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Chapter 36 - Bang!

Chapter 36




The sound of heavy strikes on the rocks came one after another.


Violent strikes were forced onto Shi Yan who was blocking the cave. He and Di Yalan were both shocked and felt numb in their arms.


“Hey friends inside the cave, take your hands off! Or I won’t be this polite anymore!”


At the entrance of the cave, a cold voice yelled, “My Matial Spirit can perceive life signs within two hundred meters. I know there are three of you. We just want to get in and hide for a while. Please do us a favor!”


“It’s OUR cave! Please go and find one of your own. Don’t get us into trouble.”


Shi Yan looked very serious as he pressed all his Profound Qi into his arms. In no time, his arms beganto contract and turn dry, while white fog flew around them.


“Move! Demon beasts will come in a few minutes and there must be several high-level ones! If you don’t want to lose your lives, let us in!” A forthright voice cried fretfully.


“Get lost! Our cave is too small for you people!” Shi Yan was rather cold, showing not the slightest amount of friendliness.


Their cave was not big enough so it could only hold six people, and counting the rock at the entrance, it could only hold five people at most. According to their breaths, Shi Yan could tell there were six of them, which was too much for the small cave.


“Steve, come with me, let’s break it!” One of them shouted coldly with impatience.




“Bang! Bang!”


Two streams of explosive power struck the rock at the same time, andan enormous force blasted out from within the hard rock at once!


Withthe dull booms, the hard rock which was being supported by Shi Yan and Di Yalan was comminuted into dozens of pieces.


“Kaka! Kaka!”


The rock segments fell on the ground one by one and suddenly the light shined into the dim entrance.


Three people got the chance and slipped into the cave at once.


The leader of the group, who was around thirty years old and wore a silver warrior uniform, looked cold and arrogant. He glanced at Shi Yan and the two girls, then jeered, “A mere Human-Level warrior dares to block us. You are going beyond your depth, young man!”


“Big brother, kill them!” Another rude young man urged, “This cave is only capable of holding six people. Our people can’t come in if they still stay here!”


“You three get out of the cave right now! Or I will kill you in no time!” The man in silver uniform demanded, “You are definitely no match for us! We have two Human-Level and four Nascent-Level warriors. You’d better not waste our time.”


The three warriors who were standing at the opening of the cave looked at Shi Yan and Di Yalan coldly, seemingly prepared to take action at any time, as a dim light was gradually sent out from their bodies.


“Big brother, look at the girls, woah!” Another skinny short young man found Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die extraordinarily beautiful after he adapted to the dimness in the cave and couldn’t help but shout out.


“Chuck, do you want the girls or our brothers outside the cave?”The leader grunted.


That skinny young man smiled with embarrassment, “Don’t be pissed my brother, I’m just kidding. Of course I want my brothers! Women are everywhere, right? Ha, now that we got so much treasure from the Silver Thunder Wolf’s cave, we can get women whenver we want! Haha!”


“Why are you still there?” The warrior taking the lead looked hideous suddenly as he was about to fight.


“Fight!” Di Yalan shouted as she lifted her shortsword, “There are all demon beasts out of the cave. We would still die even if we get out!”


“Hehe, please run away as far as you can and take the demon beasts with you, then we will be safe.” That rude young man burst into laughter, “Or, do you think you can even be alive here?”


“Sister Lan, let’s go out.” After a deep breath, Shi Yan calmed down, then he dragged her, “Quick! We may escape if we run quickly.”


“It’s impossible…” Di Yalan was dragged away by Shi Yan before she could finish her sentence.


Mu Yu Die had lifted herself up long ago, thus she walked up after them.


As her slim figure passed by that skinny short man, that guy stretched out his hand toward her butt, “Gorgeous, forgive me. We can be closer if we meet again.”


Mu Yu Die got frightened and rushed out of the cave as fast as she can. But unfortunately, that guy still touched her slim waist, which made her furious.


Outside the cave, the three men of Nascent Level had been impatient for a long time.


