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Chapter 40 - Sharing the Treasure

Chapter 40


“You know these ancient letters?” Di Yalan couldn’t help but shout in surprise.


“Yeah, just a little.”


Shi Yan nodded, but he didn’t take a closer look at the contents of the book. He just held the book in his arms casually and said with a cool voice, “You take the bottle of Earth Core Flame Essence, and I will take this practice book for Spirit Level Martial Skills.”


Di Yalan nodded to show her agreement. The bottle of Earth Core Flame Essence was indeed extremely precious for her. She was already on top of the world with that little bottle of liquid in her hand.


“But what about these three Demon Crystals?”


After a while, Di Yalan asked again. And this time, while she was talking, she gave a quick glimpse toMu Yu Die on her side, with a pretty complicated message in her eyes.


Shi Yan had already got his book of Spirit Level Martial Skill, which was obviously worth millions. However, until now, only Mu Yu Die hadn’t got anything.


Those three Demon Crystals were apparently not as valuable as the Earth Core Flame Essence or the Skill book. Therefore, Di Yalan intended to give those Demon Crystals to Mu Yu Die. However, she was worried that Shi Yan might be against this decision. That’s why she said this to gauge Shi Yan’s reaction.


“Then give them to Miss Mu. I’m OK with that.”


Of course Shi Yan knew what Di Yalan was up to. He said calmly, “We cannot leave Miss Mu with nothing. We have both got what we want. How about giving those three Demon Crystals to Miss Mu?”


“Sure, I’m also fine with this.” Di Yalan smiled with satisfaction. She was quite glad to see Shi Yan being so understanding and considerate.


Mu Yu Die looked a little surprised at Shi Yan’s words. She stared at Shi Yan for a moment, and then shook her head and replied with an awkward smile, “I didn’t do anything helpful and have been depending on your protection all this time. I cannot take these three Demon Crystals.”


“Die…” Di Yalan wanted to say something but hesitated.


“No, I cannot take them.” Mu Yu Die looked pretty determined. She shook her head firmly, and started to tease herself, “I have become a burden for you. You almost lost your lives protecting me. How can I take these three Demon Crystals? Sister Lan, Ding Yan, I know you are being very kind to me, but I would feel ashamed to take these Demon Crystals.”


“Then just take one of them.” Shi Yan said after some hesitation, “Anyway, you must take one of these Demon Crystals. We cannot take such advantage of you.”


“Yes, at least take one of them.” Di Yalan also insisted.


Seeing the two of them both insisting on this, Mu Yu Die found it very hard to deny their kindness any more. She nodded after some hesitation and said, “Well, thanks a lot for your generosity!”


Shi Yan stopped talking and closed his eyes again, going back to operate the Profound Qi inside his body for recovery.


When he cleared his mind and concentrated on the inside, he could clearly feel the changes going on in his body.


He didn’t know why, but somehow, just by sitting there, he could feel the pain and soreness in his muscles were quickly disappearing.


Shi Yan cleared his mind and focused himself completely on the changes his body was going through.


Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning in his mind. His spirit suddenly lit up and it seemed he had realized something.


This is the Immortal Martial Spirit!


Inside his body, his flesh, muscles, bones, veins, organs and entrails were all undergoing subtle changes.


The Immortal Martial Spirit had been secretly repairing his body in a way that he could never understand. His weakness due to breaking out of “Rampage” was also gradually returning to normal.


Shi Yan was extremely surprised. He realized that the Immortal Martial Spirit could not only recover his wounds, but also offset most of the side effects that he had been suffering from “Rampage”!


Without the help of the Immortal Martial Spirit, he was almost certain that he would be unable to confront any opponents for the next three days after using “Rampage”.


However, thanks to the Immortal Martial Spirit, this was no longer the case.


With the help of the Immortal Martial Spirit, the soreness and fatigue in his body was slowly disappearing.


Judging from the condition of his body right now, it would at most, take one more day for him to recover half of his power. There would be no problem for him to engage in another fight with the enemy then.


However, just at that moment when he was gloating in secret, a sudden strong wave of evil and crazy killing intent flared up from the bottom of his heart.


This explosion of his negative energy was as fierce as a tsunami and was more destructive than ever!


Streams of energy mixed with desperation, fear and resentment were rushing out from the meridians all over his body. They had transformed into waves of spiritual power, roaring through his mind, corrupting his thoughts with an overwhelming force, and altering his morals and personality!


This time, he had absorbed the Profound Qi from all four Nascent Warriors as well as the two Warriors of the Human Level. When the six of them breathed their last breath, Shi Yan was right there with them in this stone cave.


Therefore, he had captured all the Profound Qi coming from the six warriors without missing a drop, which was way thicker and stronger than all the Profound Qi that he had absorbed before.


Therefore, the backlash this time was also fiercer than ever.


Although Shi Yan was still sitting there, his breath started to get heavier and heavier, and his body started to tremble slightly. His body was wrapped in a thick web of killing intent, making him appear even more evil to the others.


After a few minutes, he guessed that he couldn’t resist this force any more. He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Di Yalan with desire burning in his eyes. He said in a very low voice, “I’m having that weird thing happen to my body again!”


