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Chapter 89 - Point of View

Chapter 58: Point of View


The blood carried with it fresh energy that was flown into the Qian Ye’s stomach as his body’s vitality was immediately recovered and the blood cheeringly rushed towards the Dark Force, swallowed it, then transformed while Qian Ye’s heart was like it was being injected with a powerful stimulant, strongly jumped up while his body instantaneously surged up several times, and continued to convert vampire’s blood into his own energy.


When Qian Ye’s consciousness came back to him, the blood from the warrior’s wound had stopped bleeding as he pushed away the corpse which was weighing his body, slowly stood up and looked around. The rooftop was silent, and Yu Ren Yan had long disappeared.


The Dark Blood city was laying down there. There was a little riot in the area where the fierce battle had happened. They were survivors in the buildings that were affected. The rest of the neighborhood was remarkably calm as if the destruction had never existed and the Dark Blood city residents were all well versed in one unwritten law, as long as the roof had not fallen to head: “do not stick your head out!”


Qian Ye quietly watched the awakening city while the damages in his body were recovering in a perceptible speed and the dawn force tide was also slowly rising.


Qian Ye gently exhaled, leaped out of the rooftop, lightly fell on the other building which was more than ten meters away, and then hid into the vast night.


Ten minutes later, Wei PoTian murderously appeared in the long street.


Behind him were dozens of expeditionary officers, each of them was at least a level three soldier, including four of level four cultivators. However, when he set foot on the long street, slapped into his eyes was just a messy battlefield since the fighting had long ended.


At the moment, Wei PoTian’s face looked as dense as ice. He did not think that the sudden interrupter who had killed more than half of the vampires could be Qian Ye.


That year, his second letter was returned and was followed by a cold obituary. Then, Wei PoTian had inquired about the situation through the family channel. Although the battle had been sealed to the zero level of classified files, he had still gotten some news, such as almost all the dead Red Scorpion soldier’s bones hadn’t been completely found, and Lin Qian Ye was the same. The only thing left was the core identity nameplate, and it was said to be taken away by Lin XiTang’s office.


Though when Qian Ye had screamed and made them leave, Wei PoTian’s blood immediately ran up to his chest.


“You bastard…” Wei PoTian could not help cursing out loud.


“What did you say?” asked one of the expeditionary veterans.


Wei PoTian suddenly broke out and he directly shouted at the guy, “What have I just said have no f***ing thing to do with you! Search for me, search all the surrounding area, I want all the vampires’. Also that person must be found. I want him be alive! Hear it or not! You garbage!


The officer’s face turned pale, but Wei PoTian did not give him face, and also did not intend to give these expeditionary officers any of it. He continued to raise the sound directly at all the Expeditionary Army, “You guys are all garbage. What are you standing here for? Let me tell you the truth, if there’s anything that happens to him, I’ll go back and f***ing find people to cancel all your designation, and then throw all you scums to the black mine, where you’ll be mining to death! There’s no use to f***ing plead any whom! This sentence, I put it here!


“Whoever refuses to accept, come at me! I’m your father Wei PoTian, who is a f***ing bullier!” Wei PoTian beat his chest and his saliva directly sprayed on the Expeditionary Army officer’s faces.


However, the officers were all seemed to accept it and swallowed their anger downwards to the inside as nobody dared to say a word because they had retreated in the fight tonight which had resulted in this group of rookie angles in almost being killed by the vampires.


These young masters couldn’t be little heads. Just the guy in front of him was already the son of Lord Bo Wang! If they had really died inside the Dark Blood city, it would bring the up the anger and revenge of several big families. To the strict laws of the Empire, all garrisons of the Dark Blood city would all be kicked into the human shield camp, and then completely wiped off of the battlefield.


There would be no one to stand up and speak for them during the entire process. Truly backgrounded people… who would run to this rubbish mainland to become a city defender?


When the Expeditionary Army officers had already spread out and had already started searching the entire battlefield, a cold voice suddenly passed through the air, “OK, PoTian, let them roll! It seriously affects my mood seeing them.”


Bai Long Jia slowly flew down from the air and finally landed by Wei PoTian’s side as the group of expeditionary army officers around saw Mai Long Jia, the Major General logo and were suddenly scared out of their wits. After doing the military salute, they immediately disappeared.


Wei PoTian was still angry as he said, “Those scums knew that the Dark Race is haunting inside the city, but still they had refused to come out. I went to them to send troops out, but one after the other kept pushing it back and forth. Even the Broken Winged Angel token doesn’t work! If not that I had shown the Wei family’s identity, these bastards would have  still refused to come out with me!”


Bai Long Jia lightly said, “If you want to vent out the anger, just use some power, killing them all from top to bottom. Just a thousand individuals, this little thing can still be pressed down. You didn’t know how to pass the buck, that’s not an effective way to work.”


“Oh? There’s no need to kill the whole camp!” Wei PoTian was startled, but he knew that this general was a bloody person, murderous that he could really come up with such a thing.


However, Wei PoTian was unwilling to say, “But I really want to kill a few of them! Too f***ing bastard!”


“If there are just a few people, then you can easily go forward. Your casualty quota is to be used for such occasions like this.


Wei PoTian scratched his head. He was hesitating. Murder in the battlefield was one thing, but killing like this was another matter. Although Wei PoTian extremely detested those guys who had delayed and refused to send out the troop but if to directly kill them, he still felt a bit unable to start. Though if there had really something happened to Qian Ye, he must kill those guys with his own hands!”


