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Chapter 9 - The Escape

Chapter 9

As soon as Master Karu touched the ground, he accelerated like a flash of lightning towards Shi Yan with terrifying speed. The power and strength of a Nascent Realm Warrior was far beyond that of an ordinary Elementary Realm Warrior.


Mo Yanyu also chased after him with a killing intent in her beautiful eyes, leaving her own troops behind. She swore to catch Shi Yan and kill him as soon as she got her hands on him.


Shi Yan’s face turned serious. He concentrated all the Profound Qi inside his body into the veins in his legs. Every time he took a step on the hard ground, his skinny body would fly forward for seven or eight meters. Soon he was closing in on the giant Jade Blade Spiders.


“Ka! Ka! Ka!”


The Jade Blade Spiders were moving in the wetland with all their eight legs plugged into the mud. Soon they disappeared into the thicket.


Shi Yan followed them into the thick bushes which were 5-6 meters tall. His face was getting more and more nervous. He already forgot how terrifying the Jade Blade Spiders were and kept staring at one of the spiders at front.


Once they got into the bushes, the Jade Blade Spiders suddenly slowed down. Two Jade Blade Spiders suddenly turned around with a strange light in their eyes. They seemed to be annoyed at being chased all the way into the bushes.


The Jade Blade Spiders didn’t know Shi Yan’s intention. Being chased by three humans, they probably thought that they wanted to fight. One of the Jade Blade Spiders screamed with a strangely sharp sound. Suddenly, the four other Jade Blade Spiders all turned around and looked straight at Shi Yan.


Shi Yan still remained calm. He didn’t slow down at all, but streaked towards the Jade Blade Spiders with a much higher speed.


Shi Yan was more focused than ever. His mind became as clear as a mirror. Suddenly, he had entered that marvellous stage again. Everything around him became so clear to him. He could even hear the low-frequency communication among the Jade Blade Spiders, as well as the fast movements of Master Karu behind him. He couldn’t miss anything.




With Shi Yan’s fast movements, the air around him was split in half and he soon generated a strong wind around him. He could hear the sound of air flow louder and louder next to his ears.


Just as Shi Yan had almost run into those Jade Blade Spiders, he suddenly changed direction in the air and flew past one of the Jade Blade Spiders by a millimeter. It was so close that he almost got nicked by the spider’s blade-like legs. Shi Yan soon passed by the group of Jade Blade Spiders and continued running forward with no hesitation.


The Jade Blade Spiders were seriously provoked and irritated.


The six Jade Blade Spiders felt like they were fooled by this man in front of them. They had never felt so humiliated. With a sharp scream, the six spiders started racing towards Shi Yan.


Master Karu and Mo Yanyu ran into the bushes one after another, but they had lost track of Shi Yan and only saw the six raging Jade Blade Spiders.


Master Karu suddenly stopped chasing, and said with an icy light in his eyes, “That boy must have hidden somewhere in these bushes.”


“Maybe he has run through the flock of Jade Blade Spiders and is ahead of them right now?” Mo Yanyu asked with a frown and some uncertainty in her voice.


Master Karu sniffed, “Even if he is bold enough, he couldn’t have survived the Jade Blade Spiders. The eight spider legs are like meat grinders. This place is the proprietary land of the Jade Blade Spiders. If he did become the target of those spiders, he would have already been killed without a doubt.”


“Yeah, that makes sense.” Mo Yanyu agreed with Master Karu. The two of them then split up and started to search the bushes for traces of Shi Yan.


On the other side, Shi Yan was crazily looking for his way out of the bushes in this dark forest. He was running as fast as he could, but so were those six Jade Blade Spiders behind him. Soon the spiders were closing in on him.


In this part of the Dark Forest, there were no tall trees, nothing but low bushes which seemed to be continue on forever. Shi Yan couldn’t see the end of them. The bushes were not that strong, and were easily destroyed simply by a scratch of the spider’s legs.


Therefore, Shi Yan couldn’t find a tree to hide or rest. All he could do was to keep running like hell. He really hoped he could get rid of those Jade Blade Spiders behind him.


Luckily for him, there was a magical energy spilling out from his Meridians which flowed into his veins and mixed with his Profound Qi. His Profound Qi was therefore much stronger and more concentrated than ever. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly kept up this pace for so long, and probably would have been slaughtered by those fearsome Jade Blade Spiders and their sharp legs.


With the strong movements of the Profound Qi inside the veins in his legs, Shi Yan felt like they were full of power. Every time he stepped hard on the ground, he would fly up as light as a feather and flew several meters forward. Shi Yan couldn’t help admiring the amazing power of Profound Qi and was more and more determined to become a great Warrior.


