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Chapter 92 - Vague Present

Chapter 2: Vague Present


This naked right foot was in a very beautiful shape, but if moving the eyes along the line upward, it would be seen that the slender leg had gotten ready to kick out a quite uncomfortable kick!


Qian Ye instinctively raised his hand to buckle the ankle rushing toward him. Only heard the muffled bang noise sounded, Qian Ye felt his body was shaken a bit, and immediately after, he found himself was kicked off the ground.


“Not as powerful as vampire’s strength…” A quick thought flashed through Qian Ye’s mind.


The power of this kick was weaker than he had expected. Although it was surprising, it seemed to be quite easy to deal with.


Force quickly trembled to wake up inside Qian Ye’s body. He suddenly stroke down like thunder then firmly landed on the ground. After getting a the fulcrum and force ready, his left hand dragged the foot into his chest, and the instant burst of great power had forcefully pulled the person over. Although the other side was also struggling to escape, obviously the power had completely been suppressed.


Qian Ye suddenly shouted, years of fighting intuition had let he feel an original force gun was aiming at him, followed by a small clicking sound of physical bullet getting in the chamber.


Qian Ye’s hand which was clasping on the ankle quickly pulled backward, completely destroyed the opponent’s balance. Then, Qian Ye seized the opportunity, rushed forward and sat on top of the opponent’s body. The original force pistol flew out and carried with it the wind to wipe over Qian Ye’s ear, then made a long slide to the floor afar, finally hit the wall on other end of the room.


The speed and timing of this attack had satisfied Qian Ye. He stopped the force gun charging process. After putting away the gun, he easily completed the attack of pulling the opponent closer, ready to get into the stage of melee.


Qian Ye reached out his hands, accurately grasped on the other side’s wrist, firmly gathered them in his left hand. And then… it was a short wrestling, he had quickly locked that head under his legs.


Suddenly a flash of fire busted outside the window, illuminated the room for a moment.


In a while, the person on top and below were both paralyzed.


The person whom Qian Ye suppressing was Yu Ying Nan, the problem was that she seemed to have just come out from the bathroom with a towel wrapping around the body. As for now, after a fierce melee, that towel had long been kicked to another corner of the room.


Qian Ye looked down and clearly scanned Yu Ying Nan from head to toe after just one glance.


After years of unremitting exercise, her body was like a leopard, tide, full of outbreaking power, abundance but not too burly. Moreover, her chest was indeed beautiful to be proud of. There was a strange taste inside the room. It was not obvious earlier, but now exuding a soft waxy fragrance. It was different than the grassy fragrance of spirit, it was the aroma of rice wine. Obviously, this lady hunter was pleasuring her own self a while ago.


Qian Ye suddenly stunned, sweat poured out all over his forehead. He immediately woke up from the hazy drunken feeling in just an instant.


And Yu Ying was stunned for quite a moment, then slowly relaxed the taut body and cried, “Qian Ye?”


“It’s me!” Qian Ye immediately loosen his left hand so that her hands could restore freedom, but then he stayed there, did not seem to know what to do next.


Yu Ying Nan reluctantly sighed, reached out and patted on Qian Ye face, “Get off! How long are you gonna stare at me!”


Qian Ye immediately bounced up, and instantly moved to the sofa, sitting in a regular manner.


Yu Ying Nan was much more generous, she acted like nothing had happened, twisted the flexible waist and stood up. Then, she calmly bent over to pick up the clothes which were pushed to a pile on the ground. In front of Qian Ye, she put on the underwear, trousers, pulled up the tight corset, and finally the tactical jacket.


Then, Yu Ying Nan pulled a chair, sat down in front of Qian Ye who was still frozen with the blank expression on his face. She reached out and lightly patted on his face, “Well, what is the case?”


“Well… Yeah… That’s the case…”


A minute later, Yu Ying Nan bizarrely stared at Qian Ye. Finally, she could not help but asked, “You said you had just drunk too much?


