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Chapter 96 - Uprooted All the Weeds

Chapter 6: Uprooted All the Weeds


A snake suddenly issued a strange call, jumped out from his stealth with the assault rifle aiming at Qian Ye. Though before that snake could have touched the trigger, Qian Ye had raised the sniper rifle up with just one hand, accurately aimed at him and opened the fire!




The guy had immediately been bombarded into two pieces of meat!


Even though Qian Ye had used that giant sniper rifle as a pistol, his body had only slightly shaken!


What a power!


Heaven Snake’s temple fiercely jumped and he felt that his throat was sore as if it was being sandblasted. He had just witnessed Qian Ye’s great power with his own eyes. This power had already overwhelmed his! Though still, it was obvious that Qian Ye had only ignited three force nodes!


That move of Qian Ye had not only shocked Heaven Snake but also frightened the other snakes. Fei Niao who was hiding behind the window couldn’t even stand up on his own, as his heart was beating so fast that he felt like he would collapse at any moment. As people always say, the crueler and tyrannical a person is, the more he is afraid of death.


Waiting until Qian Ye calmly put the new bullet inside the rifle, Fei Niao finally woke up from his fear, why didn’t he seize the opportunity when Qian Ye changed the bullet to shot?


In fact, at this time, people who dared to open fire had all been killed by Qian Ye.


“Heaven Snake, come out here! Do not let your more of your people die.” Qian Ye’s voice was very calm, but the thunder-likee roar had echoed throughout the entire headquarters. This had also shown up his powerful, abundance force energy.


Heaven Snake carried Yu Ying Nan out from the frontal building door, approached the distance of thirty meters from Qian Ye then stopped. Heaven Snake pointed the gun at Yu Ying Nan’s head and shouted, “Put the gun down! Or I’ll blow up her head! ”


Qian Ye revealed a ridiculed smile and slowly said, “Heaven Snake, I think you should take off your pants to see if you’re still a f***ing man!”


“Put! The! Gun! Down! “Heaven Snake grinned out every words from his teeth.


“Put down the gun?” Qian Ye shrugged, suddenly lifted up the sniper rifle and shot a snake which had just sneaked out of his hiding place into a mass of mud.


Heaven Snake’s face was dark and gloomy.


Qian Ye slowly refilled the bullet for the sniper rifle, and then once again raised the gun and shot another sneaky snake which had wanted to seized the chance and made a raid. The bullet which was fired by that poor snake had been missed shot to somewhere else because of his panic.


Qian Ye looked up and coldly said, “I’m not gonna put down the gun, what can you do then? Want to use such a woman to threaten me? Are you that stupid?”


Heaven Snake suddenly laughed and said, “Boy, you are too young, but also done too deliberately! This had exposed your bottom line. This time, if you do not put down the weapon, I will immediately shoot!”


“What makes you think that I’m looking after her?” asked Qian Ye calmingly.


“I do not care so much! I only ask you, do you want to gamble?” Heaven Snake’s face was getting more and more hideous.


Qian Ye shrugged and said, “Well, you win, but only a small win, I’ll give you a chance, a chance to fight like a man with me. Let her go, then me and you will come to a fight. Right here, right now!”


Having finished saying, Qian Ye threw aside the Wind Chaser and also took down the Hawk Strike from his back and threw it aside as he was now only armed with the Butcher.


Heaven Snake had been staring at the two sniper rifles of Qian Ye. When the Wind Chaser and the Hawk String had all landed on the ground, he suddenly grinned and shouted, “Just die!”


Heaven Snake quickly aimed his gun at Qian Ye with the speed of lightning! And Qian Ye also moved, pulled out the Butcher from his waist, at the same pointed at Heaven Snake!


Heaven Snake had had his hands-on first, since he had figured out that his shot would hit the destination before Qian Ye’s. In this distance, being directly hit by a level three force bombardment, Qian Ye would have suffered serious injury even if he could escape the fate of death!


Qian Ye’s demeanor was still as calm as usual and his hand that was holding onto the Butcher did not show even the slightest tremble. Aiming, setting and shooting was still calmly executed in one go. The entire process was as smooth and fluently as flowing water and flying clouds.


