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Chapter 61 - Dark Blood Agitated

Chapter 30: Dark Blood Agitated


The maid was about thirty, but still considerable pretty with a plump body.


Heard Qian Ye being so straight up, she immediately fixed her facial expression into a smile which she thought was the most charming one. She squeezed her body in the small door gap, her bouncy boobs almost placed on Qian Ye’s as she tried to lure him with a slimy voice, “Little handsome guy, I can you give half price, fifty copper coins is fine!”


Qian Ye stunned for a second, then then he quickly stopped the chubby maid and said, “No, I mean give me something to eat, a three people portion! I have not eaten anything today!”


Then, Qian Ye handed a silver coin over and said, “Changes are all yours.”


The maid’s smile was stiffened on her face. She looked at the silver coin, and then looked at Qian Ye. Her expression became very bitter and was full of resentment as she said, “I’ll immediately bring you the food, but what about after eating? This silver coin is enough for ‘anything’ uh!”


“No, just food is good!” Qian Ye had an unpredictable state of confusion before this maternal chubby maid’s ‘charm.’


The maid grabbed the silver coin along with Qian Ye’s hand, stuffed them deep in her cleavage, and then twisted her body to leave.


After a while, she brought a tray full of food and sent it over to the door. Once again, she tried to sneak in through the gap and Qian Ye had to struggle very hard to close the door. Finally, he slammed the door in front of her doleful eyes.


The hotel dinner’s quality was very good. After having cleaned up all of the plates, Qian Ye began to practice the Art of Retaliations. With the vampire’s unique strength, the serious damages of this cultivating method had naturally disappeared. Qian Ye even had the vague expectation for the moment he broke through level nine using this fierce method.


As the Art of Retaliations started, Forces began to emerge from the three Force Nodes, gradually formed tides surging inside Qian Ye’s body, and continued to fill up the new third Node which was not fully warmed.


It could be seen that the newborn original force node was emitting dim light inside his body just had a blurry contour, while the two nodes at the chest and the abdomen were extremely bright. Especially the chest QiHai area was like a small sun, constantly released tides after tides of original force.


However, Qian Ye suddenly found that the forces impact were a lot weaker than usual, the superimposed nine waves were weakened about one-third of its original strength.


Was there a problem with this practicing method?


He carefully checked the whole force tide generating, surging, and re-forming process and finally found out that when the new tide emerged from the three nodes, it had not been fully integrated into his body. It seemed like several parts of the tides were wrapped by the three-tone intertwined blood aura, and was then slowly unified into one block.


This discovery made Qian Ye stunned. Was it possible that the dark blood would devour the force power?


The Dark blood had not brought him any more trouble for a long time. Even when he had approached this crowded city with which, after numerous blood sources were wandering around after three days of the wilderness’s extreme fugitive, there was still no signs of the recurrences of being bloodthirsty and hungry. It has been awhile since he had once again felt peace. ‘But what is going on?’ Though Qian Ye


Qian Ye felt into silence for a moment and decided to still finish his homework today by any means.


After twenty rounds of the original force tide, Qian Ye stood up and stretched his body for a while, and then practiced the army tactical fighting strategies. His homework was only finished when several basic physical strength exercises, balance, flexibility, and fighting skills were completed. If he was still in the Red Scorpion Corps, the cultivating process would have been added two more steps which were to soak up his body in the regenerative solution and had a doctor’s check up to avoid any injuries that resulted from excessive practice.


Qian Ye ignored the questions and let it flow in his mind until the end of practice. Only after that did he focus his mind on thinking about the problem.


Dark blood was still quietly flowing inside his vein. On the surface, there was no anomaly like a peaceful waterfront, but every time the original force tidal rushed over, not a very small bit of it would be inhaled. The whole process was out of Qian Ye’s control. After the significant forces drop, the tidal impact power was even weaker than that of ordinary people.


It wasn’t until the twentieth round of force tide had been completed did Qian Ye find out that the Dark blood aura had grown stronger. Though at the moment, beside the speed reduction, there were no other anomalies. However, Qian Ye felt anxious that along with the black blood gaining power, that he would have gradually turned into a true vampire.


Finally, until the sky turned bright, Qian Ye still couldn’t draw out the conclusion.


In the end, the unpleasant drama did not have much impact on Qian Ye’s new life. He had always followed a pragmatic style, if he was slowed down in speed, then increased the intensity.


The next few days, Qian Ye buried himself in intense cultivation, all three meals per day were brought to the room by the maid and he did not even put one foot out of the door. This was also the most simple and effective way to get rid of the trackers after coming to a new place.


Seven days passed in a twinkling of an eye in the past. During these days, Qian Ye’s best harvest was to finally master the trick to control the blood doze that was injected along with the force infusion. The three blank bullets which the old man had given him at “A Yi’s firearms” were real, but the box was very consistent to the old man’s style. Not only holding it in his hand did he find out that the weight was not right, or in the other way of saying, it was fake.


Qian Ye took out a blank bullet and slowly poured the original force into it. Ten minutes later, the original force warhead was filled with a dense mist of original force, which could also be seen a vague ray of blood slowly swimming inside. At the moment, he could skillfully control the blood aura to let it injected into the bullet whenever he wanted.


Qian Ye opened the box to put the original force bullet in. However, without the closure effect, most of his original force would have disappeared after three days. He suddenly remembered the crystal box which the old man named Wang Bo had left him. It had gone missing after the bar was destroyed. Though this thought only passed by Qian Ye’s mind and paused for a moment, then quickly buried deep down his heart with many other memories.


