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Chapter 95 - Night of Destruction

Chapter 5: Night of Destruction


Most of the pub people seemed to not notice of what had happened and continued to drink and chat. They did not care, even those soldiers or officers who were wearing the expeditionary also had no reaction. In this city, which day was not be hearing ten sounds or eight sounds of gunshot


Only a few people frowned because from the sounds that, they had found the clues of a large caliber sniper rifle’s appearance. Although the sound was only from a gunpowder firearms, even in the army, not many people could fluently use a sniper rifle. Regardless of any shooter, their identity would be suppressing in any legion of the Expeditionary Army. Therefore, there was no one inside the Dark Blood city dare to provoke them.


In the thick shadow of the night, Qian Ye pulled the bolt, refilled the bullet into the gun, and then adjust the posture. Once again, he aimed at the Heaven Snake Serpent headquarters.


One by one, the telescope slowly swept through all of open spaces of the roof, doors, windows, and then locked at a guy hiding behind the wall. The man was clearly afraid to stick his head out and trying to hide himself. Though he didn’t know that if looking down from such a height, it was not a good position, and his body had been exposed more than half.


Qian Ye calmly pulled the trigger. He didn’t have to wait for long, the wall spot which was locked by the telescope was split open into a big hold and the snake hiding in the back was almost beaten into two parts!


The entire Heaven Snake Serpent had already turned into a mess. Everyone was desperately trying rushed into the hind building, or looking around for the nearest bunker. None of them had thought of tracing the source of the bullet to drag out the sniper.


Qian Ye pulled the bolt, calmly added another bullet in, and then lifted up the gun to stand up. Under the cover of the night, he flew like a ghost from one building to another. Soon, he found a new position. After another gunshot roared, the arm and half of the shoulder of the snake who was hiding behind the headquarters third floor windows quickly disappeared.


Inside Qian Ye’s hands was a sniper riffle. It was not much smaller than Hawk Strike. This big guy was called “Wind Chaser”, Even though it was just gunpowder weapons, but it ensured to play a dynamic power in the diameter of 15mm. This series of sniper rifles could become a terrible weapon against the floating boats. It was the pinnacle development of gunpowder guns.


As a gunpowder weapon, it had an irreplaceable advantage compare to force firearms. That was the range and ammunition. As long as the sniper skill was good enough, he could kill the target in two kilometers away, and the limit of Hawk Strike would be a thousand kilometers. Theoretically, it could fire as many shots as the bullets provided. This was the advantage which the Hawk Strike could not match. The present Qian Ye could only fire one a shot with the Hawk Strike.


Though this sniper and an amazingly powerful rebound, only a level one combatant’s body could bare this overwhelming power. Qian Ye was quit regretting, the “Wind Chaser” in his hands was the original model. He couldn’t find any larger, more powerful upgrade version in the Hunter’s House warehouse. The Red Scorpion had specifically ordered a 25 mm caliber gunpowder sniper riffle for the Black Scorpion veterans. It had an extremely powerful influence, even equaled to a level three force gun, but only a level five soldier could use them. If the person with weaker physic constitution used this gun, his viscera could be shattered of the recoil.


At the moment, Qian Ye was like a wolf hiding in the dark, patiently encircled the prey to seize for opportunity and bite off its flesh.


The gunshot continued to roar. Each bullet came out of its chamber would harvest one of the snake’s life. The Heaven Snake had already become a mess, even the external walls could not bring the slightest sense of security.


After every gun sounded, there was a same voice passed to the Heaven Snake Serpent headquarters, “Let her go!”


If Heaven Snake did not let go of her, then tonight Qian Ye would possibly snipe down every single one on this building.


There were several snakes couldn’t bare enormous pressure when the hands of death was stroking only one inch away from their heads. Therefore, they had formed a group, seemed to want to search for Qian Ye’s location, but these snakes had never come back. Only a few of them had died in the Qian Ye’s gun, the vast majority of then had fled away as they saw the escape path. No matter how, they all seemed to have taken the opportunity to flee on behalf of their lives.


