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Chapter 97 - Leaving You

Chapter 7: Leaving You


As Yu Ying Nan looked down, she found herself still wearing a tactical jacket with nothing inside. From Qian Ye’s perspective, he could see everything of her chest through the shot, open jacket every time she moved.


Yu Ying Nan carelessly said, “It’s not that you haven’t seen it before. Later on, if I get hurt in other tasks, maybe you will see even more. What was the big deal?”


Qian Ye did not know what to say next, could only stiffen his body up and let her play.


Until the all the broken ribs were connected and fixed, also all the other wounds were cleaned and wrapped up, Yu Ying Nan was relieved. She looked at the hand full of blood, readily wanted to casually rub on the clothes.


“Wait a minute!” Qian Ye wanted to catch Yu Ying Nan’s hand, forcing her to the bathroom.


Qian Ye’s power was extraordinarily strong and irresistible. Not saying that Yu Ying Nan had not yet recovered her force. That was even in the best state she couldn’t resist it. She staggered along, following him with vague panic and fear that started surging inside her heart, “No way… He wants to ‘do’ it… in that place?”


As thinking there, Yu Ying Nan suddenly felt her body soft, and for some reason the little bit of energy which she had just recovered suddenly disappeared.


Qian Ye pulled her into the bathroom, and then opened the valve, held her hands to the water flow, and began to clean the blood. Qian Ye did it very soft and gentle, but very carefully. He didn’t even miss a single nail slit. This was how he usually handled his wounds.


At first, Yu Ying Nan was stunned, but then it gradually became calm and quiet. She quietly looked at Qian Ye, as his fairly long hair had partly covered his ears. Under the dim light, it seemed like there was light overflow.


Until all the blood was clean, Qian Ye was relieved and said, “Well, I should go, I have to go to pick up some things.”


“Now that Heaven Snake is dead, do you want to come over and live with me? That’s okay… ah, since it’s easier for us to take care of each other!”


For Yu Ying Nan, this was originally a small matter. It was not the there weren’t any other hunters had temporarily stayed here in the past, but this time, she was quite stutter saying it out.


Qian Ye thought for a moment, nodded and said: “Well, but I’ll leave here soon.”


Yu Ying Nan wanted to ask him where would he go, but as the words came out of her mouth, they became a sentence, “Well, go pack up your things, I have to go to Mr. Er once.”


And so after Qian Ye had left, she still stood there and stared in the space for a long time, then changed clothes and rushed to the Hunter’s House.


The night at the Hunter’s House was very quiet, Mr. Er was still sitting behind the counter, wearing his old-fashioned glasses, flipping over every page of the book.


As he saw Yu Ying Nan pushed open the door, Mr. Er said, “You came later than what I had expected. Almost time, help me shut the door!”


Yu Ying kicked her leg back and heavily slammed on the door, and then she sat down on the counter, knocked on it, and said, “Do you have wine?”


Mr. Er took out a gourd of traditional white wine and said, “Only this.”


Yu Ying Nan frowned and said, “I cannot drink this, but it does not matter, there is wine on the line.”


Er Ye handed a glass, Yu Ying Nan Nan filled a full cup, a direct dry, and then suddenly flushed his face flushed, severe cough up.


Mr. Er sighed and shook his head, “This is the case, again.”


“I always forget how strong this thing is, but it does not matter, the stronger the better!”


Mr. Er glanced at Yu Ying Nan from his glasses, “What’s up, what did you lose this time?”


“No.” As saying to this point, Yu Ying Nan revealed a bitter smile and said, “Men do not like me.”


Mr. Er laughed and said, “No loss is good. Although it is not a big deal to lose, you don’t seem to feel good.”


Yu Ying Nan clutched her hair, “I do not know what the problem is. It’s just a mess, very messy. I can’t think straight right now. Ah!!”


“Want some cigarettes?” Mr. Er was timely to hand over one.


“Thank you!” Yu Ying Nan directly lit it up and took a deep drag. After a long while, she blew out the remaining smoke, really feeling a lot better.


“He’ll probably leave here soon. This city is no longer suitable for him.”


Listening to what Mr. Er had just said, Yu Ying Nan’s hand suddenly stiffened in the air. A little burning ash fell on her hand and immediately burned up a small blister.


Yu Ying Nan frowned, quietly wiped away the ash and said, “Oh, ok. He’ll have to leave sooner or later. Maybe I will leave here soon too.”


“Although he has to leave, there is a task, maybe I’ll let him do it.”


“What task?” Yu Ying Nan’s eyes were bright. If there was a task, then it would have been easy to grasp the hunter’s trail, and also ‘someone’ had to return to the Dark Blood city to report the task and receive remunerations.


“That was the task which Miss Qi Qi had released. I can no longer delay it.”


Yu Ying Nan suddenly exposed a surprised and disgusted intertwined expression, “Qi Qi? I hate that woman!”


“But besides Qian Ye, we have no other suitable candidates. I can delay it before, but now not. Qian Ye may hear you, can you persuade him?”


Yu Ying Nan suddenly leaned forward, staring at Mr. Er’s face and said word by word, “I, really, hate that woman!”


Mr. Er smiled and said, “But none of us can provoke her, isn’t it?”


“Let me think about it!” Yu Ying Nan’s tone had no sincerity.


Mr. Er said to himself, “The city seems particularly quiet tonight.”