Having cleaned up everything, Qian Ye was finally ready to go out and inquired more about the surrounding situation. If he intended to live in this city for a long time, then he would need to find ways to make some money. Not mentioning about other small towns, the living expenses in the Dark Blood City were in a different world compared to the Black Current. If saying the Black Current city used copper coins as it currency unit, then the currency unit of Dark Blood city would be silver.


As usual, Qian Ye made a simple disguise on his face before going out. After many times repeating the same annoying failures, he finally groped a little trick, that is, to make his skin color as dark as possible. This wouldn’t have revealed the disguise as being too obvious, but still made it look different.


Qian Ye didn’t know that while he was concentrating on the cultivation process in the past seven days, Yu Ren Yan had searched the hotel twice. Seven days had passed and Yu Ren Yen had flipped the city over countless times and still couldn’t find even the smallest traces of Qian Ye’s existence.


This had let Yu Ren Yan return back to his stay and reorganized his strategy.


A moment later he called his men in the Dark Blade and made them send an express letter to Wu Zheng Nan. In the letter, Yue Ren Yan said that he had succeeded finding some clues, but the opponent was very cunning and that he needed more time.


As for how much time, Yu Ren Yan used only one word to sum it up: uncertain. Lastly in the letter, Yu Ren Yan asked whether or not to continue the task.


One day later, Wu Zheng Nan’s replied letter came with a very simple sentence: “Continue until completion.”


Yu Ren Yan immediately understood the determination of Wu Zheng Nan in this matter. Anyways, he had his own style of working, so he leisurely shopped around the city and came back with a bunch of stuff.


An hour later, Yu Ren Yan turned himself into a tall blonde man. Even his eyes color was also changed. This big leader of the Dark Blade then bought himself a small house which had a separate courtyard. After that, he went to the mercenary association and used a pseudonym to register a free mercenary identity, and then go to the hunter’s home to register for a hunter qualification. Finally, he went out of the city and had gone hunting.


Apparently, Yu Ren Yan had turned this task into a holiday.


When Yu Ren Yan left the Dark Blood city, Qian Ye finally came out of the hotel after seven days of meditation.


First, he casually went to an equipment shop and bought a hunters leather armor. This armor was very suitable for wild life hunting, light and flexible. It was also advertised to have defense ability. When Qian Ye put the armor on, he finally appeared, slightly a bit more wild and manly.


At noon, Qian Ye found a restaurant, sat on its second floor, and looked for a window position to sit down.


He used a rare short daylight time to observe people walked back and forth in the crowd while eating. He needed to get familiar with some of the living habits of these city residents. After having finished his lunch, Qian Ye took a pile of job wanted ads and looked through them.


There were Mercenary Guilds, Adventurers Union, Hunter’s House as well as other brochures… ultimately, Qian Ye paused his eyes on Hunter’s Home advertisement.


Treating the Dark Race creatures as preys was the most suitable job for his career. As for the mercenary nature parties such as the Mercenary Guilds and the Adventurers
union, Qian Ye chose to ignore them.


The former was because Qian Ye did not want to work for any other ‘noble’ again, and a clear position meant endless trouble. The latter was because adventurers often required some professional skills, such as mechanical maintenance and so on. Qian Ye’s mechanical skill performance had always been very good, but he was not interested in standing and staring at a glazing machine every day. This delicate life was for other people, Qian Ye had more interests in  being directly faced with the Dark Race species.


After leaving the restaurant, Qian Ye went around and after about seven to eight turns, he finally walked into a dark alley and stood in front of a three-story small building.


There was a flat plaque written, “Hunter’s House”, Qian Ye repeatedly read it over several times and finally realized that this was the correct place he was looking for.


This small building was too old and seemed as if it would collapse at any given time. The manager didn’t seem to have any intentions of fixing it because the front wall had a big crack, which exposed the insides of the impure rotten metal beams.


The front door was widely opened. Qian Ye hesitated a moment but still went in. The last experience at “A Yi’s firearms” had left him a little psychological shadow. Hunter’s House should be another hunter’s branch of the famous hunter organization. However, looking at the building in front of him, it seemed like someone had borrowed the name once again.


There was a small hall behind the door with two tables and a few chairs. On one table, three burly guys were lazily sitting together with a few large glasses of beer in the middle.


At the end of the hall sitting a counter, and behind it, a skinny old man was reading something through his glasses. His half-bald head was particularly shining under the mantle lamp’s light.


Looking at the old man, Qian Ye’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He didn’t even have to use his genius memory to realize that this scene, the shiny light, the flickering head… it was so distinctive, and yes, this was the old bald man inside “A Yi’s firearms”!



Preview Chapter 31: Hunter’s House

Mr. Er’s eyes slightly squinted as if he would have fallen  asleep at any moment. After hearing what Qian Ye said, he slightly nodded his head as a farewell. Though when he saw the trajectory that Qian Ye waved the ax, his eyes suddenly flickered some sharp lights like a blade, but immediately disappeared as if it had never existed.

After Qian Ye left, a guy said, “The little guy is good and has the potential.”

The other coldly said, “I hate him. There is an Empire’s dog smell on him.”

The third man shrugged and said, “Dogs also have their classifications, that little guy is obviously from a top dog’s pack.”

“The top dog is still a dog!” said the former man.

Mr. Er pulled out an old pocket watch from nowhere, looked at the time, and slowly said, “This little guy is very suitable for that task.”

“Which one?”

“The one of Miss QiQi.”

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