“Yes.” Qian Ye answered honestly.


“One gourd of wine?”


“Two cups. The rest are all Mr. Er.” Qian Ye was very honest.


“That thing was not light like water?”


“In fact, still a little awkward.” Qian Ye thought, then seriously said.


“And then you over-drunken?”




Looking at Qian Ye’s innocent expression as he answered the question, Yu Ying Nan was really dumbfounding.


She stood up, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, but really didn’t know how to describe the chaotic mood. Last time at the wine challenge, ten bottles of spirits couldn’t knock Qian Ye down, and now only two cups of rice wine had already drunken him? Was this the insanity after drunken, or borrowing wine to go ‘crazy’?


Qian Ye was so clumsy that she couldn’t harshly enough to break his reason. She only viciously spat out a dirty word, “F*** off!”


Qian Ye stood up and said, “So … I go now?”


Yu Ying Nan stopped him, “Wait a minute! Why did you come here?”


“Drink too much, stumbled over.”


Yu Ying Nan’s action seemed to be stiffened a bit, and then severely coughed up because she had suddenly smoked in too much of smoke. After coughing several times, she heavily waved at Qian Ye, “OK! Nothing, leave!”


“Good!” Qian Ye was very tame.


“Wait!” Yu Ying Nan stopped him.


Qian Ye looked back, his obsidian-like eyes flickered in the dark room as if emitting bright light. Yu Ying Nan opened her mouth, but all of a sudden forgot what she had called for. Maybe nothing…


This time it was Yu Ying Nan who had started grasping her head. She suddenly rushed into the storage room. After all kind of chaotically ‘ping… pong… pong’ sounds as if there was a crashing accident inside, Yu Ying Nan rushed out. There was a big pocket in her hands, which was filled with all the various type of war rations and canned food.


Yu Ying Nan forcefully stuffed the pocket into Qian Ye’s hands and said: “Take with you, slowly eat!”


Qian Ye held the big pockets and head out of the door. There was nothing but blank inside his heart.


Yu Ying Nan’s voice sounded behind him, “If there are new tasks, I will come to you!”


Qian Ye nodded, walked all the way afar.


Yu Ying Nan slammed the door, and then leaned against its back, began to breathe violently as if she had just finished a big battle. After calming down a bit, Yu Ying Nan angrily talked to herself, “How come I am so talkative today?”


“Next time just say less?”


“Will it be very strange?”


“Still the same as before…”


“What is it like before? Not good, maybe I had drunk too much.”


That way, the room was echoed by her sound. After a cycle, it then returned to the initial topic, and finally started all over again.


Qian Ye went back to the hotel room, he had just changed to a new residence. And so as the door had closed and isolated the noises in the corridor, he took a deep breath, feeling exhausted.


He was like a child who had done wrong things and was caught on the spot by the adult. Although Yu Ying Nan had only accompanied him in one task, that fierce and overbearing command style had reminded Qian Ye of his former commanders. Unconsciously, that developed the habit of obeying orders which had been nurtured inside him for a long while.


The only difference was that her commanding ability was not very good, probably stayed at the level of ‘Rush up’ and “Together”. It was ‘ten hundred eight thousand miles’ worse than Nan BaTian, who had claimed himself as the worst spot commander.


Qian Ye opened the pocket, looked at the pile of hill-like canned food, then smiled. It seemed that Yu Ying Nan had stuffed at least half of her food in here.


Qian Ye still couldn’t understand why she had to stuff these instead of other things, such as the blank force bullets, or a good knife, and so on… they would all be a good gift. Why had it been piles of canned food?


Perhaps it was a coincidence that Qian Ye was really needing a lot of food. He was now getting stronger day by day, and the food consumption was also growing days after days. After that night, Qian Ye had figured that sucking blood, especially strong vampires blood, would give him their energy, and also encourage the growth of the blood strings. If he did not suck blood, then he would have to eat a lot to meet the body needs.


