over is definitely not a timid one! You want to kill me? Hahaha, you are still too young!”


Lin Xiaochang laughed and once again, hit the wheelchair.


A shining centipede flew out from under the wheelchair; it was 1.56 meters long and had a thick stench. As the centipede appeared, it exhaled a toxic smoke toward Shi Yan.


Shi Yan dazzled his body, and strangely avoided that toxic smoke. With his will, the gravitational field which moved slowly toward Lin Xiao Chang, suddenly fell from the sky!


As the field expanded, it immediately trapped Lin Xiaochang.


” Ka Ka Ka!”


Under the rotation of the gravitational field, a cracking sound came from the wheelchair but Lin Xiaochang was still unharmed but he appeared gloomy.


A wisp of shining light shot out from his soft armor; that armor was extremely soft yet durable and firmly protected his body.


Under the gravitational field, Lin Xiaochang couldn’t move his body but his body remained unharmed.


Shi yan knew that the gravitational field power had been reduced and it couldn’t kill Lin Xiaochang. When he saw Lin Xiaochang had been trapped, he didn’t hesitate one bit, and threw out a Green Moonstone.


The Green Moonstone turned into a chilly light ray and immediately fell into the gravitational field.


“Boom !”


In the field, a chill rain made of cold force bursted out, turning into a drizzle and spreading outwards in the field.


The body of Lin Xiaochang was still unharmed in the field, but after being coated with the drizzle which was formed from Ice Cold Flame, his body quickly frozen up.


In just a moment, not only did Lin Xiaochang turn into an ice sculpture, even the field was frozen just because of a small Green Moonstone.


Lin Xiaochang who has been turned into an ice sculpture, still had a smile on his face; it seemed like everything was still being controlled by him.


“Big brother!”


“Big brother!”


The sea bandits on the ship screamed and frantically lunged toward Shi Yan.


Kong and the bearded man who were dealing with Linda, suddenly emitted a deadly light from their eyes and looked in shock at Shi Yan


All of this happened in a split second; the warriors on the ship still hadn’t realized what was happening as they watched the frightened Shi Yan from before suddenly laugh at Lin Xiaochang.


The crowd only heard Lin Xiaochang laughter, but after they looked back at him, he was already turned into an ice sculpture.


The sea bandits on the ship suddenly became crazy. Not caring about Linda anymore, they rushed toward Shi Yan, trying to prevent his next action.


Shi Yan suddenly jumped up like a cheetah and arrived near the gravitational field. The spirit power from his brain rushed out and struck at an incoming Human realm warrior.


This warrior was already at the third Sky of Human realm, his brain imploded, and blood started to uncontrollably flow out of his eyes, ears, and nose… he looked very mournful.



“Crack !”



Shi Yan stretched out his hand and crushed his throat, after quickly crossing him and arriving behind Lin Xiaochang. He gathered negative force and punched Lin Xiaochang’s skull.



“Ka ka ka !”


The skull of Lin Xiaochang, who had turned into ice, broke into pieces after being hit by Shi Yan.


Shi Yan looked on coldly. After seeing the skull pieces, he lightly sighed in his heart and looked into the centipede in front of him that was wandering around, seemingly confused. Again, another soul attack shot out.


The spirit power was like a sharp sword, carrying the chill from Ice Cold Flame. It pierced into the centipede soul.


After being hit, the soul of the centipede seemed to have suffered a heavy injury.


‘Ji Ji !’


Frightened from the injury, the centipede didn’t care about Lin Xiaochang anymore; it immediately turned into a shining light and flew toward the stern.


Shi Yan looked on coldly, seemingly enjoying the profound qi from Lin Xiaochang and the Human realm warrior. He quietly mustered the negative energy in his body; a white mist covered his body. A bloodthirsty, violent, and brutal aura rose from his body.


‘Boom! Boom!’


His left hand formed death seals. Seven death seals released from his hand towards the incoming sea bandits.


Just before they could reach Shi Yan, three Human realm warriors suddenly stopped in their tracks as holes the size of a palm formed on their chest. The seven death seals in a row penetrated through the three Human realm warriors..


The death seals didn’t stop there and still rushed out until it arrived at the bearded man’s chest.


Under the impact of the seven death seals, the huge body of the bearded man flew backwards as the seals drilled into his body, destroying his vitality.


The bearded man was already dead before he hit the ground; his eyes turned white as his soul extinguished


The death seal was very tenacious; it still kill the bearded man who was at the disaster realm after traveling through three Human Realm warriors.


After they died, the profound qi on their bodies flowed into Shi Yan.


On the field full of corpses, the aura of brutality on Shi Yan became firmer; He was like a demon asura who had risen out from a sea of blood. Once again, he formed death seals on his hand.



“Boom! Boom!”


This time after the death seals were released, five bodies of the sea bandits were instantly penetrated and they died tragically on the spot.


Shi Yan looked on coldly while he walked on the field full corpses, gathering the negative energy and forming invisible gravitational fields.


One by one the sea bandits floated into the sky, swirling around in the gravitational field.


Shi Yan looked calm as he walked along the gravitational fields. He stretched out his hand and ripped out each of the imprisoned sea bandits’ neck.


On the steel ship, the remaining sea bandits were frightened and stepped back.


Even Kong was frightened. After Lin Xiaochang and bearded man were killed in such a bizarre manner, Kong finally understood the meaning of fear. He quickly stepped back and shouted “Brothers, Retreat!”


Shi Yan looked callous as he looked at him.


Kong, who was on the sea, suddenly flew up; it seemed like he was being grasped firmly, by an invisible hand.


Shi Yan looked on calmly. He slowly walked toward the struggling Kong and pierced his finger straight into Kong’s neck.


Linda was stunned and had forgotten to deal with the sea bandits that were running away as she stared dumbfoundedly at Shi Yan; her heart was astonished.


Chapter 154

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