Fei Niao was hiding in the corner of the wall and constantly gasping. His fairly handsome face twisted from time to time, not knowing if he was excited or afraid. At the moment, this entire Heaven Snake Serpent, besides Heaven Snake himself, the so-called four masters had only one member left. That was him. After the Ye Feng, Hui Ying had also quietly left the gang.


One of the snakes rushed in the room and saw Heaven Snake. After the first few second of stunning out of surprise, his expression became ecstasy, “Fei Niao Bro! It’s so good to see you here. The sniper outside was too crazy, our brothers were too afraid to even come out. If it keeps going on like this, we’ll all die here! You need to go out and kill that arrogant guy!”


Fei Niao smiled and asked, “Me?”


That ignorant was slow-minded, “Yes, yes, of course, you…”


As saying, he suddenly dismayed to see Fei Niao had pointed a gun to his head! Then the muzzle sprayed out a burst of original force light, the snake’s small head immediately burst into fog.


Fei Niao started laughing hysterically and slowly stood up. Only then, a deep, big wound on his waist was exposed, and blood was still constantly dripping out from the its mouth.


Fei Niao was also attacked. The bullet came out from a distance of more a thousand meters without warning, and Fei Niao was also moving fast at the moment. That bullet was perfectly calculated! If not that he had a sensitive sense of dangerous and desperately moved away from the original position, the gun would be directly pierced through his lumbar spine. Even so, the bullet had opened a big hole in his waist.


Once again, the death had passed by him so close!


Fei Niao fled away like crazy to finally find a temporary secured position. He hid there, but his heartbeat had never been able two drop down under two hundred times!


This was the first time he knew that he was so afraid of death. Every time, when looking at his opponent being torture to death, looking the face where fear and pain intertwined, Fei Niao had always feel so happy, and even more pleasure than when he reached the climax on his own. Though today, until this moment, he found that the fear of death was like a beast swallowing down on him. He could not help but kept running forward in fear, but there was no light at the front.


He never wanted to go against Qian Ye, never!


At the top floor of the headquarters, Heaven Snake was standing in the middle of a spacious and luxurious room with a gloomy face. He would occasionally hide behind the thick curtains to look outside the window. He was so cautious. This gunpowder weapon had no big threat to him, but whenever the gun sounded, his heart would jump up frighteningly. He couldn’t help but think of the situation when he was hit by the Hawk Strike.


Heaven Snaked went open the door and shouted, “Is there still no news from the Expeditionary Army?”


The outside snakes replied in tears, “No, nothing! We didn’t even see the expeditionary army patrol. It was almost an hour now!”


Bam! Heaven Snake heavily slammed the door.


One hour!


Even though the Expeditionary patrol at the southeast area was not as crowded as ones at the northwest, but it also reached the frequency of half an hour. Not mentioning that those regular patrols had disappeared, at the moment, this place had already been boiled up with gunfire. Even if the Expeditionary Army barracks was in the North, unless those who those powerful veterans were deaf, they should have heard the noise!


The continuous gunshot outside seemed to connect into a string because the snakes kept blindly shooting in the dark… only heaven know what they had hit. Moreover, nobody knew what toy was in Qian Ye’s hand. Its power was much more powerful than the expeditionary standard firearms. It was not normal that even the shadow of the patrol team couldn’t be seen at the moment.


This could only tell one thing, the expeditionary force to stand outside the thing happened tonight.




This time, Heaven Snake had smashed a vase. He fiercely spit out numerous of street foul languages, cursing those bastard who had accepted his money monthly.


“What’s up, are you afraid?” Yu Ying Nan sneered.


She was tied to a chair, hands and feet were fixed in the back and the legs of the chair. The tactical jacket was still on her upper body, barely cover the naked chest.


