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Chapter 90 - Blossomed Red Spider Lilies

Chapter 59: Blossomed Red Spider Lilies


Wei PoTian PoTian knew this reason was simply untenable as to no matter what Qian Ye had done, the fact that he had turned into a vampire couldn’t be changed. The empire versus the dark race, it had always been the kill first and ask later. The camp had overwritten everything and this was the result of thousands of years of nature.


There was never been a Dark Race species that was allowed to live in the Empire’s land since this rule had been passed down from generations of emperors, and also the oath that every emperor would read in the throne ceremony.


Moreover, Wei PoTian had thought of a more serious thing, Qian Ye was originally a Red Scorpion, and his authority was quite high. However, if he had joined the Darkness camp, the harm would be great. Therefore, no matter whether Qian Ye had really joined the Dark Race or not, once the empire got the news that Qian Ye was still alive, and had become a vampire, they would kill him at all costs. Maybe, people that would be sent to kill him would be from the Red Scorpion Corps!


In the end, PoTian still looked up, firmly faced Bai Long Jia Jia’s eyes! Though as he was trying to say something, Bai Long Jia suddenly raised his hand and stopped him from saying.


Bai Long Jia Jia stretched his fingertips, and the blood drops were shot to the night sky as his murderous intent disappeared slowly disappeared as he said, “Hasn’t that Lin Qian Ye already been killed? The Imperial army will not be wrong, so you must be wrong tonight.”


Wei PoTian almost could not believe his ears!


Though it was a pleasant surprise, he was still ecstatic as he jumped up but didn’t know what to say, so he just giggled, and repeatedly said, “I was wrong! Yes, I was wrong!”


Bai Long Jia Jia A shook his head and reluctantly said, “Lord Wei was a hero so how did he give birth to such a son?”


Wei PoTian was still giggling as he did not give up and was still looking around.


Bai Long Jia Jia revealed a faint smile and said, “Don’t worry, he’s still alive.”


Wei PoTian grasped his head and replied to show that he had heard what Bai Long Jia Jia had just said as he had put down half of his heart, since according to Bai Long Jia Jia, at least Qian Ye had no life worries but he suddenly thought of something and his face sank, “Lin Shuai…” The words were quite bitten by him.


Bai Long Jia squinted. He knew that after Wei PoTian had picked up the rookie crown and had officially become the inheritance of the Far East’s most powerful family, the Wei family, so he had used his family’s authority to check Lin Qian Ye’s files. Looking at his reaction now, was it that he had heard of something? Although the Wei family were in a dormant trend these years since no one in the family had been promoted to the general position for the last few decades, but their influence in the military could still not be underestimated. Therefore, they were able to have found some clues to the secret.


Though the Bai family and Lin XiTang had never had any peaceful moments in between, even the surface effort of civility was a disdain for doing. Therefore, Bai Long Jia did not want the neutral Wei people to lean to his oponent’s side. Luckily, now that Wei PoTian was the eldest son of the family and that he had expressed such experience and reaction, he could now save some work for the future.


He just lightly said, “No matter what you had heard, before you have the authority to confirm, they are all rumors.


“Authority?” Wei PoTian was stunned and then repeated the word which Bai Long had toned up.


“Just like your casualties could only kill some officers and their followers, but I can put their bosses together and the whole camp to the direct execution as this is the true and definite authority.” Bai Long Jia’s tone was as normal as the way he taught Wei PoTian on his daily cultivation.


Wei PoTian was frozen for a while and then kept up with Bai Long Jia as the two went along the long street.


The mist had not yet been cleared in the twilight when Wei PoTian’s sound passed in the air, “General Bai! As I saw, of all the Broken Winged Angels, there is no man that can be more handsome than you! Nor woman!”


A ‘bang’ sound passed from afar, Bai Long Jia seemed to have hit something.


He angrily said, “Wei PoTian! You uneducated rascal! Go back and give me a good learning on how to flatter!”


Wei PoTian seemed to be stunned, “Wasn’t it the most clever bootlick that is the truth? I really think so, you see… like that person, just look like a b**ch! Making me soon not like him…”


As for who was who, that was the dead or alive opponent of Bai Long Jia in the Broken Wing Angel Squads.


Listening to Wei PoTian’s words, Bai Long Jia went in silence for half a day, and finally only said, “Really his grand-mother-f***er!” No one knew who he was scolding.


