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Chapter 118 - The Goddess of the Moon

Chapter 118


“Let’s go!”


The warrior on the Cyan Blood Bat shouted, and strongly stomped on the back of the Cyan Blood Bat.


The Cyan Blood Bat dashed out like an arrow, while the remaining Shura Blood Guards turned pale and urged their Cyan Blood Bats to fly toward the Shi Family residence.


Shi Yan was shocked, “What’s wrong?”


“The Three Gods Sect is our adversary, and I felt a dangerous aura from the God Stone. Whoever that had revived, must be an important member of the Three Gods Sect. once, they see the Cyan Blood Bats, they will know that we are from the Yang Family. Since Lord Xiao is not here, we are not sure if we can protect Young Master Yan from them!”


The Yang Family warrior beside Shi Yan looked serious and alert.


The Three Gods Sect! Why the Three Gods Sect again?


Shi Yan frowned, and had a bit of fear for the Endless Sea form.


Although he wanted to see what would happen to the God stone, after he heard what the warrior said, Shi Yan choose to leave with the Cyan Blood Bat. But he turned back several times to watch the God Stone Square.


All of a sudden, a stream of strong moonlight exploded from the God Stone Square.


With the huge thunderous sound, a mysterious woman in a white warrior gown appeared in the the God Stone Square.


From a distance, Shi Yan found that the woman was extraordinarily pretty, just like a Moon Goddess with snow white skin.


That woman floated in the air upon the God Stone Square for a while, and then turned into moonlight and flew eastward.


“A Sky Realm expert!”


The warrior beside Shi Yan spoke with fear, “It’s lucky that we left early, or else we would have been killed by her.”


“She is even stronger than Uncle Xiao?” Shi Yan couldn’t believe it.


“I don’t know if that is true, but her Qi is no weaker than Lord Xiao’s.” That warrior deliberated, “The three gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star of the Three Gods Sect have deep understanding of the numerous secret arts of the Three Gods Sect. Even for Lord Xiao, it would be hard to compete with her.”


Shi Yan’s expression changed.




A Cyan Blood Bat approached them, upon which sat Xia Xin Yan.


Xia Xin Yan’s eyes showed some surprise, as she yelled, “Shi Yan, what did you do?”


“Nothing.” Shi Yan frowned, “I went to the God Stone Square and my Star Martial Spirit suddenly turned into a curtain of starlight, which flew out of my body and fell on that God Stone. Then the God Stone cracked with dazzling light and a woman came out from the stone.”


“The God Stone had been there for a thousand years?” Xia Xinyan asked in surprise.


Shi Yan nodded, “Yes, As far as I know, before the Tianyun City existed, that stone had been there. Tianyun City was named after that stone—-a stone from the heavens. You know anything about it?”


“Let’s talk about it after meeting Lord Xiao.” Xia Xin Yan breath, as if recalling some horrible memory.


Seeing her lost in thoughts Shi Yan didn’t ask further, though he had some concerns.


The Cyan Blood Bat was flying swiftly. Soon, they arrived at the garden of the Shi Family.


Xiao Hanyi, Shi Jian, and the other people had not gotten back yet, so Shi Yan waited for them at the central plaza of the residence.


At dawn, Xiao Hanyi, Shi Jian, Zuo Xu and others slowly flew back from the Beiming Family.


Looking at them one can tell that it was a good slaughter in the Beiming Family.




Xiao Hanyi arrived, and just after a glance at Shi Yan, he cried out, “Young Master Yan, you, you…”


Under Xiao Hanyi’s gaze, Shi Yan slowly nodded, “Well, maybe the Immortal Pill lasted longer than expected, so I advanced again.”


Shi Jian was stunned, looking at Shi Yan with unbelieving eyes, he yelled in delight, “Kid, You reached the Disaster Realm?”




“How did you manage that?” Zuo Xu looked strange as he kept shaking his head. He couldn’t take his unbelievable eyes off Shi Yan.


“Hahaha! Hahahaha!”


Xiao Hanyi bursted out into wild laughter, “Incredible! Haha! Incredible! Seventeen years old! The Disaster Realm! You can’t even find such genius in the Yang Family! Young Master Yan, I’m sure that the family head will treat you like a treasure once you get back!”


Hearing that, Shi Jian’s smile disappeared, and he lowered his head and began to sigh.


Shi Yan was so talented. If he stayed at the Shi Family,then the they will become the most powerful family in the Merchant Union, and may even rival the royal families of the Fire Empire and the God-blessed Empire!


Seventeen years old, in the Disaster Realm! Even Beiming Ce couldn’t make it!


At the thought of Shi Yan leaving the Shi Family for the Endless Sea, Shi Jian was filled with pain, but he knew he couldn’t stop it.


