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Chapter 105 - The Star Martial Spirit

Chapter 105


Shi Yan kept moving east.


The Dead Swamp was wreathed in poisonous gas and covered by swamps. To walk in this area, one must be cautious, or else he would sink into the mud or be attacked by demon beasts.


It was quite secluded to the east of the Dead Swamp, so warriors barely showed up in this area.


All along the way, Shi Yan met some mercenaries who were searching for demon beasts and special herbs. They were almost at Nascent and Human Realm, rather low levels.


Shi Yan wanted to leave the Dead Swamp quickly, so he didn’t want any conflict with those mercenaries. He avoided meeting them so that they wouldn’t remember his face and leak his trail to Beiming Shang.


That night.


After careful thought, Shi Yan took out Beiming Ce’s Sky Cracking Sword and Ice Armor from his bag. He threw them into the green swamp and watched them be devoured by the dirty water within.


The Sky Cracking Sword and Ice Armor were both extraordinary weapons refined by Beiming Shang.


The Sky Cracking Sword and Ice Armor contained Beiming Shang’s perception, who may have sensed them within a certain distance.


Although knowing that the Sky Cracking Sword and the Ice Armor were rather precious, Shi Yan still abandoned them to protect himself.


The poisonous gas in the swamp was strongly corrosive which Shi Yan had already tested, so he believed that Beiming Shang wouldn’t be able to sense them once they were devoured by the poisonous gas.


After that, Shi Yan continued to move eastward.


At night, three days later.


Standing among the bushes, Shi Yan hid his scent and quietly gazed ahead of him.


The sound of a brutal battle came from the wetland ahead, of which one side was much stronger than the other.


Although Shi Yan was very curious, he didn’t go and watch. He decided to go eastward when the battle had finished.


A quarter of an hour later, the battle ahead quieted down.


Shi Yan still didn’t move. After half an hour, assuming that they might have left, he walked out of the bushes towards that wetland.


Swamps surrounded the two sides of the wetland, but Shi Yan had to cross that wetland to go eastward.


When he got there, Shi Yan found there were seven or eight corpses on the ground. Their Profound Qi had already evaporated into the air, so he didn’t get anything.


The corpses all belonged to the same mercenary union, as their armors looked similar. From the wounds on their dismembered bodies, they seemed to have be attacked by demon beasts, as they were torn apart.


He stared at those corpses for a while, and found he couldn’t get any benefit, so he sped up to leave without further exploration.


“Well, it turns out you did pick this way.”


At that time, Xia Xin Yan’s voice came from the bushes beside him.


Just then, Xia Xin Yan’s beautiful figure, with her face behind the veil, walked out from behind the bushes.


Behind her, the two huge towering men were wiping the blood off their hands with a grey rag.


“Your people killed them?” Shi Yan asked her calmly.


“Yes.” Xia Xin Yan nodded without further explanation about why the mercenaries were killed. She looked at Shi Yan with her beautiful eyes, and said, “You turned out to get the Original Seal of Ouyang Zhi’s Star Martial Spirit!”


“Ouyang Zhi?” Shi Yan’s face changed, “Who is he?”


“He was the guy who created the fake Gate of Heaven and left the Original Seal of his Martial Spirit. Ouyang Zhi was a legend from a thousand years ago in the Endless Sea and was the Star God of the Three Gods Sect. He had reached the Third Sky of the Spirit Realm, just a step from the True God Realm.” Xia Xin Yan said slowly.


“The Three Gods Sect? The Star God? What on earth is that?” Shi Yan cried in surprise.


“One thousand years ago, the three gods of the Three Gods Sect entered the Seventh Dark World together and fought against Avi Dark King in the Dark Sea. However, they were entangled in the Avi Hell by 30 million soldiers which resulted in the most brutal battle the Seventh Dark World had seen in a millennium. The Three Gods Sect lost a lot from that battle and many disciples died. After that battle, only the Sun God came back from The Seventh Dark World while the other two gods disappeared. However, only 5 million of Avi Dark King’s troops survived and Avi Dark King was badly hurt and has never appeared from the bottom of the Dark Sea for the past one thousand years…”


“The three gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star? The Seventh Dark World? The Avi Dark King?”


Shi Yan was so confused that he shook his head, “You mean the Gate of Heaven was created by one of the three gods, the Star God?”


“Yes.” Xia Xin Yan nodded softly, “After that battle, many people thought that the Moon God and Star God were dead, since they never showed up again in the Endless Sea. According to the fake Gate of Heaven and strange phenomenon in the Yin Valley, Ouyang Zhi must have died of his injuries. However, no one knows how he reached here, killed the Level 8 Mud Dragon, created this fake Gate of Heaven and God Domain and left the Original Seal of his Martial Spirit.”


“The Original Seal of his Martial Spirit!”


