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Chapter 93 - Close Combat

Chapter 3: Close Combat


Yu Ren Yan slowly said, “It seems that you did not put my words in your mind, I said, that the next time we met, I would kill you.”


Qian Ye frowned, slowly took off his backpack, readily threw it aside, put the assault hammer down by his feet, and then stood up against Yu Ren Yan, “I did not think that you are so impatient.”


“Just passed by, but now since we had met, there is no way to pretend like I didn’t see you, so everything is destiny. Do you need a few minutes to write a will?”


“This word had never existed in my dictionary, so perhaps you will need it.” Qian Ye pulled out the knife from the bag on his waist as its blade was flashing with silver light since the silver liquid on the knife had not been totally used off after that night.


Yu Ren Yan looked at the blade, revealed a creepy smile and said, “You use this knife… not afraid of cutting yourself?”


“Thank you for your reminder.” Qian Ye took out a pair of black tactical gloves, put them on, and then tightly held onto the knife.


“If you are willing to go back with me…”


Qian Ye immediately interrupted his words, “Absolutely not!”


“I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Then, go for it!” Yu Ren Yan’s hands flicked up, two sessile narrow knives slid down from the sleeves and into his hands.


Qian Ye took a deep breath and retreated half a step backward, as his left foot landed on the ground and issued a muffled bang. It seemed like the entire alley had shaken a little, and the ground under his feet continued to crack up which was extended into the distance afar.


Yu Ren Yan’s eyes were flashed with surprise since he had a new understanding of the intensity of Qian Ye’s force. He leaped up to grasp for the initiative as waving his hands up high. The cold bloodthirsty light flashed up in his hands, headed straight towards Qian Ye’s neck.


After having settled his left foot, Qian Ye stood still in place and didn’t move. At the moment, his left arm was lifting up where it firmly blocked the attack, as the knife in his right-hand stroke toward Yu Ren Yan’s chest like thunder!


This was a ‘lose-lose’ play, as Yu Ren Yan’s overwhelmingly long body suddenly took an incredible angle and turned away as if his body was boneless. With one step of a few meters length, he had easily dodged Qian Ye’s counterattack. However, Qian Ye did not chase after, but stood in place, quietly waiting.


Yu Ren Yan paused for a while, as he rushed back up like lightning for another round of attack.


The two shadows were quickly combined then separated, since Yu Ren Yan’s force of action was very fast and strange, while his long hands and feet had given him the natural advantage of a long distance attack like a huge spider.


And from the beginning to the end, Qian Ye had always kept his posture of two differentiated legs and firmly stood in place. He didn’t rush up to take the initiative, but as long as Yu Ren Yan had rushed forward, he would have immediately encountered lose-lose counterattack.


The two occasionally had head-on attacks, most of the time the results were evenly divided, which had made Yu Ren Yan even more surprised.


Yu Ren Yan suddenly enclosed Qian Ye like the wind as the knives were dancing in his hands which flickered up like butterflies that fluttered down the dark forest. In a blink of an eye, adding dozens of different wounds on Qian Ye’s body! The longer the combat, the more excited he got so that his mouth involuntarily issued a sharp whistle!


Qian Ye was silent and his expression was stiffened on his face. It seemed like those injuries were not on his body. From the beginning to the end, he had always been keeping the constant rhythm of the fight. Every shot was fast and accurate, ruthless but not fancy. This was the essence of fighting training, which only paying attention how to be faster, more accurate, and more ruthless than others. Having achieved these three requirements, it would be very difficult to not win.


Golden Spring graduate students, as long as they had not fallen down, then they would still be able to kill the opponent.


Yu Ren Yan had marked numerous wounds on Qian Ye’s body, but Qian Ye had only succeeded in two knives, one of which had pierced through Yu Ren Yan’s abdomen, and the other had almost cut off Yu Ren Yan’s left hand.


The combat in the alley had attracted a lot of people. Several mercenaries had come to look inside. As they saw the battle between Yu Ren Yan and Qian Ye, not only did they laugh but also pointed at the scene, they were obviously drunk.