Heaven Snake’s shot had indeed reached the destination first. The original force bullet was shot out of the clutch, instantly boomed in Qian Ye’s chest, and the enormous force impact had pushed Qian Ye backwards, but Qian Ye didn’t change his shooting posture. His right leg was firmly nailed to the ground and slightly kneeled down on his left knee. His entire body relied on the exceeding for to slide straight backward like skating on ice, the Butcher’s muzzle was still firmly pointing at Heaven Snake!


The roars had almost no recess. The Butcher had shot out an energetic bullet with bright red light surrounded, the heavy warhead attached directly pierced through Heaven Snake and shot him to fly back. Yu Ying Nan was also brought down to the ground by the exceeding powers. Fortunately, her reaction was relatively fast, so she quickly rolled on the ground, trying to stay away from Heaven Snake.


Both Heaven Snake and Qian Ye were seriously injured at the same time!


The Butcher’s power was particularly large, and with the advantage of the heavy warhead, that shot had almost shattered Heaven Snake’s entire sternum! The power of this shot had far exceeded Heaven Snakes expectation. He had thought that it was not going to be a big problem to directly go against a level three shot gun, but the power of this gun had almost reached level four!


Qian Ye’s Force was condensed and heavy, and had long surpassed any same level warrior, so that it had become a windfall while using force firearms. When the Art of Retaliation had reached the level of more than twenty force rounds, the attack power would be equivalent to a first-class powerful law.


Heaven Snake desperately struggled to get up, since he could still move, and he could also fight, but he did not believe that Qian Ye’s body could be as tough as his. Moreover, his shot earlier had perfectly shot through Qian Ye without any decrease in strength!


However, when Heaven Snake just sat up, he immediately saw Qian Ye’s boots appeared in front of him, and the Butcher’s muzzle, which was still emitting hot smoke, had been resting against his head.


Heaven Snake was dumbfounded, and with a hoarse voice he said, “How could you recover faster than me?”


“Nothing’s impossible.”


“Why?” Heaven Snake stared at Qian Ye’s splattered chest, there he could see Qian Ye’s two or three ribs had been broken, but compared to Heaven Snake’s injury, it can be considered to be a small wound, which did not quite affect his fighting ability.


“I’m not interested in answering the dead’s question.”


The Butcher moved down, suddenly shot in the middle of Heaven Snake’s legs and completely crushed that piece of his reproducing system!


Heaven Snake issued a very shrill scream. The scream torn up the night and even overwhelmed the Butcher’s reverberation!


“Now you don’t need to take off the pants and I still know you are not a man at all.” Qian Ye coldly said.


Heaven Snake could no longer been able to refute, could only rolling and struggling in the ground. Qian Ye suddenly leaned over to pick up the Wind Chaser. As his body had not stood straight, the muzzle aimed toward the dark and shook tremblingly.


A scream suddenly sounded at that direction and a young man fell to the ground, half of his thighs were missing.


Heaven Snake suddenly woke from the pain and furiously screamed, “My son!”


“Really, I remember him.” Qian Ye’s eyes was scarily bright, and the depth his pupils began flicker with bloody red light.


“No! Don’t kill him!” Heaven Snake cried despite of the pain torturing him.


“Not possible.” Qian Ye lifted up the sniper rifle, loaded it, and then pulled the bolt.


“Anybody! Kill that bastard for me!” Heaven Snake called out with anger!


However, nobody had responded to him as if the lucky survivors had all disappeared. In fact, they did not disappear, but was looking for an opportunity to escape, or finding a place to hide. No one was willing to stick their head out under the sniping range of Qian Ye.


Heaven Snake was not willing to look around. He felt that he should have a lot of loyal henchmen. How came now all of them had disappeared?


Qian Ye’s sniper rifle slowly moved, and then pitted out a burst of fire. Heaven Snake’s son suddenly jumped up from the ground, and then bloomed into a giant blood flower in the air.


“You… I’ll kill you!” Heaven Snake roared, with the last bit strength of hatred, he rushed toward Qian Ye.


As Qian Ye’s eyes fell on Heaven Snake’s neck, his throat violently trembled and temptation to bite down started surging up. Heaven Snake’s blood was filled with dense force and passing out the smell of vitality to his nose. This temptation was like drug addicts during their withdrawals, and needed a fairly strong will to be able to restrain.


