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Chapter 99 - Just Someone Crossing over Your Life

Chapter 9: Just Someone Crossing over Your Life


Sure enough, after a few blocks, the girl was stopped by several gangsters.


“Bitch, today’s harvest is not bad, huh? Wanna show us some? We don’t want too much, just a half is enough.” A heavy chest haired guy grinned.


“This chick looks good, how about playing with her for a while?”


“That’s it! The night is still young!”


Those people chatted and then began to move their hands and feet on her. The girl took a deep breath, wanted to scream, but a big hand stretched out, and solidly covered her mouth.


The girl tried to struggle, as she fiercely kicked and punched with all the strength that she could have had, but how could such a weak girl fight against these strong men?


At this point, Qian Ye’s voice came from the end of the road, “Take your claws away!”


Those people were surprised, but as seeing Qian Ye was standing lonely on the street, they immediately became much more bravery.


A fat man hastily shouted, “F***k off! Don’t be nosy, you wanna f***ing die?”


Bang! Responded to his roar was a gunshot!


This guy’s eyes became dull as a blood hole added between his eyebrows. Finally, he fell down with his head upward.


At the moment, those people began to panic. Some wanted to run to the roadside, but some immediately reached to their waist to look for weapons. One of them had viciously grasped the girl’s hand, twisted her right arm backward, and forced her face to turn to the interrupter, wanting to take her as a hostage.


The gun in Qian Ye’s hand constantly had flame erupted out of its muzzle. In a blink of an eye, a magazine had been emptied. The guy who was holding the girl received the most bullet holes, the two who were holding on their guns and machetes had fallen together on the ground.


The two who had run to the roadside and hid themselves behind the vertical signs of a store was also quite brave. As seeing Qian Ye had used up his first magazine, they immediately stuck out their heads, together raised up their pistol, aimed at Qian Ye and started to set on fire.


However, Qian Ye’s shadow was like a ghost and constantly flashed up. None of those whistling bullets had hit him, but all had passed by his side!


At this time, Qian Ye had put on a new magazine. Another gunfire round sounded, the last two gangsters finally crashed down, but their limbs were all shot, so they were constantly screaming and rolling on the ground.


Qian Ye went to the front of the two, flicked up his wrist, the empty magazine fell into their twitching body, and then he pushed a new one in, raised his hand and aimed at their heads.


At this time, a few people rushed out from the side of an alley. As seeing this scene, the leader immediately shouted, “Wait!”


Qian Ye pretended as he didn’t hear them, his finger continued to pull the trigger without any hesitation. Bang! Bang! Two shots blew up the last two’s head. After that, he turned around and asked, “What?”


The leader of the group furiously shouted, “Who are you? How dare you kill our Inflammation’s of the people? Aren’t you in haste to die?”


“Your people dare to touch my woman, aren’t you guys in haste to die too?” Qian Ye calmly threw the sentence back to them, and then casually crossed over two steps, perfectly blocked himself between the girl and the crowd.




That guy seemed to be a small leader of the Inflammation society. He was also a level one cultivator. However, as the first dirty swearing word had just come out of his mouth, he suddenly saw Qian Ye appear right in front of his face, and then the Butcher came out of its scabbard!


However, the butcher had not roared, as Qian Ye was still holding onto its muzzle, directly swung the steel handle to the guy’s mouth and that had slapped out about seven or eight of his teeth.


The sudden pain had almost fainted the guy, he tremblingly lifted his hand, wanted to cover the wound, but suddenly his hands felt much lighter and his overweighing pistol had already fallen into Qian Ye’s.


That gunpowder gun took Qian Ye’s index finger as a pivot, flipped one round then firmly stopped in his hand, as Qian Ye continuously pulled the trigger, shot down all the people behind the guy and then stuffed burning barrel into the guy’s mouth.


Qian Ye coldly said, “Whether it is the Inflammation or something else, I will have you all uprooted if you dare to touch my woman! I had just killed the Heaven Snake Serpent, so do not come to provoke me!”