Yu Ren Yan’s pupils had now become dangerous vertical pupils. He suddenly rushed away from Qian Ye to those mercenaries like the wind. His double knives drew a whirlwind. A light arc expanded in the air then all the mercenaries had already been drawn in!


The cyclone suddenly threw out a lot of blood, fragments of meats and broken limbs. Just between one breath and Yu Ren Yan had already dismembered all of these mercenaries!


Along the crowded street, people quickly retrieved away from the mercenaries. There were two of level two soldiers in the group and they had easily been torn up in just a blink of an eye! If Yu Ren Yan wasn’t happy to aim at someone, then who could stop him?


After chopping up a few people, Yu Ren Yan’s mood seemed to turn better as he dumped the bloody knife, turned around and went back to where Qian Ye was standing. With his left hand slightly flickered, Qian Ye pulled out the Butcher.


“Is that gun gonna be useful in this battle?” Yu Ren Yan sneered.


Though soon, he could no longer laugh, Qian Ye didn’t fire the shot at a distance. However, as the two rushed up to fight again, Qian Ye’s wrist had slightly moved, the Butcher sprayed out a group of yellow light, directly hit Yu Ren Yan’s thigh and caused his speed to immediately drop thirty percent.


Yu Ren Yan was also a close combat fighting expert, but then in the battle, he finally figured that Qian Ye had surpassed him in every aspect. Qian Ye had been able to play with the force gun in his hand to the superb level. He could flexibly hit or stabbed. Moreover, every time Yu Ren Yan thought he would fire, he suddenly stopped and changed into another attacking style.


Qian Ye was like a flexible spring. The more pressure was put down in him, the stronger it rebounded, and the gap between their combat skills finally came out.


From the beginning to the end, Qian Ye was extremely calm and stable. No matter how heavy the injuries were, he still kept same fighting speed. However, since Yu Ren Yan was injured, his actions started changing and twisting shape, especially the legs and hands where they were injured the most. The impact was really obvious.


“Can you not feel the pain?” Yu Ren Yan could not help but shouted.


“I only consider it not my body anymore.” Qian Ye lightly responded, suddenly he backhanded the knife, slid by Yu Ren Yan’s mouth and almost cut off his nose. If it wasn’t that Yu Ren Yan had reacted fast, he would have been knocked off.


“Psychopath! Crazy!” Yu Ren Yan clearly knew how painful the injuries were. Therefore, he couldn’t help but cursed out loud.


“Thank you for your praise.” Qian Ye responded in a manner of good faith, and then suddenly bent over, picked up the assault hammer and treated it like an iron stick to sweep out which had almost hit Yu Ren Yan’s back.


Yu Ren Yan instantly got two more wounds and was forced to immediately retreat to open a distance between the two. He looked down at his abdomen, where there were two open knife stab wounds, since one of them was so deep that it had pierced through his abdomen and cut off his intestines. Yu Ren Yan took a deep breath, strengthened his abdominal muscle and temporarily closed the wound.


He looked at Qian Ye and said, “Next time, you will not have such good luck.”


“We still have next time?” Qian Ye frowned and said.


“Of course, this is my order, and I am a soldier.” Yu Ren Yan finished and turned away.


Qian Ye stood there, motionless, watching him leave.


When walking out of the alley, Yu Ren Yan flipped his hands and the two short knives retrieved back to his arms. This time, there were two more military daggers dancing between the fingers in his hands as if they were alive.


As dancing, the daggers flickered with deep silver light. It turned out they were Mithril weapons! If he had used it in the fight earlier, then with a vampire’s constitution, Qian Ye couldn’t stand for that long.


Similarly, if Qian Ye twisted and opened wider the wound inside Yu Ren’s Yan abdomen, half of his intestine would have been smashed broken. And now such the fast-healing opened wound, it wouldn’t be considered serious injuries for such a level six soldier like Yu Ren Yan.


