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Chapter 123 - One Palace, Two Divine Lands, Three Wonderlands, Four Sects, Five Families

Chapter 123

The ship moved through the wind and waves, and slowly approached their little island. On its deck, many pretty, young girls were standing on their tip toes to see who it was on the island.


There were flags with lurid sex scenes dancing with the wind.


Those people on the deck were pointing at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan and chatting with each other.


After changing her appearance, Xia Xinyan wore a cold expression, standing still on the sands.


Shi Yan stopped howling, and frowned, looking tired.


At the beginning, he was excited and curious about the people on that ship, especially when Xia Xinyan said they were from The Yin Yang Wonderland, which had very open views on sex. Shi Yan was looking forward to having some fun in the future.


But when Xia Xinyan mentioned that the males from the Yin Yang Wonderland also liked men, Shi Yan suddenly got depressed.


It was too late to regret, as the ship had already come near, and they didn’t know how long they would need to wait if they missed this ship.


Without any other choices, Shi Yan decided to try and board the ship, hoping for the best.


Soon, that one hundred meter long ship arrived at the shore.


Women and men were walking busily on the deck, most of whom were rather good-looking, ranging from 13 years old to 40 years old.


“Who are you? Why are you here?” A yellow-faced thin man on the deck asked loudly. He looked to be around 40 years old.


This guy was at Nirvana Realm, yet he spoke with a loud voice, looking cautious.


“We are from the west, heading for the Endless Sea. Our boat came across a storm and was smashed. We barely escaped and were washed here. Please take us from here!” Shi Yan crossed his hands in front of his chest and spoke with hopeful eyes.


“From the west?” That guy frowned, narrowed his eyes, and examined Shi Yan for a while. Then he looked at Xia Xinyan, and said coldly, “Got anything good with you? We won’t save you for free.”


Shi Yan was surprised, and then smiled in embarrassment, “Our belongs were washed away…”


“Let’s go.” That yellow-faced man grunted, and shouted back, not going to pick up Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan.


Shi Yan frowned without saying anything.


In his bag, there was a level six demon crystal and many crystal coins.


But he was cautious. He knew he would be killed, rather than being allowed to step on that ship, if he showed his treasure.


So he’d better pretend to be poor, for even if he can’t step on the ship, he could still live for a couple of days.


Seeing that man’s leaving, Shi Yan was relieved, though his face still showed worry.


“Wait a moment.” At that time, the lazy voice of a woman came from a room on the ship. A window was cracked open and a woman looked out through it.


Standing on the sands, Shi Yan looked up at that window and found a light was shining down on him.


It was a woman.


Shi Yan relieved, and calmed down.


“Priest Ju, what can I do for you?” That yellow-faced man frowned and asked unhappily.


The woman behind the window giggled, “Well, I see the two miserable looking people. Our plants, under the deck, need people to take care of them, and we have many dirty things that need cleaning. Just bring them aboard and let them take care of those.”


“Now that Priest Ju had said it, I have to do as you said.” That yellow-faced man hesitated, knowing what she wanted, but he nodded, “Pull in, let’s get them aboard. Li Wei, arrange them. Don’t let them ruin the plants.”


That yellow-faced man ordered, and walked upstairs, frowning. He didn’t pay any more attention to Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan.


A handsome young man smiled and announced to that man’s back, “Don’t worry, uncle. I will deal with it.”


This young man was at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm. Though he looked young, there were several wrinkles around his eyes.


Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan looked at each other and walked to the iron ship together. They climbed up the ladder one by one.


After getting onto the ship, Shi Yan found the ship was rather spacious. It had three decks and was made of black iron and wood.


Dozens of men and women stood on the deck in couples, some of whom were kissing.


From the rooms on the ship, moans of men and women came every now and then.


Shi Yan was rather shocked by what he saw.


They were more blatantly sexual than many of those brothels in the world, which even surprised Shi Yan.


Xia Xinyan looked indifferent, for she despised the atmosphere here. She chose to keep her head down.


The iron ship had three decks, and they were put at the bottom, where it was wet and stuffy.


Li Wei showed them to a shabby room, opened the door, and frowned, quickly backing up. His eyes wandered over Xia Xinyan’s body, and became complicated, “Ugly face, but hot body… Hmm, would be ok at night.”


Xia Xinyan, who lowered her head, had a chill come across her eyes, and she quickly bit her lips.