Next to him suddenly sounded a slight movement that came from Yu Ying Nan, as having gotten of Heaven Snake’s constraint, she had always staying in an alerted stage and kept the distance to everything, trying to prevent herself from being hijacked again.


As this little voice fell in Qian Ye’s ears, it had been magnified several times like drums and bells knocking in his heart. Qian Ye raised his Butcher, with a clear and stable rhythm. The muzzle shot straight toward Heaven Snake’s face. In the moment the first trigger clicked, he closed his eyes.


The Butcher had tremblingly shaken and blood splattered all over Qian Ye’s head and face. He had been trying not to look, but the large quantity of blood which containing full energy kept lingering in the air, so that Qian Ye involuntarily reached out his tongue to lick a drop of blood. Suddenly, the blood strings inside his body suddenly surged up. Even the strands of golden blood had also come out of its home.


At the moment, Qian Ye had an unknown intuition, if he had sucked empty Heaven Snake’s blood, the power of his blood strings would evolve further. This temptation was difficult to resist, he suddenly found himself began to hesitate.


There was a voice constantly echoing inside his head, “This is only one of the different ways to get power. You are not under control of any vampires. You still have your human sanity. Only getting stronger and you will be able to do what you want to do, isn’t it true?”


There was such a moment when Qian Ye even thought of whether to compromise a little bit the next time he fell in such situation, it should be ok to suck just a bit of blood?


“Qian Ye!”


Yu Ying Nan’s voice had pulled Qian Ye out of his own inner world.


“How are you?” Yu Ying Nan approached him and asked with concern.


Qian Ye opened his eyes, casually wiped off his head full of blood, immediately smiled and said, “I’m fine. Just a bit tired.”


“Your injury…”


“Just a bit injured. Let’s leave this place first.”


Yu Ying Nan also known that the noises tonight were too big, they must leave as soon as possible. She leaned over to search Heaven Snake’s body and found two force pistols and a force knife. As she was about to clean up other trophies, Qian Ye suddenly frowned and alertly took a glance at the deep night, “Don’t you think it’s too quiet here?”


Yu Ying Nan stunned out for a while before she said, “Heaven Snake is dead so his men might have all left?”


Qian Ye took a deep breath. He was particularly sensitive to the blood smell tonight. Both inside and outside the Heaven Snake Serpent was quickly condensing up with bloody aura. He immediately shook his head, “No, I did not kill so many people! There are other people here! Leave first!”


Yu Ying Nan opposed no objection, gave up the intension of cleaning up the battlefield, followed Qian Ye and hurriedly left the place.


The Heaven Snake Serpent had accumulated for many years, so its headquarters must be rich in collection. Not mentioning of others, just the arsenal of weapons and ammunition were quite a pretty good fortune. However, Qian Ye had an insecure feeling deep down his heart, as it seemed like there was some one working nearby.


He had successfully rescued Yu Ying Nan. She couldn’t use the Force, and he also received a not very light injury. It was better to leave this place as soon as possible.


One after the other, Qian Ye and Yu Ying Nan had disappearance in the night.


There were some slow footsteps that sounded behind a dark alley of the headquarters. A slender figure was leisurely walking under the blurry streetlight. That long lasting knees and hands were eye-catching figures of him, Yu Ren Yan, his hand was also clutching on a foot, and a human body was dragging behind him.


The man who was dragged had apparently lost control of his body and was sliding on the ground little by little like a ragged pocket. His face was full of scratches and bruises. And that handsome young face was full of fear. Indeed, it was Fei Niao, but he couldn’t even bend up a joint of his finger. From top to bottom, the only part could move were his eyelids, desperately being dragged into the dark.


Yu Ying Nan brought Qian Ye back to his dwelling, and immediately checked his injuries. Qian Ye could not refuse, so he was pushed in bed and forced to lay there being checked up from top to bottom.


Seeing Qian Ye’s injuries from that night, Yu Ying Nan could not help but stunned herself out of being surprised. What made her surprise was his injury was not too heavy, but too light. Those wounds had all stopped their own bleeding. The shallow little cracks had completely been closed. How could it be?


Qian Ye suddenly closed his eyes and said, “That’s… Ying Nan, You can go ahead and change into something else. My wounds are not that serious.”

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