Shi Yan couldn’t remember how long he had been running for his life, but now he was really exhausted. After such long time running, he could feel the power of the Profound Qi inside his legs declining sharply, and he was not running as fast as before.


As he slowed down, the Jade Blade Spiders didn’t. These demon beasts had one of the strongest physiques. They didn’t need the support of any extra energy to rampage all over the place.


“Damn! Those eight legged bastards are really a pain in the ass in the dark forest.”


The Jade Blade Spiders were drawing closer to Shi Yan and were almost upon him.


Shi Yan’s heart was beating like a jungle drum and his back was sweating like a waterfall. According to the situation, he knew that sooner or later he would be captured by those Jade Blade Spiders. By that time, he would have already run out of Profound Qi and would have no way to defend himself against those giant spiders.


Water! Suddenly Shi Yan could feel a moist vapor coming from his left side with his sharpened senses. Shi Yan took a deep breath and smiled with joy. He suddenly changed direction and rushed towards his left.


There is water here!


Shi Yan concentrated his senses and listened closely to his surroundings. Not surprisingly, only a few minutes after he changed direction, Shi Yan could hear the most wonderful sound of water flowing in the distance.


Only a few minutes later, a new landscape spread out in front of Shi Yan’s eyes. There was a large waterfall, with the water curtain disappearing into the deep pool like shooting stars in the galaxy. Some of the falling water sprayed onto the giant rocks on the shore, with water drops spilling and jumping all over the place like pearls and dense water vapor rising above the pool like a net.




Shi Yan quickly jumped into the freezing pool like a swift arrow. He felt instantly relieved, and thought that he could finally ditch those Jade Blade Spiders.


“Splash! Splash! Splash!”


However, the six giant spiders also followed him into the deep pool, one by one. They were floating above the water like boats. With their eight giant legs moving around in the water, they swam quickly towards Shi Yan.


“Damn it!” There was no time for Shi Yan to take a break and he was absolutely desperate. Seeing those Jade Blade Spiders approaching, he had no choice but to dive into the water and swim towards the bottom of the pool.


Shi Yan kept holding his breath and dived deeper and deeper into the pool. He only dared to look up when he was already more than seven meters under the surface.


From beneath, he could clearly see the sharp legs of those six Jade Blade Spiders. The spiders were stabbing their legs, which were as sharp as knives, into the water and chopping around.


The Jade Blade Spiders were not afraid of the water and they had no difficulty floating above the surface. However, it seemed they didn’t want to dive under the water. The six beasts were just blindly stabbing and chopping their legs into the surface, but only the surface.


Seeing this, Shi Yan was quite relieved. He held his breath and waited patiently in the water.


Holding his breath was one of Shi Yan’s strengths. He had participated in a lot of extreme sports programs like this before and therefore had rich experience in this. With one breath, he could survive underwater for more than 10 minutes.


The Jade Blade Spiders didn’t stay long on the water. After chopping their legs for a while with no trace of Shi Yan, the six giant beasts soon left the pool one after another.


Only then could Shi Yan float to the surface. When he saw the six Jade Blade Spiders still by the shore, he instantly stopped floating up and started observing those demon beasts very carefully in secret.


The six demon beasts soon left.


Only then did Shi Yan rise to the surface. He took a deep breath of the surrounding damp air, and dive back to the bottom of the pool. After exhausting his breath, he would rise again to the surface near one of the giant rocks on the corner of the pool. He repeated this process over and over again, breathing, diving and rising, breathing, diving and rising.


He was a little worried that those Jade Blade Spiders would come back, but was more worried that Master Karu and Mo Yanyu would find him by following the tracks of those giant beasts. Therefore, he was extra cautious, not willing to come out of the water to soon.


At the bottom of the pool.


Shi Yan was still holding his breath and doing his own meditation. He started to think about the strange energy he had appeared from his Meridians. He remembered that when the two Warriors died, he happened to be nearby, and it seemed that he had stolen all their Profound Qi through his Meridians. Regardless, he definitely had gotten something valuable from those two Warriors.


When he was running from the Jade Blade Spiders, he could strongly feel a strange energy spilling over from his Meridians. This energy was so pure and when it mixed with his Profound Qi inside his body, the energy instantly made his Profound Qi increase much faster and it almost doubled in minutes. But Shi Yan couldn’t figure out why.


Could it be that his Meridians had absorbed the energy from those two Warriors, refined this energy into a much more pure and concentrated force, and empowered Shi Yan’s own body?


Chapter 9

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