Di Yalan was stunned for one moment, and then quickly blushed all of a sudden. She said to Mu Yu Die in a low voice, “Die, you… you turn around, and don’t look.”


Mu Yu Die’s face also quickly went red. She bit her lips a little, turned to the entrance of the cave with her back towards those two people, and said, “You two be quiet. Please don’t draw the attention of those demon beasts here. I… I’ll be staying here at the entrance.”


“Em.” Di Yalan answered with a very low voice and then quickly threw herself into Shi Yan’s arms.


Shortly after, inside the cave, a slapping rhythm could be heard.



After a long time, with a deep moaning and trembling of the body, Shi Yan released his climax inside Di Yalan’s body.


From the meridians all over his body, there suddenly sprung streams of magical power.


This strange power was wandering around inside his body randomly, with only a small part of it shooting into Di Yalan’s body together with his essence. Most of this strange power was still rushing and bumping around inside his veins and vessels, filling his entire body.


Shi Yan suddenly opened his eyes.


He pulled up his pants and left Di Yalan, who was still enjoying her moment of bliss, lying on the ground. He quickly went towards Mu Yu Die and said, “Miss Mu, quick, come here!”


Mu Yu Die was completely shocked by his actions, and couldn’t help moving back. Her pretty face instantly went pale. She cried out with horror, “No! Don’t come close!”


“The magical power inside my body has just spilled out a little!” Shi Yan was moving towards Mu Yu Die with a heavy panting, and said impatiently, “I am trying my best to control it right now. Let me try and see if I can share some of it with you in order to help you recover your broken veins and muscles inside your body!”


“No way!” Mu Yu Die started screaming, “No, no, no, I’m not ready yet! I don’t want to do that with you! Don’t come close!”


“I didn’t mean that!” Shi Yan roared with a low voice.


He could feel the magical power split into dozens of streams, roaming around inside his body across his muscles, veins, flesh and blood, nurturing his Martial Spirits and Profound Qi in his abdomen respectively.


With this speed, before long, this magical power would be dispersed all over his body and absorbed entirely.


Shi Yan was concentrating more than ever right now. He forcibly blocked a small part of this strange power inside his arm. He was hanging onto this magical power very tightly and planned to inject this part of the power into Mu Yu Die’s body through the spillover of his Profound Qi.


Seeing Mu Yu Die continuously backing away, Shi Yan got extremely impatient. He suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Mu Yu Die tightly into his arms.


With the soft and nicely curved body of Mu Yu Die suddenly taken into his arms, a refreshing and sweet fragrance instantly kissed his face tenderly, making his spirit excited all of a sudden.


“Let go of me!” Mu Yu Die didn’t buy Shi Yan’s theory at all. She was hitting Shi Yan’s chest intensely with her little fists, and struggling with all her might.


However, with all of her veins and muscles broken, she couldn’t manage to use her Profound Qi smoothly.


With all her power being void, she was no different from a weak fragile little girl, and couldn’t break out of Shi Yan’s arms even a little.


“Stop struggling! Just be quiet!” Shi Yan locked up his arms even tighter and forced her delicious and delicate body tightly against his own, leaving her no room to struggle.


At that moment, Shi Yan made the magical power inside his arms quickly rush towards his wrists, all the way through his palms, and into the veins and muscles on Mu Yu Die’s back.


“Now, try your best to move this power to your broken veins and muscles! Quick!” With Mu Yu Die locked up in his arms, Shi Yan quickly whispered into her delicate ears.


Mu Yu Die’s ears twitched a lot, and her sweet body couldn’t help trembling. She was silently cursing Shi Yan as a bastard in her heart.


However, she clearly felt two strange waves of power flowing into her body through Shi Yan’s palms and circling inside the veins and muscles in her back.


Under Shi Yan’s harsh order, Mu Yu Die finally became quiet and stopped her struggling. She started to make her best efforts to feel the magical power inside her body, take control of it, and use it for the recovery of her broken veins and muscles.


Holding Mu Yu Die tightly in his arms, feeling the delicious curves of her body, smelling the sweet fragrance from her body, Shi Yan was suddenly distracted and starting to entertain some dirty thoughts in his mind. He couldn’t help the excitement coming from his lower body.




Mu Yu Die screamed with embarrassment. She said in a hurry with a blushed face, “Let go of me now! You… acting like this… I … I cannot calm myself down.”


“Well, I will let you go for now.” Shi Yan knew that this was not the right time for him to take advantage of her. He nodded and slightly kissed Mu Yu Die’s cheek, “I will take this as a reward for offering you this magical power as a gift.”


After these words, Shi Yan released Mu Yu Die from his arms and took a few steps back. He then sat down against the stone wall and slowly closed his eyes.


Mu Yu Die’s entire face was completely red. She was both embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. She glared at Shi Yan with anger and cursed, “You dirty bastard!”


After this, with her beautiful bosoms heaving up and down, Mu Yu Die took a few deep breaths before finally calming down.


She understood that given this critical situation, she couldn’t afford to waste any time on blaming Shi Yan. She also quickly sat down and tried to use the magical power that she got from Shi Yan to restore the broken veins and muscles inside her body.


Chapter 40

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