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Chapter 82 - Raid

Chapter 51: Raid


As the guests saw obvious signs of oldness and rustiness on the equipment at the first glance, they suddenly lost their interests in the others, and their look for Qian Ye also brought some contempt.


A young mercenary swept his eyes through the force firearms inside the shop and scolded, “D*** it, what a nasty shop. They don’t even have a level two force gun here.


Mr. Yi’s face suddenly sank as he pointed at the ragged canvas bag in front of Qian Ye, “This here may be more powerful than the two fierce goods!


The mercenaries looked at the broken canvas bag, then looked at the rusted gun parts in Qian Ye hand, and suddenly burst out laughing. In their eyes, this old man had already gone crazy because of his poverty.


And so when these people left, Qian Ye’s mouth curved into a faint sneer.


The parts were almost entirely new, though their surfaces were special refurbished so that it looked old and worn out. This Hawk Strike was basically a total of seventy percent new and several key components were eighty percent new. Just these parts alone could bring the Hawk Strike’s accuracy up to about ten percent higher.


These mercenaries might have never even seen the Hawk Strike during their whole lives’, of course, so they couldn’t recognize those unique parts of the Hawk Strike. Unlike them, Qian Ye had learned all about the usages of the imperial firearms, maintenance, and internal structure. All the level five firearms or lower, which had the probability to appear in the Dawn War, were included in the learning content. So for a Red Scorpion soldier, even if the Scorpion Telson was destroyed, he could have picked up any Dark Race gun and used it immediately.


As Qian Ye thoroughly looked at all the parts of the Hawk Strike, Mr. Yi’s look became more and more awkward.


When Qian Ye put the last part back into the bag and buckled the clip. Mr. Yi finally couldn’t hold on to his curiosity and asked, “Aren’t you gonna try to assemble it?”


“All the parts are here, so there’s no need to do so.” Qian Ye swung the canvas bag behind his back.


There was something lighting up inside Mr. Yi’s eyes. He said the words with some vague meaning hidden behind it, “There aren’t many people had seen the Haw Strike, and fewer had seen its internal structure.”


“There are also not many people who can bring out the Hawk Strike to sell, isn’t it?”


The two stared at each other for a while, and then Qian Ye swaggered away.


Coming back to the small hotel, Qian Ye called for some food. After eating, he changed his appearance once again, and then began to assemble the Hawk Strike.


A moment later, a two-meter sniper rifle appeared in Qian Ye’s hands.


As Qian Ye infused his original force into the gun, its black body didn’t even have a bit of light that emitted out, but he could feel the force array running inside the energy compression and lit up every single part of it. If facing the muzzle, one could see its barrel that was emerging out groups of green light, but not even the slightest light got leaked out. This was truly the real weapon! Qian Ye was very satisfied with the gun.


Night had gotten deeper, but the Dark Blood city was still very lively. In this place, there were always people looking for pleasure. Mercenaries, hunters, and adventurers were always walking on the lines of the death. With their occupations, no one knew if they could have lived till tomorrow after today had passed. Therefore, these people would be more indiscriminate to satisfy their desires.


In this city, the expeditionary force’s status was not any higher than the hunter. They were aggressive but lacked military discipline. The major legions had their own political system and worked separately, more like a big gang. As for the soldiers, the meager allowance was not enough to support their lives. Therefore, from the top garrison to the bottom soldier all showed their skills in swallowing as much benefit as possible. This was already an open secret, if not, the Hawk Strike wouldn’t have fallen into Qian Ye’s hands.


Qian Ye wrapped up the Hawk Strike inside layers of cloth, carried it on his back, and left the hotel under the cover of the night as he quickly merged into the Dark Blood city’s lively night, and became one of the thousands of pedestrians wandering in the streets.


After a moment, Qian Ye appeared in a courtyard next to the Heaven Snake Serpents. He quietly walked around for one lap, and then climbed into a building. This building had twenty floors with a dirty grayish appearance and apparently had suffered many years of disrepair. The houses inside were stuffed with countless people, a small house was likely to be squeezed with seven or eight individuals.


Inside the corridor was full of garbage, dirty water, and debris, Qian Ye slowly took one step after the other upstairs, kicked away a body which was decaying, fainted two drunken thugs, and finally climbed to the top. Qian Ye looked through the glassless windows, found the right location, and directly broke into the room.


This was a cramped little room since the two camp beds had almost filled up the entire space. There were four people inside, two men and two women. When Qian Ye broke into the time, two people were sleeping in one bed as the other man and a woman were hugging each other and on the peak of their ‘business’. When the man saw Qian Ye, he was suddenly scared, immediately shivered, and vented out like running water from a faucet.


Under the threat of the dark black muzzle, four people honestly stayed so still that Qian Ye tied them up, and then squatted to the corner. The two almost naked women were constantly twisting their bodies and rubbed themselves hard on Qian Ye’s thighs.


However, Qian Ye was really horrified of these two meat packs. He also wasn’t interested in women who hadn’t taken a bath for few months. He directly put the Hawk Strike on those white women but obviously loose on their chest and pushed them out. Those women seemed to understand that the long piece of metal tube on their chest was not a flexible ‘meaty sticks,’ after being frightened and trembling out, they honestly sat down to a side.


The room was filled with the thick smell after heavy passion, perennial lacking of sunlight mildew smell, as well as other strange smells of rotten matters which no one could define what they were.


