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Chapter 94 - Chaos Had Started

Chapter 4: Chaos Had Started


The mercenaries did not feel the shadow of death falling down on their heads. In their eyes, the slightly trembling hands which were grasping on the gun of Qian Ye meant fear. Many of the mercenaries had pulled out their knives, while some pulled out their original force guns.


The lap was tightening, as the lambs were trying to kill the lion.


Qian Ye suddenly raised his hand and pointed the Butcher to the head of the strongest mercenary! The next moment, the Butcher issued a fierce shriek and that mercenary’s head immediately busted into fog! The headless torso’s arm had not had the time to fully lift to its chest as its force charging process had immediately collapsed.


A few blood drops splashed to Qian Ye’s face, and a little drop had flown into his mouth. That sweet taste had almost made him moan out loud.


The Butcher’s threaten did not frighten these mercenaries, but let them feel like they had seen the opportunity! They roared up then rushed toward Qian Ye, at the same time, there were also three or four knives stabbing at him!


Qian Ye’s body twisted in a very small angle to dodge the most deadly knives, only some of them had been deflected diagonally across his waist. The mercenary holing the knife only felt like stabbing into some dense, thick matter. The knife was completely stuck, then crooked to aside, leaving only a shallow hole.


The knife inside Qian Ye’s hands was like waving up after a gentle rhythm… calmly and slowly… three stabs and it had pierced through three mercenaries’ bodies.


At the moment, Qian Ye was now making instinctively attack. Three knives had all gone down to the key points on three and they could no longer stand up.


Qian Ye didn’t retrieve but instead rushed up into the mercenary group, and collisions happened in just seconds. In every collision, his short knife would flash up and knock down one mercenary.


Between the twinkling of an eye, nearly half of twenty mercenaries were knocked down. The remaining half finally realized the truth, screamed and fled away on behalf of their lives.


Qian Ye did not chase, but used the last bit of his great perseverance to not look at the freshly splattered, flesh and blood on the ground, and turned away to leave.


He quietly went back to his shelter at the small hotel and walked into the room. He was trembling and even hit a few people, during his return, all the way back to the hotel. Though when sensing the thick, gloomy smell of blood on Qian Ye’s body, they did not dare say anything but quickly opened up the road for him.


And finally, that small and humble little door had appeared in front of Qian Ye. He pushed into the door and had almost busted open the entire door. After getting in the room and heavily slamming down the door, Qian Ye immediately flew to the food bag which Yu Ying Nan had given him.


Qian Ye opened the canned foods, one by one. Whether staple food or just snack, they were all desperately stuffed into his mouth. Not until all the cans had become empty, Qian Ye had barely suppressed his strong hunger and thirst. In the end, he felt extremely tired and immediately fell into sleep as his back came in touch with the bed.


When Qian Ye was falling deep in his sleep, Yu Ying Man sat in her room. She had not eaten anything today. She was not hungry, nor thirsty, and her thought was frozen in a vague stage. She didn’t know what was going on in her mind.


At this time, Yu Ying Nan suddenly heard some noises outdoor, all of a sudden jumped up from the sofa.


Was Qian Ye back? She could not help but think. This time, Yu Ying Nan’s mind was obviously cut short. She didn’t even think about why Qian Ye had come back to her place.


The door opened, but it was not Qian Ye but Heaven Snake.


Yu Ying Nan immediately awakened from her inside world, backhanded to pull out the gun from her waist although she stopped as her hand had stretched out only half way because Heaven Snake’s gun had already been pointed at her forehead.


“Miss Ying Nan, I am not willing that we have to meet this way, but there seems to be no better way.”


Heaven Snake approached closer, step by step, and Yu Ying Nan kept being pushed backward by the gun and constantly retrieved until her back hit the wall.


The pistol slid from her glabella, along her cheek all the way down and finally stopped under of her chin, a huge force came had forced her to look up.


“What do you want to do?” Yu Ying Nan coldly asked. There wasn’t a trace of fear in her voice.


Heaven Snake looked down at her, stretched out his hand and gently fondled her face, and then out of a sudden, he grabbed her chest and said, “I want to see how much your charm is!”


Yu Ying Nan did not have any indignation or humiliated expression, but continue to coldly say, “In this way?”


Heaven Snake’s big hand pulled down and quickly had her tight tore off, readily thrown on the ground. Her round and upright boobs immediately jumped out in the air.


Yu Ying Nan suddenly lifted her legs, and sharply kneeled up to Heaven Snake’s lower ‘part’! However, Heaven Snakes seemed to have preparation, he immediately closed his legs together and firmly locked her head in between his thighs, then fiercely punched Yu Ying Nan’s abdomen!


For a moment, her visceral seemed to move all over the place. The last bit of force inside her body was completely drained off, even breathing was almost impossible.


Heaven Snake caught Yu Ying Nan’s hair, abruptly pulled her head up and said: “Miss Yin Nan, you better cooperate with me. Only that can help you eat less bitter grapes. I have some interests in you though, but not now. After having that little bastard crumpled, it will maybe be your turn! So it’s best not to force me to start now.”


Yu Ying Nan immediately understood the Heaven Snake’s intention, “You want to kill Qian Ye?”


“Kill, of course not! It’s too easy to him, I have to play with him for a while then carefully think of how to kill him.”


Heaven Snake waved his hands up, heavily cut down on Yu Ying Nan’s neck to strike her unconscious. After that, he wrapped her up in a long cloak and carried her over his shoulder. Before leaving, Heaven Snake threw a Heaven Snake Serpent badge on the shredded corset.