Bai Long Jia suddenly coughed as if he would cough out of his lung and his nose also shed two blood lines.


“General Bai, are you all right?” Wei PoTian hurriedly asked.


Bai Long Jia’s level of fighting was beyond his understanding ability, so he couldn’t compare the strength between Bai Long Jia, William and the masked spider, only knew that they were all very powerful.


Waiting until the coughing was over, Bai Long Jia took out the handkerchief and wiped off the bloodstains on his mouth and nose as if nothing had happened, “I am fine. Although those two guys are very strong, but they had also mistaken one thing, that is, I’m not as weak as they thought!


Wei PoTian secretly chuckled. It seemed like this general Bai’s power was always improving daily. It was unfathomable. No wonder he was promoted to be the major general only in his late twenties.


“I heard someone had risked his life to save you guys, tell me what was going on.”


Listened to Bai Long Jia, Wei PoTian did not think a lot, and directly described the process again, including his guess about Qian Ye’s status.


“Qian Ye, Lin Qian Ye. Ah? Is he still alive?” Bai Long Jia still remembered this name since he had personally written down a very harsh comment on Qian Ye’s file.


Of course, in Bai Long Jia’s head, this was not an insult. Because Qian Ye was Lin XiTang’s righteous son, he still didn’t even have the qualifications to even be able  to possibly have insulted him. To him, Bai Long Jia, it had already been a ‘good compliment’ when he was willing to personally write a comment for Qian Ye.


However, as Bai Long Jia had just wanted to say something as Wei PoTian’s slow brain suddenly realized that there was something strange that him immediately wanted to make up, “No, it may be me wrong! It must be so!”


“Is it?” Bai Long Jia just faintly glanced at Wei PoTian once, and let him felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar, and couldn’t even say a word.


Bai Long Jia slowly walked along the long street.


His figure suddenly flickered. Sometimes it looked like he was still at the same place. Sometimes he would appear in more than ten meters away after just one step. Wei Qi Tian had only looked for a while and felt dizzy. An indescribable comfort made him trembled, lost balance and finally splashed down to the ground.


Bai Long Jia said: “You think you have the ability to follow my footwork now? This is just for you to eat a little bitterness. Later on, the battles would have a lot of things similar with this. Dark Races have a lot of powerful abilities to influence and even oppose the opponents through the five senses of a human being, and the best way to cope with this situation is to keep your Thousandfold Mountain up at all times.”


Wei PoTian climbed up and still felt bursts of nausea as if he was having seasickness after having heard Bai Long Jia’s instruction,  being a bit embarrassed he said “But Thousandfold Mountain is too consuming! I can only keep it for five minutes. If it was on the battlefield, how could I do it?”


Bai Long Jia lightly said, “Simple, increase the force, this is the fundamental!


Bai Long Jia turned all the way from east west to search. After a moment, he came to Qian Ye’s first ambush sniper spot. He squatted down and picked up a handful of soil in the fingers and twisted a bit, then stood up. After a few steps, his figure appeared in the Kua Fu’s area. Bai Long Jia looked up, slowly flew up, and then disappeared in the staggered metal tube.


Wei PoTian bolted all the way, and then finally found Bai Long Jia on the rooftop.


There were several vampire corpses in front of him and he was looking at his hand as the white gloved fingertips were stained with a several blood drops and Bai Long Jia was staring at the red blood on his fingers with a seriously frosty look.


“General?” Wei PoTian suddenly felt chilled as he shuddered inoluntarily. This was Bai Long Jia’s murderous intent!


Bai Long Jia turned back gave the blood on his fingertips to Wei PoTian, and lightly said, “This -is Lin Qian Ye’s blood and I smell the aura of dark blood inside.”


“Qian Ye! Dark Blood aura! Vampire?” Wei PoTian suddenly startled. He felt like a pot of ice water had poured down his head and the cold from his head struck down to the soles of the feet as he could not believe that this was true, but also could not think differently and that was the only reason to explain why Qian Ye was still alive, but had not returned to the Red Scorpion to report.


Every year in the Imperial army, many people had fallen into the darkness’s side for various reasons. Especially to the vampires, like tonight, that vampire knight had also wanted to turn Wei PoTian into a vampire.


But after the first strike, Wei PoTian immediately thought of the second thing! Qian Ye was certainly not far away, and he absolutely could not escape Bai Long Jia’s hands!


“General!” Wei PoTian was about to explode, his short hair erected up from the root. He rushed to the front of the Bai Long Jia, but under Bai Long Jia’s cold eyes, he could not say anything at all.


In the Broken Winged Angles Corps, Bai Long Jia had an extreme authority. There was no subordinate officer that had dared to refute him, not to mention of such a rookie like Wei PoTian. Although Bai Long Jia looked at Wei PoTian with quite different eyes, but he didn’t get any advantages from that, but instead was only more harsh training.


“What do you want to say? Better to think clearly first then say.” Bai Long Jia’s tone was still as light as usual, but Wei PoTian could clearly hear the murderous intent hidden behind it!


“I do not care what he is now. I only know that he had just saved us! Even if he had become a vampire, he is still fighting against the vampires with his life!”


Bai Long Jia was just looking at Wei PoTian.



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