However, eating more couldn’t indorse the blood aura’s enlargement. So far, the only way was to use the spontaneous formation of the original force tides to feed the blood strings.


Qian Ye took out of the saber, opened the cans and ate all of them. With large quantity of food getting in, the wounds created when fighting with the vampire fighters also speeding up the healing process.


And this time, Yu Ying Nan who had wandering inside the room for a while suddenly rushed into the storage room, opened a door, looked at the food tray which had already collapsed and lost half of its food, suddenly stunned.


“Oh my god! I have actually given him a pile of cans! What is it…?” Yu Ying Nan moaned. All of a sudden, she sat down on the ground.


Qian Ye had no longer gone out to inquire about the news. Since the angels and the expeditionary army didn’t have any movement, it might mean that Wei PoTian did not confirm his identity, or because of other reasons, they had no longer tracked him down. This was the result which Qian Ye had hoped for.


Even Qi Yue’s event had been tracked down to this, but if not at the last resort, Qian Ye didn’t want to leave the Dark Blood city. He felt that this city was very suitable for settlement. Here, he could easily find the most needed transactions, the gate never closed, and very suitable to cover up his Dark Blood aura by the crowd. In addition, those superior goods of the Hunter’s House for high-star hunters were enough attractive.


This time, Qian Ye had stayed in the hotel for a day and a night, waiting for the body wounds to heal. At the moment his vampire constitution upgrading process had been completed, the subtle transformation inside his body had also come to an end. Qian Ye did a simple practice assessment and approximation. It was estimated that if fighting against such a level six soldier like Yu Ren Yan, he would only be a little bit weaker in strength, but not as helpless at the situation that night.


It was time to solve Heaven Snake.


Qian Ye did not have even the slightest sense of trust toward this head snake of the Heaven Snake Serpent. Yu Ying Nan had said that Heaven Snake had always worked on rules in the past, but in fact, the value of a Liquefied Golden Rose could let him gave up on all the principles. Such a person could only be driven by interests, and power.


Moreover, Heaven Snake had asked for reconciliation but did not put forward the conditions. Therefore, Qian Ye distinctly felt that this person didn’t have the slightest sincerity. Because there was at least one condition that he could immediately give out, that was, to void Yu Ying Nan’s debt.


But even if Heaven Snake did really have the sincere for the reconciliation, Qian Ye would not accept.


Having finished fixing the equipment, Qian Ye split the Hawk Strike into three sections and put into the backpack, and then put his own perfused force bullet into the Butcher’s magazine. Mr. Er had reminded him that Hawk Strike was not suitable for the city. Though he was worry to leave it in the room. The safety matter of this small hotel was not any better than those leakage garbage outside.


When the time came, Qian Ye had done preparing and about to head to the Heaven Snake Serpents headquarters. He felt that the best time to negotiate with Heaven Snake was when the Butcher pointed at him.


The Dark Blood city night had become lively again. Under the dim light of the street, women could always be seen leaning against the lampposts to attract business. Their heavy makeup could reveal some charms under the dark light. Of course, at day time, after removing the makeup, they would immediately become another creature.


Qian Ye was walking in the streets like an ordinary character at the bottom society. On both sides of the road, women flirted with him from time to time. There would be a men found their favorite women, looked for a very cheap little hotel and made love all night.


Qian Ye suddenly found that the Dark Blood was more polite than the little Lighthouse town, that was, the desire of men and women here would be solved in a room, and more than half of the Lighthouse town would be solved in the grass.


This was really a wonderful idea, even Qian Ye did not know how it was coming out.


And then, Qian Ye left this lively road and went into a dark, dirty and quiet alley. He was more adapted to this environment.


However, except for Qian Ye, it was clear that some other people were very adaptable to this environment.


In more than a dozen steps outside a corner of the roadway, a shadow suddenly snapped off the wall nearby. If looked carefully, there was a long hand person slowly came out, stopped in front of Qian Ye.



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