The wounds which Yu Ren Yan had caused to Qian Ye were not particularly heavy, but the number was too much, it was difficult to heal immediately. Therefore, Qian Ye had to rest for an entire day to recover. As usual, he changed into another a look, left the little hotel, looked for a bar to sit down and enquire some more news.


Qian Ye immediately heard a new message, Heaven Snake was looking for him, and it was said that Heaven Snake was holding in hands his very important person.


Qian Ye left the bar and immediately went to Yu Ying Nan’s residence. In this entire Dark Blood city, that lady hunter was the only one had a closer relationship with Qian Ye, and he did not feel that Heaven Snake had the ability to touch Mr. Yi and Mr. Er.


Yu Ying Nan had never locked her door. When Qian Ye walked inside, he was surprised to see there was another person sitting in the room, Mr. Er.


“Ying Nan is in Heaven Snake’s hands.” Mr. Er said and pointed to the table.


There was a shredded corset on the table, and also a Heaven Snake Serpent badge. Qian Ye had recognized this was the corset which Yu Ying Nan often wore. However, he still picked it up and smelled. The threats were indeed having Yu Ying Nan’s smell and it was not long ago.


This corset and this badge were the signals which Heaven Snake had left Qian Ye.


Qian Ye put down the corset. At the moment, his face had been covered in coldness. He said to Mr. Er, “Didn’t you say that Heaven Snake wanted to reconcile with me?”


Mr. Er’s face was also very ugly, “It seems like that was not his original intention.”


Qian Ye calmed down and asked, “What advice do you have?”


Mr. Er pondered for a moment and said, “Aren’t you an expert in this kind of thing?”


Qian Ye coldly said, “I do have my own way of dealing, but do not know whether it is appropriate.”


“With her tempter, no matter how you do it, she’ll be happy as long as you can kill Heaven Snake.”


Qian Ye nodded and said, “I know, but I need something.”


“As long as it’s in the storehouse, you can take it.”


After a moment, Qian Ye walked out from the back door of the Hunter’s House, out of the back door, and soon disappeared in the darkness of the city in the night. Mr. Er walked out of the door then sat down in a pub nearby the expedition barracks.


There was gloomy-faced man seemingly down the man sitting alone drinking wine, and Mr. Er sat down by his side.


“Mr. Er, it’s hard to see you coming here.”


Mr. Er also ordered a glass of wine, then slowly sipped a small mouth and said: “If you, ChuXiong can come here, why can I not?”


ChuXiong laughed and said, “Is it useful that I came? When that big boss was here, I have got to hide the barracks and didn’t even dare to stick his head out! Sometimes, it’s f***king suffocating just thinking of it!”


“You’ll die if you come out!”


ChuXiong suddenly dumped the entire gourd of wine down to his throat and said, “Still better than not daring to fight!


“I heard that someone of the higher order had come and stopped that big boss?”


ChuXiong shook his head and said, “I don’t know much about this. Only know that a general from the Broken Winged Angle had come, a very powerful guy, not fake goods like our expeditionary army. However, such a young guy could not stop that big boss.”


Mr. Er sighed then said with his unique voice of being through all vicissitudes of life, “Haiz, it seems that the peaceful era of this place has passed.”


“Why? Isn’t that person left?” As he finished asking, ChuXiong immediately understood that even that big boss had left, but he had put the Dark Blood’s future to the head of the wave. Later on, there would continue to have someone came to this city and trying to find out the secret of why that man had appeared here.


After a while of drinking in boredom, ChuXiong said, “There must be something happening for you to come to this place. Well, this time, what do you want me to do?”


“The following two days will be somewhat not very quiet inside the city. I hope you can turn a blind eye to several noises. It’s even better if you can cover them up from other’s eyes.” Mr. Er slowly said.


ChuXiong slightly frowned, “On which side.”


“Heaven Snake Serpent.”


ChuXiong’s eyebrows were frowned together even tighter, “This can be troublesome. Heaven Snake had knotted on more than one line in the Expeditionary Army. Although not everyone will come out to speak for him, and I am not gonna stay here for long, I still don’t want to offend those groups of rogue.”


“After this, you won’t own me anything.”


ChuXiong seemed to be a little surprised, “You just use it like that? Well, since you said so, then I will understand. In the Dark Blood city, there should be no one really willing to stand up against me. Though I don’t know if they’re gonna do something dirty in the dark.”


“As long as the Expeditionary Army does not take part it, then it is fine.”


“I know that this question does not seem to be necessary, but who can make you pay such a big price? Is it the newly emerging little hunter? Are you going to train him as a successor?”


Mr. Er took another sip then slowly said, “Of course not, it’s for Yu Ting Nan, you’ve also seen her. And I’ve been treating her as a daughter, but this time, Heaven Snake is crossing the border.


ChuXiong took a full cup of spirits, drained it out to the bottom, then stood up and said, “This is that last time I own you so I will do as you said. Moreover, I will also help cleaning up the aftermath of Heaven Snake. If he doesn’t die tonight, then I will personally kill him. However, that task of Miss KiKi, you must help me as soon as possible. I could not stand any longer. No matter who, first find a good looking guy and send him over. Last thing, this tap is counted in your account.”


Then, this shabby man quickly ‘fled’ of the tattered bistro. The bar middle-aged bar owner looked at Mr. Er in a sympathy eye and shrugged his shoulders. Not just this meal, ChuXiong had never paid anything if Mr. Er appeared. Anyway, that man indeed had no money, not even a silver coin could be dug out from his pocket.


The night was already deep and there seemed to be a faint gunshot sounded from the distance. The sound was a bit strange, very low, but very penetrating like a bass drum, directly tapping in people’s minds.

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