The guy desperately nodded, but he did not dare to move too much for the fear that it would lead the pistol to fire. Not until Qian Ye slowly retrieved the gun was he relieved. In the depth of his eyes, there were some luck and resentment surging.


However, Qian Ye wrist suddenly moved. His pistol constantly roared and lengthily poured the entire magazine into the guy’s body. The huge momentum shot that burly body to fly out on the spot, then burst into more the ten blood flowers in the air.


Looking at guy’s unwilling but also not unlively eyes, Qian Ye faintly said, “I had suddenly changed my mind.


Qian Ye threw the gun in his hand on the guy’s corpse. The girl was still tremblingly standing at the distance of tens of meters away. She had carefully dodged the bodied to not fall to her but did not seize the opportunity to flee. Qian Ye did not go to her direction, only raised his hand up and waved, then disappeared in the vast night.


The girl looked at Qian Ye’s back leaving away. She stood there for a long time until the sourness and bitterness complete vanished in her eyes. She suddenly turned away and ran to the other end of the dark.


From the beginning to the end, Qian Ye did not ask for her name and did not tell her his name. That sensitive and intelligent girl knew that he might really not set his foot in this city. Even if he did come back, the only intersection between them was only this desire and smoky night.


For the girl, tonight was like a beautiful and sad drama. She stood there, on the stage, but only a passer.


Qian Ye went back to Yu Ying Nan’s residence. The door was still unlocked, and the traps were still those several things. However, as he went to the first floor, Qian Ye was embarrassed to find his own traps were all activated.


The traces left on the traps had clearly shown that someone and activated the warning trap, and then jumped out of frightening, then perfectly fell into the second fatal trap. Finally, that someone had solidly eaten all the power his trap. The amount of gunpowder in the second trap was not big. The killing fragments were not many. They would have been able to kill a level-two cultivator. Though in the situation of facing a level four cultivator, then they could only cause not very heavy injury.


The room floor was sprinkled with a few dried blood drops. Qian Ye slightly bent over and he smelled the familiar taste of Yu Ying Nan from those blood drops.


Qian Ye knew that Yu Ying Nan was upstairs and that entire floor was covered in the thick aura of strong spirit since it seemed that she had drunk a lot tonight. Perhaps because of alcohol’s sake, her blood was particularly rich because her heart rate was also particularly fast. Qian Ye involuntarily took a deep breath. Yu Ying Nan’s had a sweet taste, full of energy and vitality. It was like a warm mild candy which was blended with a lot of sugar. This taste was even more attractive to Qian Ye.


Though from those blood drops on the floor, Qian Ye had wisely chosen not to interrupt Yu Ying Nan That lady hunter was not generally aggressive, but very strong and victorious. Now that she was wounded by Qian Ye’s chain of traps in her own house, he didn’t know how she would take him to vent out her anger.


Qian Ye sneakily cleaned up the room and then threw himself on the bed, comfortable exhaled.


Here, at Yu Ying Nan’s place, Qian Ye had an inexplicable sense of security and he also felt completely relaxed. This was the feeling he had never had when he was by himself. He stumbled to sleep, a very deep sleep.


Before Qian Ye was completely submerged in his sleep, he heard that there seemed to have some noise in the kitchen. Though there were no murderous or hostile in those movements, so he had let it be. Back then in the Lighthouse town, Qian Ye often put two portions in the kitchen, specifically for people to steal, but no matter at which town, the bar was a special place. Unless the general tramp was hungry to death, they would not come to eat.


As if having returned to his familiar, safe home, he let himself to sink into the vast sea of consciousness. In fact, in his memories of life, he had never had such quiet and warm feeling.


When Qian Ye’s consciousness had completely subsided without any wave surging, the golden blood string inside his body inside quietly escaped from its rune and swam along the vessels. All the other blood strings began retracted to the heart, completely hid themselves. Although that purple blood threat was much thicker than the golden blood, it was still entrenched in the vampire constitution runes, waiting in vigilant as if it was about to fight against the rival enemy.