Seeing the three getting out of the cave, the three warriors outside wandered their eyes on Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die lustfully. Then they walked into the cave reluctantly and complimented, “Brother, there should be two beauties! Your Martial Spirit is so great that you could even sense the cave here from so far away! We wouldn’t have managed in collecting so much treasure in the Silver Thunder Wolf’s cave if it hadn’t been your magical Martial Spirit!”


“Haha! We really harvested a lot this time! A Martial Skill of Spirit Level! We can get what we six want with this book when we go back to the God-blessed Empire ! Then we can own whichever women we are fond of!” The rude guy in the cave chuckled.


“Thanks to our big brother’s Martial Spirit. It can identify the stream of life in the surroundings. That’s too damn good!”


The six of them occupied Shi Yan and his friends’ cave, and started to discuss softly in it.


“You three, go as far as you can! It’s still early enough for you to leave now! Once the demon beasts came, you can in no way escape from them!” The leader demanded confidently, “If you are still going to stay at the entrance, please excuse my rudeness.”


Under the bright moonlight, Shi Yan was wearing an icy and terrifying expression.


Terrible demon beasts howls were comingfrom all directions. They were just gathering towardthis way, for apparently they knew there were humans in this area.


Judging from the situation now, this area would be encircled by demon beasts soon.


If they left now, they would become those demon beasts’ target; even if they guided the demon beasts to other areas, they would be kill by them eventually.


Shi Yan knew clearly that the leader didn’t kill them because he wanted them to run away and distract those demon beasts, so that those six warriors could survive.


“Ding Yan! Why don’t we just have a nasty fight with them! We could also be killed by the demon beasts if we get out of the cave! If we run away, we would die in vain! Why not drag those warriors in with us!”Di Yalan stared at Shi Yan in rage.


For his safty’s sake, Shi Yan had told them his name was Ding Yan, though Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die rarely called him by his full name.


However, since Di Yalan was strongly against Shi Yan’s decision, she shouted out his full name..


Mu Yu Die turned rather pale and she said in a miserable voice, “I would rather be killed by the Dark World than be eaten up by demon beasts. Sister Lan, let’s finish ourselves now and attract those demon beasts here.”


“Come here!” Shi Yan frowned as he caught Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die, separately with each of his hands, to the corner of the entrance, keeping them away from the middle of the opening.


“What?” Di Yalan flew into a rage, “You want to run away, don’t you?”


“Run away? Am I such an easy-going person?” Shi Yan broadened his mouth and looked hideous. Abruptly, he took out an iron ball out of his chest and waved it at the girls.


Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die were stunned at first. Soon they realized and smirked, then took several steps away from the opening again.


Shi Yan nooded, and as soon as the girls found their positions, he suddenly rushed to the entrance.


As he reached the entrance, he swiftly threw the iron ball into the cave and left in an instant.




There was a devastating explosion in the cave as sharp splinters flew in all directions inside, some of which flew out of the cave and cut the bushes outside into pieces.


Terrible cries came from the entrance of the cave.


“Old Steve!”




“Brother Teddy! Brother Teddy!”


“Brother Bob! I… I am hurt!”




Painful cries, combined with a strong bloody smell, came out of the cave.


Shi Yan signalled Di Yalan and went into the cave again.


Shi Yan was looking at the chaos in the cave at the entrance, ashe sneered, “Hey everybody? Wasit fun?”


The three men on the ground had turned into honeycombs with wounds all over their bodies. That rude guy was among them, with his head cut through.


The leader, that skinny, short man and another fat guy were still alive.


The other three had protected them. Though they too were wounded, those splinters didn’t hurt their vital places.


Their limbs were filled with bleeding wounds, and the leader seemed badly hurt, for his abdomen was bleeding hard.


The cave was so small, and once the Star Bomb exploded, they had nowhere to hide. If it weren’t for those three dead warriors who stood in front of them, there would’ve been no chance for anyone to survive.


“I’m gonna strip your skin!” Their leader had his eyes split, and he was too angry.


“Such dense Profound Qi.” Shi Yan took a deep breath and enjoyed a lot.


As he was talking, his muscles contracted slowly and his body got more and more dry.


A freezing, insane, amd murderous smell flew out of Shi Yan’s body slowly, forming into a white thin fog, which spread all over him.


Chapter 36

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