Qian Ye was very satisfied with this environment. The strong smell could completely cover the smell of his body. Even if the enemy had searched this place, they couldn’t have smelled to track down Qian Ye. It was an empty little clue.


Qian Ye pushed the glassless window to open a small gap and looked outside. His judgment was right. From this angle, he could see the Heaven Snake Serpent’s headquarters building, as well as the entire building was directly facing within his sniping range. Qian Ye broke several wooden frames of the window, leaving an observation space, then took out the Hawk Strike, and placed this huge killer on the windowsill.


Qian Ye moved to the chair, sat by the window, and waited patiently.


Heaven Snake was still somewhere out there looking for ways to satisfy his desire and then he would head back to the headquarters later on in the evening.


The distance from Qian Ye’s building to the snake’s headquarters was about a thousand kilometers, longer than most of the effective sniping range. Even with such an excellent force sniper rifle like the Hawk Strike that was also the limits of its range. Though the force crossbows, as well as guns, were suitable force long-range precision strike, this long-range only caused injury to one individual at a time since this was a force gun, not mentioning the expeditionary force, even the Imperial Army’s main force was not in favor of this weapon.


Heaven Snake would never dream of being raided at this distance.


Two hours later, Qian Ye finally saw a row of six cars driving back to the headquarters. Heaven Snake walked down from a car in the center, and then stretched his lazy waist. It seemed like he was very tired.


Qian Ye firmly locked the rifle at Heaven Snake and quickly infused force to the energy compression. In just a moment, force filled up the entire force array. Qian Ye held down his breath and slowly pulled down on the trigger.


Hawk Strike was suddenly startled and the force of the recoil hit Qian Ye and the chair to be shifted back one meter while issuing a roar which had shaken the entire building! A dark red original force power drew a beautiful arc in the night, headed towards the Heaven Snake.


Heaven Snake was scared out of his wits and only relied on years of fighting instincts to barely be able to curl up his body as force crazily outbroke and formed a light blue shield surrounding his body.


The bombardment broke through the shield and shot Heaven Snake to fly out. The excessive force flashed out like fireworks, burning, and gorgeously lit up the entire street like it was daytime. Heaven Snake flew out a few meters, heavily hit the wall, and then fell down to the ground.


At the moment between life and the death, Heaven Snake made his move and he rolled on the ground, flipped aside, then continued to roll to the headquarters’ door, and hid his body behind the shooting range. As soon as he got into the headquarters, Heaven Snake directly kneeled on the ground and sprayed out a mouthful of blood to a few meters away!


Heaven Snake trembled, then fainted and fell to the ground.


Hawk Strike was worthy of its name the king of the raider. Even in the limit range and decreased power situation, it could still cause great injury to Heaven Snake whose body had already been specialized and strengthened as a level five soldier. Although it was a four sniper rifle, the power was somewhat stronger than the other same level firearms. In the imperial firearms classification data, Hawk Strike was at level twelve attacking power, and the other ordinary four guns were only at level eight.


Qian Ye could only have barely driven the Hawk Strike and one shot had already consumed more than half of his force. Because his original force was more condensed than the general level three soldiers, or he wouldn’t be able to use Hawk Strike. Hawk Strike was not even for a level five soldier to use, it was actually for a level six professional sniper.


Qian Ye had long known that this shot couldn’t kill Heaven Snake, so he didn’t even bother to check the follow-up victory, directly stood up and retrieve the gun. He uninstalled the Hawk Strike which was still burning hot into two parts, then wrapped it up again. After that, Qian Ye out of a small tube of stimulator, tilted up and drank it. The spiritual vibration immediately woke him up and the empty burning feeling of over using force had eased a lot.


Qian Ye went out and suddenly looked back at the people who were tied at the corner of the house. He instinctively made up a solution in his mind, that was, to directly put a fire to wipe off all of the evidence. Qian Ye frowned and stood there for a while since he was hesitating.


In the end, Qian Ye shook that idea out of his head. Those four people were just civilians. There was simply no way they could have seen through his camouflage. Even if they lived, they still couldn’t reveal much information. Heaven Snake couldn’t rely on these clues to find him by any means.


Qian Ye took out the knife, cut off the rope then said with a low voice, “The more you know, the faster you die. It’s best to just forget what you have just seen.”


After those words, he went out of the room and closed the door behind him. When he left, he was secretly relieved. He knew that if the probability of being exposed was too high, he would have killed them. Though in his knowledge, civilians and soldiers, after all, were still not the same.


Qian Ye leisurely walked down the narrow stairs and the two sides did not have any open doors, the shock earlier did not seem to cause any special reaction. It seemed like they had long been aware of a survivalist truth, when doom had not yet knocked on the door, then it didn’t exist.


As he was walking through the corner, a young girl who was rushing from the other side had almost hit him!


In that moment, both Qian Ye and the girl all tilted aside and staggered by each other.


The two had felt the great threat from the other!


Qian Ye’s eyes immediately flashed with dark red light and started the dark visual ability as his hand was clutching on the knife by his waist.



Preview Chapter 83: Chaotic Night

The two confronted for a few seconds, and then at the same time, they sniffed hard in the air and smelled the taste of the powerful dark blood from each other.

“What is your clan? Why are you here?” The girl whispered.

“This is also what I want to ask.” Qian Ye answered

The girl’s double pupils surged up with blood and shrieked, “Are you not gonna interrupt my meal?”

“I’m going to leave, but I have to say that your taste is not really high!”

“This is none of your business!” The girl threateningly revealed the vampire fangs in her mouth.




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