Bai Long Jia had unconsciously ‘eaten’ this flatter of Wei PoTian.


When approaching the expeditionary army barracks, Wei PoTian put away his floating and with a murderous intent, he said, “General, should I give these expedition army slags a lesson?”


Bai Long Jia A was looking at the long barrack crawling in the continuous twilight light and indifferently said, “In fact, we cannot blame them. When they had gotten the deployment instructions, our identities were not specified and tonight, it was said that the big boss of Eternal Darkness’s camp had entered the Dark Blood city, and these expeditionary scums were obviously scared.”


“Big Boss…?”


“A member of the Eternal Darkness council…”


Wei PoTian suddenly sucked in a burst of cold air! The Eternal Darkness’s council was the highest level of the Darkness world’s politic system as every councilor’s movement could have influenced the entire situation of the party and what was such a big boss doing in such a poor place like this?


Seemed to guess Wei PoTian’s question, Bai Long Jia immediately said, “You shouldn’t know why he came sine knowing too much is not good for you.”


In this way, Wei PoTian finally had some understandings why the expeditionary army had done as they did, since if there were members of the Eternal Darkness council here, it was truly a good solution for the expeditionary army to shrink and hide themselves as carefully as possible because this kind of character who only stood after the Dark King wouldn’t have easily set their hands on civilians.


The counselor must certainly have a purpose, and he would leave if he had finished his job, but if the Expeditionary Force had provoked him, he might have ‘unintentionally’ killed several thousands of people.


Even though he had understood the reason, but Wei PoTian still couldn’t understand this kind of greedy fear of death. Though unexpectedly, regardless of his usual ‘very unusual’ action style of Bai Long Jia, he didn’t seem to be surprised or angry.


Wei PoTian couldn’t hide his inquiry and immediately asked out his questions.


Bai Long Jia lightly said, “You and I are soldiers, but the Expeditionary Army is not the same. For many of them, this is just a job for them to earn money as for a job, they could put in more effort, but they cannot put their life into a job.”


Wei PoTian wasn’t very understandable, but he didn’t ask more questions and only silently engraved it into his mind. However, his slow brain had thought of a serious thing that caused him to almost jump, “Is that big boss gonna come tonight? Just come like that?”


Bai Long Jia frowned at him and said, “Finally thought of it now? Don’t worry, no matter what happens, as its not gonna be your turn to risk your life with that big boss.”


Wei PoTian embarrassedly said: “Even if I want to risk my life, it’s useless ah!”


Bai Long Jia looked to the deep night and said: “Rest assured, there will naturally be someone to ‘meet’ that person.”


Wei PoTian saw the abnormal expression of Bai Long Jia and couldn’t help but secretly guessed of the mysterious big boss, who could make Bai Long Jia show such a fascinating expression? Though since that person was qualified to intercept that big boss counselor, then his background must have also been earth-shattering.


Even if Wei PoTian tried to guess till his head broken up, he would never think that at the moment, outside the Dark Blood city, in the endless wilderness, the person who was sent to meet the big boss counselor was actually a soft little girl who seemed as if she was to be blown away by the wind at any given time.


Her long skirt was flying in the wind and so was her long hair.


In the dark night, she was so pure and innocent as if even every inch of her skin were exuding soft light. Though she was so thin and skinny as if even the slightest night wind that blew by could also make her eyebrows wrinkled.


Her body had a unique temperament and that the temperament only belonged to her.


In this desolate, cold, and rough world, the girl was like a Moon Cactus that quietly bloomed in the night, but the full bloom was so thrilling and fleeting as if the next moment it would vanish.


The place where she stood, its world would become black and white where everything was a thick black, and she was the thin white. The only different color was from her lips. However, that pale pink color of the lips was like bit after bit of sadness from all over the world gathered up, even the slightest movement would cause the most vulnerable heartache.


This was an unforgettable girl. The girl had once appeared in the Qian Ye’s Blossom Red Spider Lilies bar.


At the moment, confronting her in the air was an old man as this old man had a knife-like face since his eyes and mouth were extremely sagging though the pair of light gray eyes were like two doors that led to hell as if it continuously inhaled a human’s soul at all times.