The two seemed to have come up with the same tacit understanding. Although it was a deadly fight, they still held up part of the strength. Though in the next encounter, no one could say anything. Qian Ye was an excellent long-range sniper, and Yu Ren Yan was an expert in secret hunting and killing in silent. They should have never had a close combat to begin with.


However, as Yu Ren Yan had said, this was a command, and he was a soldier. Also, Qian Ye used to be a soldier, so he understood the weight behind this sentence.


Qian Ye quietly stood for a moment, shouldering his body wounds, and then picked up the backpack and assault hammer, slowly walked to the alley.


Just getting out of the alley, a mercenary suddenly blocked in front of Qian Ye and shouted: “Stop!


Qian Ye turned his head to see several mercenaries that were gathering in the alley. There were also dozens of similarly clothed mercenaries rushing up. The ones stopping him were three fighters.


“What?” Qian Ye coldly asked.


“Say it! Isn’t the guy who had just killed our people related to you?” The mercenary shouted. He got more encouraged and brave as his people were rushing up closer. Moreover, it looked like Qian Ye had only lit up three Force Nodes, just like him.


Qian Ye felt awkward. After looking at Yu Ren Yan, this group of mercenaries really dared to find trouble with him? The level six Yu Ren Yan could have become a colonel in the Expeditionary Army, and only this identity alone was enough to crush these mercenaries down.


But looking into the mercenary’s eyes, Qian Ye suddenly understood the reason. They were staring at the assault hammer and the Butcher of Qian Ye’s with the burning flame of greed.


Qian Ye suddenly pulled out the Butcher, turned the gun handle, handed it over and said, “That person had used this gun before.”


That mercenary did not expect Qian Ye to be so well-behaved, immediately reached his hand out and then said, “Then I’ll take it back to check! We, the White Bear mercenary group…”


The mercenary couldn’t finish his words and had neither touched the butcher.


Qian Ye’s wrist flicked up, the butcher handle which was wrapped with steel had fiercely hit on the mercenary face!


In crispy sounds of bone fissuring, half of the mercenary’s had been smashed into a concave shape, and directly fell backward without being able to say another more word.


The Butcher rolled in Qian Ye’s hand, and then its muzzle pointed at the mercenary.


Qian Ye coldly asked, “Who wants to stand out?”


Those mercenaries’ faces immediately turned pale as being pointed to the head by the Butcher. With just a few meters distance, the butcher’s power was enough to put their armor together with their bodies into debris. Moreover, even their level three deputy leader was knocked off in just one hit, and it was still a mystery if he was still alive. What could such level two mercenaries like them do?


But the absolute advantage of the number had let the mercenaries not be reconciled. Therefore, they slowly encircled and blocked Qian Ye in the middle of the road, although the Butcher’s power was big, it couldn’t fire too many shots, and after the first few shots, it would become a blunt weapon.


A level three Butcher, a level two assault hammer, also the bulging bag behind his back… these benefits had overwhelmed all the thinking spaces inside the mercenaries’ heads. Inside the city, they were mercenaries, but outside the city, depending on different situations they could also become bandits. Though with a level three force gun, even if that was inside the city, then it would be fine to be bandits at least once.


However, these mercenaries did not know, at the moment Qian Ye’s heart was jumping extremely fast. It had already gone up to more than three hundred beats per minutes! The crazy beat made Qian Ye’s mouth feel dry and very irritable as if there was a hungry beast that was desperately screaming inside this body, wanting to break out of the cage, returning to the world!


Not far away from the chaos, blood of the mercenary corpses which Yu Ren Yan had left behind was wandering around Qian Ye’s nose, as the beauty was dancing around and seducing a long-awaited satyr. Some of his fingers were also lightly trembling. This was only a small change, but only the students who had accompanied with him for a long time in the Golden knew how difficult it was to make him exposed that bit of gaffe.


Qian Ye looked at those mercenaries as if they were a pack of lambs, as he was both hungry and thirsty. Not only his throat, but every corner of his body was having a burning pain. Qian Ye was tempting to suck all their blood up, to let them know what pain and despair felt like!



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