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Chapter 119 - The Devil King Bo Xun

Chapter 119


Upon the vast blue sea was a cloudless sky.


The soft wind caressed their faces, making them feel comfortable and relaxed.


The Endless Sea was so boundless that one would only see the water and sky, no matter where they looked.


The group of Cyan Blood Bats was flying east through the blue sky.


It had been two months.


For the two months, Shi Yan sat on the Cyan Blood Bat and saw the vastness of the Endless Sea. He rarely saw any islands, though he did see slowly moving ships from time to time.


Shura King Xiao Hanyi was a fanatic for training. Apart from telling Shi Yan the dangers of the Endless Sea, the rest of his time was devoted to training.


The Endless Sea was mysterious. Shi Yan had seen both serene and peaceful skies and great violent storms in his few months of travel.


In some regions, there were huge whirlpools, which seemed to reach down to the deepest depths of the sea.


From the swirls, there came horrible bellows of vicious monsters.


According to Xiao Hanyi, even by riding the Cyan Blood Bat, one needed more than half a year to reach the Kiara region, where the Yang Family was located. In merely two months, the Cyan Blood Bat had already flown thousands of miles, which was larger than the Merchant Union, the God-blessed Empire, and the Tianyun Empire combined.


Xia Xin Yan was sitting on another Cyan Blood Bat with the two towering men, talking very little.


Ever since Shi Yan broke into that new couple’s bridal room and did those dark things, Xia Xin Yan had despised him a lot, to the point of being not willing to talk to him.


Shi Yan didn’t bother to explain but, instead, kept exploring how to utilize the Profound Qi at Disaster Realm.


Although, the Disaster Realm and the Human Realm were only one level apart, the power of each level was extremely different.


At the Disaster Realm, he already had Spirit Power.


This Spirit Power could extend out and observe other living things. it could also be infused into Martial Skills and weapons to attack enemies.


In addition, when he focused his senses inward, he could see every detail of his body, as if he had a pair of eyes inside.


He could see his veins and entrails with clarity.


This excited Shi Yan and encouraged him to keep exploring its uses.


Everytime Xiao Hanyi woke up, he would generally instruct Shi Yan on how to use the Spirit Power.


Shi Yan knew Xiao Hanyi was being kind to him.


If he had any questions on his mind, he could simply ask Xiao Hanyi.


That day, the sunny sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds.


The air was so suppressing that even the Cyan Blood Bats were unsettled, and they cried angrily every now and then.


Xia Xin Yan’s Cyan Blood Bat approached. Behind her veil, her eyes looked elegant. After she approached, she didn’t talk, but quietly gazed at Xiao Hanyi.


Before long, Xiao Hanyi woke up from his training. After looking up at the cloudy sky, Xiao Hanyi said seriously, “It’s quite abnormal, and I certainly don’t feel anything good from this. Something bad is going to happen.”


“Uncle Xiao, you are at the Second Sky of Sky Realm, your perception should be accurate.” Xia Xin Yan’s beautiful hair was flying in the wind as she stood up on her Cyan Blood Bat and observed the sky, “My Reincarnation Martial Spirit is sensitive to the power of space. I can, vaguely, feel that the space around us is cracking?”


Xiao Hanyi’s face changed.


“We’d better be careful. Somehow, I feel something ominous is coming.” Xia Xin Yan reminded.


“Space is cracking?” Xiao Hanyi looked gloomy, “Little Xia, you really feel the abnormity?”


Xia Xin Yan nodded,“Uncle Xiao, though my realm is lower than you, my Reincarnation Martial Spirit can feel it. I’m afraid there will be a disaster!”


Shi Yan was shocked, as he hesitated and asked, “Space is cracking? What kind of power can crack the space?”


“One must be at least at the Third Sky of the Sky Realm! Only warriors who had reached God realms could truly tear apart space.” Xiao Hanyi’s eyes blinked, “Years ago, when the family head sent Young Master Hai out of the fourth demon area, he also cracked open space. At that time, he was then at the Third Sky of the Sky Realm, just a step away from the God Realm. He managed that with the help of Immortal Blood.”


“Immortal Blood?” Shi Yan was astonished.


“Warriors with the Immortal Martial Spirit can produce Immortal Blood, which has so many great uses that even I don’t know all that one can do with it. However, when Young Master Yan gets back to the Yang Family, the family head will explain it to you.” Xiao Hanyi explained.


Shi Yan nodded.


At that moment!


From the dense dark clouds, black light shot out, and a huge white bone hand suddenly appeared.


That huge hand shined like crystal, and seemed to be without any flesh, as it destroyed the space around it.


An intense devil air gushed out of the white bone hand, which stirred the air with depressing power.


“Demon King Bo Xun’s Bone Skill!”


Xiao Hanyi was terrified, as quickly yelled, “He came for me! Little Xia, take Young Master Yan away!”




Before that white bone hand had even gotten close, the horrible devil air had already reached them. One after another, Cyan Blood Bats fell from the sky, having been turned into minced meat.


On the Cyan Blood Bats, those Nirvana Real warriors exploded, with their flesh and blood flying everywhere.


The overwhelming devil air suddenly invaded Shi Yan’s body.


The devil air started rampaging through Shi Yan’s body, trying to kill him.


At the same time, Shi Yan’s heart was started putting out a dazzling starlight, while all his negative energy gushed out, like a flood. Even that Yin Pearl began spinning, forming a Yin Swirl, and sending out Yin Qi, which quickly covered Shi Yan’s body.


Colorful light shot out from Shi Yan’s body, clashing with the devil air, and stopping its advance.


Without hesitation, Xia Xin Yan operated her Reincarnation Martial Spirit. After absorbing the energy of reincarnation, she instantly stepped into the Sky Realm.


The huge hand slowly approached them, and the Cyan Blood Bats and Shura Blood Guards died, one after the other. Shura King Xiao Hanyi looked extremely hideous. As he stirred his bloody Qi, three broad rivers appeared and attacked the huge hand.


In the dense, dark clouds, a black hole appeared and started to devour everything.


“Little Xia, leave with Young Master Yan!” Xiao Hanyi’s eyes had turned bloodshot, and he shouted out his order.


Xia Xin Yan was frightened, and she flew over and grabbed Shi Yan by his neck, flying away from there.


In the darkness, that huge white bone hand seemed to, again, tear apart the space around it.


“Bang, bang, bang!”


The three blood rivers struck on the huge white bone hand, but they couldn’t prevent its advance. As the five fingers curled, the three blood rivers were knocked miles away.




The huge hand came near and snatched up all the people around Xiao Hanyi.


Even Xiao Hanyi himself couldn’t get rid of that huge hand, and he was soon caught by that huge hand too.


That huge hand seemed not to waste any time, so after catching all the people, it withdrew, and sank back into that black hole, which was filled with devil air.


The white hand retreated back into the black hole, and numerous streams of devil light shot out, like weapons.


Some devil light fell into the Endless Sea, and quickly stirred up a huge whirlpool, reaching to the bottom of the seas.


Shi Yan was shocked, and he gazed at the huge hand, dumbstruck. He watched the black hole contract, little by little, until it finally disappeared.


After the devil light disappeared, the dense clouds also dissipated.


Before long, the sky was restored back to its formerly clear self.


Meanwhile, the sea below was in the throes of a huge whirlpool, which had begun to tear the seas asunder.


Xia Xin Yan carried Shi Yan and flew away, not looking back.


Shi Yan was surprised, and he gazed at the scene behind him, feeling small in front of such a disaster.


Chapter 119

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