He carefully looked at the girl and where ever it was that his eyes had swept through, the bubble-like bursts of lights wrapping the girl started surging up in tides.


The old man finally moved and with a strange sound like jade materials rubbing at each other, he said, “You are…”


“Zhao RuoXi.” The girl’s voice also created a fantastic and untrue feeling.


Her presence was like bubbles, and it would be broken by just a gentle touch.


The old man’s eyes were even sagging down lower as he slowly said, “I am Ge Shi Tu, and since you are here waiting for me, you should know who I am. Let me go through, and I will leave after confirming a message.”


“Sorry, you can only stop here and cannot move forward.” Zhao RuoXi said.


The old man’s black coat suddenly hunted out to the sky as the wind on the wilderness seemed to have become lively as the air from all sides came together in having created various harmonious whistling sounds and in the area of a few kilometers around the two, the invisible giant wind vortex was slowly forming.


Ge Shi Tu opened his arms as if he wanted to embrace the girl and he said with a light, chanting light voice, “Come on, girl, let me see, what it is that can exactly stop me!”


“As you wish.”


A gun suddenly appeared in Zhao RuoXi’s hand!


It was a vintage matchlock pistol. Its barrels and grip were gilded with gold and wrapped with numerous lively patterns and the girl’s finger was gently pressing on the wishful hammer. Its dazzling cover was almost as flashy as the Mithril bullet. However, the most conspicuous thing was the bright red flower with it the silky floral petals stretching out like vitality blooming flower. In short, it was simply not like a carving product.


As a member of the parliament, he had certainly recognized the gun. It was one of the top ten guns. It was the gun mastered by the Empire, the Blossomed Red Spider Lilies, the flower which only bloomed by the Styx riverside!


“You! You are this master of the Blossomed Red Spider Lilies! The empire had been able to use this gun!”


Ge Shi Tu was extremely frightened the as the Blossomed Red Spider Lilies was the most difficult to master gun amongst the elites guns. Although it had been in the Empire’s control for the last millennium, most of the time no one could use it. Therefore, it had been in the sealed stage for a long time and he did not think that tonight, it would have had appeared in the girl’s hands, who had appeared like a pure, fragile bubble.


At this point, both of Zhao RuoXi’s small hands were holding the gun’s body and with all the strength she had, the trigger had been pulled!


The Blossomed Red Spider Lily’s muzzle immediately sprayed a ray of faint light since it was like the weak candle light in the wind candle and if not carefully looked at, no one would have even figured out its existence.


However, the space around Ge Shi Tu had suddenly changed as the original tearing the eardrum wind had disappeared out of the blue, return the quiet night back to the wilderness, as dense as if it was real, and the atmosphere around was even rippling like water waves.


Ge Shi Tu was really frightened this time. It was not the night, but the water of the Styx River! Sure enough, in the ripples, one after another of bright bloody flowers were quietly blooming, swaying in the void to guide the wandering soul the way home.


Having thought of dodging, but Ge Shi Tu found that he was completely unable to move!


And a nearly transparent crystal-like bullet was sliding in night sky, fired at this piece of Styx.


“No!!” In his exclamation, the bullet hit the Styx River and stroke through the blossoming flowers which caused them to sway fiercer like dancers in the wind and the scenes of solidarity appeared rounds after rounds of cracks like a broken mirror!


Ge Shi Tu was also a part of this scene, broken!


Ge Shi Tu, who was split into dozens of pieces that were blurrily twisted as he was shrouded like a group of black smoke, and then reformed back into a complete human shape. However, his face looked pale, and suddenly sprayed out a big mouth of black blood as he did say a word, immediately turned around and left.


His figure flashed into the void and quickly emerged into the night.


Zhao RuoXi’s face was as pale as always and now even her lips was almost as pale as her face, as if she would faded in the world with only black and white color.


She slowly closed her eyes and fell to back as the small body was like a fluttering petal, stood out in the night sky which was full of petals rain of the red flowers. Finally, she had fallen into the mainland.


Wang Bo silently appeared, caught the light-as-nothing Zhao RuoXi, and instantly rushed away.


The wind vortex had not yet retreated as it was wiping in the wilderness. Finally, those bloody flowers kept blossoming and falling from the emptiness as a fire star road, didn’t know where their home was. Only the river was still gurgling, reminiscing of a sad song.


The end of book 2



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