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Chapter 98 - Endless Coincidences

Chapter 8: Endless Coincidences


Sure enough, the girl’s frugal and elegant smell was like pine trees in the sun, slowly evaporated the fragrance of herbs so that Qian Ye was deeply enjoying it.


Qian Ye didn’t know why but he had asked the girl to sit down!


The girl looked frightened but did not refuse or struggle. She only turned to look at the bar.


Behind the bar, the bartender fiercely stared at the girl, forcefully nodded and then turned his head to the bottle on aside and made a gesture.


Qian Ye had witnessed everything. He didn’t have to make a very complicated thinking to understand the problem.


“Another bottle…” Qian Ye said, and another silver coin flickered out of his hands, drew an elegant arc then fell to a bottle on the bar. It did not fall in the bottle, but instead rolled around the bottle’s mouth, fiddled out a small silver round.


The bar owner’s fierce face suddenly twitched a few times. This did not only required skills but also need very deep force energy.


The guy turned around and took a bottle of spirits, opened, and then waved and threw it up. The bottle rolled over the crowd, then steadily landed down Qian Ye’s table. The wine bottle did not spill out throughout the entire process. This hand was also good, but no way could be better than Qian Ye.


The girl revealed a stiffened smile and sat down. At the beginning, she had only helped Qian Ye to pour wine and accompanied him with the drink, but in the end, her body slowly softened down and leaned toward Qian Ye. In the bar, these things had always come so natural, the noisy volume would lead people’s bodies closer together, or else they could hear what the other was saying.


From the first cup, Qian Ye had begun to enter the strange state of being lightly buzzed and this feeling made him feel very comfortable because his tight nerves were now completely eased out. The original feeling of the tedious and irritating was like the snow slowly melted under the spring sun. The young girl’s body was hot, every time she touched him, her skin brought up a vibrant feeling with full of elasticity. Her smell made Qian Ye very comfortable, and his breath gradually filled with fresh aroma.


Naturally, the desire floated up.


At the moment, Qian Ye felt everything he had said or done seemed to be free of will. For example, this sentence, “Follow me?”


Alcohol was a wonderful thing.


He didn’t know what the girl was thinking, but suddenly her face turned red, and then she nodded so light that it was hard to realize if not looked carefully.


Qian Ye did not delay, he brought the girl out of the bar, but he did not notice that in the corner of the bar, there were two pairs of eyes which had been watching him. The half drunken state of Qian Ye would turn his blind eye to many things. Only his instinct was left sober to maintain the sensitivity to sense risky situations and murderous auras.


Yu Ying Nan and Mr. Er were sitting at a table in the corner.


On Yu Ying Nan’s face, there were a few fresh scars. They were the masterpieces made from the two traps of Qian Ye. This lady hunter had originally had an inexplicable bad mood. Naturally, after that, it got worse, and so she went back to pull Mr. Er out to drink.


Perhaps this was the unspeakable fate that they had gone into the same bar and that she had seen Qian Ye. Although Yu Ying Nan did not come to say hi because, by Qian Ye’s table, there was another strange girl. That docile and shy woman was leaning against Qian Ye.


Mr. Er wanted to go, but Yu Ying Nan had pulled him hard. They had looked for a remote corner to sit down.


Qian Ye had no extra action, just concentrated in his own drinking business, and occasionally looked around with a lost expression. For several times, Yu Ying Nan had seen that Qian Ye’s gaze had inexplicably turned to their side, but his expression didn’t show a trace of change, just turned a blind eye on them.


Finally, she saw Qian Ye got up and brought the girl with him. They went through the crowded noisy lobby. That slender juvenile’s tall figure was full of strength, his left arm slightly lifted and had easily separated the crowd, and that slim but youthful little figure had tightly seized on the boy’s arm as if it was the only thing relying on. Soon, the two shadows had disappeared in the dim street. The night outside was still so long.


Yu Ying Nan dried up a cup full of spirits, silently gave it a refill, but tilted her head and choked all of the liquid inside to her throat. When she was ready to give herself the third cup, Mr. Er held back her hand.


“This is the true nature of a man.” She was unexpectedly calm.


“It’s no big deal,” said Mr. Er, and then he took Yu Ying Nan’s glass and poured into his mouth, then sighed and said, “Not bad.”


After that cup of spirits, Mr. Er’s interest was also a lot higher. He said, “Well, men are all the same. Occasionally, they will get too excited, especially when drunk. When he wakes up tomorrow, he will be certainly not interested in that little girl. Geez, you see, she has no boobs and butt. No fun!”


“Did you say that he was drunk?”


“It’s obvious! You know what he looks like.”


Yu Ying Nan laughed and smiled with a little sarcastic and bitter. To say that a few bottles of wine would be able to make Qian Ye drunk, she would believe it in any case.


Yu Ying Nan grabbed the empty glass from Mr. Er’s hand, filled up half of cup, slowly drunk up while watching the women inside the bar twitching and rolling their waists.


To save her, Qian Ye was willing to use his body to block Heaven Snake’s shot, but he had never thought of seducing her to bed.


“Sure enough, no men want such a woman like me.”


Qian Ye, of course, did not go to Yu Ying’s place, but by instinct, he returned to his own small house. It was unexpectedly clean. The messy scene did not appear. Even the bed was folded very well.


Qian Ye’s hand waved up, the girl fell on the bed like a feather, and also pulled him down. Her white skin had a vague blue blended in it. That was the sign of blood deficiency. However, it had the elegance, compact and slippery which belonged to this wonderful age. He could sense his fingertips were like fondled in satin.