Heaven Snake took a big step toward Yu Ying Nan and heavily slapped on her face. With the chair, Yu Ying Nan was immediately fanned down to the ground!


half of her face immediately swollen up, “Foof!” She spit out a burst of blood.


Heaven Snake pulled her hair, and dragged her up from the ground. He made her sit back and then said, “You’d better not making me angry, otherwise I will f**ck you right now! Then I will find a group to r*** you!”


“Come on, if you are interested in my body, but I can tell you that you will only die even worse than me.” Yu Ying Nan did not care about Heaven Snake’s threaten.


Heaven Snake squinted, then coldly said, “I can restrain now, but you do not force me! Put me into dead end isn’t gonna benefit you. Even if you become a corpse, I will not leave you alone!”


Heaven Snake took out a needle, tore off the packaging, then forcefully injected all the transparent liquid inside into Yu Ying Nan’s arm. This agent could inhibit the force and was a necessary tool to detain the master.


Yu Ying Nan also calmed down, no longer deliberately angered Heaven Snake, “Don’t try so hard. I haven’t known him for that long. People like him will never be threaten for such woman like me. Listen to the gunshots outside and you will know how much weight I have in his heart.”


“Shut the f*** up!” Heaven Snake roared, backhanded and gave her another slap! This hit was heavier. Yu Ying Nan sneered, spit out another burst of blood and half of the teeth. She closed her eyes, no longer cared about Heaven Snake.


Gunfire outside was heavy as rain and those snakes were still blindly shooting in the air, they could not find the exact direction of Qian Ye. Therefore, they could no longer care about the city rule, sometime would misplace to residences. Fortunately, as the gun fight started, the neighborhood had ran away more than half, the missed shots only hit to empty buildings.


However, in the rain-like smoke, the sniper was rifle constantly striking like thunder. Each bullet was shot out, one snake fell over. In the twinkling of an eye, once sticking your heads out to shoot, you would die. Therefore, the storm immediately stopped.


At the moment, the door was knocked to open, the only remaining veteran came in. He looked at Yu Ying Nan, then said to Heaven Snake, “Youngest! Let’s retreat, let her go! There will be a lot of trouble if you kill her, and that kid won’t seem to stop, he has been killing our people! Do you really want to see our Heaven Snake Serpent to be destroyed like this?”


Heaven Snake grinned, “I do not believe he really doesn’t care about this woman! I’ll take her to the roof, if the kid dared to open a shot, I cut off her hands and feet!”


The veteran was surprised and cried, “You are crazy! This will kill us all! I think you are not suitable to be the head anymore!”


Heaven Snake suddenly pulled out a knife, gently thrusted through the veteran’s chest!


The veteran stunned, tremblingly pointed his fingers at Heaven Snake and said. “Why? I have always treated you like… brother.””


Heaven Snake suddenly pulled out the knife, and then thrusted inward again. He frantically stabbed on the veterans while gnashing his teeth and said, “I f***ing tired of you! Brother? What kind of brother are you? A level two garbage and also wanna be my brother? My brother huh? F*** your mother! When did you take me as your Lord? Always wanna teach me what to do. Go and find your true brother down there!”


Haven Snake didn’t stopped stabbing as he cursing, Blood constantly sprayed out splashed all over his face. His grim face was rendering of evil spirits after having stabbed for a hundred knives, he finally felt comforted from the anger, slowly climb out of the ragged body.


He waved the knife up, cut the belt and released Yu Ying Nan, clutched her in front of his chest with one hand, and then dragged her to the rooftop. Yu Ying Nan was silent, the lost energy her could not resist Heaven Snake strength.


At this point, sniper rifle had also disappeared, but those snakes were standing there and grasping in cold air with fear.


Heaven Snake’s face sank, rushed to the corridor of the window to look. He saw Qian Ye carrying a big sniper riffle and walked into the Heaven Snake Serpent main building through the entrance gate!

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