Golden blood was still weak as ever. Although if counted, that golden blood had devoured not less blood than the purple one, it still seemed to have no change. On the other hand, the purple blood had evolved once, also had caused the upgrade to his vampire constitution ability.


At this time, the golden blood was wandering around the vampire constitution rune for several times, eyeing to the inside purple blood string. It had even tried to run into the rune, but the faint layer of purple light had covered outside the rune like a curtain and caused the golden blood string to bounce back.


After two fruitless tries, it seemed like the golden blood had lost interested in the purple blood. Therefore, it turned to swim back to the heart, quickly turned for two laps, suddenly headed inside and snapped at an ordinary blood string in a blink of an eye, and then hastily sneaked out of the heart.


That ordinary blood string desperately struggled, but all of its efforts were useless, was bit off one by one by the much thinner golden blood string, finally vanished in blink of an eye. It didn’t seemed like that was enough for the golden blood, so it rushed into the heart again, pulled out another ordinary blood string, and then chew it up after a few bite. After having eaten five common bloodlines, it was still not satisfied and swam around the heart for a few times. Though it did not go after the last two ordinary bloodlines, it swam back to the pupil night vision rune, and was entrenched.


After a moment, the surface of the golden blood string began to glow up from time to time. Changes would happen soon.


Qian Ye instinctively felt something was not quite right in his sleep. It was like he was drowned at the bottom see and the choking feeling kept heavy his breath. Though no matter how hard he had struggled, he still couldn’t escape from this dream.


In the kitchen, Yu Ying Nan was sitting on the kitchen table, carrying a bottle of spirits in her hand, mercilessly filling a mouthful, and then spit out a breath of wine. Her heart was irritated looking at the opposite smooth as the mirror counter had reflected out her entire body.


Yu Ying Nan looked toward the opposite her. Not matter from what angle, she still saw herself a pretty good looking woman. “At least she’s better than the little girl in the bar. She was taller, her face was more beautiful, her legs were longer, as for the boobs…it isn’t only one side of mine is enough to beat her up? If she even has to talk about…” thought Yu Ying Nan.


Yu Ying Nan fiercely erected her middle up toward the opposite her!


As a result, she was shocked by her own domineering manner!


Yu Ying Nan revealed a bitter smile, and then started drinking again. Although she had drunk a lot, she still felt like it was not enough, at least not enough to the point where she could do whatever she wanted.


How could this be called drunk?


So she continued to fiercely filling herself up with wine. In the bottom of her heart, she hoped to at least drunk herself up before that little courage disappeared.


One bottle was empty, the second bottle was empty, but fortunately, she had enough wine in the storage. So when the third bottle was emptied to its bottom, she finally felt enough. At least at the moment, if a group of vampires and werewolves appeared together, she also dared to carry the machete up and play with them.


As thinking, the woman in the mirror couldn’t help but leaked out her domineering manner.


She threw the tactical jacket to the ground, and then reached out to unleased the belt. However, her fingers which could effortless to play the knife suddenly became very stiff and not be able to overcome this step by all mean. She felt like her drunk state now was only enough to passively accept everything, seemed to still have a distance away from the initiative.


Yu Ying Nan hated the womanly her. Therefore, this lady hunter lit up a feeding cigarette, took a deep breath, and then exposed grim smile when she faced the Dark Races creatures. She then pulled out the knife, severely cut off the belt!


The defensive animal leather pants fell to the ground, revealed the inside black tactical underwear. There was a hidden grid inside with a finger length blade.


Yu Ying Nan recalled the temporary cramming information, waved the knife up to cut off almost half of the tight underwear, transformed it into little sexy panties.


The woman in the mirror seemed to have a little sexiness, if not mention of that majestic posture when one of her hands was holding on a cigarette while the other hand was holding on a knife.


“That’s it!” Yu Ying Nan said to herself, as she threw away the smoke and the knife, tremblingly stumbled to the Qian Ye’s bedroom and kicking to open the door.

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