Yu Ying Nan’s action was stiffened, as she thought for a while then said, “No wonder why the expeditionary army did not show up from the beginning to the end. This is not a small favor.”


“Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, still, it’s enough on the line.”


Yu Ying Nan jumped off the counter, then said happily: “OK! This thing is counted on me.”


She walked toward the gate, but suddenly stopped half way as she was pushing the door out. It seemed like she was about to collapse on the spot.


“How are you?” Mr. Er was surprised.


Yu Ying Nan firmly grasped her heart, fighting to hide away the strange pain which had never appeared before. She took a deep breath, did not look back, but then calmly said, “Old man, I have a premonition, my life seems to be ruined in your hands.”


Qian Ye went back to the hotel to pick up several things then went back to Yu Ying Nan’s residence. As for his own house, he did not expect to go back and see, it was probably been crushed to frame by those snakes.


The door was at the same position it was when he left, Yu Ying Nan hadn’t come back. Actually, this fierce and pungent lady hunter really had a good, young and talented, but she even if sat still, there was always a natural domineering character seepage. If she spoke or even did something, it was more aggressive than man.


Qian Ye did not know when Yu Ying Nan would come back, didn’t even know whether she would not come back a few days later. There were some traps around the house, even the doors and windows were set up from inside and outside although they were considerable enough to prevent some small thieves and burglars. Of course, they were not enough to get in Qian Ye’s eyes. In fact, he had already surpassed the level of a three-star hunter, and considerable mid-level leader of several elite gangs of the Dark Blood city.


Qian Ye threw his equipment into an empty room, but after thinking for a while, he still didn’t feel like that was enough to ensure security. The key was that this level-four Hawk Strike was too expensive since its overall price had already reached over a thousand gold coins. Even if a small part was lost, it would be very difficult to make up for the loss.


After hesitating for a while, and even though it would seem like he was underestimating Yu Ying Nan, he still set up more disguises at the equipment placing room, and also added two more traps. One of them was a warning, the other was fatal. With the level of Yu Ying Nan, she should be able to find out and avoid or remove the traps.


However, Qian Ye had forgotten a little thing. The two traps which he had thought Yu Ying Nan ‘should’ find out, would, in fact, be messed up by this casual lady hunter, because obviously, she had no patience to carefully examine such troublesome traps which needed to be carefully searched.


After having arranged everything, Qian Ye happily left into the night. Although his temptation of draining energy from blood had temporarily calmed down, inside his heart there was always a feeling of heaviness and restlessness. Therefore, he intended to walk around, took a closer look at the city which he would soon bid farewell.


The Dark Blood city was always very lively at night. Moreover, this city had always have most of its day fallen in darkness. As passing a very dynamic bar, Qian Ye could see men and women swaying in varieties of position to satisfy their desire. Looking at those images, Qian Ye suddenly missed his own little room at Lighthouse town’s bar.


He walked into the bar, as the doorman swept his eyes at the Butcher on Qian Ye’s, his face immediately changed, as he put on and indescribable flattery attitude and led Qian Ye all the way through the dance floor, on a small hallway, to an empty desk.


The position of this table was very good. It was one of the quietest areas out of the crowd. Certainly, Qian Ye understood the rule, and he took out his purse and poured two silver coins in the guy’s hand, “This is for you. Help me call two bottles of wine over here.”


Saw the guy was extremely satisfied to leave. Qian Ye put away his purse. Not long after, the two big bottles of spirits were set on the table. Two more silver coins quickly jumped of Qian Ye’s fingertips, flipped and unnatural but live arc in the air, and then accurately fell into the waitress’s deep cleavage. This movement was very beautiful and had unexpectedly won the surrounding patron’s cheers and some people who were eyeing Qian Ye completely put away their dirty intentions, and then moved their eyes elsewhere.


One who was able to play the silver coins with such incredible skill could also do the same with the knife.


A heavy makeup woman squeezed by Qian Ye’s side, whiningly said, “I can sit here?


“No!” Qian Ye faintly said.


This woman had sprayed herself with a heavy-smelled perfume, but Qian Ye could still sense a rancid smell from her body. Now that Qian Ye was particularly sensitive to the vitality energy in blood, the taste of this woman’s blood had let him feel disgusting.


That woman was obviously very angry, as she twisted her waist and left.


Qian Ye didn’t even bother to care about her. In this chaotic place, the Butcher on his waist was enough to keep the dullest blooms to stay awake. Qian Ye observed all kinds of desire men and women while recalling his time at the Lighthouse town.


At that time, in the Blossom Red Spider Lilies, people were so unscrupulous to vent out their most primitive desires, and even in the more directly indulge ways. Sometimes, when men and women were unable to contain their desire, they would directly turn it on outside the door. Though here, at least they would hide in the bathroom to solve.


Unconsciously, the glass inside Qian Ye’s hands turned empty. The entire two bottles of spirits had gone down to Qian Ye’s stomach. He immediately felt the slightly drunk feeling taking over his thoughts as if it was about to slowly floating into the sky.


Qian Ye suddenly felt that he could do anything, and nothing was impossible.


He put the glass on the table.


And then the empty glass was automatically filled. Qian Ye looked up and saw a girl was sitting by his side. This out-of-nowhere girl was very thin. She could not be described as pretty, but the little face was very clean. She looked younger than Qian Ye, and was pouring the wine out for him.


Qian Ye moved his nose, suddenly reached out to the girl and pulled her into his arms, then conspired to her neck and took a deep smell.

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