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Chapter 145 - Saved

Chapter 145


The power of massacre, violence and destruction pervaded in the Blood Vein Ring and formed an invisible black hole.


The negative emotions, which dominated Shi Yan’s brain, were now, with all the negative energy, rushing into the Blood Vein Ring, which gained more power to devour.


Shi Yan even felt that at that moment, his the Blood Vein Ring could devour the world!


The consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame panicked for the first time, and tried to go back to Shi Yan’s brain.


At the same time, the power of devouring in the Blood Vein Ring at once doubled.


The Ice Cold Flame inside Shi Yan began to fear and tried to escape from Shi Yan’s body.


However its power was getting stronger and stronger!


Furthermore, inside Shi Yan’s blood, his heart power, three Yin Pearls, and Profound Qi were all out of control. Thier energy went straight into the Blood Vein Ring.


At that moment, the Blood Vein Ring became a devouring force, dragging all of Shi Yan’s energy out.


Shi Yan was stunned by it.


The Blood Vein Ring was like a black hole that couldn’t be filled, dragging all of his energy into it.


With that supplement, the power of devouring that was produced by the Blood Vein Ring surged several times!


The consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame fiercly struggled to escape from Shi Yan’s body, but it couldn’t help but get devoured by the Blood Vein Ring.


“No! No! No!”


Messages came from the Ice Cold Flame, which showed that the Ice Cold Flame was literally frightened. Shi Yan could feel it clearly.


Under the constraint of the Blood Vein Ring, the Ice Cold Flame’s struggle became weaker and weaker.


Finally, the consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame was entirely swallowed by the Blood Vein Ring!


Thousands of cold light spots sparkled out from the dozens of glaciers, and they kept penetrating into the Blood Vein Ring.


These thousands of cold light spots were the energy from the the Ice Cold Flame, which connected seawater and formed those glaciers.


Now the consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame was in the Blood Vein Ring. And the cold air ,being influenced by it, also flew into the Blood Vein Ring.


Silently, dozens of glaciers melted.


Without the cold air from the Ice Cold Flame, those glaciers melted back into sea water.


Only in the area around Shi Yan, those glaciers were melting slowlier because of those light spots.


Half an hour later.


All the light spots were devoured by the Blood Vein Ring, and became a part of it.


Shi Yan was exhausted.


The power of Star in his heart dissipated.


The Yin Pearls in three meridians also vanished.


The negative energy in all meridians disappeared too.


All his Profound Qi was gone.


At that moment, Shi Yan was completely exhausted.


All sorts of energy and refined Profound Qi was entirely devoured by the Blood Vein Ring.


In his mind, a weak wisp of Spirit Power was still trying to trigger the Spirit Power. Shi Yan’s spirit tried to sink deep into the Blood Vein Ring.


A ball of silver flame flew out from inside the Blood Vein Ring, and gave out ice flakes, as it tried to rush out from the Ring.


However, there was a huge swirl outside the flame, which blocked the flame from coming out of the ring.


Wisps of cool air were sent out from the Blood Vein Ring.


Shi Yan withdrew his spirit and watched intently, only to find that on the surface of the Blood Vein Ring, a pattern of the flame occurred which was as big as a grain of rice.


The Ice Cold Flame was devoured by the Blood Vein Rin, and there appeared patterns of flame on the surface of the Blood Vein Ring, but Shi Yan couldn’t figure out what it was.


Cool air came from the Blood Vein Ring, and Shi Yan’s body felt rather refreshed.


The glacier disappeared, and Shi Yan’s naked body slowly floated up to the sea surface.


After Measuring the Martial Spirit, Shi Yan carefully tried to accept natural energy, only to find that Immortal Martial Spirit, Petrification Martial Spirit and Star Martial Spirit were still inside him. And when he trigger the natural energy, he could acutely feel the vibration of it.


His body had no changes and he was still at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, only his energy was forcefully absorbed by the Blood Vein Ring.


Profound Qi could recover; Star Power could be gathered by Star Martial Spirit; Yin Pearls could find dense Yin Qi; and the negative power could also be regained.


Shi Yan didn’t worry at all, as he could recover as long as he had enough time.


“Linda! Linda! Linda!” Carmon shouted on the deck, “It’s ok now, the ship can move.”


Wearing a clean gown, Linda was drying her hair with a towel. As she walked up the stair, she frowned, “Carmon, what are you shouting at?”


“Okay now. We can move the ship.” Carmon giggled, “We can continue the trip.”


“Huh?” Linda was surprised, and rushed to the deck in an instant, and then jumped into the sea.


When she first went into the sea she found the ship was blocked between the glaciers and that it was impossible to move the ship in such short time.




As soon as she jumped into the sea, Linda’s expression changed.


Dozens of glaciers all disappeared!


Linda thought her eyes were blurred, thus she rubbed her eyes and watched carefully.


Still no sign of them!


Not even one glacier!


What happened just now seemed like an illusion.


She would have believed that her eyes were blurred if it was only her who saw the scene. But Carmon also saw the incredible scene at the bottom of the sea.


Both of couldn’t be blind!


Linda’s expressions shifted, and she swam further to figure out what happened.


Just then.


A naked young man was swimming up from the bottom of the sea, and he looked as if he was hurt.


Linda just glanced at him and immediately shouted out.


She was dumbstruck as she stared at Shi Yan, then she hurried to move to the ship.


She was afraid.


Shi Yan was joyful when he saw a beautiful woman in the sea, as he thought he would be saved.


But he never thought that that woman would be frightened and ran away in fear.


Shi Yan felt his body become heavier, so he could only pretend to be kind and gentle.


Linda had just got out of the water, and she took a deep breath of the fresh air, then looked into the sea in fear.


Shi Yan looked so friendly that he kept waving at her with smiles.


Linda was stunned, as she stared at Shi Yan with complicated expressions.


Shi Yan’s body started sinking, but the Blood Vein Ring kept his mind lucid.


Seeing Shi Yan sinking, Linda hesitated. After a while, she jumped into the sea again.


Shi Yan was naked, with his *** waving down the water.


Linda cursed secretly, and she did not dare to looking down upon Shi Yan’s lower part. She moved forward and approached Shi Yan soon.


Seeing Linda coming near, Shi Yan jumped to her at once and showed a friendly smile.


But he was naked, and he was hugging Linda so it made her blush at once.


Linda struggled, and got rid of Shi Yan’s hug, and she angrily stared at him. Then she grabbed his left arm and dragged him toward the sea surface.


Shi Yan sighed to himself, and had to obey Linda so he let her carry him to the sea surface.


Linda moved her legs up and down in the water like a beautiful fish.


Shi Yan cast his eyes on Linda who was beside him, and praised secretly.




Linda finally popped out from the water, beside her, Shi Yan also showed his head, as he smiled and said in a weak voice, “Thanks.”


Linda grunted, and said to Carmon in a blush, “Throw a shirt to me.”


“Hmm? Who is this guy?”


“Jesus! Pervert! Why are you naked!”


“Damn, he is leaning onto Linda! I have never done that during so many years!”


“Bastard, stay away from Linda, or don’t blame us for being rude!”


On the ship, many warriors began to curse after they saw a naked man leaning against Linda.


“Carmon!” Linda yelled in embarrassment.


“Got ya.” Carmon looked rigid, as he found a broken shirt and threw it into the sea.


Chapter 145

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