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Chapter 91 - New Day

Book 3: The Peace of My Mind


Chapter 1: New Day


The long whistle sounded over the Dark Blood city, announcing the new day had come. Although night time was over, the dawn was still struggling at the horizon. In the dark season, there was no dawn at the abandoned mainland.


In the gray dawn light, Qian Ye was wrapping his body inside a khaki adventurer’s cloak and under his feet was numerous of more than ten meters high steam pipes, overlooking the clearly awakened Dark Blood city.


The city seemed to have healed its wound in just one night. Except for the tall gateway with crowds of people who were getting their way out of the city, every other place was still in their good old order. People were beginning to have their own similar life on a different day and did what they had to do as joy, extravagance, and the indulgent taste was filling in every neighborhood.


Last night seemed to be just a real nightmare as Qian Ye was not quite suited to the scene in front of him.


Only the trauma which the battle had left behind still existed as the ruins silently recorded what had happened. Bai Long Jia, William, and the Human Face Demon Spider’s battlefield were the most tragic since the whole neighborhood had been turned into ruins, including the first hiding cottage Of Qian Ye which had also become rubbles. From afar, one could see the direction where the buildings tilted to, which was resulted in a violent collision and explosion. The track of agitation was enormous.


There were several corners of the city that seemed to have burst out several small-scale encounters but the degree was the same as Qian Ye’s level. Except that the ground needed to be repaired, other traces of blood could be wiped off by the massive amount of people that walked on it.


Many people spontaneously focused on the ruins and were constantly cleaning up.


On one hand, people cleaning up the corpses were to prevent the spread of the plague. Various types of Dark Race’s high intensity plague could be spread through rotten body. On the other hand, these people were here for the deceased’s properties as this was the mainland’s unspoken rule and whoever cleared the remains of the unknown body, its properties would belong to them.


It was under these unspoken rules that the ruins were cleaned up particularly fast. People with certain tacit and understanding had distributed their harvest. The scene was not chaotic, and even a lot of soldiers had also joined the teams to clean up, a level one soldier’s physical strength was stronger than ordinary people so that one could carry a cohesive large metal stent.


Outside of the almost flattened neighborhood, there were several people dressed in formal attire as they were all dressed in a strange style, writing and drawing in their sketchbooks. There were all the representatives of major corporations or consortia. After the ruins were cleaned up, this land would have to be rebuilt, and it was not going to be a small business. Fortunately, the place was a non-managed area. The networks behind were not so complicated, so that the infrastructure work afterward was relatively easy.


This was the continent of eternal darkness. This was the Dark Blood city. It was like an unattended ugly monster, abandoned in the harsh environment, but alive and healthy. Even if injured, it would try to rely on its own vitality to heal, because no one would have given it helps.


Qian Ye turned to the North District as he swept his eyes through a pile of variegated rooftops to the green large building of Expeditionary Army barracks and Qian Ye silently smiled, which resulted in the carefully disguised wrinkles on his face to be engraved deeper in his skin since he did not expect that that slow brained Wei PoTian could have actually recognized him, but unfortunately those debts didn’t seem to have a chance to be paid back.


Looked for a while, Qian Ye found that the city’s expeditionary army did not seem to have any abnormal actions, the patrol was not like having a different designation. He found a secluded corner and jumped down to the ground, leisurely headed to a nearby ruin, and inadvertently chatted up with several cleaners who were resting on the side. Only then did he know that since today’s morning had started, the previous expeditionary troops had withdrawn, and quietly disappeared.


“Perhaps it had something to do with the war last night? What was the result?” Qian Ye thought and casually asked a few words.


The results were those uncles ignorantly said that who would have cared about last night, it was lucky enough that they had not died.


Qian Ye had carefully thought and appreciated the helplessness and open-minded hidden behind these sentences.


Last night’s fight had far exceeded the scope from which those ordinary people could be influenced and even far more serious than what Qian Ye could have reached. When Bai Long Jia, William, or even a higher level big boss had appeared, ordinary people could have only stayed quiet and waited for their fates to be sentenced.


Under normal circumstances, these big people didn’t have the mood to deal with these ants, but if unfortunately involved, it was impossible for them to escape. In the end, to them, staying alive was the most important as they didn’t have the luxury to care for trouble.


It was the same for the Dark Blood city and after a night of hardships, it had finally restored its vitality at dawn. Perhaps because human beings were tough, they finally escaped the fate of livestock as Qian Ye seemed to have vaguely figured another side of this mainland which couldn’t be exposed to people.


Today was an accidentally bright day as the sun had escaped out of the upper strata’s entanglement and sprinkled sunlight to the Dark Blood city. As if to live up this short few hours of the day, more and more residents poured out the door and started their daily activities.


Qian Ye walked into the Hunter’s House as Mr. Er seemed to be in a good mood today, and was basking in the courtyard under the sun and on the side table stood a purple wine gourd and a few dishes of snacks.


Mr. Er saw Qian Ye, waving and said, “Accompany this old man to drink two cups, listen to my nagging, show your respect to the elderly!”