The sudden satisfaction and relaxation let Qian Ye feel very pleasant and the incredible satisfaction which he had never had before had stimulated him to a frenzy! The kind of pleasure was comparable to the taste of the most delicious blood he got when his energy was exhausted!


Qian Ye closed his eyes and let his most primitive instinct led him to heaven. He had the feeling that the whole world, the stars were in the rotation. From the beginning to the end, the pine-like fragrance had filled up of all his senses, and also the girl’s depressed moaning sounds were like singing, flowing in the air.


That pleasure had reminded him of the original force tide. Rounds after rounds of waves stacked up on each other and finally reached the peak and ready to make the impact! When the happiness overwhelmed the imagination and smashed down like a tornado, the last bit of his sanity was finally submerged.


Suddenly, some liquid had carried with it the warmth, and sweet taste, but also mixed with the girl’s fragrance had flown into every tiny gap of his teeth!


Qian Ye suddenly opened his eyes!


He was biting on the girl’s neck, and a ray of blood was rushing into his mouth. Qian Ye was surprised and suddenly bounced off the girl’s body.


“Do not move!” Qian Ye held on the panic girl and looked at the wound on her neck. Fortunately, the wound was very shallow, just the epidermis was slightly penetrated, and there was no damage to the artery. Moreover, when Qian Ye woke up, he instinctively retrieved the blood power. His dark blood had not had time to contaminate her.


Qian Ye was sweating like crazy, ‘luckily’ he said to himself. He immediately got out of bed, took a bunch of drugs to handle with the girl’s wounds, and then bandaged her wounds.


Throughout the entire process, the girl only wrapped her arms around her own self and shivered. She couldn’t do anything else but let him do whatever.


As dealing with the wound, Qian Ye had been remembering of everything that had happened tonight. In the end, he really did not know what to say, but since nothing had happened, it wasn’t that serious. Not to mention that the girl’s fragrance was really attractive to him. Fortunately, he had not polluted her, or else… Qian Ye didn’t know that if his blood entered her body, it would be Embrace, or simply pollution.


Qian Ye took the girl’s clothes and wrapped her in, softly asked, “Are you scared?”


The girl only dared to lift her head up after hearing Qian Ye’s gentle voice. She stared at Qian Ye, there was a moment her eyes had revealed a little obsession. Qian Ye’s none disguised face was as bright as a rising star from the bottom of this society.


The girl silently put on her clothes.


Qian Ye went to the table, and then came back to the bed with his purse that he was holding in hand. He turned it over and poured out dozens of silver coins from the inside to his palm, handed to the girl and said, “It’s for you.”


The girl was shocked, her body shrunk backward and she murmured, “Too… too much.”


If the bar girl spent the night with the guest, she usually got only one silver coin, the particularly attractive girl would receive two from her popular customers. What Qian Ye had given her was ten times more than the normal price.


Qian Ye caught the girl’s hand, opened the palm, than let go of the silver coins. As they started clinging to her hand, he smiled and said, “Keep it, this is what you deserve.”


“And, I like your taste.” Qian Ye added.


Girls subconsciously grasp the silver coins. Her little face there was complicated with expression of relaxed and scared intertwined.


“What’s the matter?” Asked Qian Ye.


“I… I thought you were a vampire. You had just frightened me earlier.” The girl patted her chest and exhaled. Since Qian Ye had held a lot of silver, he would not be a vampire.


In fact, the understanding of civilians about the Dark Race was very limited, and some were exaggerated. Such as once staying near the blood slave, you might get infection. And some were ignorant, such as the vampire couldn’t touch the silver. As it happened for vampire’s constitution, silver was a poison, and since it was toxic, there would always have drug or detoxification method. After the evolving of Qian Ye constitution, as long as his blood didn’t make direct contact to silver, he had no need to afraid of ordinary silver. Not to mention that these Imperial silver coins were in very low concentration.


Qian Ye laughed, did not continue to struggle on this issue, but asked, “Is this the first time you have come out with guess?”


The girl’s face immediately flushed. After a moment, she made a light to almost impossible to recognize nod, and said, “I am really short of money, and… and… also because … of you.”


Qian Ye thought for a while, and then from the innermost of the purse, he took out of a gold coin, gave to the girl and said, “This is yours, and later on if there’s not thing emergency, do not accompany the guests out.”


Girl clenched her fist, did not pick up the gold coins, but raised her eyes and stared at Qian Ye. She had to use all the courage to ask, “Will you come to look for me later?”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “I’ll be leaving soon, and I’ll never come back this place.”


The girl lowered her head and whispered, “Then, I do not want this gold coin. This much is enough, and I will not go to the bar anymore, I can probably find a job as a hotel waitress.”


Qian Ye put gold coins into her hand, “If you are willing, then come here and help me clean up this house when you have free time. This gold coin is the payment for one year. If I don’t come back after one year, then there is no need to clean after that. You can do anything to this place as you want.”


“Will you die?”


The girl asked a question which surprised Qian Ye.


Qian Ye thought carefully, and then softly said, “I am a soldier, and fighting against the Dark Race is the responsibility of every human. As a soldier, to die in the battlefield is my innate fate, I cannot avoid it.”


The girl suddenly hugged Qian Ye, kissed him on his lips, and then said, “I cannot do anything, but if you are willing to go back to the Dark Blood city to visit, this place will always be clean!


Having finished, the girl ran out, and disappeared from Qian Ye’s eyes.


Qian Ye quietly sat there for a few minutes, but then he thought of something, brought the gun, and followed after the girl.

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