Shi Yan yelled, looked at his heart area, before a dazzling light crossed his face.


“The Original Seal of a Martial Spirit is an imprint of a Martial Spirit, so people can receive the Martial Spirit from inside an Original Seal. Those God Realm experts could turn their Martial Spirits into Original Seals so that someone would continue to carry his Martial Spirit. The Star Martial Spirit’s typical sign is that there were spots like Stars in the heart area which formed a miniature star river.” Xia Xin Yan explained.


“This is a Martial Spirit?” Shi Yan’s eyes lit up, as he looked at his heart area in surprise.


“It’s not only a Martial Spirit, but a Sacred Level Martial Spirit!” Xia Xin Yan confirmed.


“A Sacred Level Martial Spirit?” Shi Yan was dumbstruck, “There are levels for Martial Spirits?”


“Sure. According to its power and number of evolutions, Martial Spirits can be divided into Mortal, Profound, Spirit, Sacred and God Levels. For example, the three Martial Spirits; the Sun, Moon and Star, of the Three Gods Sect are all Sacred Level Martial Spirits. The Reincarnation Martial Spirit of my Xia Family is also a Sacred Level Martial Spirit.


“There are too few Martial Spirits in your area so they are not divided into different categories. In the Endless Sea, there are all sorts of Martial Spirits and each of them have special features and powers. If they were not sorted into different levels, who would know which Martial Spirit is more powerful or has more room for development?”


“So what level is the Petrification Martial Spirit from the Shi family?”


“I’m not sure without any accurate test. But I think it is Spirit Level Martial Spirit at best. I’ve never heard of a Sacred Level Martial Spirit appearing in this area. Apart from its power, you will have to see how many times it can evolve and situation regarding its evolution! The details are complicated. In the Endless Sea there are Martial Spirit Palaces to estimate the level of a Martial Spirit.”


“Are Sacred Level Martial Spirits rare?”


“Of course! Sacred Level Martial Spirits are the highest Martial Spirits in the Endless Sea. The families who own Sacred Level Martial Spirits are all influential powers in the Endless Sea, so do you think Sacred Level Martial Spirits are rare?”


“You mean, I got something awesome this time?”


“What do you think?”


“Miss Xia, thank you for telling me so much. I want to go to the Endless Sea, are we travelling the same way?”


Xia Xin Yan suddenly quieted down.


There would be no conflict between Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan if he didn’t go to the Endless Sea.


However, once Shi Yan entered the Endless Sea and the message got out that he owned the Star Martial Spirit, the Three God Sect would definitely find him at all costs. They would make him the God Son of the sect and provided him with the best training resources.


The Three Gods Sect and Xia Family have many disputes. Shi Yan’s Star Martial Spirit would make him an expert in the Three Gods Sect.


Once he went to the Endless Sea, the Xia Family would have a formidable adversary!


“Miss!” The two huge tower-like men reminded her in a soft voice.


“You really want to go to the Endless Sea?” Xia Xin Yan gazed at him with complicated look in her glittering eyes.


Shi Yan was a little surprised, but couldn’t figure out what was going on in Xia Xin Yan’s mind, so he thought for a while and smiled bitterly, “Do you think I can still stay in Tianyun City instead of going to the Endless Sea? You know Beiming Shang’s power in the Merchant Union. Not only myself, but my family would meet with disaster. I don’t have any other choice.”


“Well, to be honest,” Xia Xin Yan paused, and said, “My Xia Family and the Three Gods Sect are adversaries. With your Star Martial Spirit, you would become an important person in the Three Gods Sect once you go to the Endless Sea. In the future, you will be my enemy, and formidable one at that!”


Shi Yan stiffened and took a few steps back to keep his distance from the three people in front of him, smiling coldly, he asked, “Well, are you three waiting here for me to eradicate any future trouble? Miss Xia, I don’t know why you are talking to me. You want me to be a ghost who knows everything?”


The two towering men walked out from behind Xia Xin Yan and moved to both sides of Shi Yan with cold eyes.


They were preparing to attack Shi Yan.


“Hold on.” Xia Xin Yan frowned, and stopped the two towering men, then looked to Shi Yan, “You can attach yourself to the Xia Family first. I will plant some poison inside you and then send you to the Three Gods Sect to learn their secret skills. Regardless of how high a position you have in the future within the Three Gods Sect, you will always be a member of my Xia Family, Ok?”


“Going to the Three Gods Sect as a spy of the Xia Family?” Shi Yan smirked.


“Spy? This sounds good. Yeah, more or less. What do you think?” Xia Xin Yan focused her eyes on him, “As long as you comply, I will help you! Learn secret skills in the Three Gods Sect and not fight against my Xia Family, I swear I won’t hurt you!”


“Ok, I’m in.”


Chapter 105

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