Shi Yan walked over to Xia Xinyan and grabbed her hand, “We are a couple, one room is enough.”


Being caught by Shi Yan, Xia Xinyan struggled a little at first, but as soon as Shi Yan said that, she stopped struggling.


“A couple?” Li Wei’s eyes became complicated, and he nodded, “Hmm, you can use this room. Rest for the night. Tomorrow, you shall move the plants to the top deck and clean out this lower deck, understand?”


“Got it.” Shi Yan replied.


Li Wei nodded. His eyes wandered over Xia Xinyan, and then he smiled.


“I wanna kill him.” As Li Wei left, Xia Xinyan said with a cold face.


“Not until you regain your energy.” Shi Yan walked into the room. He found it to be extremely small, no more than five square meters.


Apart from a dusty wooden bed, there was no other furniture in the room, not even a quilt.


The room was windowless, stuffy, dirty, and filled with spider webs. As Shi Yan walked up to move the webs, dust filled the room.


Xia Xinyan didn’t walk in, but frowned and stood outside, watching Shi Yan clean the room.


“The Yin Yang Wonderland is one of the fifteen powers in the Endless Sea, close to the Corpse Sect, the Barbarian Sect, and the Cao Family, which oppose the Yang Family and the Xia family. We can’t expose our identities here.” While Shi Yan was cleaning the room, Xia Xinyan started speaking in a low voice.


“Fifteen powers in the Endless Sea? What are they?” Shi Yan glanced back at her and then continued to clean the room.


“In the Endless Sea, there is one palace, two divine lands, three wonderlands, four sects, and five families. The Martial Spirit Palace, the Heaven Lake Divine Land, the Penglai Divine land, the Magical Wonderland, the Yin Yang Wonderland, the Evil Wonderland, the Three Gods Sect, the Sacred Sect, the Corpse Sect, the Barbarian Sect, the Yang, Dongfang, Cao, Xia, and Gu Families. These fifteen powers are the strongest in the Endless Sea. Apart from them, there are many other sects and families.” Xia Xinyan explained.


“You said that the Three Gods Sect and the Yang Family are in the different camps. Now this Yin Yang Wonderland is in a completely different camp too? How many camps are there?” Shi Yan asked.


“There are five seas in the Endless Sea, and each sea is a camp. The Yang Family, the Xia Family, and the Evil Wonderland are in the Kyara Sea, belonging to the same camp. The Yin Yang Wonderland, the Corpse Sect, the Barbarian Sect, and the Cao Family are in the Tatu Sea. The Martial Spirit Palace and Penglai Divine land are in the Sky Sea. The Heaven Lake Divine land, the Magical Wonderland, and the Sacred Sect are in the Black Sea. And the Three Gods Sect, Dongfang Family, and Gu Family are in the Hengluo Sea. The five camps are always fighting each other.”


“Now I feel that this has become complicated.” Shi Yan shook his head, “However, this doesn’t bother me, because the Endless Sea keeps getting more and more interesting. Since we boarded this ship of the Yin Yang Wonderland, are we going to the Tatu Sea?”


“The Tatu Sea is far from our Kyara Sea. In the Yin Yang Wonderland, warriors of Elementary, Nascent, and Human Realms are general disciples. Warriors of Disaster and Earth Realms are core disciples. Warriors of Nirvana Realm are priests, warriors of the Sky Realm are elders, and the highest masters are the Queen of Sky and King of Earth, who are at the God Realm. There are only two Nirvana warriors on this iron ship, so they must be priests of the Yin Yang Wonderland, who are in charge of collecting medicine, jade, and silk for the Yin Yang Wonderland. We have to be careful, otherwise, we may never reach the Tatu Sea and leave this ship.” Xia Xinyan frowned.


“It’s ok now. Come on in.” Shi Yan said.


The room was clean, after Shi Yan’s efforts. But there was still only one bed. Xia Xinyan glanced at it and frowned.


“You stay on the bed, and I will sleep on the ground. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. Don’t be nervous.”


“I don’t trust you.” Xia Xinyan grunted, but then she walked into the room, sat cross-legged on the bed, and began to train.


Shi Yan wanted to ask more about the Endless Sea, but seeing that Xia Xinyan was silent, he quietly sat down and began to train.


They kept silent for a night.


Chapter 123

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