“Lord Xiao, just now, when we were at the God Stone Square…” That warrior told him everything.


Xiao Hanyi’s face changed, and was filled with astonishment.


After a long while, Xiao Hanyi looked at Xia Xinyan, and said in a serious voice, “Little Xia, what do you think?”


“One thousand years ago, the Three Gods went to the Seventh Dark World with many disciples. After the battle with the Dark King, Abi, only the Sun God returned. The Star God and the Moon God went missing and never showed up in the Endless Sea again. The Star God, Ouyang Zhi, left the fake Gate of Heaven in the Dead Swamp and preserved the Original Seal of Martial Spirit, but the Moon God, Ouyang Xiahua, went missing. Maybe she is that woman from the stone?”


“Impossible!” Xiao Hanyi shook his head, and interrupted Xia Xinyan, “The Moon God Ouyang Xiahua was a God Realm warrior, though she had iced herself for a thousand years, she kept her perception! According to your description, that woman was merely at the Sky Realm. It wouldn’t be Ouyang Xiahua!”


“I heard that Ouyang Xiahua had a daughter, named Ouyang Luoshuang. She also went to the Seventh Dark World, but she was only a twenty one year old girl. Maybe that woman is her?”


“Ouyang Luoshuang?”


Xiao Hanyi suddenly realized something, “It’s very likely! She was at the Disaster Realm one thousand years ago. The Moon God must have had been badly hurt in the Seventh Dark world, so she escaped with her daughter, and sealed her in the God Stone, to shield her. If it’s her, then the Three Gods Sect’s strength will definitely increase.”


“Why?” Shi Yan asked.


“The Sun Martial Spirit, Moon Martial Spirit, and the Star Martial Spirit could directly absorb the energy of the sun, moon, and stars. The more the energy they absorbed, the faster their the Martial Spirits developed. In the Three Gods Sect, generally, the older the warrior is, the higher level his Martial Spirit is. Because the older warrior had absorbed more energy, so their Spirit can easily evolve.”


Xia Xin Yan took a breath, “If that mysterious woman really is Ouyang Luoshuang, then she must have absorbed the energy from the moon for a thousand years. We can’t even begin to guess how powerful her Moon Martial Spirit has become. In the past, she was one of the God Children, and now, after a thousand years, her Moon Martial Spirit much have reached an unprecedented state!”


“In the battle one thousand years ago, the Three Gods Sect lost a lot. Though the Sun God managed to stay alive, but he died after three hundred years. However, during that period he created a new Sun God. But there have been no new Moon or Star Gods ever since then. But the Three Gods Sect is still one of the strongest powerhouses in the Endless Sea. If Ouyang Luoshuang goes back to the Endless Sea, she will be the strongest moon God ever! The Three Gods Sect will gain much more strength!” Xiao Hanyi sighed.


Silently, Shii Yan listened to Xiao Hanyi and Xia Xin Yan’s conversation, and he became more curious about the Three Gods Sect.


“Shi Yan obtained the Star Martial Spirit. If he could join the Three Gods Sect, and obtain the knowledge to use their Martial Spirits, he could be the next Star God.” Xia Xin Yan pondered, and suddenly said to Shi Yan, “The Star God is very special in the Three Gods Sect. If the Three Gods Sect doesn’t know who Shi Yan is, and they teach him everything they know, then…”


Xiao Hanyi’s eyes lit up, as he nodded, “But it is up to the family head to decide. Sending Young Master Yan to the Three Gods Sect for cultivate the Star Martial Spirit. It’s very risky.”


“Shi Yan belongs to the Yang Family, it’s up to you to decide. That’s was just my humble suggestion.” Xia Xinyan said calmly.


“Shi Family head, I planned to stay for a few days, but now, since things have changed, we have to return to the Endless Sea early. Now that the Ling, Mo, and Beiming Families have been slaughtered, I believe you can manage everything.”


Xiao Hanyi pondered for a while, then he took out two books from his chest and handed them to Shi Jian, “Here are two Spirit Level Martial Skills, which may be of benefit, and this is how you can contact the Yang Family. You can tell Ku Luo, of the Misty pavilion, if you get into any trouble, and we will know of it.”


Shi Jian was surprised and happy. After receiving the books, he didn’t know what to say.


“Young Master Yan, we have to set off as soon as possible.” Xiao Hanyi looked at Shi Yan.


“Let me have a little time with my father.” Shi Yan nodded and quietly left.


Half an hour later, Shi Yan said goodbye to the Shi Family, and jumped on Xiao Hanyi’s Cyan Blood Bat.


Before dawn broke, Shi Yan was riding the Cyan Blood Bat eastward to the Endless Sea.


Chapter 118

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