Qian Ye silently nodded and sat down on the other side.


Mr. Er looked at Qian Ye pouring out the wine, suddenly took out a silver flat pot, and said, “Add this, not worse than your own brewing.”


Qian Ye took over the thing without stagnation, poured out some of the fragrant liquid, and then sipped a big mouth, held his breath for a moment and said, “Not bad.” As if Qian Ye did not seem to notice that Mr. Er had carefully observed his reaction from the beginning to the end, and slightly let down his face.


“Last night’s fight, you were involved, right?” Er Ye suddenly asked.


Qian Ye thought and suddenly came to understand. Last night, Hawk Strike had played out its full mind blowing power, so expert’s ears would have naturally distinguished its unique sound. Moreover, the number of Hawk Strike inside the Dark Blood city could be counted on one hand.


Mr. Er did not wait for Qian Ye to answer, smiled and said, “I heard from my elder brother that you had recently sold him a lot of good goods, especially those fangs from the vampire fighters. It was not a general vampire and that you have bought something great.”


“I have a little experience in dealing with the blood family.”


Mr. Er nodded, then sighed and said, “You are young, and I am old. I have experienced through a dozen cities, seen countless of wars and killings. For me, this world has been solidified, impossible to suffer the slightest change but you are different, for you, every day is new, full of changes in possibilities and new hope, this is the difference between young people and the elderly.”


Qian Ye quietly listened as Mr. Er’s voice brought a solemnness that had been accumulated through many years of vicissitudes and burdens, sadly though he had not very clearly understood the meaning of his tone.


“Do you know what a common theme in every war is?”


Facing this sudden problem, Qian Ye felt unexpected. To him, there was no need to discuss such problems. The theme of the war was to kill, in using the fastest, most direct and most efficient way to kill the enemy, as this was war.


“Sacrifice.” Mr. Er gave Qian Ye an answer which he had never thought of.


“Sacrifice?” Qian Ye did not understand. For every war, there would have to be sacrificed, just like day and night.


“Sacrifice was not just death on the battlefield because it also included changes while some of them sacrificed their time as some sacrificed their lives since the others had sacrificed their lives, and their fates had been all changed because of the war. Just like this city, it looks prosperous, but if you have been sitting here for days on end, you will soon find that the old faces will be much less as new faces will replace them.”


Qian Ye suddenly thought of his former comrades.


Each of the comrade’s death would have added another responsibility to Qian Ye’s heart, and now that he had long understood the feelings of his temptations in killing all the Dark Race once he saw them, for this kind of deadly fight was just to avenge his old friends, since Qian Ye did not know many Dark fighters he had killed, and if he was still in the Red Scorpion, he would then also one day become the responsibility and burden of his comrades.


Mr. Er said, “In fact, it’s not just the humans that are terrified, but the Dark Races are the same.”


This was the argument that he had never heard before. Since the beginning of his childhood, the education that was given to them had entailed that the Dark Race creatures were wicked and cruel, and that every human being was their food. Each and every dark race was a synonym for dirty, rancid, and bloody. All in all, there was no good adjective that was associated with the dark race.


Is it even possible to use such a noble word to describe the Dark Race?


But Mr. Er did not continue on this topic as he drank the cup and said, “The world is not only just the night and dawn. It also has a vast middle ground, where not just gray, but also many other colors, try to find the other colors as you can maybe see the seven-color rainbow since it’s not a good habit to pull the trigger every time as it will make you lose many things.”


At this time there were hunters to pay the task as Mr. Er got up into the house, but the last few words he had left behind had let Qian Ye think for a long time though Qian Ye had still not thoroughly understood it, in his view, the world was complex, but it was also simple. Killing all the Dark Races was the simplest kind of truth.


When t Mr. Ye had left, he also left a piece of not-bad-but-not-good news. Heaven Snake had released the wind of wanting to reconcile with Qian Ye. This thing itself was not too surprising, the thousand meter shot from Hawk Strike must have impressed him, but Qian Ye’s original plan did not have the word of reconciling since the other side had sent the initiative over and only then could he take some time to consider.


At that time, the weather had gradually darkened down as the day time was always short on this continent’s dark season so Qian Ye had left the Hunter’s House, suddenly looked up and he found himself standing in front of Yu Ying Nan’s house.


Qian Ye did not know how or when was it that he came over since the spirit inside the purple gourd was Mr. Er’s home brewing and it had been originally stronger than the market goods, plus silver pot liquid… his throat was like it had been set on fire, not very scorching, but his stamina was still very strong. At the moment, he was a bit dizzy as his thoughts became slower which resulted in some of his instincts in becoming more direct and rapid.


Qian Ye straightly opened closed brown door in the front and from his previous experiences, Yu Ying Nan’s house was never locked.


Alcohol had made him a bit reckless and bold. Of course, the more important thing was that Qian Ye did not feel dangerous here.


But tonight was clearly not the case.


A barefoot suddenly flew out from the dark, swept to Qian Ye’s face.



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